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Ultimate Pretending System/C17 Attribute Increment
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C17 Attribute Increment

It's a dream! * Rumble * Mu Chen:...... Mu Chen:......

Seeing the person who came, Qian Hsing hurriedly got off the bed and hurriedly said, "Xuanya, don't shout!"

"You pervert!! A huge pervert!" Meng Xuanya's voice did not slow down but became even louder.

Seeing this, Qian Hsing directly picked up the thing in his hand to block Meng Xuanya's mouth and touched Meng Xuanya's mouth. He realized that the thing in his hand was her fat size and took it back to block the nosebleed.

Seeing this scene, Meng Xuanya was so shocked that she could not speak.

Meng Xuanya entered the door to see if Qian Hsing had woken up and asked her to eat. In the end, she actually saw this bad guy sniffing her personal belongings. Not only that, he even had a nosebleed. This was bad!

"Pervert!! " As she spoke, Meng Xuanya broke out of the door, leaving Qian Hsing with a complicated expression on his face.

"Ah, forget it. I won't explain anymore. How can I explain this?"

Qian Hsing shook his head helplessly. His stomach was also hungry. Although he had been sleeping all the time, his stomach was still very empty and uncomfortable.

After putting on his shoes and walking out of the door, Qian Hsing felt that something was wrong. "That's not right. Why do I feel that my body has become lighter?"

Qian Hsing jogged slightly and felt that his footsteps were stronger than before. His steps were also bigger, as if he had eaten brain white gold. Qian Hsing felt that it would not be strenuous for him to go up to the sixth floor in one go.

He jumped lightly, but it was more than half a meter. If he used all his strength, it would be too much.

Qian Hsing then remembered the System's words and called out the System. "System, what about the attributes of the gift bag just now?"

"It has automatically increased the host's strength."

The system said calmly.

Qian Hsing raised his eyebrows and asked, "What? It has already been added. No wonder I felt that it was more powerful. But why didn't I feel anything? I didn't feel comfortable, nor did I feel any pain? "

"Attribute enhancement is different from learning skills. Attribute enhancement is to strengthen all the cells in the host's body. Achieved. Increase The effect of Intelligence, Spirit, Strength, and other attributes. It was balanced. On the other hand, the learning ability was to force the host to absorb the same ability, which would destroy the original balance of the body. Note, the host's current body can only learn three skills in a month at most. Otherwise, it will collapse."

Hearing what the system said, Qian Hsing immediately had no more thoughts. He thought to himself, "Originally, Qian Hsing wanted to learn the skill and obtain the Posturing Value through unlocking the achievement. It seems that learning the skill not only has a great side effect, but also has an abnormal pain. In the future, if there's no need, I won't use it. "

Downstairs, Qian Hsing saw Meng Xuanya's face was still flushed red. He grinned at Meng Zilong and nodded to indicate that he did not say anything.

When he sat down to eat, Qian Hsing took out the USB in his pocket and handed it to Meng Zilong.

Meng Zilong asked with some doubt, "This is for me?"

Qian Hsing drank a mouthful of porridge and said snappily, "Don't tell me I didn't give it to you, and it was prepared for myself?"

Meng Zilong shook his head and said, "You can take it back. I don't need it. I know you are kind, but how old am I? How can I watch this kind of movie?"


Qian Hsing spat out the porridge in his mouth. He had never thought that this famous big shot in Jiangbei would be this kind of person. Wiping his mouth, Qian Hsing explained, "I made the plan inside. The first plan is medical. I'm afraid you won't be at ease with the proposal to combine medicine and Western medicine. I'll let you take a look. "

Meng Zilong was shocked when he heard that. Ada also walked over. Without needing Meng Zilong's instructions, Ada took out his laptop and turned on the USB drive.

"Ada, why did you turn it on? Do you know how to treat illnesses?" Qian Hsing raised his eyebrows and asked.

Ada nodded and said, "Young master, when I was in the special forces, I basically had to accept all modern knowledge. I am not proficient, but I can understand it."

Qian Hsing did not speak and quietly ate.

After a while, Ada made a few more phone calls. Finally, he looked at Meng Zilong with a face full of surprise and nodded heavily.

Meng Zilong's heart tightened and asked, "Ada, how confident are you?"

"Eighty percent!" Ada replied affirmatively.

Meng Zilong was shocked and said, "Eighty percent!? So much, haha, looks like the heavens don't want to take me away!"

Under normal circumstances, Meng Zilong was already at the terminal stage of his illness, and there was no place that dared to treat him. The probability of treating him was only 20-30%, and to be able to reach 80% was basically a miracle.

"Congratulations to Host Qian Hsing for successfully acting cool and obtaining seventy Posturing Value!"

"Congratulations on successfully acting cool, Host Qian Hsing has obtained 60 Posturing Value!"

"Congratulations, Host Qian Hsing, for successfully acting cool. Obtained 50 Posturing Value!"

The system notification sounded, but Qian Hsing said faintly, "I think it can reach 100%!"

"You said you can reach it, but you have already reached it. You really think you are a Divine Immortal, abnormal!"

Meng Xuanya, who had been silent all this time, finally reacted. While she was happy for her grandfather, she didn't forget to ridicule Qian Hsing. After all, what happened just now... Meng Xuanya would never forgive Qian Hsing no matter what. He actually took her to his nose to smell and even had a nosebleed. What a freak!

Qian Hsing didn't pay attention to Meng Xuanya. Instead, he turned to Meng Zilong and said, "Ada thinks that it's probably because you don't have the cultivation technique that I gave you. If you circulate the correct Mixed Yuan Technique beforehand... It will definitely increase the success rate if you reduce the pressure on your heart!"

What he said wasn't unreasonable. Meng Zilong also felt that it was feasible and even more delighted. After all, this was a matter of life and death. If a dead person knew that he didn't need to die, it would be incomparably pleasurable.

Meng Zilong stroked his beard and said with a smile, "Alright, alright. Ada, go and buy the medicine according to the plan. Do this as soon as possible, haha."

After Qian Hsing drank the last mouthful, he wiped his mouth and stood up. He said with a faint smile, "I have finished eating. Ada and I will go. After all, I have prepared two plans. If the plan doesn't work, I still have a backup plan. I don't think Ada can buy the second plan. I will go with him."

Meng Zilong nodded and said, "That's good. It's safer. Let's go early and return early. Xuanya, you go with me too. Transfer 1 million from my account. If you don't have enough, call your third uncle. Tell him that I need money to spend."

Although Meng Xuanya was unwilling to go with Qian Hsing, she still stood up and followed him.

After exiting the room, Qian Hsing twisted his body and stretched his body. He stretched his body and cried out in comfort. Putting aside the fact that he hadn't seen the sun for two days, he had to at least feel how much stronger he had become.

Thinking about it, Qian Hsing first tried to somersault. In the past, he could somersault too, but he needed his palm to support the floor. This time, Qian Hsing's legs bounced and his body bent slightly, completing a somersault!

Unhappily, Qian Hsing flipped a few more times until he heard Meng Xuanya's voice.

"You belong to the monkey. Why didn't you somersault and fly thousands of miles away?"

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