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Ultimate Pretending System/C19 The New Year's Pavilion
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C19 The New Year's Pavilion

"Congratulations, Host Qian Hsing, for activating the treasure hunting function. Consume 100 Posturing Value. Time remaining: 00: 59. Remaining Posturing Value: 1409."

Following the mechanical voice of the system, an energy card appeared in front of Qian Hsing. It was the same as the data card from before, but on it was a map with a radius of about five kilometers.

Although the name of the street and the shop's name were also shown on the map, it was dim. Only a few spots of red light were shining.

"Huh? System, what are these red dots of light?" After observing it, Qian Hsing asked in his heart.

"This red dot of light represents the level of the treasure, and the treasure is divided into seven levels. They are the lowest level red treasures, and they are all added to orange treasures. Yellow treasures, green treasures, blue treasures, and indigo treasures. And the highest ranked violet treasures. "

The system's voice sounded quietly. Not only did it answer Qian Hsing's question, it also answered the extension of Qian Hsing's question.

Qian Hsing nodded his head in satisfaction. The more he looked at the red light dots on the energy card, the more satisfied he became. However, just as Qian Hsing was walking into the shop, his eyes caught a glimpse of an orange dot on the map. Obviously, this was an orange treasure!

Qian Hsing's eyes tightened when he saw the orange treasure. A bright light shone from his eyes, and a proud smile appeared on his face. He asked in his heart, "System, there is an orange treasure. How much higher grade is this orange treasure compared to the red treasure?"

"Treasures are all in the ten-point system. Simply put, an orange treasure is equivalent to ten red treasures."

The system replied.

Although it was a machine, Qian Hsing's heart started to beat violently. "Xuanya, Ada, I will not go in. Just follow the medicine list and buy the medicine. Don't blindly buy expensive medicinal herbs. It's useless. Just follow my single prescription. The amount and age required are marked. I'll be leaving first."

After saying that, without waiting for the two of them to question him, Qian Hsing ran along the spot of light, leaving the two of them looking at each other in dismay.

Meng Xuanya was somewhat unable to react and asked, "Ada, he is in such a hurry. What do you think he is going to do?"

Ada shook his head and said, "I am not sure. Although I did not know Young Master for a few days, but the young master has always been very reliable. What do you think? Miss. Perhaps the young master has discovered something, such as the old master's condition?"

Meng Xuanya slightly nodded and said," I hope so. "

On the other side, Qian Hsing did not explain the reason and ran away. It was not without reason.

After all, this was 100 Posturing Value per hour. It had been five minutes since the small delay. If he didn't find the treasure in the remaining 55 minutes, Qian Hsing would have to renew the fee. He had only earned this amount of Posturing Value because he wanted to show off. He did not want to waste the Posturing Value like a fool.

"Treasure, I'm coming!!!"

Qian Hsing's heart was wild with joy. At such a close distance, it was a distance of five kilometers. Qian Hsing did not want to take a taxi. Instead, he ran. This was not because Qian Hsing wanted to save money, but because he was afraid that there would be a traffic jam that would delay him. Now, time was the Posturing Value. The treasure hunting function cost 100 Posturing Value per hour.

Seeing the countdown gradually shortening, Qian Hsing's heart was bleeding, and his feet could not help but move faster.

Qian Hsing was like an arrow that was released from the bow, rushing towards the orange light. His movements were coordinated and powerful, even though he had passed through the crowd and met the red and green light. Every time he landed, it seemed as if he had predicted it beforehand, even though there were layers of barriers. He was still flying at a light speed, like an eagle in the sky. The cheetah on the ground.

Along the way, countless young girls' skirts were blown by the wind. Countless young girls looked at Qian Hsing's handsome eyes with stars in their eyes. Of course, there were also men who looked at him with envy and jealousy.

"Wow, that person is so handsome. Is he a parkour? Look, his range bar is open. Wow, he's really handsome!"

"Look, he's so short. Aiyo, he even helped an old lady. Is he even human? I'm going to chase after him. From now on, he will be my Prince Charming! "

... ""

The passers-by were also dumbfounded by Qian Hsing's behavior. They all had different opinions.

"It was really dangerous just now. Didn't the old lady see that there was a car? She even walked to the sidewalk. If she didn't support her, something must have happened. Sigh, it's my fault for being born kind and handsome. Haha. "

Qian Hsing said as he ran. He couldn't help but laugh.

"Ding! Congratulations to Qian Hsing for installing a handsome competition in his area column. Reward: 10 Posturing Value! "

"Ding! Congratulations, Qian Hsing, for doing a good deed and successfully acting cool. Reward: 20 Posturing Value! "

... ""

The system's notifications rang out one after another. Qian Hsing became even more excited as he ran forward with the wind blowing under his feet.

Antique Street.

Similar to Holy Forest Street, the entire street was selling antiques. However, it was not as unified as Holy Forest Street. Instead, there were stalls, peddlers, and pavilions.

"Sigh, I'm so tired. I'm afraid that I won't dare to teleport in broad daylight! Fortunately, my body has been enhanced. Otherwise, I would have died. "

Qian Hsing panted heavily as he spoke. He didn't dare to sit down or drink water, so he just stood there and breathed slowly.

"Countdown: 00: 37: 54."

Seeing that there was still half an hour left, Qian Hsing heaved a sigh of relief. As long as he found the shop with the corresponding light dots, he would be able to go in and take a look.

Thinking about it, Qian Hsing moved again. He went to an antique shop called "Forgotten Year Pavilion."

Forgotten Year Pavilion.

On the way here, Qian Hsing used his phone to check the Internet. This Forgotten Year Pavilion was the biggest antique store in Xifu.

The Forgotten Year Pavilion was very unique. It was a three-story building. It was divided into three levels. The first floor was the PV: Fleeting Time. The second floor was the Noble One. The top floor was the Supreme One: Forgotten Year. This Forgotten Year Pavilion was also named according to the name of the top floor.

Qian Hsing did not think much about it. Instead, the corner of his mouth drew a beautiful arc and said, "Interesting!"

When they arrived at the Forgotten Year Pavilion, Qian Hsing was led into the shop by a sweet looking reception lady wearing a qipao at the entrance. He was 170 centimeters tall.

When they entered the shop, a faint sandalwood scent filled the room. The hollow carved window was also made into a huge floor-to-ceiling window with a modern atmosphere. The tiny bits of sunlight that penetrated through the window matched with the wall lamps in the room. It made the room exceptionally clear and bright.

Although there were not many decorative items and there was only a cashier counter facing the door, Qian Hsing felt that it was very simple and unique, making him feel very comfortable.

"Sir, please show me your identity card. I will take you to the floor you want to go to."

The receptionist stood in front of Qian Hsing and said with a standard smile.

Qian Hsing was shocked and said, "ID card? Oh, it's a VIP card. I don't have one. It's my first time here. Can I get one?"

Hearing what Qian Hsing said, the receptionist paused for a moment, but also politely said, "Sir, you need to pay 10,000 yuan. Cash or online payment?"

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