Ultimate Pretending System/C2 Empty Hands to Catch the White Blade
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Ultimate Pretending System/C2 Empty Hands to Catch the White Blade
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C2 Empty Hands to Catch the White Blade


"The system has detected that the host 'Qian Hsing' has a low ability and is currently in a life-threatening situation. Special reward: Beginner Gift Bag. Would you like to check the Gift Bag?"

The robotic female voice of the system sounded again.

Seeing the burly man walk in front of him and raise his sandbag sized fist, Qian Hsing could not help but anxiously say, "Open, open, open!"

"Congratulations to host 'Qian Hsing' for obtaining Instant Step (30 days)"

"Congratulations to host 'Qian Hsing' for obtaining empty handed white blade (30 days) Congratulations to host 'Qian Hsing' for obtaining empty handed white blade (30 days)"

"Congratulations to user 'Qian Hsing' for obtaining the Ghost King Ring (30 days)"

"Congratulations to user 'Qian Hsing' for obtaining the 'Five Elements Body Refining Manual', Mortal level chapter"

After Qian Hsing finished speaking, he did not hear the effects of these few items. He could not help but anxiously say, "Big sis, can we have some practical uses? Tell us the functions, tell us the effects!"

"Okay, host. Item introduction: Instant Steps (30 days) is a beginner instant movement technique. It can appear within 10 meters of the target's sight at will. "

The system's mechanical voice spoke unhurriedly.

" Alright, Big Sis, use Instant Steps. "

Qian Hsing heard the function of Transient Step and interrupted the system. This Transient Step was the best way to save his current situation.

Looking at the big man who was getting closer and closer, Qian Hsing could not help saying in his heart, "Transient Steps, Transient Steps, activate quickly!"

With a flash of white light, Qian Hsing suddenly disappeared from where he was!

However, the big man's fist, which was originally as big as a sandbag, had already landed on Qian Hsing's head. He seemed to have already seen Qian Hsing's head burst with watermelon juice and could not help but open his mouth.

"What's going on? Where is he?"

The burly man's rough voice exploded, but his fist missed. Qian Hsing, who was beneath him, was nowhere to be seen.

"Congratulations to host for the successful time-limited experience of Instant Steps."

Qian Hsing heard the system prompt, and his body did not feel any pain. He could not help but open his eyes, and suddenly found himself lying on the bench where the girl was. There was a soft object under his head.

Qian Hsing turned his head and saw that it was indeed the girl's thigh under his head. His face was hot and he almost had a nosebleed.

"Ah!!! "

The girl was shocked by Qian Hsing's sudden appearance.

Qian Hsing was also shocked by the girl's voice. He immediately sat up and changed the topic." Little Missy, don't panic. Look over there. "

After saying that, Qian Hsing pointed at the place where he was just now. It was about ten meters away from here. Qian Hsing understood that he had really teleported here.

This made Qian Hsing very excited. At least this way, he wouldn't be afraid of the burly man hitting him. If he couldn't beat him, he could still run.

The young girl at the side also covered her small mouth with her hand. Her hopeless heart was burning again. She couldn't help but think, "What kind of technique is this? He came from so far away in an instant. Could it be that this handsome guy is also an expert?"

Seeing the young girl's shocked expression, Qian Hsing couldn't help but say mysteriously, "Little Missy, don't panic. This is just a small trick. Let's see how I deal with this burly man and take revenge for Little Missy."

After saying that, Qian Hsing took off his coat and covered the girl's body. This wasn't because he was afraid that she would catch a cold, but because if he looked at her again, he would really get a nosebleed.

"Congratulations to host for pretending to be a 'martial arts expert'. You are rewarded with 20 Posturing Value."

Hearing the system notification sound, Qian Hsing was a little confused. He asked in his heart, "What is this Posturing Value?"

"The Posturing Value is an energy point unique to the 'Perfect Life Acting' version. The host can obtain the Posturing Value through acting cool. The Posturing Value can exchange for anything in the system shopping center to achieve the ideal life of the host."

The system explained mechanically, but Qian Hsing heard it with tears streaming down his face. What a good system! Just by obtaining the Posturing Value, one can achieve a perfect life. It could be said that it was tailor-made for me.

Qian Hsing took a deep breath and stood up from the bench. He looked into the distance and raised his hand to make an oath.

He sincerely said, "I, Qian Hsing, am willing to join the act of showing off. I support the posturing program, follow the posturing program, and fulfill the obligation of posturing. Perform the decision of posturing, strictly adhere to the rules of posturing, and keep the secret of posturing. Loyalty towards posturing, proactive posturing, striving for posturing for the rest of his life. Prepare to sacrifice everything for acting cool at any time, forever acting cool!"

At this moment, Qian Hsing finally agreed with this system from the bottom of his heart, willing to strive for posturing for the rest of his life.

After the oath, the ceremony ended.

Only then did Qian Hsing slowly walk towards the burly man with a faint smile on his face.

The burly man was exceptionally nervous. After all, no matter how he thought about it, it was impossible for a living person to vanish into thin air and appear so far away. Could it be that this kid really knew some martial arts?

Seeing Qian Hsing approaching step by step, the burly man felt that although Qian Hsing had a smile on his face, at this moment, he was even more terrifying than a devil.

"Take a look, take a look, what the f * ck are you looking at!"

Qian Hsing could be seen smiling faintly, as if this curse wasn't uttered by Qian Hsing.

The burly man clearly did not get used to the sudden change in Qian Hsing's tone. He was still staring at Qian Hsing in a daze.

"I'm talking about you. Silly big guy, what the hell are you looking at?"

Qian Hsing said again.

"I'm looking at you (what)..."

The burly man reacted and wanted to fight back, but he was interrupted just as he said one word.

"What the f * ck are you looking at?"

Qian Hsing said with a smile.


"You f * * k!"

"F * ck..."

"F * ck you!"


"[That's right, you're an idiot.]"

With every word that the big man said, Qian Hsing would be able to continue cursing. When he finished cursing, Qian Hsing had already walked in front of the big man.

The big man was angry from embarrassment, but he did not dare to make a sound, afraid that Qian Hsing would scold him again.

He reached out and took out the knife at the back of his waist. He was so angry that he did not care about his life anymore. The only thought in his mind was to stab Qian Hsing.

However, Qian Hsing was already prepared when he was scolding people. He asked the system for the function of catching the knife with bare hands.

"Picking up the knife with empty hands (30 days). It is a skill that is in the host's physical strength. Catching a knife with empty hands can only be used on cold weapons. For example, a knife, a spear, or a stick. The success rate is 100%, and it ignores the passive effects of cold weapons. "

The young girl saw Qian Hsing scolding the burly man and was speechless. She was also very happy in her heart. After all, this could be considered as avenging her anger.

However, when she saw the burly man take out a blade, the young girl was shocked in her heart. She anxiously reminded, "Be careful!"

Qian Hsing turned his body towards the young girl and asked with a faint smile, "What did you say?"

At this time, the girl saw that the big man took the opportunity to raise the knife and prepare to launch a sneak attack. She could not help but urgently say, "Knife, knife..."

Before the girl could finish speaking, the big man's face revealed a ferocious expression. The knife had already fallen.

The young girl's small face also turned pale, as if she had already seen Qian Hsing lying in a pool of blood. She could not bear to close her eyes.

However, she didn't hear Qian Hsing's scream. Instead, it was Qian Hsing's singing.

"Saber, slash the Snow Wing Eagle in anger. Mountain, heroically soar into the sky..."

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