Ultimate Pretending System/C3 Ghost King Ring
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Ultimate Pretending System/C3 Ghost King Ring
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C3 Ghost King Ring

"Ahem, lady, do you want to play the next song?"

Hearing Qian Hsing's laughter, the young lady opened her eyes and revealed a look of disbelief.

She saw Qian Hsing's upper body leaning backwards, his head almost touching his thigh, and his hands caught the blade in a reverse bow position.

But before the young girl could be stunned, Qian Hsing could not hold on and fell to the ground with a thud.

"F * ck, f * ck your banana skin, so this is how you catch the blade with your bare hands! Before the knife could hurt me, my waist was broken. Aiyo... My old waist."

Qian Hsing cursed in his heart. He raised his hand and kept pressing it against his waist.


The young girl looked at Qian Hsing and couldn't help but laugh.

Her smile had an indescribable magic power. Seeing her smile made Qian Hsing have an indescribable feeling.

In Qian Hsing's words, "This girl is really energetic. It would be great if she could become my girlfriend."

However, the discordant voice interrupted Qian Hsing's infatuation. "I'll stab you to death!"

The burly man saw that Qian Hsing, who had fallen on the ground, had an opening. He stabbed Qian Hsing again.


As expected, Qian Hsing's hands naturally reacted and caught the knife passively.

"What the f * ck, this is really evil, I don't believe it!"

The burly man didn't believe it. He slashed horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Qian Hsing caught it with his bare hands without making any mistakes.

"Congratulations to host for pretending to be 'profound'. You are rewarded with 20 Posturing Value points."

"Congratulations to the host for unlocking the elementary accomplishment of catching a white blade with bare hands. You are rewarded with 100 Posturing Value."

"Are you tired from poking me? I am tired from picking it up. Today, this young master is in a good mood and will let you off. Why aren't you leaving quickly?"

Qian Hsing was starting to get impatient from picking it up. No matter how powerful the new skill was, it couldn't be completely used in one go. If that was the case, there wouldn't be any novelty next time.

When the burly man heard Qian Hsing ask him to leave, he regained his senses and turned around to escape.

"Oh my god, don't you understand? Silly big guy, please form a ball posture and then slowly, slowly, in a more rounded way, leave this place."

Qian Hsing slightly raised his eyebrows and the corner of his mouth curled into a smile. He said very playfully.

However, the big guy still did not understand, but he could not beat Qian Hsing. He did not dare to resist and was prepared to run away.

Seeing this scene, Qian Hsing shook his head helplessly and called out the system, "Ghost King Ring."

"Ghost King Ring (30 days). The Ghost King Ring worn by the Ghost King. With this ring, one can communicate with the creatures of the Netherworld. It is between the cultivation base of the host and a mortal, and can communicate with innate spirits."

A skull ring appeared on Qian Hsing's index finger. As he touched it, a hexagonal star formation appeared on the ground. Black light appeared and smoke curled around it. Not long after, a two-meter tall male ghost appeared in front of Qian Hsing.

This ghost had a muscular body, a green face, and fangs, and its eyes were dim. There was also a huge arm that was not proportionate to its body, and a skull necklace hung on it. The most eye-catching thing was this dark golden scale, which covered its entire body. It was unknown whether it was born or worn armor.

Facing the sudden appearance of a two meter tall object, it was still a ghost. Qian Hsing was so scared that he took a few steps back and almost activated Instant Step.

"Greetings, Ghost Lord. What instructions do you have?"

Green-faced Male Ghost knelt on one knee and spoke in a gloomy voice. As he spoke, an unknown blue-purple gas came out of his mouth.

Only now did Qian Hsing realize that this ghost was actually a sentient being. Clearing his throat, Qian Hsing covered up some embarrassment. "Don't call me Duke Turtle. You... you big guy sure know how to turn corners and scold people. Call me in the future. Call me Young Master."

"Yes, Lord Ghost. I will follow Lord Ghost's instructions."

Green-faced Male Ghost said sincerely.

Qian Hsing couldn't help but feel speechless. He didn't want to explain anymore. He pointed at the burly man and ordered, "Forget it, forget it. You take that big... No, that small guy can just kick him away. Be careful not to kick him to death. Then go back to where you came from"

Green-faced Male Ghost nodded and stood up. He stretched out his 130cm long leg and deliberately gathered his strength. He kicked with all his strength and sent the big man flying.

As the big man flew up, Qian Hsing's right hand could not help but sing elegantly. "I will send you away, a thousand miles away."

After a moment, Qian Hsing finished singing with deep affection. His eyes showed that he did not want to leave. It seemed that the one who took the big man away was not him.

The girl was just an ordinary person. She could not see Qian Hsing's spiritual soul at all. Because of the dark sky, she could only vaguely see that the man had left, but she could not see clearly. Of course, she did not care about that.

Without the bad guys and threats, the young girl's brain also got off the plane and started functioning normally.

Thinking of what had happened to her, she first waited in the park for the others to arrive, then was bullied by the bad guys. Just as she was in deep danger, a prince like man appeared and saved her. It was like a fairy tale.

When she thought of this, the girl could not help but blush slightly. She lowered her slender neck and said softly, "Thank you for saving me."

"Congratulations to the host for pretending to be a fairy tale prince. You are rewarded with 30 Posturing Value points."

Hearing the system notification sound, Qian Hsing was slightly stunned. What was going on? Why did he suddenly act cool again?

However, when Qian Hsing heard the prince, he naturally reacted quickly. This Posturing Value should have been earned from the young girl.

With an instant step, Qian Hsing returned to the young girl's side. Taking advantage of the moment when the young girl was in a daze, Qian Hsing gently lifted her delicate chin and said gently, "Little sister, are you alright?"

"I... I'm fine."

The girl was somewhat intoxicated. Since young, she had never been touched by a guy like this, except for the big guy just now.

Looking at Qian Hsing's handsome face and the evil smile on his face, the young girl's face turned red. She didn't answer Qian Hsing's question, but gently closed her eyes.

However, after waiting for a long time, the young girl still didn't see Qian Hsing's movement. The hand on her chin also disappeared. Only then did the girl slowly open her eyes. She suddenly stood up and looked around. It turned out that the handsome man in front of her had already disappeared.

Seeing that there was no one else, the young girl could not help but stamp her feet in embarrassment and shame. Her clothes also slid down. Of course, the clothes were not hers, but the clothes that Qian Hsing had covered the young girl.

"Damn it, why did he run away just like that? I haven't thanked him yet."

Suddenly thinking of something, the girl opened all her pockets. As expected, other than money and cigarettes, there was also an important thing, an ID card!

"So your name is Qian Hsing?"

Looking at the ID card, the girl's lips curled into a sweet smile. She shouted to the front, "Remember me. My name is Yuwen Yue. I will find you! Definitely! "

However, Qian Hsing did not hear Yuwen Yue's voice.


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