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C1 Burial Bay

Zhou Shen was a corpse picker.

As the saying goes, it is better to bully the mountains than the water. Wherever there is water, there is killing intent.

Although Xiangjiang River was not comparable to the Yellow River, it was still a big river. Countless people died in it every year. Murder, corpses being thrown, suicide or accidental foot loss.

As for Cang Bay, it was a small graveyard within the nine hundred kilometer river channel of the Xiangjiang River. This so called burial ground for corpses in every river was not rare.

Cang Bay only cared about those eighty miles upstream and those eighty miles upstream that died due to falling into the water. The most likely place to return to was here, and if they couldn't even find this corpse here, then it would be impossible to find it again.

Cang Bay also had another characteristic, which was that the corpses would not float up even if they were swollen. This was why he didn't rely on the boat or the net or the hook to retrieve his corpse. He could only go into the water naked.

There were rubble, river pits, aquatic plants, and even trash. Not only that, there were bones that had not been fished out in the past that had sunk down, forming a river bed of human bones. There were even rumors that a water cat that ate human corpses had emerged from the river, its mouth holding onto half of a human leg.

There used to be about a dozen other houses in the place, besides the mortician, there were fishermen and garbage men. The fish and prawns that were buried in the ground were always especially fat. As for the trash that floated down from the upstream, there were many that could be recycled to support some people.

However, in recent years, several people had died in this place. The cause of death was strange, and since everyone else was afraid, they had moved to other places. Thus, the place was completely empty.

Zhou Shen couldn't remember how many years he had been here, his monotonous life had made his sense of time become blurry. Right now, only he was left, and no one else was willing to steal his business from him either. In fact, he had never intended to leave and felt that he belonged here.

To Zhou Shen, digging for corpses was a business, and it was a business without a basis. If he fished a corpse out of the water, he could make some money and if he met a rich family member, he would be able to earn a living selling the corpse for more than half a year.

Regardless of whether it was windy, rain or a sunny day, Zhou Shen would casually wander around the Cang Bay shore, searching for corpses. This was his habit and the whole of his life.

In Cang Bay, it was impossible to discover corpses just by looking at the shore, but Zhou Shen had his own abilities. As long as he looked at the water surface of the river, he would be able to tell if there were any fresh corpses under the water or not.

However, he had been rather bored recently. For the past month, there had been no fresh corpses. In the past, this time was the time when the majority of the dead were dead. However, this year was quite abnormal.

He glanced at a locust tree by the river, upon which stood a dozen crows. They did not build a nest, nor did they cry out. On a large rock not far from the locust tree, a black cat paced back and forth, yawning from time to time.

The black cat and crow had been here for almost a month. They stay in the same place every day.

Zhou Shen didn't have a good impression of them, he always felt that they were staring at him. They were driven away a few times, but they left for a while and came back.

In the evening, a corpse floated over from the Cang Bay, and floated along the water current as it swirled about in the heart of the bay.

Zhou Shen's pupils contracted, but he continued to stay by the shore and smoked without making any other movements.

He had fished out so many corpses from the Cang Bay that even he couldn't remember clearly himself, but he had never seen a floating corpse before. Floating corpses could not appear within the Cang Bay. This was the conclusion reached by the people in the past few years, and was also the result of his many years of experience in retrieving corpses. But today, it was the first time a floating corpse appeared.

The key point was that this floating corpse had actually floated up from the bottom of the river!

Zhou Shen quietly looked at the corpse, it was definitely a corpse, with blue and white clothes covering its body, its limbs were spread out, half submerged in water, and its black hair floating above the water.

Zhou Shen knew that it was a female student dressed in school uniform. Every year, many students would drown. They were young, fearless, and unafraid of the river, always ignoring the warning signs and the advice of their elders. They would swim in the water and then be mercilessly killed by the river. When they die, they will regret it, they will cry for help, but no one can save them.

However, it was autumn winter and the water was cold. Except for the winter swimming lovers, the students usually did not go into the water. The corpse in front of them was obviously not drowned by swimming. She was still wearing her clothes. She had either committed suicide or fallen overboard.

Zhou Shen never tried to guess the identity of the dead bodies, and never cared about why they died, corpses were nothing more than money to him, that's all.

He would not go and retrieve the body that had sunk into the pool. Instead, he would wait for someone to come and beg him. Only when the price had been agreed would he be able to get the body out of the water and hand over the money.

If he met a body that no one claimed, he wouldn't care about it. After all, every once in a while, the body would rot in the river and only leave behind a pile of bones.

It was the first time Zhou Shen had seen a Floating Corpse in the Cang Bay, and also the first time he had the chance to guess the origin of the other party.

He thought that the girl had probably committed suicide because she was having sex with someone and had a child. Someone at school found out about her scandal and spread it around, and she ran off with the boy who had done something bad, but the boy wouldn't admit it and told her to scram.

"Damn it, who told you to be so careless." Zhou Shen spat at the floating corpse and cursed in a low voice, but felt that it was meaningless. Otherwise, it would be much cheaper for him to go down, and it wouldn't show the level of his exhumation.

Zhou Shen finished his last cigarette. The sky was dark and night was approaching, but the female corpse was still floating there.

The female corpse turned in the water. Her hair was washed away by the water, revealing her face. She was actually facing upwards. Those who drowned usually fell face first into the water, causing Zhou Shen's brows to once again sink.

The female corpse seemed to have a kind of magic on it that attracted Zhou Shen's attention. He took off his clothes, jumped into the water, and swam towards the female corpse.

The river water felt cold to the bone, but it didn't have any effect on Zhou Shen. He had gotten used to diving into the water all year round, and the temperature of the water in the depths of his Cang Bay was much colder than it was on the surface.

Soon, he was less than two meters away from the corpse. He took a sniff of the air, other than the smell of the river water, there was no smell of corpses in the air. The temperature was low in autumn and winter, so it was normal that the corpses did not rot.

Zhou Shen went over and held onto the female corpse's hand. The female corpse's hand was not swollen by the water bubbles, it was even elastic. He was sure now that the girl had been drowned not long ago, less than two or three hours ago.

Zhou Shen approached the female corpse's head and saw her face. He had predicted that she would be a female student, and that she would look pretty. He was used to picking up Carrion corpses, but this was his first time seeing such a complete and fresh corpse.

The female student had her eyes closed, as though she was sleeping. Not only was she not scary, she seemed to be brimming with a serene beauty.

Zhou Shen sighed, he no longer cursed and only felt that it was a pity, he grabbed her by the waist and swam back towards the river bank.

After pulling the female corpse onto the shore, Zhou Shen put on his clothes and carried her home.

Generally, corpses were heavier than living people, especially those who had drowned. They were much heavier than when they were alive.

However, this time, the female student was different from the previous corpses. She was light as a feather, and she didn't seem to have any weight.

It was reasonable to say that in the winter she would wear a down jacket or a cotton jacket, but she didn't have one. She only wore two thin and light clothes.

Zhou Shen did not continue to size up the female student as he carried her and walked home.

The black cat that had been walking on the rock kept up with him and kept him at a distance of around ten meters. It kept calling out to him from time to time.

On the mountain slope not far from Cang Bay, there was an old wooden house. There were three rooms in a row, and it was Zhou Shen's house.

There was no lock on the door, so he could simply push it open. Zhou Shen quickly carried the female corpse home, and without hesitation, he carried her into his house, ignoring the usual taboos. In the past, when he had finished fishing for corpses, he would always burn incense outside the house to avoid attracting ghosts.

Zhou Shen placed the female corpse in the middle of the hall and lit an oil lamp. His Cang Bay was far away from the city and he lived alone with no electricity.

Under the light, the female corpse's school uniform was wet all over her body. She had been soaked in water until it was a bit loose. Her hair hadn't been cut short for several years, and it scattered and covered half of her face.

She had a pretty oval face with droplets of water all over it. Her skin was translucent, and one could even vaguely make out the blood vessels within. Her lips were not as dark and green as the others', and there was a tantalizing blood color to them as well.

Even dead, she was beautiful.

"Why is he uninjured?" Zhou Shen mumbled as he blankly sized up the place for a good while.

Under normal circumstances, when a corpse would bump into other things in the river, it would always be injured. It would have serious injuries, with an arm and leg broken, and half of its head cut off, or its stomach scraped open. However, this female corpse's exposed face and hands were completely unharmed.

"Maybe it's on him." Zhou Shen muttered to himself as he walked over to the female corpse's side and pulled down the zipper on his school uniform. For some reason, he felt like his face and heart were on fire.

The zipper for the school uniform was completely opened by Zhou Shen, and the warm, black undergarments that had been groomed on the body of the female corpse were completely revealed.

Zhou Shen purposely avoided looking at the female corpse's chest, which was completely developed. His throat was a little dry, and his hands started to tremble, as he did not know how to react. Ye Zichen looked up from his leg bit by bit, and unknowingly, he imagined his hands touching her body.

How long had it been since he'd touched a woman?

The last time he had touched the female corpse was three months ago, right?

Zhou Shen touched his forehead, his head was in pain.

Animal, beast … Suddenly, a voice in his heart shouted out.

"Shameless b * tch, you're still trying to seduce me even after death!" Zhou Shen said loudly. He already knew what he was going to do from the moment he saw the female corpse. However, he felt that it was the female corpse that was luring him to become a beast.

His voice was unable to suppress the inner voice at all. The voice that called him a beast became more and more intense.

Zhou Shen covered his head and slapped it with all his might, his eyes red as he said loudly: "I'm really a beast, so what, I slept her to death …"

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