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C10 Cat Eating Dog

Chu Chi left Zhang Yuechen's home and walked out of the villa from the entrance. There was a security guard at the entrance who asked a stranger their name and number, and with the addition of the security guard who had seen him yesterday, she successfully snuck out of the villa.

When he was about to leave the villa, he saw the big-breasted Wang Jiajia driving Masarati past at lightning speed.

Outside the villa, there was a wasteland. When Chu Chi arrived at the wasteland, seeing that no one was around, he whistled and the white cat came out from the wasteland.

He had originally planned to look for a place to roast the cat with Zhang Yuechen, but now he had to go alone. Since he could not stay by Zhang Yuechen's side all day, he could only pray that nothing would happen to Zhang Yuechen during this period.

Carrying the white cat, Chu Chi inquired others along the way. He found a rather large park, a park in the eastern suburbs.

In his experience, there was usually a wild dog herd near a park, and this eastern suburbs park was no exception. When he looked at the environment and smelled the scent, even if he didn't see any wild dogs, he would know that it was a place where wild dogs roamed.

The white cat seemed to have smelled the scent of a wild dog and started to show signs of unease.

The park had more people during the day, so it was hard to handle. It would be more convenient to wait until the evening when there were fewer people.

Therefore, Chu Chi decided to eat a bowl of noodles at a nearby place. He endured the pain of not eating the three pieces of meat and packed them in a box.

After the meal, he found a white shop nearby and bought some yellow paper, preparing to use it to make talismans. However, the quality of the yellow paper was too poor, which made him very unsatisfied. It was better than nothing.

After waiting until the sky turned dark, there were less and less people in the park. Chu Chi sneaked in to find a wider area with light shining on it before pouring two pieces of meat on the ground.

The aroma of the cured meat wafted in the night sky, and in a short moment, the cured meat attracted the attention of a small wild dog. This was the always dirty Lion Hair Dog, and if it was taken care of it, it would definitely be very pretty, but now it was so dirty that even his mother could not recognize it. It was unknown if it was abandoned by its owner or if it was lost by its own mother.

Chu Chi was not satisfied with the appearance of this wild dog. It was small in size and did not look fierce enough.

The Lion Haired Dog was extremely hungry. How could it stand the smell of the cured meat? It even stopped sniffing the meat before opening its mouth to swallow the meat. At this moment, another wild dog appeared and began to fight with the lion fur dog.

The Lion Haired Dog sensed the danger and avoided the attack. However, it lost the piece of meat on the ground due to this and was swallowed by the wild dog. It then went to eat the second piece.

The wild dog that came after was a wolfhound, it was tall and big, moreover, it had a savage personality, this was more in line with Chu Chi's expectations.

The Lion Dog was a little scared at first, but seeing the wolfhound eat several pieces of stewed meat consecutively gave it courage. It let out a sharp growl, rushed towards the wolfhound, and bit into its foreleg.

The wolfhound simply did not place the Lion Dog in its eyes, hence it suffered a hidden loss. When it came back to its senses, it immediately used its deadly hands on the Lion Dog, desperately biting at its neck, wanting to kill it. In a moment, the air was filled with the smell of blood. Chu Chi could not tell who the blood came from, but he did not care.

The white cat began to struggle in his arms. It was very uneasy about the barbaric and bloody battle scene.

Chu Chi held it, and said softly, "It's not time for you to show off yet, don't be agitated."

The Lion Dog and the Wolf Dog fought for a while, but were not at a disadvantage. The howls of the two dogs caused a commotion in the darkness, and a few more wild dogs joined the fray.

Chu Chi hid in a nearby tree. Watching this, his heart jumped, but he became even more excited, thinking about when he could throw the white cat down.

At this moment, all the wild dogs stopped biting and began to whimper.

A few more wild dogs came out of the trees and appeared in front of Chu Chi. Some were tall and some were short, but their physiques were lean and well-built. One could tell at a glance that they had strength and speed, and their mouths were dripping with viscous saliva.

A few small wild dogs dragged their tails and fled, while a few larger wild dogs lifted their tails and stopped there. This caused Chu Chi's eyes to light up, thinking that he had really run into some great luck, to think that he would encounter a group of real wild dogs.

The real wild dogs were not like the lions and wolves that had been with people before. They had been tamed and gained popularity. They belonged to the animals that were born in the wilderness since they were young. Their bones were full of viciousness and they had the aura of their ancestors – wolves.

Each of the wild dogs occupied a part of the group, forcing the fleeing small dog back. One of them chased after the lion dog a few steps ahead, opened its mouth wide to bite its neck, and with a bit of force bit it to death, throwing it to the side.

Their target was obviously not the pieces of meat, but their own kind.

The wild dogs from before were surrounded by them, letting out mournful howls, lying on the ground, not daring to move.

But what awaited them was bound to be a massacre.

There was no suspense about the outcome. The wild dogs that were surrounded in the middle could not resist and were all killed. Although it was an extremely civilized city, the law of the jungle was something that the weak preyed on, but was still not forgotten by the living.

After the real wild dogs killed their brethren, they started to eat. They did not eat meat, they only ate their internal organs. The wild dogs that were bitten to death were cut into pieces by them easily. The scene was extremely tragic.

Under the night sky, a vagabond who was sleeping in a nearby corner secretly ran away to avoid getting caught up in the chaos.

Chu Chi rubbed the white cat's head and threw it down, "Go, don't embarrass me."

The white cat screamed in fear, and upon landing, it immediately attracted the attention of the wild dogs that were eating.

Cats and dogs were natural enemies, and this was not strong enough among the domesticated cats and dogs, because their natures had been erased. But when wild dogs saw cats, it would be strange if they didn't kill them, not to mention these real wild dogs that didn't even show mercy to their own kind.

The white cat landed in the middle of a group of ferocious wild dogs and immediately felt a huge threat from them. Its entire body arched upwards and all of its hair exploded, causing its body to almost double in size, but even so, in front of these wild dogs, it still seemed very small. Furthermore, what it faced was not just one, but a group of them.

From their previous actions, it could be seen that this pack of wild dogs was a real team battle. They had countless experience hunting, and their intelligence was almost as good as that of humans.

Chu Chi was still hiding on the tree, holding his breath and watching intently.

The wild dog didn't rush forward immediately. The first one to move was a smaller wild dog. When it rushed out, the rest of the wild dogs quietly moved to fill up the gap.

The small wild dog and the white cat were fighting. The wild dog relied on its teeth to bite, while the white cat used its claws to scratch. The white cat was at a disadvantage from the start, and could only scratch and retreat. The small wild dog showed no mercy and bit at its neck a few times, but every time it bit onto something, it would quickly fly away.

The white cat was flung into the air again and again, letting out miserable shrieks.

Every time he saw this situation, Chu Chi would grit his teeth and tilt his head, unable to look at it.

However, the white cat still had a strong personality. At the beginning, it was still a bit timid, but after fighting for 10 minutes, its movements gradually became smoother. It found an effective tactic and started to use the surrounding trees to fight.

Wild dogs could not climb trees, but white cat could. Using this natural advantage, the white cat climbed up the tree, dived down, passed the wild dog's head, and started scratching at its eyes.

In a few minutes, the small wild dog's eyes were ripped out by the white cat and it cried out miserably.

The other wild dogs were enraged by the white cat and joined in the battle, but they could not see through the tactics of the white cat. white cat continued to take the initiative.

Seeing these wild dogs being tormented by the white cat until they seemed to lose all will to fight and leave, Chu Chi decided to help them, he whistled and a group of crows joined in the battle.

When the white cat climbed up the tree again, the crow attacked and pecked it down.

After a few times, the white cat did not dare to climb the tree again, it could only fight with the wild dogs on the flat ground.

The fresh blood allowed the wild dogs to regain their confidence, and their attacks on the white cat became fiercer. They were not in a hurry to bite it to death, but toyed with it.

The white cat's entire body was riddled with scars, and its energy was almost used up. It begged Chu Chi to help it, but Chu Chi's eyes were cold and unmoved.

The white cat wailed a few times, then gradually realized that he could not rely on others, and could only do battle as a trapped beast.

Time continued to pass minute by minute, the battle between the white cat and the wild dogs had not ended yet. Chu Chi was waiting for the moment the white cat awakened.

Most of the wild dogs were unharmed, while the white cat was on the verge of death. Its pure white fur was dyed red with blood, and not only were its skin and flesh cut open, its two hind legs were dragged on the ground, unable to move.

"Little White, oh Little White, why aren't you showing your might? You're going to die." Chu Chi said to himself, but his eyes still did not change at all.

No matter how miserable the white cat's situation was, it could only continue. Under the current situation, even if they were saved, they would still die.

The white cat no longer moved. The wild dogs surrounded it and lowered their heads to bark, as if they were splitting it apart to eat.

Chu Chi sighed, he thought to himself that with the ocelot method, a success rate of one percent, it was truly something that could only be achieved with luck.

He jumped down from the tree and prepared to leave.

At this moment, a gust of wind blew through the forest. The wind was strange as it swirled on the ground.

Chu Chi, who had originally given up, couldn't help but light up his dejected eyes.

As the saying goes, cloud follows dragon, wind follows tiger.

Everything in the world was sensitive. Did White Tiger succeed?

Chu Chi turned his head, and sure enough, he saw that the wild dogs surrounding the white cat had all retreated, their mouths letting out whimpering sounds. This was not an enemy's voice, but was purely due to fear.

In the direction that they were looking, the corpses of white cat that were practically minced meat suddenly moved.

Following that, an even more inconceivable thing happened. The white cat slowly stood up, and its broken body was quickly healing itself.

"Done." Chu Chi's face revealed joy.

The white cat jumped up, within a few steps, it caught up to a wild dog and jumped onto its body. With a wave of its claws, it cut off half of the wild dog's scalp, then extended its neck to bite at it.

"Alright, alright!" Chu Chi clapped happily, "Xiaobai, come over quickly. We still have matters to attend to."

However, the white cat acted as if it did not hear his call, and only stopped after biting to death all the wild dogs that had fought with it.

Chu Chi was annoyed. He finally succeeded, but this guy was disobedient! He glanced at the red rope on the white cat's neck, and saw that it was still there.

Only then did the white cat react and slowly walked towards him, crawling at his feet unwillingly.

Chu Chi squatted down, touched the white cat's head and laughed: "Now that's more like it!"

The white cat s stomach sputtered twice, then suddenly opened its mouth and bit at Chu Chi's hand.

Chu Chi was so scared that he fell on his butt. He saw the white cat's mouth open wide, like a snake's, to 180 degrees, with dense white teeth extended out of its mouth, and its pair of eyes were red like blood.

The white cat released a mournful cry, it was as ear-piercing as nails piercing glass, and when the crows heard this, they all spread their wings and flew away.

Chu Chi did not dare to stop, he did not even have the time to stand up and immediately crawled away.

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