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C11 Evil Night

Wang Jiajia successfully brought Li Zhi back, the two of them had parted ways and got married. In the daytime, they had been at home for half a day.

In Wang Jiajia's eyes, Li Qizhi was elegant and handsome, he was young and rich, the most important thing was to listen to her and fulfill all of her demands towards men. But Wang Binn, this man, was extremely vulgar, covered in sweat, and never spoke gently to her.

If she could, Wang Jiajia really wanted to kick him away and live together with Li Zhi. However, there was almost no possibility of that happening. Wang Binn was like a dog skin plaster, sticking to her and it was impossible for her to let go of him that easily.

could only delay it for a while. According to the plan, she would take all her belongings and live a different life from Wang Binn, but she did not want to change her name. Therefore, she did not tell Wang Binn about everything about Li Zhi half a year ago.

She pondered on how she could get rid of Wang Binn and live with Li Zhi for a long time, until her hair turned white.

Wang Jiajia was shaken out of her sleep.

"Jiajia, do you smell anything?" Li Zhi asked in the darkness.

Wang Jiajia was still sleeping soundly. She took a whiff but didn't smell anything.

"So smelly …" Li Zhi sniffed for a while more and then lifted the blanket. A disgusting smell came from the blanket, causing him to almost fall off the bed in shock.

Li Zhi turned on the light and pulled off the blanket, but he did not find anything abnormal, when he raised his head to look at Wang Jiajia, he casually picked up the baseball bat that was always in the corner, his eyes wide and his face filled with fear.

Wang Jiajia looked at Li Zhi strangely: "What's wrong? What's the matter with you in the middle of the night? "

"Your mother... Is it a human or a ghost? " Li Qi's chest heaved up and down. He was so scared that even his voice changed.

Wang Jiajia wanted to say something, but Li Zhi raised his baseball bat and smashed towards him.

Wang Jiajia didn't have time to argue, nor did she have the time to put on her jacket, run into the bathroom, and close the door. She thought about whether Li Zhi had gone crazy.

Li Zhi was frightened to the point that he went limp. He swung the baseball bat around, smashing quite a few things in the house, but he didn't manage to hit anyone.

Wang Jiajia curled up in the bathroom, still shaken. After a long while, there was no sound coming from outside the bathroom, then she stood up and walked towards the door, wanting to hear if Li Zhi was still there.

Just as he passed by the bathroom's mirror, Wang Jiajia's heart skipped a beat.

The yellow light had been on in the bathroom, so there was her in the mirror.

She turned and saw her face in the mirror.

Half of the woman's face was charred. Her eyelids were pulled up to her face, revealing her scarlet flesh. Only half of her hair was covered by her head in a mess. Her body was also black, shriveled, and scaly. That was also a scar left behind from a fire.

She finally knew why Li Zhi was scared. If he woke up in the middle of the night and was not scared to death, then he must be brave.

Wang Jiajia sat paralyzed on the ground, it took her a while to regain her senses. Although she was shocked by her current appearance, she also knew how this kind of appearance came about.

She had lived like this for two years, but that had been three or four years ago. She had almost forgotten.

After a long while, she finally opened the door shakily. Li Zhi had already run off to who knows where, but Wang Jiajia knew that he was timid and probably went to report the situation, or maybe he was too scared to run around looking for security.

Wang Jiajia mechanically found his clothes, put them on, found her phone, and called Wang Binn.

No matter what happened, he would immediately look for Wang Binn.

When he received Wang Jiajia's call, Wang Binn was in the middle of an interrogation. As a security guard of a residential area, he actually didn't have the qualifications to interrogate. However, who would care so much in secret? Furthermore, this was an emergency.

The prisoner didn't look like a good person. He was dressed in shabby clothes and his body was dirty. He was giving off a terrible stench. It was obvious that he was a homeless person. He could tell what he was here for just by thinking about entering a high-class villa complex.

This man sneaked into the district during the day and was caught by the patrolling security guards. However, it took a lot of effort to catch him, because this homeless man was actually an expert with extraordinary strength. Several security guards were retired soldiers, so three of them were overturned and one of them fainted on the spot while using an electric baton.

When he caught this person, Wang Binn was just returning from outside. He had used his own social channels to interrogate the people on the underworld, but he did not manage to obtain any leads. Just when he was worrying so much that he could not continue anymore, he caught this person.

The homeless man was also stubborn. After a series of beatings, he did not utter a single word. Wang Binn, who did not have much hope in the beginning, slowly felt that there was a problem with this person.

Ordinary homeless people wouldn't be so stubborn. They were usually timid and would explain everything with words.

During the middle of the night, Wang Binn still could not pry open the man's mouth. In the end, he lost his patience and decided to use his blade to bleed. Then, he received a call from Wang Jiajia.

The moment Wang Binn saw the number, he knew that something must have happened.

"Wang Binn, come and save me, come and save me." Wang Jiajia's voice was hoarse.

"Slow down, what's the situation?" Wang Binn left the room and went outside.

"My face, my face …" Wang Jiajia choked with sobs, and kept repeating those words.

"Where are you? I came to find you." Wang Binn's heart skipped a beat, he already knew what was wrong with Wang Jiajia.

When Wang Binn found Wang Jiajia, he covered his face and hid in the darkness, not daring to show Wang Jiajia.

But Wang Binn had seen through her from the tiny traces that he had revealed. He held Wang Jiajia in his arms and comforted her, "It's fine, she'll be fine."

"How did it get better? I'm f * cking ruined, just what the hell is going on …" Wang Jiajia screamed at the top of her lungs.

"It will be fine." Wang Binn could only console his, but in his heart he was thinking, Xiao Guai must be gone.

Zhang Yuechen sat in the ice-cold living room for a whole day and even at night, she didn't move an inch.

During the entire day, she had always been thinking about the past. She had never had such a thorough memory of the past. In the past, she had never dared to think about it.

But now, even if she did not want to remember, she could not. Her mind flipped through those scenes and words in a different way, clear and profound.

Time went back to the day she was born. The birth of a child was a day worth celebrating for the whole family. But that day, five minutes after her birth, her grandmother and grandfather died.

They were on their way to the hospital. They were supposed to be on their way to the hospital to greet their granddaughter when a red light overloaded dump truck collided with their car. Forty tons of dirt buried them inside, crushed their bodies, and buried them alive. It was said that they didn't die on the spot, but had lived for more than three hours.

Unfortunately, that part of the road was very remote and no one knew about the accident. It wasn't until dawn that someone discovered the tragedy.

One year later, on the day of Zhang Yuechen's first birthday, his grandfather fell from the balcony on the second floor into the ground after drinking. His head smashed into the marble, becoming a rotten watermelon. She ran away from home and disappeared.

When she was three years old, her father was kidnapped, the kidnappers took three million in ransom, and the bodies were found in an abandoned tailgate with maggots in them.

When she was six years old, after an uncle of hers died of an accident, someone finally realized that the misfortune of their family had been brought about by Zhang Yuechen. This was because her family was originally a thriving family. From the moment she was born, they had rapidly declined.

After finding her fortune-teller, the result confirmed this conjecture, saying that she was the one who had killed her entire family. To save the family, he could only remove her from the family tree and expel her from it.

At that time, she was only six or seven years old. Her mother defended her and quarrelled with her relatives many times, but in the end, she was chased out of the family. When they met later on, they met Han Yuan and married him. And Chang was also her mother's surname.

Over the past decade, nothing ever happened to Zhang Yuechen again. Until three months ago, her always optimistic mother committed suicide by taking a sleeping pill.

That Heavenly Calamity Lonely Star's curse had once again returned to Zhang Yuechen.

At first, Zhang Yuechen did not know that she was a Heaven Slaughter God, or that she had killed her family. She only knew about this from the diary when she was cleaning up her mother's things.

It was only then that she found out that her mother had suffered all kinds of grievances and torments for the past ten years, and that she had lived under his protection without any worries.

She still had many unfulfilled dreams, but reality was incomparably cruel. Strange things began to appear on her body, as if there was no other way than death.

She persisted for a while and finally chose to commit suicide, jumping into the river from Xiangjiang Bay.

However, she was saved by someone upstream. There was even a mysterious youth that appeared, Chu Chi, saying that he could help her.

Perhaps, this was what it meant to not die?

However, living was too painful. Would more people die because of him?

As Zhang Yuechen sat there in a daze, she suddenly realized that a milky white figure had appeared in the dark room.

The milky-white figure was twisted into a ball. Zhang Yuechen was startled at first, but suddenly realized that even though the shadow was blurry, its face was extremely distinct.

It was her mother.

"Mom …" Zhang Yuechen shouted to her.

The milky white shadow suddenly dissipated, turning into a puddle of water.

Only then did Zhang Yuechen see that the floor was already covered with water, and the sound of water splashing could be heard from the kitchen. She went into the kitchen, where the tap was on, filling the sink and filling the floor.

She couldn't remember when she'd turned on the tap.

Of course, she also didn't see clearly that there was a black, viscous, liquid-like creature desperately squeezing out from the water tap.

Zhang Yuechen dripped with water and turned off the tap. The liquid creature had already gone into the kitchen through the water flow and hid in a dark corner. Gradually, two eyes that were like green beans appeared on her black body.

It stared at Zhang Yuechen for a while, and then pounced towards her, but before it could even get close, it sensed that Zhang Yuechen's body was emitting an aura that was similar to the edge of a blade.

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