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C12 Phantom

East Suburb Park, it was already late at night.

Chu Chi sneezed a few times, but he did not have the time to care who was scolding him in secret. The crazy white cat was chasing him and hit him hard a few times.

Fortunately, the vagabond who had always claimed this place as his own had secretly left because the scene was too terrifying, so no one saw him in such a sorry state.

Although the red rope that could trap immortals was still tied to the white cat's neck, it could not be suppressed at the moment. No matter how Chu Chi sealed his hand seals or chants, they were all useless.

was thinking about how to deal with it. The crow brothers couldn't rely on it anymore, they had long hidden away, the white cat was forced into a corner by the wild dogs and became a real white tiger. The crow brothers didn't want to get into trouble, clawing at it once was not fun at all.

Chu Chi ran very quickly, thinking of a way to suppress it, but every time he found some clues, the white cat would always cut him off with a claw from behind.

"F * ck, you're too stingy. You're too petty. Are you trying to take revenge?" Chu Chi gritted his teeth as he thought.

Chu Chi tripped on a rock and fell flat on his face. Before he could even crawl back up, the white cat pounced and stepped on his head, causing him to be at least twice as heavy. The white cat was unable to lift Chu Chi's head up.

"Alright, alright, I've lost. Hero, give me a chance to live!" Chu Chi knew that he was not his match, so he raised both of his hands high up into the air and begged the white cat for mercy.

The white cat raised its front paw and pressed it a few times onto Chu Chi's head. Chu Chi's voice gurgled into its mouth that was filled with muddy water.

Enough! The white cat jumped onto a nearby statue and looked down at Chu Chi.

Chu Chi touched his face. Seeing the white cat's haughty and arrogant attitude, he felt hatred in his heart, but there was nothing he could do. The cat had done its best, but it was forbidden to lose control. What to do now? It was too troublesome.

Just when he didn't know what to do, white cat meowed twice and walked into the darkness while shaking its head.

Chu Chi's brows sunk. After hesitating for a bit, he decided to follow along.

The white cat moved freely in the darkness, Chu Chi was already prepared for it, he took out a flashlight and forced himself to follow the white cat.

As the man and the cat left the park, Chu Chi realised that the white cat was heading back to the Wang Jiang manor. Although the white cat had a strong desire for revenge, it had not completely escaped his control and knew that it had to do proper business.

The eastern suburbs park wasn't too far away from the Wang Jiang manor. Chu Chi limped along with the white cat, and before long, they arrived outside the Wang Jiang manor.

The gates to the River Wang Mansion had already closed.

The white cat found a gap and quickly entered the villa complex. Chu Chi observed on the side for a while, but didn't see any security guards around, so he found a remote area and climbed over the iron fence. When he landed, the white cat was nowhere to be seen.

Chu Chi anxiously scratched his head, this little thing was too annoying.

The crow called out twice from the tree, causing Chu Chi to identify the direction and catch up. The white cat was indeed in front, it was squatting down and smelling something, waiting for Chu Chi to get close, but the white cat was running forward again, its movements extremely fast.

Chu Chi could only continue to follow.

At this moment, the crow gave two quick cries before spreading its wings and flying away.

Chu Chi was shocked as he watched the white cat jump into the arms of a man. Beside this man, there was a person wearing a silk scarf that covered his face, making it impossible to see his appearance. However, based on his figure, it was likely that he was a woman.

It was Wang Binn and Wang Jiajia.

"Your cat?" Wang Binn caressed the white cat, staring at Chu Chi.

This place was rather remote, and the street lamps were quite covered up, making it seem rather dim. However, he still saw Chu Chi's face clearly, and quickly understood that this young man was the culprit behind the white cat's theft.

Wang Binn did not act rashly, even though the person in front of him was a youth, he knew very well how powerful a person who could use a Blood Sacrifice Puppet could be. Therefore, although he appeared relaxed and carefree on the surface, his body was already like a tiger that was hunting its prey, tightening the muscles throughout his entire body.

"I don't know which family they are from. I originally wanted to return them, but I didn't expect them to be yours." Since it has found its master, then I shall take my leave first. " Chu Chi forced out a smile, waved his hand, and turned to leave.

Although he did not know Wang Binn, he instinctively felt that something was amiss. The white cat could not possibly jump into the embrace of a stranger for no reason.

If that was the case, and he still asked when he knew the answer to the question, then he had ill intentions.

"Hey, you dropped something." Wang Binn shouted from behind him.

Chu Chi subconsciously turned his head, the cloth doll in his hands had a dark expression, he knew that he had been seen through, and ran away.

Wang Binn's physique was extremely good, so after chasing after him for a few steps, he reached out his hand to press onto Chu Chi's neck.

When Chu Chi heard the sound of wind, he tilted his head and dodged, he already knew that Wang Binn was not easy to deal with and immediately stepped into the Tai Hao Da Xi Eight Trigrams. This kind of footwork was Yin and Yang, when mastered to the Dominating Refinement realm, there would be one true and seven false eight figures, but Chu Chi had practiced for more than ten years, and only one true and one false walked out.

Wang Binn's vision blurred as he saw two figures fleeing in separate directions. He was stunned, but he quickly understood that it was Chu Chi's trick and was even more certain that he was the one who used the Blood Sacrifice Puppet Puppet to steal the cat. He immediately took a step back and chased after one of the figures.

He would choose one out of the two and bet on it.

Chu Chi thought that the two figures were more than enough to deal with Wang Binn, but who knew that Wang Binn's intuition was not bad, and actually chased after his real body.

But it was still not the end. Chu Chi could not make a sound, and still had the chance to bite the tip of his tongue. Unexpectedly, Wang Binn's hand had already grabbed his and lifted him up, then fiercely threw him out.

"Damn it, I got taken care of by one hand …" Chu Chi choked on his words as he fainted.

Before he closed his eyes, he saw the white cat s in Wang Binn's arms lowering its head and calling out to him, seemingly with a smile.

Wang Binn did not expect Xiao Guai to find him and even bring the thief back. From Chu Chi's behavior, the person who stole Xiao Guai's body that night was definitely him, but he did not know if the other accomplice was a homeless person who was imprisoned in Xiao Hei room.

But it was not important now, he had to first think of a way to make Wang Jiajia return to her original appearance.

So, he carried the unconscious Chu Chi into the tramp's security room and tied him to a chair with tape. In order to prevent him from chanting the chants, he sealed his mouth and went back home.

Wang Jiajia covered her tracks tightly, following beside Wang Binn, not daring to say a word, as the woman had lost her beauty, and thus lost her courage. Although she was stupid, she was not stupid to the point where she could not be saved.

After bringing Wang Jiajia back to her living quarters, Wang Binn found a cage to store the white cat in so that it wouldn't fall off again.

"Actually, I've never told you before." Wang Binn said, "You should know now."

Wang Jiajia sat silently on the sofa. The sofa was not as soft as the one in Li Zhijia's house, it was springy and hard to the point that it felt uncomfortable, but she resisted the urge to move it.

"I should have told you earlier, in case you didn't take Xiao Guai to heart." Wang Binn sighed.

"I'm more concerned about whether I can still be beautiful." The meaning behind Wang Jiajia's words, was that she did not want to hear Wang Binn's nonsense.

Wang Binn said, "Xiao Guai is no ordinary pet cat. I begged Master to search several provinces before finding him. Your face was previously disfigured by fire, but in reality you have not recovered. It was only because of Xiao Guai that your appearance looked any different. "

"What do you mean?" Wang Jiajia did not quite understand, she understood Wang Binn's words, but she was completely unable to comprehend it.

"Do you remember the time after you were burned, when I let you drink for forty-nine days?" Wang Binn said, "That is Xiao Guai's blood."

Of course Wang Jiajia remembered, at that time, in order to recover her burnt face, she had used a side character. The stench of blood was very strong. In the first few days, after drinking it, she felt sick to her stomach and even vomited out gallbladder water. However, in order to restore the place where she had burned herself, she forced herself to drink it.

At that time, she didn't ask what kind of blood it was, but now she finally knew that it was Xiao Guai's blood. It was also no wonder that she had been especially friendly to it ever since she saw Xiao Guai. Even though she hated all kinds of small animals since she was young, she liked Xiao Guai from the first moment, and held him in her arms at all times.

The original source of everything was here, because they were connected by blood.

When Wang Binn mentioned about the past, Wang Jiajia's throat felt tight. That disgusting taste from back then seemed to be in her mouth again, wanting to make her vomit.

Wang Binn said, "Xiao Guai has a skill that can make the person who drinks its blood look extremely beautiful, but that is on the premise that Xiao Guai is always by your side. Only when both conditions are met will you be able to fulfil them, so as long as Xiao Guai leaves you, how you look … "

Without needing to mention the following words, Wang Jiajia already understood. With happiness in her eyes, she said, "Now that Xiao Guai is back, will I become beautiful again?"

"Perhaps it is. The method from back then has now been broken. I need to drink it again. Perhaps it might be effective …" Wang Binn was not sure, but he felt that during the day that Xiao Guai left, something had happened.

Furthermore, Xiao Guai would normally stick to its blood and not run around recklessly, but this time, she went out for an entire day and night.

"Then what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get my blood." Wang Jiajia said anxiously, she looked at the white cat in the cage, and subconsciously swallowed her saliva.

It was only forty-nine days, and it had been a long time. Had Li Zhi forgotten about her during that time?

"It's almost time, the time is right. I'll get your blood first and have a look at the effects." Wang Binn looked at his watch. It was almost midnight. Thus, he went to the kitchen to get a bowl, and an umbrella soldier knife to take Wang Jiajia's blood.

Wang Jiajia couldn't wait and helped pull Xiao Guai out of the cage. Xiao Guai yawned in Wang Jiajia's embrace, and then licked his lips, revealing his dense white fangs. A flash of red flashed past his eyes.

Wang Binn held Xiao Guai down, took some blood and gave it to Wang Jiajia to drink. The white cat was always very docile, just like before.

After taking the blood, Wang Binn used a bandage to bind the white cat's wound. However, he did not see that the wound had already healed by itself while he was wrapped in the bandage.

Wang Jiajia drank hurriedly, the hot cat blood flowing down her throat into her stomach, she felt that her skin was quickly recovering.

Wang Binn said: "You can rest here today. As for Li Zhi's side, we'll think of a way to cover it up, if not, we'll give up on this plan."

Wang Jiajia meekly nodded before returning to Wang Binn's room to sleep. With anticipation in her heart, she decided to wake up the next day and regain her former beauty. For some reason, this feeling was very strong.

Inside the cage, the white cat was scratching its neck with its claws. It felt very uncomfortable, it wanted someone to help it tear it off, but Wang Bing and Wang Jiajia did not seem to notice.

It continued to pull, and the red rope loosened a bit. This made it very happy, as it wouldn't be long before it completely got rid of the red rope. It looked at Wang Jiajia's room and yawned, licking its lips.

After a busy night, Wang Binn was tired, and laid on the sofa to rest. Early in the morning, he was woken up by the phone call. It was from a security guard.

"There's been an accident. A body was found by the edge of the bay." The security guard on the other end of the phone said anxiously.

"Did you confirm his identity?" Wang Binn's heart thumped.

"Not yet." After the security guard answered, he added, "So far, we've only gotten the bottom half …"

Wang Binn rushed out of the door and rushed to the scene of the incident.

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