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C13 White Bone Beach

Daybreak came, and sunlight filtered through the curtains. Originally, it was a beautiful weather that would cause people to be in a good mood.

Chu Chi woke up in the small room. His entire body was in pain, and it was unknown if he had broken bones or not.

He found himself tied to a chair, unable to move. Soon, he smelled a stench. This smell was too familiar. He followed the scent and tilted his head.

"Zhou Shen?" Chu Chi saw a person sitting on a chair beside him with his head hanging down. Although he couldn't see his face, he could already guess this person's identity from his clothes and smell.

It was unknown whether Zhou Shen fainted or fell asleep, but he did not wake up even after Chu Chi shouted a few times.

Chu Chi kicked the table, wanting to attract the attention of the people outside. The feeling of being locked up was not good, the key thing was that it was like torture, why was no one coming to interrogate him?

The table was kicked over by Chu Chi and he himself fell onto the ground. His head smashed into the ground and cried out in pain, but no one paid attention to him.

Zhou Shen was awakened.

Zhou Shen turned his head to look at Chu Chi, his face was swollen from the slap, and it was impossible to tell who he was from the contours of his face. He was confused and felt a headache coming on. He let out a cry of pain, his head swayed a little, and he looked around again. He couldn't figure out why he was here.

He struggled free and tore off the tape, then stood up and came over to help Chu Chi untie the binding.

Chu Chi moved his body a little, and thanked his. He thought that Zhou Shen's strength was so great that even the tape could be pulled apart immediately.

Did he have innate divine strength?

"Where is this place?" Zhou Shen asked him.

"Probably the security room." Chu Chi guessed as he looked at the security uniform, baton and other items on the wall.

He walked over to the window and pulled up the curtain. He saw that it was on the second floor and he could see the iron fence surrounding the villa. A little further away was the villa's gate. There were two security guards standing guard at the entrance.

He recalled that the person who caught him last night would be a security guard here too, but it was definitely not a simple security guard. Otherwise, he wouldn't have known that the puppet doll was the tool he used to catch the cat.

However, he could not figure out why the white cat and a security guard were so familiar.

Could it be that the real owner of the white cat was a security guard?

"Aren't you at the Cang Bay? How did he get caught too? " Chu Chi asked Zhou Shen again.

"I don't remember." Zhou Shen thought for a while, and his head started to hurt again, "I remember I was always by the side of the river …"

"Can't remember? The demons on your body were exorcised, so it shouldn't be the case. " Chu Chi said in bewilderment, "Could it be that he was beaten up by someone?"

At this moment, a police car quietly arrived at the villa's entrance. The police officer driving the car spoke with the security guard. One of the security guards got on the car, and the police car continued to drive into the villa complex.

"We're finished. Run, even the police are alarmed. This time we're in big trouble." When Chu Chi saw everything outside the window, he immediately ran to the door and pulled it open. He was still muttering to himself, it's just stealing a cat, what is there to do with all this?

The door was locked from the outside and could not be opened.

"Come and help." Chu Chi knew that Zhou Shen was strong, and quickly greeted him.

Zhou Shen pulled on the handle a few times, but were unable to pull it away, so he told Chu Chi to avoid it a little. Then, he took two steps back, raised his leg and kicked the door open. The sound was extremely loud, but luckily, there was no one nearby.

Chu Chi swallowed his saliva. He never thought that Zhou Shen, who was tall and skinny, would actually be a humanoid tank.

The two of them ran downstairs and watched the police car head off in the other direction. It seemed like they had no intention of coming to the security room.

Chu Chi looked in the direction that the police car went in, it seemed to be the direction of Zhang Yuechen's home, and couldn't help but think that something had happened to Zhang Yuechen, causing the police to come here.

Regardless of whether the white cat was in his possession or not, he had to go and take a look first. After making up his mind, he asked Zhou Shen: "Where are you planning to go?"

Zhou Shen frowned, as if he had thought of something, and silently took out a square metal box from his close pocket. This box looked to be very old, it was filled with copper rust and there were some carvings on it. Zhou Shen pulled out a cork on the metal box, and poured some of the liquid inside into his hands.

Then he began to chant a strange sentence, and suddenly the liquid began to burn in his hand, and the flames rose high and swayed with the wind.

"How do you know the language of the Monster Hunter? could it be that you are Monster Hunter … " Chu Chi was startled.

Zhou Shen glanced at Chu Chi, "I remember something, I'm following something, this flame can guide us."

Chu Chi looked at the flame on Zhou Shen's palm. It was not scalding hot, and even though it was swaying with the wind in the beginning, it very quickly floated towards a fixed direction.

burning fire to guide the way, and that flame was a type of eerie blue that was different from normal flames. Needless to say, that was definitely the method used by the Monster Hunter.

Chu Chi guessed that the thing that Zhou Shen was talking about was actually a Demon.

Could it be that Zhou Shen was originally a Monster Hunter, and was bitten by a demon during the process of Demon Hunt, so he became a corpse picker at the Cang Bay?

Chu Chi couldn't understand it at the moment. From the looks of Zhou Shen's abilities, it should be easy to subdue a tiny "sand", but he didn't expect it to have fallen to the stage of losing his memories.

However, he knew that Zhou Shen's brain was not working, after the pot of porridge, he did not continue to ask for his identity. Seeing that the direction of the flames was pretty much the same as the direction of the police car, he said, "Let's go together and take a look, we'll take care of each other."

Zhou Shen was startled, and nodded in agreement.

Zhou Shen led the way using Burning Fire. Flames continued to burn on his palms. The flames released a light and delicate fragrance, covering the stench on his body, making Chu Chi feel much better.

Chu Chi followed them from behind. After walking for a while, he realized that Zhang Yuechen's home was not too far away. He did not want the demon that Zhou Shen was looking for to be this one on Zhang Yuechen's body.

On the other hand, he was worried that something had happened to Zhang Yuechen. That police car had arrived for that reason, but after looking around, there were no police cars parked around Zhang Yuechen's home.

The flame in Zhou Shen's hand was also not pointing at the Zhang Yuechen family, but it was moving in a different direction.

"Not here?" Chu Chi pointed to Zhang Yuechen's home to confirm more.

"Yes." Zhou Shen nodded his head, "But we are very close."

As he spoke, the flames on his palms burned even more fiercely.

Chu Chi really wanted to confirm Zhang Yuechen's situation. After all, he hadn't seen him for more than a day, and no one knew what would happen in the process. Just as he was hesitating, he suddenly realized that Zhang Yuechen was standing next to a window on the second floor, as if he had noticed him a step earlier. After a glance, he pulled up the curtains and disappeared.

Chu Chi made up his mind, "Let's go, we'll settle your matters first." He thought that if he wanted to get the white cat back from the capable security guard, he would have to count on Zhou Shen's help. At that time, the best time would be to bring the white cat to Zhang Yuechen's house.

The two of them quickly arrived at the place where the police car was parked. Behind the police car was a flight of stairs leading down. At the end of the steps was a river embankment where the police and security were gathered.

"Right here." Zhou Shen looked down at the river bay, clenched his fist, and extinguished the flame in his palm.

Chu Chi looked over and saw that the security guard who caught him yesterday was actually among the crowd on the riverbank. He was currently talking to someone who looked like a police officer.

He whistled, and a few crows flew to the palm trees on the embankment, where they stopped silently and looked down, eyes rolling.

The bay behind the villa complex looked like a branch of the Xiangjiang River, but in reality, it had been artificially constructed according to the previous terrain. The bay looked like a branch of the Xiangjiang River, but in reality, it had been artificially constructed according to the previous terrain.

The name of the bend was also resounding. It was called Xiangjiang Bay.

Wang Binn had arrived here early in the morning and had finished smoking his cigarettes.

Half of the bodies that were found earlier were salvaged. It was a pity that the lower half of his body, which was below the waist, was completely naked. He did not seem to have died long ago. He had not rotted or even swelled up from the blisters, but it was hard to determine his identity.

According to the two security guards who had found the corpse, they first heard the scream, then they found the corpse not far from the shore. The corpse floated on the water, its butt sticking out into the air, and one of the better ones thought it was just some ordinary drowning, so he quickly went into the water to fish for the body. Who knew that after searching for half a day in the water, he would find the corpse, causing him to almost choke.

Based on these clues, Wang Binn knew very well that the corpse was from inside the villa area, it could not be from any other place, and looking at the corpse, it did not seem to be a murder, but an accident.

Investigating the truth was not the responsibility of the security guards, and they were not to blame.

The police knew Wang Binn well, so they first took photos and left a record. Due to special considerations, they decided to continue searching, to see if they could find the other half of the body. The door-to-door investigation had been temporarily suppressed, lest they offend some influential figures in the small district. When that time came, the situation would escalate.

Wang Binn personally instructed the search. The search area was at Xiangjiang Bay, and although the harbor wasn't big, it was extremely difficult to find corpses that had to be submerged.

"After further examination by the medical examiner, this body was bitten off by an animal with great bite power. "Almost without any resistance, he directly bites a person into two …" The policeman that was familiar with Wang Binn told Wang Binn in private.

Wang Binn frowned, "What the f * * k is this animal?"

The policeman smiled, "The medical examiner doesn't know. He also judged the situation based on the wound, but he said it verbally, even he didn't record anything. Who would believe the report if it was handed over?" "It would be weird if they didn't treat him as a lunatic."

"Since someone died in this place, my security chief has finally reached the end." Wang Binn said, "If I still want to make a rumor about a monster, I will have to f * cking commit suicide."

"It's not that serious, where is the place where people die?" The police did not think much of it and said, "To be honest, your villa has been abandoned since before liberation, and no one knows how many bones have been lost here in the past hundred years. It is equivalent to a cemetery, Yin Corpse's Land, a place filled with evil spirits and evil spirits, and built a villa complex, and only now did people die.

Wang Binn had heard of this rumor before. Previously, this place was a barren wasteland. During the days of war and chaos, the people who died in the city would be left on the beach, rising water by a river. It was much easier to take away all the dead bodies. It was said that the largest accumulation of bones was during the War of Resistance Against Japan. During the bloody war, the entire city was affected by the flames of war, burning the entire city into ashes.

However, rumors could only be talked about after meals. There were too many versions, so no one believed it.

"I don't believe this." Wang Binn said, "Whether it is plotting to kill me, or killing me by accident, I will only be willing when I find out everything."

"I don't think you're the only one thinking that." The police patted Wang Binn's shoulder, "Return to the police station. We brothers have a busy business. I just hope that this bro's status isn't too high. If not, then don't think about sleeping peacefully. "

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