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C14 Cat Killing

Zhou Shen stared at the bay of the river. In his eyes, there was a ball of pitch black darkness in the middle of the river, this was what he had been chasing after the whole time. Unfortunately, he couldn't remember anything about it.

Beside him, Chu Chi had his eyes closed, his breathing was weak, as though he had fainted.

"Hello." Zhou Shen shook him awake, "What's wrong with you?"

Chu Chi was woken up by his shaking, his breathing became ragged, and he coughed violently a few times, then said: "You do not know when to use magic, and can't be interrupted?"

"I thought you fainted." Zhou Shen said, "What technique are you using?"

"Heaven's Eye …" Chu Chi raised his eyebrows, "Your brain is not clear, even if I told you, you wouldn't understand."

"You're using crows to spy and eavesdrop?" Zhou Shen said.

Chu Chi looked at Zhou Shen suspiciously, "You understand now? I said you're not pretending to be ignorant. "

"I guessed." Zhou Shen laughed, "Did you hear anything?"

"Someone died here last night." Chu Chi said, "But we can only fish out half of the body, and the rest can't be found. Some people speculated that it was eaten by some monster."

Zhou Shen rubbed his temples and said doubtfully, "It shouldn't be, eating living people is extremely brutal and easy to provoke heavenly tribulation. It has lived for more than a hundred years, it should know this principle."

"You are really Monster Hunter, you know quite a lot!" Chu Chi patted Zhou Shen's shoulder, "Tell me, what kind of demon is this?"

Zhou Shen paused, and shook his head blankly.

"Damn, you even know how long it has lived. You must have interacted with it before, yet you don't know what it is. Don't lie to me." Chu Chi said in annoyance.

"I really don't know. It lived for over a hundred years, and it suddenly popped out from the inside of its head." Zhou Shen scratched his head in embarrassment.

"I give up on you." Seeing that he did not want to lie, Chu Chi sighed, and suddenly thought of something, his eyes lit up: "I know why it wants to eat humans!"

"Really?" Zhou Shen asked.

"Why would I lie to you?" Chu Chi said proudly, "Since it has a hundred years of cultivation, there is only one possibility for it to take the risk of eating the living, and that is that it is injured. Furthermore, it is not light injured, eating the living is the fastest way to treat its injuries … Wait, did you hurt it? Or is it the Old Man Ao? "

"It's not me." Zhou Shen answered with certainty.

"It can't be the Old Man Ao." Chu Chi rejected the last part of his sentence, "If he wants to take action, a hundred year old cultivation demons is not enough."

"Now it's hiding in the river bay. Maybe it'll keep eating people." Zhou Shen looked down worriedly, "These people on the water are in danger, we have to remind them."

"No need to rush to remind others. Everyone has their own lives. Those who die will eventually die. Even if we were to be reminded, who would believe us? At that time, wouldn't they be arresting us again? " Chu Chi said, "We better be able to understand how its injuries came about, but there are actually two possibilities. One is a demon stronger than it, and two, it is our comrade. Besides, other than the matter right now, there will definitely be people guarding the place, so it's not good for us to take action. "

Monster Hunter and the demon were natural enemies, and although they couldn't hide their jealousy when meeting each other, there were various factions that existed between the Monster Hunter s due to their various historical roots. It was not very harmonious, and the danger rate was not lower than that of the demon's.

To Chu Chi, this was a pain that he had personally experienced.

"Fool type demons are the easiest to deal with, not to mention that its whereabouts have already been determined, and it is also injured. It is very easy to deal with it." Chu Chi said, "I have something troublesome to take care of, why don't you help me first."

Chu Chi thought that since his Demon Hunt Squads relied on the Five Element Puppets, now that the Five Element Puppets were inexplicably living with him, he wouldn't be able to do anything else without them. He might as well let Zhou Shen help him settle the white cat first, and at that time, catch the hundred year old demon and let him repay the favor.

On the other hand, with the five elemental golems in his hands, he felt more at ease.

Zhou Shen looked at it for a while before nodding his head.

Just as Chu Chi had expected, the other security guards had also stopped their salvaging work, but there were still a few that had been arranged to patrol the area.

The white cat was taken away by him last night, so Chu Chi didn't know where it was.

Wang Binn was still thinking about feeding the cat blood to Wang Jiajia. After bidding farewell to the police, he quickly returned home.

Chu Chi waved for Zhou Shen to follow along. Only then did he realise that Wang Binn's residence was actually in the Property Management Building. It was the same building as the Security Office that imprisoned them previously.

Chu Chi could not help but be vexed, as there was a high possibility that the white cat was also in this building.

Wang Binn first went to the security room that held Chu Chi and Zhou Shen, seeing that the door was broken and the people imprisoned inside had all run away, he was furious. However, there were too many things to worry about, so he did not care, thinking that even if he escaped, he would not be able to find them back, as he was afraid that they would cause trouble for Wang Jiajia.

Therefore, he anxiously returned to the dormitory. The windows and doors were all closed, allowing him to relax a little.

But when he entered the room, he felt a very uneasy feeling, as if there was something wrong within the room. In the end, his gaze landed on the cage where he had been holding the cat last night.

The cage door opened, and a piece of red rope fell down from inside. The white cat was nowhere to be seen.

"Jiajia!" Wang Binn shouted and quickly ran to the bedroom to look for Wang Jiajia.

The door was pushed open, and the white cat quickly came out. Wang Binn blocked it in passing, but was unable to stop it.

The room was filled with the stench of blood. Wang Jiajia laid on the bed, and a hole of blood was dug out in her body. Blood flowed profusely, and the entire bed was immersed in a pool of blood.

Wang Binn ran over and hugged Wang Jiajia. The blood was still warm, but she was no longer breathing. Her burned face looked even more ferocious, and the corners of her mouth curled up in a strange smile. She didn't seem to have suffered much when she died, and was instead happy.

Wang Binn used his hands to continuously stuff the intestines in Wang Jiajia's stomach, but when he stuffed the intestines in, he ran out. In the end, the intestines had gotten rid of the fat, and more had fallen onto the bed. No matter how much he stuffed them, it was useless.

"Damn it, damn it!" Wang Binn's tears finally flowed out of his eyes. His eyes were red and his hands were covered in blood and filth.

He never thought that Wang Jiajia would die like this.

Even though, many years ago, someone had warned him that those close to him would all die in front of him.

He believed this because this person was the person he trusted the most.

For many years, even though he liked Wang Jiajia to the core of her being, he still kept her distance.

Wang Jiajia had truly fallen for Li Zhi, she was so narrow-minded, how could Wang Binn not see it, but looking at Wang Jiajia's blissful look, he felt that it was enough.

He never took his scam seriously, it was just an act of accompanying Wang Jiajia and the two of them making fun of each other.

Everyone said that they were a pair, but Wang Binn knew that Wang Jiajia did not like him at all. She was too arrogant, and did not like any of the men in the village. The reason why they were close to him was because the others were worse off, not because he was that good.

Since the village was sealed, he was the only high school student in the village. Being able to study in the town and know a lot of things about the outside world, Wang Jiajia had interacted with the outside world through him and expressed her wish of going out to explore the world more than once.

Wang Binn knew from the beginning that Wang Jiajia didn't like him, but he still held onto hope, because the women of the village could only marry me in the end.

If it hadn't happened later, they would have been married.

In the years that Wang Binn had been in the army, something had happened to him.

The village chief proposed to Wang Jiajia that she marry his silly son. And Wang Jiajia's parents, simply did not dare to disobey the Village Chief's orders.

But on the night before their marriage, Wang Jiajia's house caught fire, she was burned to death with heavy injuries, and her entire family burned to death.

There was no way to investigate the cause of this fire, and Wang Jiajia who had her face ruined did not marry out.

After Wang Binn left the army, he finally made up his mind and secretly left the village with Wang Jiajia. He even used a side method to heal Wang Jiajia's face, and began to earn a living in the city.

If there was anyone in the world who understood Wang Jiajia the best, it would be him, Wang Binn. Just like how Wang Jiajia was the one who saw through the fire at that time.

Wang Binn did not stop her and decided to let her have her way. This was the way his lover did things. It was also because he still cared a lot about that person's reminder.

The closer the person was to him, the faster they would die!

But Wang Jiajia still died in the end.

"I will avenge you, Jiajia." Wang Binn swore.

But who was the enemy?

Xiao Guai who had directly killed Wang Jiajia, or …

That group of people who stole Xiao Guai, and then what did they do to him, was the true culprit! Once they were caught, they must be torn into ten thousand pieces!

But before he caught them, he had one more thing to do.

Wang Binn took out his phone and dialed a number that he was not willing to call, but he had never forgotten.

"Master, I promise you." Wang Binn said with tears in his eyes.

"Heh …" At the other end of the line, a voice seemed to be transmitted through a speaker, and could be heard throughout the room.

Chu Chi and Zhou Shen were just playing cat in the corridor, Wang Binn's room had already been confirmed, the only thing they could do now was to wait, once Wang Binn was gone, they would be able to beat the crap out of the white cat, nine out of ten.

Just as Chu Chi was feeling proud of his plan, Zhou Shen poked him, "Are you looking for that cat?"

Chu Chi focused and saw the white cat trotting out from the room Wang Binn just went into. It jumped onto the short wall and landed on the first floor, leaving behind a trail of blood footprints on the stone floor.

Its movements seemed to be a lot faster than before.

"Holy sh * t, he ran so fast!" Seeing that, Chu Chi ran downstairs.

This time, he did not dare be careless. He ordered dozens of crows to follow closely behind the white cat.

The crow would call out from time to time to give Chu Chi a direction. Chu Chi didn't care about exposing his whereabouts, and chased him crazily down the road.

The white cat entered the small forest randomly, and after a while, it disappeared.

Chu Chi and Zhou Shen quickly caught up. They discovered that it was a manhole without a lid, and there was a disgusting stench coming from it.

The crow stood still on a tree at the side, no longer flying. This made Chu Chi very sad, because the white cat must have gone into the manhole.

Looking down from the outside, he could see all sorts of random objects floating around in the pipes beneath the manhole. He did not know what they were, but they were enough to make anyone sick.

Chu Chi stood at the side of the ditch, covering his nose as he hesitated about whether or not he should follow them in. However, Zhou Shen jumped in first and waved Chu Chi to follow him.

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