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C15 Ghost Wall

"So smelly, I must go down and smoke myself to death." Chu Chi shook his head in disgust.

"Stink?" Zhou Shen inhaled twice, but did not smell any stench, "It's not smelly, come on, the white cat have gone far."

"Why don't you go look for it, I'll guard the opening." Chu Chi pinched his nose, thinking, this person can even eat corpses, how can I compare to you? After being stuck in a pile of corpses for so many years, I probably don't even have a sense of smell.

Just as he was hesitating, the sound of barking came from afar, along with the sound of people running quickly. The crows on the trees were all alarmed and flew away with a woosh, Chu Chi looked out through the trees and saw a group of security guards running towards him from the road. Two of them were even holding onto a big wolfdog, barking loudly, and looking at the situation, they were all coming towards him.

"Damn, I have to go now!" Chu Chi was shocked. He understood that the security guards must have noticed that they had escaped and started chasing after them again, so he quickly pulled two bushes from the ground, rolled it into two small balls and stuffed it into his nose and jumped down.

The pipes were large and the walls on both sides were stained with black moss and dirt.

The water was indeed not deep, but's legs became cold very quickly after he entered the water. Furthermore, the soft and smooth feeling made his nose snot, and after his feet stepped on the water, a lot of bubbles came out from the water, making gurgling sounds, making Chu Chi's eyes water.

Chu Chi thought that it was a good thing he had blocked his nose, otherwise, he would probably die here. It was hard for the white cat to run for its life, but it actually ran to this kind of place.

This was the villa area's underground drainage system. Every so often, there would be a rectangular opening above them, covered with a hollow metal plate, which provided them with light to move forward.

After walking for a short distance, a fork in the road appeared below them. Zhou Shen indicated for each person to go ahead and split up in order to search.

Chu Chi was against his suggestion, he knew that it was impossible to split up, with either of them, they wouldn't be able to catch the white cat, even if two of them went up at the same time, it would probably depend on their luck.

However, if they did not go in separate ways, who knew which way the white cat had gone.

Chu Chi thought for a moment, then casually pointed out a path and said: "Let's try our luck, let's go this way."

Zhou Shen didn't believe her, he lowered his head and probed the water with his finger, and then sucked it twice with his mouth, which was not the end of it. Then, after walking a few steps, he extended his hand into the water at another fork in the road, and repeated his actions just now.

Chu Chi watched Zhou Shen's movements in a daze from the side. His throat moved twice, and he wanted to say something, but he was unable to do so. His face instantly went pale, and with one hand on the wet wall, he pressed on his chest, and started vomiting.

After they walked for a while, the pipe in front of them gradually dimmed. For a long distance, there were no longer any bright rectangular drains. The pipe also became narrower.

"He didn't bring a flashlight nor a holy talisman. What should I do?" Chu Chi's voice was originally hoarse, adding the fact that his nose was blocked, his words became even more indistinct.

Zhou Shen took out the metal box and poured some of the liquid into his hands. He muttered some incantations and when he opened them again, the fire had already been ignited.

Only now did Chu Chi realise that the shape of the flame looked like a budding lotus flower. It was so bright that it illuminated everything within a few metres.

"Teach me this move?" Chu Chi was very envious. Honestly speaking, if he ignored Zhou Shen's other hobbies, this ability to light fire on his hands, would be too cruel.

Although he also had a Fire Puppet in his own Five Element Puppet, which could also serve as a flame illumination, the visual effects were much worse if he wasn't on fire.

"I can …" Zhou Shen paused, and nodded: "But the chants are a bit long, I wonder if you can still remember it."

Chu Chi raised his eyebrows, "I might not be able to say anything else, but the Back Words Technique is my forte. Three thousand types of Monster Binding Spell, I have already memorized them since I was six years old …"

"Let's turn this upside down first." Zhou Shen asked Chu Chi to extend his hand and pour the liquid from the metal box into his palm.

"What's this? It feels weird, is it kerosene?" Chu Chi kneaded his palm.

"Corpse water." Zhou Shen was afraid that Chu Chi wouldn't understand, so he added on, "The fluids from a corpse that has decayed for seven days, collecting and treating it in a special manner, is extremely complicated."

"Ugh!" Chu Chi did not finish listening, and immediately vomited again. However, he had nothing more to vomit on his stomach. He washed his hands in the water after throwing up. Although the water in the pipe was disgusting, it was still cleaner than corpse water.

Zhou Shen wanted to come over and help him, but Chu Chi immediately jumped a few meters away and roared, "Stay away from me!"

"Oh, I didn't." Zhou Shen suddenly remembered something, "It's the corpse of the Black Scaled Snake, it's not human."

"Even if it's the corpse water of a deity, it's still the corpse water!" Chu Chi shouted, in his heart he had already made up his mind. When he captured the white cat, he would wait for him to be as far away from the guy who ate it.

Unknowingly, some steps appeared as the pipeline gradually ascended. The ground was no longer filled with water and had become dry. Moreover, there was even heavy dust.

On the dust, there was the cat claw's mark, which was enough to prove that Zhou Shen had not taken the wrong way.

Zhou Shen's nose twitched twice, and said to Chu Chi, "There's a fragrance …"

"Don't lie to me!" Chu Chi didn't want to believe him, how could there be any fragrance in the underground tunnel.

"Really." Zhou Shen inhaled with all his might and hastened his footsteps to follow the source of the fragrance.

"Your nose is really broken!" Chu Chi could not hold himself back, he pulled out the dried grass from his nose and took a light breath. He did not smell any fragrance, but the surrounding air no longer smelt, it was cool and icy cold.

There was so much dust in the air that he sneezed several times.

"The scent is coming from inside." Zhou Shen stopped in front of him and raised his hand. The light of the fire shone onto the concrete wall of the pipe, but this was the end of the pipe. There was no other path except a fist-sized black hole in the wall.

"The white cat went inside. Could it be that you smelled the white cat's scent? "It shouldn't be …" Chu Chi looked at the footprints on the ground and realized that the white cat had actually climbed up the wall here.

There were also some fresh blood stains on the ground.

Zhou Shen did not reply. Instead, he reached out and grabbed the concrete wall and pulled hard, ripping off a piece of concrete skin, causing the hole in the wall to become much larger. When he tore off another piece, a crisp sound came out, and a round object rolled onto the ground.

Chu Chi looked carefully and his brows couldn't help but sink. Under the firelight, a skull stopped at his feet.

"It's a head." Zhou Shen said, "The fragrance is the smell of a skeleton."

"I... It should have occurred to me long ago that the smell you smell is certainly not a good thing. " Chu Chi smacked his head. To be able to smell the fragrance of the skeleton, Zhou Shen was probably the only genius in the world.

As he spoke, he bent down and picked up the skull. It was the skull of an adult, completely intact. There were even some black flesh on it, but it was very dry.

Zhou Shen set his gaze on the wall and used his strength to tear off another larger piece of the concrete wall. The skeleton inside the wall was revealed and a lot of strange black dust flew everywhere.

"Oh, it smells so good. He was built into the wall." Zhou Shen went closer to the skeleton and carefully sniffed again, his face gradually revealing an intoxicated expression.

Chu Chi went closer, brushed off the dust with his hands and carefully stared at the skeleton. This skeleton was taller than him by half a head, and was around 1.7m.

"What makes you so sure?" Chu Chi subconsciously sniffed twice, then choked and sneezed. Other than the smell of rot, he did not smell any other kind of smell.

"His Celestial Soul was imprisoned on the corpse." Zhou Shen said, "The fragrance I smell is the scent of a Celestial Soul."

"You can actually smell the Celestial Soul?" Chu Chi looked at Zhou Shen in shock. He knew that there were some powerful people that could smell the Celestial Soul, but he never thought that Zhou Shen had that kind of ability, no matter what, he could not do it himself.

Humans have three souls and seven souls. After a person dies, the Celestial Soul among the three souls will step onto the path of the Yin Master and enter the Six Paths of Reincarnation. However, there will be a very small portion of them that will remain in the human world.

"I'm not sure. There's a voice in my head telling me that." Zhou Shen giggled.

"Well, then, did the voice in your head tell you why a person was built into the wall while his Celestial Soul was still imprisoned here?" Chu Chi said.

Zhou Shen paused, patted his forehead, and in the end, helplessly shook his head, "It didn't tell me."

Chu Chi carried the skull in his hand and cleaned all the meat that looked like it was sliced through in the wind, while saying: "To my knowledge, there are 103 different types of techniques that could be used by living people to create walls and imprison Celestial Soul, plus I don't know about them, I estimate that there are more than 200 different techniques, and it would be difficult to guess them in a short period of time. But in short, all the people that are used by living people, are all evil arts, and their corpses are all rotten to this extent, which means their bodies are definitely from decades ago, or even a hundred years ago. The person who casted the technique should have already died, so I think we should not waste time on this matter, we should look for the white cat first."

Zhou Shen searched around the gaps in the walls and shook his head, "The white cat is not inside."

"The footprints are right here. There are no other traces." Chu Chi also noticed this from a long time ago and felt it was strange.

Zhou Shen picked up some of the fresh blood on the ground with his fingernail and placed it into his right hand that was burning with flames. He recited a few more words, and the flames seemed to be blown towards the wall by the wind.

He knocked on the wall. "Strange. Did the cat go through the wall?"

Chu Chi placed the corpse's head back onto the skeleton's neck, took out the bronze blade that was collecting blood, slashed his thumb, and said: "I'll take the Celestial Soul and see what happens next."

He raised his hand and drew a long line with the blood on his thumb. Then, he pasted the yellow paper on it and chanted a Soul Sucking Spell.

Strange characters gradually appeared on the yellow paper, as if they were written in fresh blood. When the characters were complete, the yellow paper actually flashed a few lines of blue lightning, and the skeleton turned into fragments.

"This Celestial Soul is quite strong, she actually managed to refine a Lightning Shock Talisman." Chu Chi said happily.

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