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C16 Stony Skeleton

At the same time, the wall that had originally been there seemed to have been blown away by the wind. Dust drifted away, revealing a long and narrow path, the end of which could not be seen at a glance. The bricks on the wall were very different from the modern bricks, giving off an ancient and desolate aura.

"It really is an illusion technique." Chu Chi said, "Looks like someone purposely hid this tunnel."

"You're quite knowledgeable." Zhou Shen praised.

"Illusion Techniques are bewitching spells, focused on bewitching six senses. "The Phantom Wall illusion technique can be easily executed using the purple gold maple wood and the cloud bear blood, but this person just had to bury someone alive to serve as his vision. He isn't afraid of hurting the Heaven and Earth," Chu Chi said.

"Some people get used to a method of channeling their skills and won't change it easily." Zhou Shen said helplessly.

Chu Chi nodded his head in agreement, and did not continue pursuing the matter. He frowned and stared at the path for a while, and suddenly felt a chill down his spine, "This is an ancient tunnel, at least a hundred years old."

"I don't feel too good. Do you want to continue?" Zhou Shen also felt the pressure and heaved a sigh of relief.

"Of course." Chu Chi pinched his stiff fingers together, "This white cat broke through the ghost wall so easily, I have to get it."

Chu Chi crawled along the ancient path behind him. After crawling for more than ten minutes, a light appeared in front of them and they quickly climbed to the end of the path. There was a round stone room in front of them.

The stone room was not big. There was a candle burning on the wall, illuminating the room. In the center, there was a rectangular black coffin.

On top of the coffin, white cat was standing on top of it. Both of its claws were scratching non-stop, and the wood shavings on the coffin flew all over the place.

The two of them were not in a hurry to leave the corridor, so they squeezed into the opening.

Chu Chi looked around and realized that there were no other entrances to the stone room. Only the two of them could enter the other entrance, and in this environment, they would be able to catch a cat and send one to guard the entrance. Of course, with enough strength, he could suppress the white cat.

Chu Chi understood that he was no match for the white cat. Along the way, he didn't display any other abilities other than burning his hands. However, with just his brute force, he should be able to deal with the white cat. So this candidate was naturally Zhou Shen.

Zhou Shen frowned and was in a daze. Chu Chi gave him a light push and lowered his voice: "Are you confident you can catch it?"

"This cat is weird." Zhou Shen said with his brows knitted tightly.

"What's wrong?" Chu Chi asked.

"It's not an ordinary cat. It feels very powerful." Zhou Shen could not explain why, but he felt that the white cat contained a huge power, like a ferocious beast.

"Nonsense." Chu Chi laughed, "This guy is a Five Element Puppet, how could he be ordinary? "Think of a solution, see if we can catch it. This fellow has just awakened, and all of a sudden, it possesses unprecedented strength. He looks down on everyone in the world."

"You made it?" Zhou Shen was startled, "I remember that ocelot was very cruel, you actually dared to attack at such a young age?"

"All living things in this world are born to suffer. They each have their own suffering and destiny. Since this is fate, there is nothing cruel or uncruel about it." Chu Chi said, "Of course, what I am using are just ordinary methods, those very cruel methods, and I have no time to use them. However, the white cat's aptitude is not bad, and using a normal method, we managed to force out a lot of potential … "

Zhou Shen was startled yet again, but he immediately spat out a mouthful of foul air. After some thought, he said, "It seems to be a little tricky, since all things are related to each other. If we can find the white cat's weakness, it would be easy to capture it. Do you know the five elements of this cat? "Be more reliable with your arcane skills."

"I don't know." Chu Chi shook his head, "If I want to have the ability to see through the five elements, I can easily catch it. But then again, it has been chased by me many times and has never displayed the Five Element Escape Technique. It might have been intentionally hiding it from me. I knew he was very cunning! "

"It's a pity that I've lost my [Aura], or else I would have been able to see through its five elements." Zhou Shen muttered.

"What did you just say?" Chu Chi looked up at Zhou Shen in disbelief, "You have a Didong Token? How could you have a Didong Token! "

It had a lot of uses, and had a lot of uses in the process of Demon Hunt. It was said that the Didong Token was made of seven different kinds of special jade, and each color represented a specific color, but at the same time, represented the strength of the Monster Hunter. It was said that the Didong Token was made from a special kind of jade, and the color represented a special color, and also represented the strength of the Monster Hunter.

Although Chu Chi had been in this business for three years, he had never even seen what Didong Token looked like. Ye Zichen didn't think that the big dumb guy beside him would have one, causing his heart to be rather unbalanced.

"So what if you have a Didong Token?" Zhou Shen asked in puzzlement, "I did remember to have one, but I don't know where I lost it. "My mind is in a mess right now …"

"What kind of background do you have?!" Chu Chi said, "I am really curious about you. A Monster Hunter with a Didong Token could actually be trapped in a sandstorm for more than ten years, it must be really bad. The key point is that he lost the Didong Token! "

Zhou Shen embarrassedly touched his head, "I also want to know what happened."

"I think it's probably because your brain is in a mess and you remembered incorrectly." Chu Chi snorted, but secretly reminded himself not to underestimate Zhou Shen.

Zhou Shen laughed dumbly, "I think so too."

Chu Chi could tell that Zhou Shen was not very confident so he said, "How about this, try using your method first, if it really doesn't work, I can only use the Thunder Talisman from before and give it a ruthless blow. If you control it well, it won't be a problem to knock it out, but this is something that I have no choice but to do.

Speaking till here, Chu Chi was guilty of not being able to continue, because he knew that he was an expert who was out of order, and things that were 90% certain would also cause other accidents.

Zhou Shen nodded in agreement and was about to crawl out.

Just then, the white cat stopped moving, its stomach let out a few hissing sounds, and its mouth suddenly opened wide, spitting out a mouthful of blood towards the place where it dug.

The smell of fresh blood was extremely fishy, from the moment it came out, Chu Chi and Zhou Shen immediately pinched their noses. The two of them felt a sharp pain in their noses, as if someone had used a needle to stab their inner organs.

At the same time, a loud howl came from within the coffin. The sound was as if someone was scraping through glass, causing one's scalp to go numb and their entire body to feel extremely uncomfortable.

Chu Chi and Zhou Shen were extremely nervous, they did not expect there to be other living beings inside the coffin.

However, based on the voice alone, it was impossible to guess what was in the coffin.

The living beings within the coffin thumped against the walls of the coffin, and along with their cries, they rose and fell, sounding very miserable.

Chu Chi thought that if the white cat spat out this blood, it would have an extremely strong killing power, and it would be able to turn something inside the coffin into a miserable state.

The white cat ignored the voices inside and stood on the coffin lid, all the hair on its body stood up, looking ferocious, as long as the black thing inside stuck its head out a little, it would immediately scratch it and force it back.

Chu Chi and Zhou Shen didn't even dare to breathe loudly, they just stood there and stared.

Suddenly, the lid of the coffin was pushed open and the white cat followed suit. A bare arm was the first to stretch out from inside the coffin, and then a person inside sat up with his head raised. He grabbed the edge of the coffin with both hands, as if wanting to stand up.

The white cat crouched on the ground, its eyes looking in the direction of the coffin, it exhaled a few breaths and struggled for a bit, but it was unable to stand up.

"Damn, we can't let her climb out." Chu Chi immediately shot out, he could clearly see that the man in the coffin had bent fingers like a beast, and his entire body was releasing a black Qi, he knew that the situation was not good.

"What's going on?" Zhou Shen followed up and subconsciously asked, a little confused.

The lid was too heavy, so it was impossible to lift it. Zhou Shen stepped forward to help him, he was much stronger, so he managed to lift the lid by himself, but he was no longer able to use the coffin lid. It had just been moved, and scattered into a few pieces that fell to the ground.

As for the person in the coffin, he stuck his head out half the way, and was just about to climb out of the coffin.

Chu Chi bit the tip of his tongue, spitting out a mouthful of blood mist. He only saw a flash of lightning in the stone room and a streak of red electricity flowing through the body of the person in the coffin.

The man let out a long cry and his movements became a lot slower. He didn't have much strength left to crawl around anymore. He tried a few times and his movements became smaller and smaller. He then lay back down quietly.

After a while, the sounds in the coffin gradually died down, becoming lifeless.

After doing all these, Chu Chi bent his body, gasping for breath, his entire body drenched in sweat, he glanced at the white cat on the ground, and walked over stiffly.

Fortunately, the white cat was still breathing, and looked like it was exhausted. It even opened its eyes to glance at Chu Chi, but it did not have any reaction, and closed its eyes again.

Chu Chi rubbed the head of the white cat and heaved a sigh of relief. After pausing, he tore a strip of cloth from his clothes and used the bronze blade to cut a few pieces of cloth off his finger and stained some blood on the cloth. Then, he weaved the cloth into a specific shape and tied it around the white cat's neck.

After finishing his work, Chu Chi realised that Zhou Shen was already standing beside the coffin and was staring at the inside of it.

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