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Chu Chi carried his white cat and walked over.

There was a naked woman lying inside the coffin, her entire body was drenched in blood, most of her skin and flesh were burnt, giving off traces of steam, but the parts that were not soaked by the blood were still vivid and delicate, especially her face, which was not touched by the blood and remained in perfect condition.

Chu Chi could not help but sigh. The power of cat blood was comparable to sulfuric acid, because his Thunderclap Rune did not have the power to burn.

"So familiar, I seem to have seen it somewhere before." Chu Chi couldn't help but mutter under his breath when he looked at his appearance, but he couldn't remember where he had seen him before.

Chu Chi reached out his hand and touched the woman's neck. Seeing that her carotid artery had lost its pulse, he became relieved.

"She's been dead a long time." Zhou Shen said, "My body is extremely heavy, and the Celestial Soul are gone."

"Of course I know." Chu Chi said, "I am only confirming that the spirit demon in her body is dead. The white cat was a spiritual being, and its blood could repel demons. The commotion just now was caused by a certain kind of demon that resided in the female corpse's body. In my opinion, it has a lot to do with the evil sorcerer who used living people as ghost walls. The room is so clean, it should be filled with regular people. I have to take back those words, that evil arcane master, no, it should be that Monster Keeping Master is not dead yet. "

"Monster Keeping Master?" Zhou Shen really did not understand this word.

"A person who raises fiendish demons like pigs and dogs." Chu Chi added.

"Using corpses to raise demons? I don't know what he's planning to do, but he's very evil." Zhou Shen said.

"I'm afraid you're wrong. This woman was definitely still alive when the Magical Beast entered her body." Chu Chi gave a light snort, "Didn't you say before that it's difficult to change one's habits?"

"…" Zhou Shen was speechless.

"So the reason the white cat ran underground was to exorcise demons. Their nature is really hard to change." Chu Chi stroked the white cat's fur, his gaze continued to look at the female corpse inside the coffin, "I wonder if he knew that I would catch him sooner or later, so he intentionally caused trouble for me. "Let's hurry up and leave. It's best if we can avoid Monster Keeping Master and accidentally killed his treasure. We will definitely be very angry."

In the beginning, they were formless and formless, with the Heaven and Earth Fate Soul as nourishment, and between heaven and earth, only people with intact three spirits could be said to be the best food. Once the Spirit Demon beings ate all three spirits, they would also die, so since ancient times, humans and demons were mortal enemies, ordinary humans would not be able to resist, and only the Monster Hunter had the power to resist the Spirit Demon. However, humans were always good at fighting amongst themselves, so there were also Monster Keeping Master s who raised demons to satisfy their selfish desires.

While Monster Hunter was dealing with the demon, he also had to be careful of the Monster Keeping Master, because the Monster Keeping Master would often hide behind the demon and was much more difficult to deal with than the demon.

Chu Chi never thought that after he had left the Old Man Ao, he would actually encounter a Monster Keeping Master he had never come into contact with before.

The two of them went back the way they came, and no one noticed that at the corner of the stone room, a person walked out from the thick black shadows. He wore glasses and had a gentle appearance, and was Zhang Yuechen's father, Han Yuan.

Han Yuan quickly walked in front of the coffin and reached inside. He lifted the female corpse inside the coffin and placed it on the ground, then turned it over. On the female corpse's back, there was actually a wound that extended from her head to her feet, sewn with hemp.

He stretched out his slender fingers and dug into the female corpse's scalp. With a tug of strength, the hemp line was pulled out. Soon, the hemp line loosened and a whole piece of human skin fell to the ground.

This skeleton was as smooth and sparkling as jade. Under the candlelight, it shone brightly. If one looked closely, they would be able to see that there seemed to be streams of blood flowing within the jade bone.

Han Yuan completely separated the skeleton from the female corpse's flesh and respectfully took off his clean shirt to wipe off the blood stains on its body.

Suddenly, a dense smoke rose from the skeleton, Han Yuan screamed, and sat on the ground. A large piece of his palm that just touched the skeleton had been burnt.

"Master, please calm your anger. I will bring the appropriate leather pouch as soon as possible." Han Yuan knelt on the ground covered in cold sweat and kowtowed with all his might. But the charred area on his palm continued to expand.

"I will also kill those two brats that were bothering you just now. I will vent my anger for you!" Han Yuan hurriedly added.

After saying this, the burn marks on his palm stopped expanding.

It was already late in the night. The security guards of the River Gazing Manor continued their search, not daring to relax in the slightest.

After Chu Chi and Zhou Shen escaped, Wang Binn became furious and told the security guards to find them even if they had to flip the villa area over and dig three feet into the ground. They did not even bother about the case of the half-dead that was discovered in Xiangjiang Bay.

The security guards didn't know why Wang Binn would keep these two thieves in his heart, but they knew that if they didn't follow Wang Binn's orders, the consequences would be severe. Hence, they specifically asked the military police to borrow a wolfdog.

The security guards temporarily stopped searching until some residents came to complain about the property, lest it disturb the residents' rest.

Wang Binn did not participate in the search. He stayed in the room, accompanying Wang Jiajia's corpse.

The lights in the room were turned off, but the light from the street lamps outside shone in, causing Wang Jiajia's pale white face to look even more terrifying.

Wang Binn held her, not moving at all.

At this moment, the sound of footsteps came from inside the room, one heavy and one light, repeating in a cycle.

Wang Binn's eyelids for a long time did not twitched, as he reluctantly put Wang Jiajia down and walked into the living room.

The footsteps sounded for a while before a figure emerged from the inky darkness and walked into the pale light. With every step he took, his body and head fell to the left, limping.

When his figure was less than two meters away from Wang Binn, Wang Binn fell to his knees with a 'putong' sound, and started kowtowing as though he was pounding garlic, not a single word coming out of his mouth.

This was his master's surname, Feng.

Wang Binn didn't know his big name, he claimed to be the Cripple Feng, which was what the other villagers called him. Other than Wang Binn, everyone thought that he was a beggar from another city.

"Heh heh." When Cripple Feng saw Wang Binn, he started laughing. This was his specialty, when he opened his mouth, it always started with this voice, but it did not mean that he was in a good mood.

"Stop knocking, take me to see your woman." Cripple Feng asked.

Wang Binn immediately stood up and brought Cripple Feng into the bedroom to turn on the lights.

"Hee hee …" Cripple Feng looked at Wang Jiajia's body, "Your death look good …"

A trace of grief flashed across Wang Binn's eyes, if these words came out from someone else's mouth, he would definitely kill them, but from Cripple Feng's words, he did not have any displeased feelings.

"Master …" Wang Binn said, "I want to bring Jiajia back to life."

"Call me and I'll figure it out." Cripple Feng said, "Have you decided?"

"Yes." Wang Binn said, "As long as I can save her, I will follow you in the future and learn from you honestly."

Although he was called Cripple Feng Master, in reality he was only in name. He did not inherit any of his skills, and was not as talented as Master or disciple.

"Ability..." "Heh heh." Cripple Feng said, "You should be aware of this ability. I told you before that all of your disabilities are due to your own ability."

"However, you have also said that your ability to harm yourself is able to let those close to you be at peace." Wang Binn said, "If I didn't learn it, those close to me would have died. I should have made the right decision long ago."

"What a pity." Cripple Feng said, "Death cannot bring one back. It's too late to learn my skills now."

Wang Binn kneeled on the ground once again, "Master, I saw you revive someone with my own eyes, please pity Jiajia and save her."

"Amongst your woman's three souls, the Celestial Soul is still alive, but the Fate Soul is gone. It's the root of life, if it's gone, how can you still live?" The Cripple Feng said.

Wang Binn's breathing stopped, and only after a long while did he speak: "After a person dies, isn't the Celestial Soul the first to leave? Why is the Sky Earthly Soul still here, and the Fate Soul even gone?"

"The Celestial Soul is three feet above the head of a person, and the Earthly Soul is at their feet. The Fate Soul is inside the body, and it is congealing in the three drops of hot blood in the heart." The Cripple Feng said, "If it had died normally, of course the Celestial Soul would have left the body and returned to the Yin Road, returning to the Six Paths of Samsara. On the other hand, the Earthly Soul would be floating around the corpses, guarding the past. "However, this is just a normal death. I have never seen anyone who could die normally in this world …"

"You mean to say, Jiajia was harmed by someone with ulterior motives?" Wang Binn asked anxiously, his mind thinking about Chu Chi's face.

"That white cat killed her right?" Cripple Feng asked.

Wang Binn nodded, "On the surface, this is at least the case, but since no one is instigating it, Xiao Guai... white cat would not do such a thing for no reason at all … "

"The white cat took away the blood in her heart." The Cripple Feng said, "The cycle of karmic retribution doesn't make sense, what he said was true, that white cat was originally a spirit item and had an owner, but it was very fierce, in order to help you, I caught it and sealed its intelligence, that's why it became so obedient. Your woman drank forty-nine bowls of its blood, and accompanied it for three to four years, and maintained its beauty and lived a luxurious life, consuming all of its Fate Soul, even if it had a life of its own, it would not be a loss."

"But Xiao Guai has always been fine, and when she was stolen a few nights ago, she immediately came back and killed Jiajia. That's right, that person can use the Blood Sacrifice Puppet's technique, she is not an ordinary person, he might be the master of the white cat, and wants to vent her anger on Jiajia. " After Wang Binn said this, he started to feel annoyed again, "I originally wanted to capture him, but she accidentally ran away again."

"Oh? "How old is that person?" Cripple Feng asked.

"He looks like he's only 15 or 16 years old, but his voice is hoarse. It's hard to say exactly how old he is." Wang Binn knew that there were a lot of people in this world who knew how to maintain their expressions, so he was not sure. More importantly, he was very clear on the fact that the Blood Sacrifice Puppet Technique was an ancient technique that had long been lost, so he did not believe that a fifteen or sixteen year old boy could actually use it.

"That should not be the previous owner of the white cat. However, I never thought that there would be such a fate. Your village's thousands of years of heritage puppet technique, in the hands of your previous generation, can at least create a wooden donkey to act as half a labourer. The Cripple Feng said, "I met someone who knows the Blood Sacrifice Puppet Technique, at least I met my ancestors."

Wang Binn sighed, what Cripple Feng said was the truth, if not he would not have been so anxious. He opened the drawer, took out the doll from inside, and handed it over to Cripple Feng, saying: "It's this puppet."

Cripple Feng took the cloth doll and sniffed it, "It is definitely a blood sacrifice, but I do not know what kind of animal acted as the eye of the art, it has burnt all three souls, and I cannot see any clues. This person's cultivation is very pure, logically speaking, with your skills, you would not be able to catch him."

"Although some of these matters are still unclear. But I am sure that he did something to the white cat and caused Jiajia's death. " Wang Binn shouted, "I must take revenge for Jiajia."

"I'm unable to save your woman, but if you still want to learn from me, I'll take revenge for you." The Cripple Feng said, "I also want to see who this person is."

"I sent people to look for him. I believe they will find him soon." Wang Binn said.

"No need." Cripple Feng said, "I left an imprint on the soul of the white cat, I know where it is. If I can find it, I should be able to find that person as well. "

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