Uncanny Stories of Devil Hunting/C19 Nine Li's Operation
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Uncanny Stories of Devil Hunting/C19 Nine Li's Operation
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C19 Nine Li's Operation

Inside Wang Binn's room, the Cripple Feng coughed and swallowed a mouthful of blood and phlegm before slowly opening his eyes.

Wang Binn saw that his master's expression was strange and did not dare to ask.

"In two rounds, he destroyed one of my Armored Corpse. The two children are very good. " The Cripple Feng said.

"Master has already fought with them?" Wang Binn asked.

The Cripple Feng nodded his head, "A little kid like you who knows the Dragon's Fire Art seems to be a descendant of the Zhou Family in Su Hang. The strange thing is that his outer appearance is so poor, he doesn't have the temperament of a Zhou Family member. It was impossible to tell where one's master had come from because of the strangeness of the technique. The Armored Corpse's mingmen are all made in different ways and are all made in the same way, so their eye of discernment is very strong … "

Wang Binn remained silent, he knew that the Cripple Feng was located in a secret underground world that ordinary people did not know about, and the village that he was in was once a part of this secret world, but unfortunately it had long fallen and did not know a thing.

"No matter what their origins are, since I've made my move, I won't stop." Cripple Feng looked at Wang Binn and said.

"Yes." Wang Binn agreed, "Master, please teach me some techniques, I can be your assistant."

"This time, I brought an armored soldier with me. Although the Soldier Corpse is very strong, they don't have any Earth Escape Technique. They are still on their way." The Cripple Feng said, "It just so happens that I can teach you the Corpse-refining technique when I have the time."

Wang Binn immediately knelt down, "Many thanks Master."

"Our Corpse-refining technique is one of the strange techniques in Nine Lee, and is very different from what other rumors say. You better not belittle yourself, and as for other things, I won't say too much, you will slowly learn about them in the future." The Cripple Feng said, "For example, the Corpse-refining has seven levels. Its level is actually measured by its destructive power. The last three stages are meat corpses, Armored Corpse s, and Soldier Corpse s. When you saw me reviving a dead person in the past, it was actually the first trick we used to wait for the Corpse-refining. The mortician in the west of Hunan knew how to use coarse, shallow fur to refine a living corpse that could walk or jump. However, a real corpse would be able to eat, sleep and age. Other than not being able to bear babies, the rest of it would be no different from a living person's, and ordinary people would not be able to tell the difference. "

"There is also infertility among humans. If that meat was refined into a corpse, it would no longer be any different from a human's." Wang Binn could not help but think of Wang Jiajia, "What are the conditions to refine a fleshy body?"

"After a person dies, detain his Fate Soul and let it continue to stay in your blood." The Cripple Feng said, "When the light is gone, the Corpse Refiner will recite a chant for nine days. After nine days, feed the Corpse Refiner a drop of blood. After nine days, the Corpse Refiner will become one with the live corpse and you can hear it through its eyes and ears. But if something happens to it, you'll be affected as well, and that's fine. If you can hold its Earthly Soul and use the Soul Splitting Splitting Technique on this corpse, it will be able to do the same thing it did when it was alive. To think, this requires special care, as long as you are not strong enough and it loses control, it will be very troublesome, but detaining the Celestial Soul will be very difficult, and you will have to rely on strength and luck to survive for dozens of years. The meat refining corpses started from the Fate Soul, if your woman, Fate Soul, is no longer here, the meat refining corpses will not continue to be talked about. "

"So that's how it is." When Wang Binn heard it, he felt very disappointed. The Cripple Feng had obviously seen through him and refused to give up, hence he added on.

"If you really can't bear to part with your woman, then I have a way." Seeing that Wang Binn had lost the will to fight, Cripple Feng paused for a while before saying.

Wang Binn's eyes lit up.

"I can turn her into a Armored Corpse first." The Cripple Feng said, "It's different from the meat corpses, as long as Armored Corpse s are here, they can be refined. First, I have to ensure that she doesn't rot, but her appearance will be ruined.

"Really?" Wang Binn was immediately overjoyed.

"Heaven's will occupies nine, and man's will is one of the nine." The Cripple Feng said, "You can give it a try, ten percent is already not low. However, the time required was hard to say. Other than that, the Corpse-refining is based on corpses, but the supporting materials used are actually the souls of other people, which means to say, it has to kill countless of people, and once you make a move, it will be hard to stop. "

"I'm already mentally prepared." Wang Binn said, "For Jiajia, I can disregard the lives of others."

"Then I'll teach you how to hold the Fate Soul first." Cripple Feng said, "Your talent is not low, you must have some achievements. Otherwise, why would I keep waiting for your agreement?"

Monster Keeping Master and Corpse Refiner were two different categories, and people who were proficient in two different types of skills were very rare. Thus, to a large extent, it was impossible for them to be one person, and with the Carrion Crocodile s in the bay, there were only three hostile strengths. The key thing was, every single one of them was not a good person, and was not easy to deal with. Of course, the security guards that patrolled the area from time to time were negligible compared to the other three teams, but they would occasionally add fuel to the fire as well.

Chu Chi decided that regardless of whether Zhang Yuechen agreed or not, he had to go to her house first to get the Five Element Puppet.

He brought Zhou Shen and entered Zhang Yuechen's house. It was easy to pass through the iron fences, but the windows were locked and he could not enter, so he could only desperately knock on the door.

Five minutes later, a slumbering Zhang Yuechen opened the door, as if she had expected that Chu Chi would appear, there was not a trace of surprise on her face, "Come in."

Zhang Yuechen's gentle attitude made Chu Chi a little puzzled, but she did not think too much, it would be good if she could enter the door smoothly.

"She's not that one …" Zhou Shen muttered, then suddenly remembered what he had done, his face was red from shame, he wished he could hide his head.

Zhang Yuechen was a little doubtful about his appearance, but did not ask further.

"You guys go take a bath first, your bodies are so smelly!" Zhang Yuechen pinched her nose, staring at the two people who looked like they had just came out of a septic tank with disgust.

Chu Chi gave an embarrassed sniff, and laughed apologetically: "It really stinks too much. "Alright, hurry up and wash up."

The two of them washed out and wore the clothes belonging to Zhang Yuechen's family. Zhou Shen's face was covered in whiskers and his hair was long.

Since Zhang Yuechen didn't have any men's clothes to wear, she gave him her school uniform temporarily.

The three of them sat in the living room. Zhou Shen was extremely reserved, his hands on his knees, while Chu Chi hugged the white cat, his eyes glanced at Zhang Yuechen, only to discover that she seemed to be in high spirits. Her mood was even better, with a relaxed smile on her face, completely unlike the depressed look before when she chased him out of the house, and the anger later on, which made him even more suspicious.

The house had been cleaned, no longer feeling dejected like before.

"Can you help me now?" Zhang Yuechen pointed to the cat in Chu Chi's embrace.

"Huh?" Chu Chi was startled, and immediately replied, "Yes, everything has been prepared."

"Then when are you going to start treating me?" Zhang Yuechen asked.

"It's not healing, it's exorcism." Chu Chi corrected.

"Who cares?" Zhang Yuechen took out a bank card from her wallet and placed it on the tea table, "I've already prepared the money, once it's done, the money will all be yours."

"Is that so?" Chu Chi was all smiles, "How much money is in the card?"

"Fifty thousand." Zhang Yuechen said, "I am satisfied with your offer, am I?"

"When the white cat recovers, it should be able to start tomorrow." Chu Chi said, "You … It's really okay? "

"What can I do for you?" Zhang Yuechen frowned and asked.

"I keep feeling that something is wrong with you." Chu Chi heaved a sigh of relief.

"I just figured something out." Zhang Yuechen said, "After you cure my illness, I will start anew and live a good life."

"That's for the best." Chu Chi forced out a smile. Zhang Yuechen had the intention to start a new life, which made sense.

After the conversation, Zhang Yuechen went upstairs to rest, leaving Chu Chi and to rest in the guest room downstairs.

Although Zhou Shen was extremely tired, he couldn't sleep at all. After tossing and turning for a while, he called out to Chu Chi twice softly, but Chu Chi had already slept like a pig, there was no response.

Zhou Shen sneakily got up and climbed up to the second floor, searching room after room, and finally stopped in front of a door.

The door was closed and locked from the inside. He pushed it a few times, but was unable to push it open. After a while, he had no other choice, so he bitterly went downstairs.

When he walked past the living room, his gaze landed on the sofa that Zhang Yuechen had previously sat on. After pausing for a moment, he walked over to the sofa, touched the sofa with his hands, and sucked on it with his fingers. A strange smile appeared on his face, and then he returned to his room.

Chu Chi slept until the afternoon when he woke up to find Zhou Shen standing by the window and smoking. The ashtray was filled to the brim with cigarette butts.

As for the white cat, it was still sleeping, its breathing was weak. Chu Chi could not help but sigh, the white cat had injured its vitality last night and it would not be able to recover in a short period of time.

"You didn't sleep?" Chu Chi coughed due to the smell of smoke in the room.

"I can't sleep." Zhou Shen's eyes were red, the dark circles around his eyes were very heavy.

"You can't do this." Chu Chi said, "We still have a war to fight, you eat and don't sleep, how can you endure it?"

"It's fine, I can handle it." Zhou Shen said, "On the other hand, you have been having nightmares all night, aren't you a little too nervous?"

"Nightmares grow up to be big. They're old ailments." Chu Chi said, "I forgot to tell you before I went to sleep, I thought I did not scare you."

"I'm just watching you perspire. Your eyeballs are rolling in front of your eyes, but there's no other sound." Zhou Shen extinguished the cigarette in his hand and said, "You said last night that you wanted to help Zhang Yuechen exorcise her. What does she have on her body?"

"I don't know." Chu Chi said, "Her shadow is very thin, and her brain can be unclear at times. This is a sign of her being attacked by demons and eating her or her Earthly Soul. That demon isn't in her body, otherwise, under the suppression of the Five Element Puppets, it would have turned into dust long ago. It should be hiding at home somewhere, and I have to get the Five Element Puppets back in order to find it. "

Zhou Shen asked again, "You often mentioned the Five Element Puppets, what are those?"

"Old Man Ao told me that they were the five spirit items that followed me since I was young. I'm not too sure either. Previously, when Old Man Ao roamed them inside the black cat's body, it was convenient for me to use my technique on them. Chu Chi replied.

"So the reason why you were looking for the white cat was to use puppet techniques." Zhou Shen understood.

"Unfortunately, I am completely unable to contact the five elemental golems." Chu Chi sighed, "I might not be able to take them back. This is a terrible feeling. "

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