Uncanny Stories of Devil Hunting/C2 Five Elemental Puppets
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Uncanny Stories of Devil Hunting/C2 Five Elemental Puppets
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C2 Five Elemental Puppets

Zhou Shen stopped thinking about anything else and pounced forward with red eyes. He grabbed the female corpse's warm underwear with both hands and started to tear at it with all his might, causing the clothes to tear with a pu chi sound, revealing the pure white skin of the girl below.

Zhou Shen saw that his saliva was all on the girl's stomach.

"Mute …" "Mute …" A few crows' cries suddenly sounded from outside.

"Bam!" Following which, something crashed into the door of the main house, producing a loud noise as if it was about to break the door.

Zhou Shen was shocked, he regained his senses and stared at the door.

The noise only lasted for a moment before it stopped. Zhou Shen stood up and grabbed the bench to check what was going on. After taking two steps, he remembered the female corpse on the ground. He took out a bamboo mat that was usually used to wrap around corpses and covered it with it.

Zhou Shen approached the door and shouted: "Who is outside?"

After he asked, there was another clashing sound outside the quiet door, it was extremely concentrated, dust flew up from the door, and Zhou Shen could not help but cough.

Zhou Shen originally wanted to open the door, but seeing that the situation was not normal, he felt fear in his heart, so he quickly moved to the side where a window was, changing his sickle at the corner. He walked over to the window and looked outside. Using the light from the house, he could see a black animal knocking against the door.

After identification, Zhou Shen recognized that it was a cat. He was furious and pulled the door open with his sickle.

There was indeed a black cat outside. The moment the door opened, it was not afraid of people, but rather pounced at Zhou Shen, who raised his sickle and slashed at him.

The black cat's movements were quick, dodging one of Zhou Shen's attacks and landing on his head. Then, it borrowed the force of the attack to jump into the house.

The black cat that jumped into the room took only a split-second to hide. He felt something hot on his face, and it turned out that it was blood when he touched it. The black cat's claws were sharp, and it scratched his scalp.

There were a lot of miscellaneous things in the house, Zhou Shen usually did not clean it up, but he thought that the wild cat had gone to hide in a corner, so he immediately covered the house door, and started to rummage around with the blade. However, after going through it once, he still couldn't find anything.

His nose was twitching, and ever since the black cat had entered the room, the room had smelled of burned flesh.

In the end, Zhou Shen's gaze fell on the mat on the ground. The female corpse under the mat held the mat up, and it was very easy for her to hide in a wild cat.

"Bang bang bang …" There was a knock on the door.

Zhou Shen originally had no intention to care about it, but who knew that the knocking sound outside became even more intense, and did not seem to have any intention of stopping.

"Is anyone home?" A hoarse voice said from outside the door, "If no one replied, then I came in myself."

Zhou Shen paused and opened the door to the room. The light from the inside shone onto the faces of the people outside and they could tell that he was only fifteen or sixteen years old with his average height and long hair tied up like a girl. If one did not hear him, it would be difficult to distinguish between man and woman.

The boy was barefoot, his hair and clothes soaked. He was dripping, as if he had just climbed out of the water.

The youth's entire body trembled. When he saw that the door was open, he almost forced his way in, "Aiya, it's good that there's someone here. It's so cold that it kills me. "Hurry up and let me in to roast the fire."

Zhou Shen walked forward a few steps and used his sturdy body to block the teenager. He held the sickle tightly in his right hand and said coldly: "It's not convenient at home, go somewhere else."

"Your house is the only one with lights in the vicinity. There are quite a few houses across the river, but we still have to make it through." the boy said, craning his neck.

Zhou Shen was concerned about the female corpse inside the house, he thought that if he did not kill the brat with one slash, it would save him some time.

"You son of a b * tch who killed a thousand times over, running so fast and causing me to step on two piles of dog poop!" Not far away in the darkness, another person was running over to the youth's side with small steps.

He was an old man, his hair was mostly white, his stooped body was half a head shorter than the young man, his face was like charcoal, and it was impossible to see his appearance clearly. Unlike the young man, he wore a long robe, and his clothes were dry, but he wore a pair of sneakers on his lower body, making him look very awkward.

In the darkness of the night, the raven let out a few more cries.

"Lil 'Bro, please help us to stay here for the night." The old man walked in front of Zhou Shen and changed his tone of voice from when he was cursing at him just now.

"Who are you people?" Seeing that there were a lot of people, Zhou Shen could not help but shut the door.

"My surname is Ao, you can call me Old Man Ao. He is my grandson, called Chu Chi." Old Man Ao introduced.

"I just fell into the river and swam for half a day before I managed to climb onto the shore." The youth named Chu Chi coughed twice, "It's really freezing right now, you can go ahead."

Zhou Shen had no choice but to light the lamp with it and bring the two to the side room next door. Inside the house, there was an empty brazier, but even if it was winter, Zhou Shen didn't need to roast it, he hadn't used it for a long time.

"I'll go out and get some firewood. You two can stay here tonight." Zhou Shen said, "Don't move about randomly, otherwise, don't blame me for chasing you out."

"Many thanks. We will definitely not move recklessly." Old Man Ao thanked him repeatedly.

Zhou Shen said that he was going out to pick up firewood, and when he reached outside the door, he quietly turned around and listened. When he heard that the Old Man Ao scolded Chu Chi for not looking good, and accidentally fell into the river to delay matters, he felt at ease and went to the nearby small forest to pick firewood.

"What's going on with you? How did you lose control again?" When Old Man Ao heard that Zhou Shen had really walked far away, he suddenly changed the topic and said.

"I don't know either, but the black cat was fine for the better part of a month. Who knew that it would come back tonight with Zhou Shen for no reason, and even crazily knocked on his door?" Chu Chi said.

"You, ah, always drop the chain at the most crucial moment. How many times have you done this?" Old Man Ao said in a disappointed tone.

"I need to hurry and see." Chu Chi said, "The black cat ran into the living room, and the female corpse was also inside. I wonder what it is trying to do? "

He picked up the oil lamp on the table, and without caring about Old Man Ao, he pushed open the door and went outside, walking towards the main hall.

"Impatient!" Zhou Shen is f * * king back! " Old Man Ao scolded, and could only follow.

The two of them reached the main house. Just as they looked around the room, Zhou Shen came in with a sickle in his hand.

"What are you two up to?" Zhou Shen asked harshly.

"We just heard a sound in the house. It seems like a wild cat came in to steal food to help you chase it away." Chu Chi said calmly.

"Wildcat?" Zhou Shen thought of the black cat that ran into his room. "What wild cat is there? He looked at the mat, afraid that the two of them would find the female corpse, so he slowly walked over and stood in front of the mat.

"Look at its tail, right under the mat." Chu Chi interrupted, pointing behind Zhou Shen.

Zhou Shen was shocked. He turned his head, but he didn't see any cat tail.

Just as Zhou Shen was in a daze, Chu Chi slipped past him and grabbed at the back, but was unable to do so.

Chu Chi extended his hand towards the mat that was covering the female corpse and lifted it up.

The female student's corpse was revealed, causing Chu Chi to scream in fear as he fell on his butt.

"F * ck!" When Zhou Shen saw the lady corpse's clothes in disarray, he felt that someone had seen the ugly things he had done first. With all his might, he did not do anything and did not stop, raising his sickle as he chopped towards Chu Chi.

Behind him, Old Man Ao moved even faster. With one kick, he kicked Zhou Shen in the foot area, causing Zhou Shen's legs to soften as he kneeled on the ground.

"Please don't misunderstand, I'm a corpse picker, I just brought her up from the river, I didn't do anything that would harm the heavens and the earth …" Zhou Shen's knees went numb, he was unable to stand up. Knowing that he had met a tough opponent, he threw the scythe to the side and kowtowed.

"Master, the black cat is dead." Chu Chi's voice suppressed Zhou Shen's.

Only then did Zhou Shen see the black cat lying on the female corpse's chest. It was motionless and its body emitted the smell of burnt meat. It seemed like Chu Chi was not scared by the female corpse just now, but because he saw that the black cat had died.

"The cat died and the talisman was soaked in water, you prodigal thing …" Old Man Ao walked over to Chu Chi's side and rummaged through his backpack. He took out a handful of wet yellow paper, which was covered with scarlet red water stains.

Chu Chi pushed the long hair behind him back to the front of his head. His long hair was tied up by a black rope and on one end of the black rope hung a small, black, hollow ball. He held the small round ball and moved around the black cat's corpse. There was no sound from it, so he gradually approached the female corpse. The hollow little ball suddenly emitted a crisp flute sound.

He looked at Old Man Ao and said, "The Five Element Puppet went into the female corpse's body."

Old Man Ao looked at the female corpse on the ground, "Why don't we use it for a while, is that alright?"

"Let's give it a try." Chu Chi said.

"What are you guys doing?" Zhou Shen was baffled by their conversation.

Chu Chi glared at him, and said, "You should know what you have done yourself.

Zhou Shen was stunned, his heart was extremely empty, and he did not make a sound.

Chu Chi bluffed Zhou Shen and pulled out a simple bronze blade from his ankle, then handed it over to Old Man Ao, "Make some blood."

"So what if I did it? Why did you give me that blade …" The Old Man Ao said.

"Master, it's time to use yours." Chu Chi said, "My wound has just healed!"

"It's time to use mine?" Old Man Ao scratched his head and blinked, "I'm really old, my body is not as good as before, and my memory is not as good as before!"

After which, he coughed a few times and glanced around the room.

Seeing that the Old Man Ao was unwilling, Chu Chi did not want to waste more time with him, so he used the bronze blade to pull on the palm of his hand, cutting the wound open again.

He then walked in front of the female corpse and started drawing on her head. After a while, the corpse's face was covered in blood-red lines. He was very skilled at drawing and it seemed that he had done a lot of things.

After drawing the female corpse's face, Chu Chi paused, and said with some difficulty: "Master, do you want to take off her clothes?"

"No need. The dead are big, painting on her face is already very offensive. " The Old Man Ao said, "The rest should be painted on the clothes."

Chu Chi nodded, he started to talk to the female corpse, and started to draw lines on her body with his blood.

Zhou Shen felt that it was strange, and asked: "Who exactly are you people, what do you want?"

"How many years have the morticians been?" Old Man Ao did not answer, but asked.

"About ten years. I can't remember." Zhou Shen replied honestly.

"Family heirloom?" Old Man Ao asked.

Zhou Shen shook his head, "I can't do anything else in the city, I'll just pick up corpses here for a living."

"Strange." Old Man Ao looked at Zhou Shen and shook his head, as though he did not understand.

"What's strange?" Zhou Shen was baffled.

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