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C20 Orphan

"Oh right, this house seems to be deserted, where are Zhang Yuechen's other family members?" Zhou Shen said.

"All dead." Chu Chi did not say anything, but the neatly dressed Zhang Yuechen pushed open the door and walked in, and caught up to the conversation, her voice did not contain much emotion.

"Huh?" Zhou Shen was startled.

Chu Chi had heard of it from a long time ago, so he wasn't too surprised.

"I am an orphan that no one loves." Zhang Yuechen added.

"Same as me." Chu Chi laughed as if nothing had happened.

This time, it was Zhang Yuechen who was stunned. Her lips moved and she said softly, "You … are they also orphans? "

"I am indeed an orphan without a father or mother, but only others would think so." Chu Chi said, "I don't think so. Old Man Ao is still accompanying me."

"Didn't he abandon you? You said he abandoned you?" Zhang Yuechen lightly snorted.

"I was angry." Chu Chi said, "Right now, my anger has subsided. Sooner or later, he will come back to find me.

"Congratulations." Zhang Yuechen said depressingly, "Stop talking about this and get back to business."

"You still think you killed your own family?" Chu Chi did not move, he stared at Zhang Yuechen.

"I don't want to talk about it anymore." Zhang Yuechen said, "I gave you money and you helped me treat my illness. Right now, we are in an employment relationship, not friends, there is no need for me to answer you."

"You must answer that question." Chu Chi said seriously.

"Why?" Zhang Yuechen said.

"Do you know how the Magical Beasts came to find you?" Chu Chi said.

"How would I know!" Zhang Yuechen said snappily, "You are the Monster Hunter, I am just a normal high school student, how would I know that there are so many ghosts and monsters in the world, how would I know that it is looking for me! And how do you know why it killed my family! "

Chu Chi grinned, "It seems like this is your answer, you do not believe that you killed your own family, but thought that the spirit demon killed them."

"I don't care about that. Just help me kill it." Zhang Yuechen's chest was moving up and down from excitement, her eyes flashed with tears.

"Are you trying to take revenge, or are you trying to let yourself live?" Chu Chi asked leisurely.

"Don't you think you have too many problems?" Zhang Yuechen said angrily.

"Flies don't bite seamless eggs." Chu Chi said, "Demons are flies, and you are an egg, an intact egg. Demons cannot smell the stench of blood, unless you have a crack in the egg. If you continue to keep that crack, even if I capture the current demon, there will still be others that will target you. You will never be able to live a peaceful life. "

"What crack?" Zhang Yuechen frowned.

"There are many cracks that you cannot explain in a short period of time, such as hatred, jealousy, or any other thoughts that make you want to kill or harm others." Chu Chi said.

Zhang Yuechen's expression changed. She pushed Chu Chi onto the bed and used all her strength to smash his face, and scolded: "You're a liar! "You are a liar!"

Chu Chi did not expect Zhang Yuechen to turn hostile so quickly, and when she was caught off guard, she felt dizzy.

Zhou Shen immediately went forward and dragged Zhang Yuechen away.

Zhang Yuechen shouted loudly, like a crazy woman, she revealed a stance of wanting to kill Chu Chi.

Chu Chi's eyes flashed with stars as he finally found the right direction for Zhang Yuechen and scolded her, "You can't let others speak about your harmful heart yet! You deserve to have your soul eaten by a demon! "

"Who did I harm!?" My grandmother and grandmother died on the day I was born! " Zhang Yuechen casually picked up an ashtray and threw it at Chu Chi.

"Yi?" Chu Chi was shocked, the smoke and dust flew over and covered his eyes, following that, a huge pain came from the top of his head.

The ashtray hit him on the forehead, splashing blood and rolling over the bed.

In the living room, with a bandage on Chu Chi's head, he curled up on the side of the sofa in an aggrieved manner.

Zhang Yuechen hugged her pillow angrily and sat on the other side, gritting her teeth as she glared at Chu Chi.

Zhou Shen stood in front of them and calmed their emotions, "It was all a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding. "We are all civilized people, let's talk properly …"

"I admit that I guessed it myself. Actually, I didn't believe that you would harm my family from the beginning, but your conversation with your stepfather was really …" Chu Chi tried to make his voice as soft as possible, so as to avoid provoking Zhang Yuechen to attack again.

"What did I do to him? Say it clearly!" Zhang Yuechen threw her pillow over.

After pausing for a while, he suddenly stood up. "I'll just get beaten up by you again, you have to say what you want to say. Do you like your stepfather?"

"Your thoughts are dirty!" Zhang Yuechen scolded bitterly, she lowered her head and started to cry.

"Because I like my stepfather, so of course I want to be with him in my heart. Then wouldn't mom become an obstacle, so …" Chu Chi told her everything he had been thinking about in his heart.

"No!" Zhang Yuechen interrupted Chu Chi, "I only have respect for Han Yuan! After my father died, it was very hard for my mother to bring me back to live. It's not like she could not manage the company, the company was destroyed by her competitors, and she even owed the bank a lot of money. It was Han Yuan who accepted us and gave us a stable home! As for my mother, although I am not very sensible, I have never bickered with my mother about it. I love her too late, so why would I want her dead?! "

"I was wrong. I apologize. " Chu Chi immediately stood up and bowed to Zhang Yuechen.

Zhang Yuechen glared at Chu Chi and ran upstairs.

"Whew." Chu Chi exhaled a long breath, and caressed his hair with all his might.

Zhou Shen looked at him and giggled.

"This woman is too violent." Chu Chi said, "If you have something to say, can't you just say it properly?

"Your words are hurtful." Zhou Shen said, "However, she still has confidence in you, otherwise he wouldn't have explained the matter clearly to you."

"Maybe I took it for granted." Chu Chi sighed again, "But this deduction is the most reasonable one. His entire family is dead, and only her three souls are missing. I have learned too much about the darkness of the human heart. Beautiful women are like snakes and scorpions, we cannot help but be on our guard. "

"In addition to provoking himself, there could also be other people controlling the demons to harm him." Zhou Shen said.

Under normal circumstances, fiendish demons wouldn't take the initiative to invade ordinary people in order to avoid heavenly tribulation. However, if they hurt people after hearing the news, they wouldn't have the worry of heavenly tribulation.

"Yes." Chu Chi nodded, "It's also possible. But why did she not die even after jumping into the river?"

Zhou Shen stopped and said: "Is the demon protecting her death?"

"Yep, the demonic soul devouring three souls is progressing very slowly, and different people have different soul fragments. The demon couldn't bear to let go of her high quality soul fragments, so the demonic soul devouring three souls also protected her." Chu Chi said, "If it was someone else who ordered the Spirit Demon to harm her, it would have been very simple to make her imprison the three souls to feed the Spirit Demon. In this way, the Spirit Demon would have grown even faster, and this situation would not have happened."

"So you still think that Zhang Yuechen was the one who provoked the demon?" Zhou Shen lit a cigarette and asked.

"I don't know." Chu Chi touched his forehead, the wound was quickly healing, it was very itchy, "I can't be bothered to think about it, after we catch the demon first, everything will naturally become clear."

Zhou Shen said, "Anyways, I see that she is a straightforward young lady, even if it is harmful to one's heart, it would still be for a moment."

"One step wrong, how many steps wrong are there? Living in this kind of world where countless demons wait for an opportunity to make their move, I can't have any ill intentions right now." Chu Chi said, "But if I take her money, I will have to help her get rid of this disaster. No matter what, I will definitely take this fifty thousand."

Unfortunately, the white cat's vitality had not recovered, so he could only continue to wait.

Wang Binn followed the Cripple Feng and read each and every word of the Corpse-refining's chant, making them sound extremely strange and hard to remember.

The meat refining corpses had more than three hundred pronunciation, and each pronunciation was different. There was almost no repetition, and there was no memorization technique, because the exact meaning behind their expressions was something even Cripple Feng did not know, and he had to memorize it along with his ancestors.

Wang Binn had a headache. In the entire morning, he had only memorized the more than ten pronunciation of the first part of the chant. Some pronunciation he felt was not a problem, but Cripple Feng would correct him and tell him that it was wrong.

Even though Wang Binn thought that he was not a material for learning Corpse-refining Arts, Cripple Feng had a different way of thinking. In his opinion, Wang Binn's speed was already considered a genius, even some of the disciples in his clan could not reach such speed. In a bit of time, Wang Binn would become a Corpse Refiner, and Cripple Feng would still have some self-confidence.

In the afternoon, a truck drove into the villa complex and unloaded a large wooden cabinet. Wang Binn had a few security guards carry the wooden cabinet into his residence, then covered the door.

When the guards went downstairs, they were all curious about what was inside the wooden cabinet, but no one could guess. All they knew was that the contents inside were very heavy, at least 500 to 600 kilograms.

Wang Binn was also very curious, he knew that the Soldier Corpse s were inside, but he did not know what they looked like. However, the Cripple Feng told him that the Soldier Corpse could not see the sun, and could only appear at night.

Wang Binn was looking forward to the night. Not only could he see the Soldier Corpse, more importantly, he could use the Soldier Corpse to kill his enemies.

In the evening a friend of the police called and told him that the identity of the victim had been identified.

It was Li Zhi.

Hearing this news, Wang Binn was very happy, he thought, Wang Jiajia finally won't be lonely on her journey to the Yellow Springs, she has someone to accompany her.

Now, as long as he killed the person who killed her, he would be able to end this matter and bring Wang Jiajia along with him to the path of the Corpse-refining. They would be able to enter the hidden martial arts world and start a new life.

"Other than your woman, who else died?" Cripple Feng asked after hearing a few words that Wang Binn had said when he answered the phone.

Wang Binn did not hide anything and told the Cripple Feng everything that had happened in Xiangjiang Bay.

The Cripple Feng revealed a smile, "Let's go and keep this treasure."

"Master, do you know what's in the water?" Wang Binn asked.

"For the time being, I don't know. However, they have a general term. Your hometown usually calls these strange things monsters monsters." The Cripple Feng said, "We call it the demon. You will gradually come into contact with it in the future. The Soldier Corpse I have on hand was injured last time, and it just so happens to need some rest time. "

He was dressed in a gray woolen coat, with a peaked cap on his head, covering his eyes. His face was pale white, as if he was covered by a layer of powder, not much flesh. He was thin, like a drug addict, and other than that, he was wearing a scarf around his neck, leather gloves on his hands, covering his entire body.

This made Wang Binn feel a little disappointed. The true appearance of the Soldier Corpse did not match the name at all. It did not have the sharp feeling of a weapon being unsheathed.

It was night, Wang Binn was leading the way, followed by Cripple Feng and the Soldier Corpse, they walked towards Xiangjiang Bay.

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