Uncanny Stories of Devil Hunting/C3 Demonic Binding Spell
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Uncanny Stories of Devil Hunting/C3 Demonic Binding Spell
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C3 Demonic Binding Spell

"Even though people are dead, and Earthly Soul are drifting by the side of the corpse, they have no opinions of their own. Therefore, for example, corpse pickers, cremators, tomb guards, corpse herders, etc. When it comes to dealing with corpses, Earthly Soul were usually much more solid, "the Old Man Ao said as he pointed to the shadow on Zhou Shen's floor." Your Earthly Soul are scattered and do not gather, they do not seem to be in contact with corpses often. "

"Isn't that a shadow?" Zhou Shen asked, "Why did you say it's a Earthly Soul?"

The Old Man Ao said, "Shadow is the appearance of Earthly Soul. If the Earthly Soul does not gather, the shadow will fade a little. If it continues to dissipate, even the shadow will disappear. Just look at my shadow and you'll know what I mean. "

Zhou Shen looked at the figures of the two people on the ground. Under the light of the lamp, his shadow was evidently lighter than that of Old Man Ao's. If one did not look carefully, it would be difficult to see his silhouette clearly.

"There must be a monster when something abnormal happens …" Chu Chi added on at the side, "There's something eating Earthly Soul s in your body.

"What?" Zhou Shen didn't hear it clearly.

"Little brother, where are you from?" Old Man Ao asked.

Zhou Shen originally wanted to answer, but when a name came to his mouth, he was unable to answer it. No one had asked this question in all these years, it seemed that he had already forgotten where he was from.

"You don't remember where you came from, do you?" Chu Chi raised his eyebrows and said, "Do you still remember what your parents are called, and what they look like?"

"Don't ask, I don't remember anything." Zhou Shen's head suddenly hurt, he could not help but grin, revealing an almost black gums, but the gums on it was blood-red.

"Don't be afraid, I'll treat your amnesia." After Chu Chi finished drawing the blood traces, he jumped behind the female corpse and pushed her up, then intertwined his fingers to form the imprint of five elements, and shouted, "Chang Zai in the river is rearing water, using earth as water, Earth Puppet, please open your eyes!"

Zhou Shen was still kneeling on the ground, and upon hearing Chu Chi's voice, he unconsciously turned his face towards him. The woman's upper body stood up straight. The bloody patterns on her face were like dragons and serpents, seemingly coming to life. A series of phantoms appeared and the lights in the room flickered, becoming brighter and brighter. The rate of burning fuel increased significantly.

The female corpse's eye sockets suddenly opened wide. There were no eyeballs inside, only two pitch-black holes.

"F * ck!" Zhou Shen screamed in fear and suddenly stood up. He turned around and was about to run out the door.

"Where do you think you're going?!" Chu Chi coldly snorted.

Just as Zhou Shen walked to the door, a group of crows pounced on him, clawing wildly at his face, forcing him back into the house.

From the eyes of the female corpse, a huge suction force appeared, attracting Zhou Shen's attention. Zhou Shen grabbed onto the doorstep, struggled with all his might, and shouted loudly.

A strong stench of dead bodies came out from his mouth, this stench was something that even he, who had been in contact with the Carrion for years, could not accept. He opened his mouth, and something came out from his stomach immediately.

There were even some fish and prawns that were still alive and kicking, but most of them were human fingers and eyeballs …

Old Man Ao did not expect things to turn out like this, his feet tilted, and he dodged to the side, covering his mouth and puking. When Chu Chi smelled the scent, a sour smell came from his stomach, and he almost vomited all of the food he ate the other night.

Zhou Shen never thought that he would spit so many disgusting things, but his stomach seemed to be like a bottomless pit, still pouring things out. He couldn't figure out how those things got into his stomach.

Suddenly, Zhou Shen held onto his chest, there was a living thing struggling, it tried its best to drill into his body, but the absorption force from the female corpse's eyes, was trying to suck it out.

As the two fought back and forth, Zhou Shen felt that his chest was about to be ripped apart. It was extremely painful, he had nothing dirty to vomit on his stomach, and that was blood. He rolled on the ground in pain, unable to hold it in. He wanted to escape, but there was no way to control his body.

"Whoa …" Zhou Shen heard a terrifying voice come out from his throat that did not belong to him.

"Little Brother!" Old Man Ao stepped on the filth, using his hand to press onto Zhou Shen's head, he pointed at Chu Chi and the female corpse, "This demon has been in your body for dozens of years, don't you want to remove it?"

Zhou Shen's saliva gushed out from his mouth as he looked up at Old Man Ao in fear, "Demonic?" At this moment, he still did not understand the true meaning of fiendish demons, but deep in his heart, he instinctively feared hearing these two words.

And another voice said to him, "Bite him, kill them!"

Zhou Shen shook his head with all his might, his mouth opened wide, saliva gushing out, wanting to bite Old Man Ao.

"There is a demon in your body. It's the one that made you a corpse picker here." The Old Man Ao said, "It makes you forget the past, repeating it for dozens of years like a day, eating underwater Carrion! You still want to continue living such a disgusting life? "

Zhou Shen vaguely remembered some things from the past. His head hurt even more, and after his stomach quieted down for a moment, he felt like puking again. A piece of slippery thing appeared in his throat, like a live fish that was about to crawl out.

"Sssii …" A black liquid shot out of Zhou Shen's mouth like an arrow.

The female corpse opened her mouth and spat out a mouthful of dirt. She wrapped the water arrow and it fell to the ground.

"It's Sand Haze! "With just this bit of cultivation, he dares to show his true colors and bring about his own destruction." Seeing that, Chu Chi's face revealed joy, he immediately changed his hand seals, and used a targeted technique.

Zhou Shen felt like the live fish in his throat was about to turn back again, but it was caught tightly by the suction force in the female corpse's eyes, causing it to be unable to hold on for a moment.

"What's going on? Hurry up and use the Monster Binding Spell, do you want to kill the host?" Old Man Ao felt strange at the side.

"Master. There's a problem with the Earth Puppet, the Monster Binding Spell is useless! Chu Chi anxiously shouted, his head buzzing. Although he was casting spells, it was useless.

Old Man Ao looked up and saw that the eyes of the female corpse actually went white. He could not help but cry out, "Why is she alive?"

After the eyes of the female corpse were filled with white, the pupil in the middle gradually appeared. It looked like it was about to return to its normal state. This may have been a great thing for the "female corpse" herself, but for Chu Chi who was using the Puppet Technique, this was undoubtedly a nightmare.

Chu Chi felt that the connection between him and the female corpse completely disappeared and all the blood in his body was squeezed up to his head. He could not help but blacked out, but he was still trying his best to maintain and resist.

However, it was useless. The female corpse blinked twice and looked around in confusion. Her eyes rolled up and she fainted.

Chu Chi cried out, spitting out half a mouthful of blood. He touched his mouth, sighed, and rolled onto the ground.

"Help …" Without that suction force, Zhou Shen felt that the slippery thing that was crawling to the side of his throat was shrinking back. He could even tell that from now on, it would hide even deeper, and would be hard to catch.

"You beast!" His left hand grabbed onto Zhou Shen's collar as he raised him up high. The five fingers of his right hand opened up, grabbing towards Zhou Shen's chest.

The hand looked at Zhou Shen's body that was like cotton wool, it penetrated deeply into his chest, and only his wrist was left.

Old Man Ao clenched his right hand, seeming to hold onto something, before withdrawing it outside Zhou Shen's body. Without giving anyone a chance to see it, he returned it to the small bag he carried with him.

Zhou Shen suddenly felt a chill all over his body, and he spat out a mouthful of ice-cold turbid air. When he landed, the uncomfortable feeling in his throat had already completely disappeared, and he felt as if a heavy burden had been lifted off his back, making him feel extremely relaxed.

"Gone?" Zhou Shen asked Old Man Ao in disbelief.

"It's gone. This place stinks like shit. " Old Man Ao walked to the side of Chu Chi and the "female corpse". The two of them weighed more than two hundred pounds in total, but in his hands, it was no different from hugging two bundles of straw.

It was cold outside, Zhou Shen covered the door with his hands, but the disgusting stench inside the house was still emitted from all over. He smelt himself, and then laid down on a rock in front of the house and vomited for a while, completely exhausted. He did not want to move at all, but he could not stop his thoughts, and continued to reminisce on the past until his face was covered with tears.

Old Man Ao ignored Zhou Shen, and brought the unconscious Chu Chi and the "female corpse" to a side room, placing them side by side in a corner, he found some firewood to keep them warm, then boiled some hot water to clear the blood marks on the "female corpse" carefully. After seeing the female corpse's light clothes, he took off his own robe and covered it up for her.

After confirming that there was nothing wrong with Chu Chi, the Old Man Ao did not care anymore. He focused his attention on the young "female corpse", and used his hands to touch her forehead, body, palm and other places.

"The Celestial Soul journeyed far away, the Earthly Soul went into seclusion, and the Fate Soul had no roots. I never thought that it would already reach the level of taking human form. No wonder it would fake its life and revive. I haven't seen it in many years." After some identification, Old Man Ao couldn't help but shake his head at Chu Chi. Although this disciple was passionate about killing demons, his luck was too bad, and had followed him down the mountain for three years, every time he used his techniques, he would always encounter an unfathomable change. This time, he had even encountered Zhou Shen's body which was covered in sand, and thought that he could easily settle it.

Even though he was unconscious, it seemed more like he was having a nightmare. Cold sweat rolled down his deathly pale face as his body trembled from time to time.

Outside of the house, other than Zhou Shen's wails, the crows' miserable wails were also louder and louder. It was fortunate that it was a desolate suburb of the city, otherwise, who knew how many people would have been frightened.

However, within the crow's cry, there was a faint whistling sound. When it didn't seem to mind, it caused people's eardrums to vibrate. If one listened carefully, they wouldn't be able to hear it.

Old Man Ao could not help but frown and ran down the river. Although he could not see his own fingers in the night sky, when he walked, it was no different than walking in broad daylight.

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