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C4 Shadowless

Not long after, the Old Man Ao arrived beside the Cang Bay and climbed up a relatively high river boulder. Lowering his head, he saw that a huge whirlpool had appeared in the bay, as if a huge hole had been opened in the ground.

Even if Old Man Ao had eyes that could see as bright as night, he still couldn't see clearly inside the vortex, he could only see a field of pitch black darkness.

Old Man Ao frowned, his hand reaching into the bag he was carrying, and took out a yellow paper talisman.

If Chu Chi was at the side, he would definitely say that the yellow paper was already wet and unusable. But in reality, in the hands of Old Man Ao, the yellow paper with water was even more effective.

Old Man Ao held the yellow paper in his hand and bit down on the tip of his tongue, causing a sound akin to grinding coming out from his stomach. After a while, he let out a breath and brought the yellow paper in his hands flying away.

"Show off!" Old Man Ao spat out one word, it was one of the six words used to exterminate demons, and using his own blood essence as a guide, he could only see the real body of the object in the water.

The yellow paper instantly burned into ashes and released a wisp of white light, like a bolt of lightning breaking through the night.

In the white light, Old Man Ao saw two green lights appear from the black vortex. However, these two specks of light were extremely thick. Even though the water was surging, it did not affect them in the slightest. The distance between the green dots was about a meter wide, and under the dots of light, there was an endless darkness, which seemed to be even thicker than the night.

The two green dots of light quickly disappeared, but Old Man Ao could still see some sights. In the whirlpool, the bones that were initially at the bottom of the river started to churn, and green phosphorous flames started to burn on top of each bone.

The Old Man Ao was not interested in the ghostfire, and looked upstream and downstream, but there was no trace of it.

"We've checked the bottom here, and it still managed to hide the truth from us. Now that it's gone, we don't know when we'll be able to see each other again." Old Man Ao sighed in his heart, reached his hand into his bag and threw the "Sand Scorching" he just got from Zhou Shen into the river. "Go, bury him dead body, there must be some living things, you're lucky."

Throwing away the sand, Old Man Ao turned around and returned to the mountain, back to the house Chu Chi was in.

When Chu Chi woke up from his coma, the fire was still burning. He raised his eyelids, as if he saw two black figures whispering and talking opposite to the fire, and he was naturally familiar with one black figure, even if he had closed his eyes, he could guess that it was Old Man Ao. The other one smelt a strange fragrance, and his body seemed to be in the water, twisting and turning.

The two voices conversed for a while but Chu Chi did not hear it clearly. He could vaguely hear the words Jade Bone, Evil Spirit and so on. Not long after, the Old Man Ao and the black shadow left the room.

When he woke up, the sky was already bright. He looked around and found that he was inside a broken down house, where the fire was extinguished and only some ashes were left on the ground.

This must be a kitchen, obviously not used for a long time, giving off an old musty smell. The stove, chopsticks, bowls, tables and chairs were all covered in dust. The evidence was enough to prove that Zhou Shen had not used the kitchen like how a normal person did for at least several years.

Thinking about the Carrion that Zhou Shen had spat out, Chu Chi knew in his heart that he had definitely lived his life by it all these years. He couldn't help but feel his throat tighten, and he also wanted to vomit a few more mouthfuls of blood.

Outside, crows were crowing.

Chu Chi quickly stood up and ran out of the house. He saw Chu Chi when he appeared and greeted him.

"Where's the Old Man Ao?" Chu Chi asked Zhou Shen anxiously, and looked around.

He subconsciously looked at Zhou Shen's figure, and saw nothing abnormal. In his heart, he already understood that it was the Old Man Ao who once again wiped his butt, and captured the demon. This was not the first time. Although he was disappointed, he was used to it.

"He's gone." Zhou Shen replied.

"Old Man Ao, wait for me!" Chu Chi saw a person walking down the hill towards the river bank. He did not bother to chat with Zhou Shen and chased after him.

The crows, disturbed by his voice, rose from the nearby branches and circled above his head.

Chu Chi chased closer and closer, and started to frown. He understood that the person in front of him who was wearing Old Man Ao robes was not the real person, but he still decided to catch up and ask around.

Sure enough, the person dressed in Old Man Ao clothes was the "female corpse" that came back to life last night, the main culprit that caused him to suffer the backlash from the Puppet Technique.

"Why are you wearing the clothes of the Old Man Ao?" Chu Chi stood in front of her.

Zhang Yuechen was a little baffled, "I already wore this clothes on me the moment I woke up, how would I know?"

"Fuck." Chu Chi sniffed twice and cursed.

"Why are you cursing?" Zhang Yuechen glared at Chu Chi.

"Can you mind that I'm scolding the Old Man Ao?" Chu Chi really wanted to cry. He wiped his eyes and realised that there were no tears at all.

Zhang Yuechen did not want to care about it, so she pretended to take off her gown.

"It's better if you wear it, Tianliang." Chu Chi said.

Zhang Yuechen was only wearing a thin school uniform. The wind was strong, and she was indeed very cold, so she did not take it off anymore and turned to leave.

"This old man has abandoned me one hundred percent." Chu Chi rubbed his head angrily, he looked at the crow in the sky and saw a burst of noise coming from the crow.

Chu Chi quickly touched his body. There was nothing, no money, and no note.

Not a dime left to me." Chu Chi clenched his teeth and waited for a while, then turned and looked at Zhou Shen's house, shaking his head, then looked at Zhang Yuechen, and made a decision. Last night, his Puppet Technique had only succeeded by half, which meant that his Five Elements Puppet was most definitely attached to the resurrected "female corpse". That was a Demon Hunt Squad divine tool that had accompanied him since he was young, something that he would never be able to take back.

"Hello." Chu Chi did not know Zhang Yuechen's name, and chased after him while shouting. It was unknown if Zhang Yuechen did not hear it, or if she was unwilling to answer, but she continued to walk forward.

Chu Chi ran for a bit and realised that Zhang Yuechen had stopped, but her gaze was on the mountain. He also looked over curiously and found thick smoke billowing up from the mountain.

Zhou Shen burnt down his own house.

Chu Chi took this opportunity to catch up with Zhang Yuechen.

"Hey, thank you for waiting for me." Chu Chi said to Zhang Yuechen with a smile.

"Who's waiting for you? Don't you have any shame?" Zhang Yuechen rolled her eyes at Chu Chi.

"My name is Chu Chi." Chu Chi did not bother about it and quickly introduced himself, "What about you?"

"Why should I tell you?" Zhang Yuechen had never met someone with such thick skin.

"Of course you have to tell me." Chu Chi said, "We will live together for a long time in the future, maybe we can become good friends."

"Smooth talker, I'm warning you not to bother me anymore, be careful that I don't beat you up." Zhang Yuechen waved her fist.

Chu Chi stood still on the spot and did not continue to get closer.

"Why did that person burn his own house?" Zhang Yuechen felt it was strange that Zhou Shen's house in the middle of the mountain was covered in flames.

"Why should I tell you?" Chu Chi immediately returned what Zhang Yuechen had just said to her.

"You definitely know. If you don't want to tell me, then forget it." Originally, Zhang Yuechen had no hope of getting an answer either. She indifferently glanced at Chu Chi, then turned and left.

"Strange things are happening to you. Don't you want to solve it?" Chu Chi followed him.

Zhang Yuechen frowned, she turned and looked at Chu Chi suspiciously, and did not say anything in a hurry.

"Do you often wake up confused in a strange place?" Chu Chi added.

Zhang Yuechen bit her lips, and her face turned slightly pale.

Seeing that, Chu Chi laughed: Forget it, just pretend that I did not say anything. With that, he sniffed a few times, then walked towards the riverbank.

"Wait a moment." Zhang Yuechen shouted.

Chu Chi did not stop, pretending not to hear anything.

"I told you to wait." Zhang Yuechen caught up to Chu Chi, stretched out her arms to block his path, "How did you know everything just now?

"Do I need to follow you? "Just look at your shadow." Chu Chi rolled his eyes at Zhang Yuechen, "Oh, no, I should say look at your feet, because you don't even have a shadow!"

Zhang Yuechen lowered her head to look, and her face immediately became deathly pale. Even though it was early in the morning, there was already a hint of sunlight, but there was no shadow of anything under her feet.

"What's going on?" Zhang Yuechen was so scared that she almost fell to the ground, muttering to himself.

"As long as you are in big trouble." Chu Chi said.

"You really have a way to help me?" Zhang Yuechen's voice became softer as she pleaded.

"Nope." Chu Chi said snappily.

"I was wrong. Can't I apologize to you?" Zhang Yuechen said.

"I'm hungry." Chu Chi retracted his fake expression, rubbed his stomach, his face full of satisfaction.

If he wanted to seize this opportunity, he would have already figured out the way to use it.

The two of them walked onto the road. Although the two of them did not have a penny, the world always favored beautiful women. Zhang Yuechen waved her hand and hailed a ride, the two of them successfully returned to Changsha.

After the Xiangjiang River Bridge, they entered a truly modern metropolis, filled with tall buildings, cars and horses, and people like the tide.

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