Uncanny Stories of Devil Hunting/C5 Go Home with a Beautiful Woman
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Uncanny Stories of Devil Hunting/C5 Go Home with a Beautiful Woman
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C5 Go Home with a Beautiful Woman

Entering the city, Zhang Yuechen first brought Chu Chi to the dining hall to eat. At first, Chu Chi was worried that Zhang Yuechen would take him to eat for free, so he would repay the debt by leaving him in the dining hall to wash the dishes. After repeated questioning, Zhang Yuechen revealed the truth that this restaurant was opened by her father.

According to the attendant's attitude towards Zhang Yuechen, Chu Chi had confirmed this point, and then put his heart back into his stomach.

Chu Chi did not need to look at the area, the decorations and the services in the restaurant. Just by looking at the prices on the menu, he was already sure that he had gotten lucky and caught up with a rich and beautiful lady.

Chu Chi only picked the more expensive ones and placed down a large table of dishes, which were at least five people. They were all swept up by him, and after he was done eating, he ordered another pot of good tea, and then casually leaned on the soft back of the sofa and closed his eyes to rest.

"Eating and drinking to entertain you, don't forget your business." Zhang Yuechen reminded her.

"I don't know how to …" Chu Chi shook his head, "But last night, I met a powerful item at that corpse picker's house. It hurt my muscles and moved my bones, if there was someone who could give me a massage …"

"Alright." Zhang Yuechen didn't wait for Chu Chi to finish speaking before stepping forward and grabbing Chu Chi's right arm.

Chu Chi was overjoyed. This girl had a clever look, he did not expect his to be so obedient.

Who knew that with a * Beng * sound coming from his arm, Zhang Yuechen had actually twisted his arm behind her back.

Ah!" Chu Chi screamed in pain, the voice that came out did not seem to be his.

"Why don't you try putting on airs for me!" Zhang Yuechen held onto Chu Chi's hand tightly.

"Alright, alright." Chu Chi did not expect to run into such a tough nail and attack so viciously, "Let go of me now, I'll help you, okay?"

Zhang Yuechen laughed, and understood that Chu Chi was a soft persimmon.

Chu Chi shrugged his shoulders, his bones hurt. He looked at Zhang Yuechen warily, "If you attack me again, I'll run away …"

"Cut the crap." Zhang Yuechen closed the private box's door, "If there's anything you want to say, say it."

"I have really been struck with bad luck for eight lifetimes. Old Man Ao also ran away, and now it is still falling into your Demon Claw." Chu Chi shouted.

"Is it not enough massage?" Zhang Yuechen said with a straight face.

"You are suffering from a wandering soul." Chu Chi was afraid that Zhang Yuechen would suffer again, and said quickly, "Once this happens, I will be muddleheaded and unconscious. When I wake up, I will find myself in a strange place, and if it gets serious, I will not even be able to breathe, just like a corpse. Yesterday, the most serious situation happened to you. If this continues, you won't be able to live for long. "

Zhang Yuechen sighed, agreeing to Chu Chi's words.

"The cause of the wandering soul disease is the fiendish demons." Chu Chi continued.

"Demons?" Zhang Yuechen knew the meaning of these two words, but she was not sure if what Chu Chi said was wrong or not.

At the end of the day, these two words were just a noun in a book. How could they appear in his life? But when he thought about his past experiences, he felt that this was the best explanation.

"Don't worry. You've met me, can be considered to have met a noble. I am a genuine Monster Hunter. " Chu Chi took a sip of his tea, "For such demonic things, every year, I would at least encounter eight or ten of them, and easily settled them for you."

Of course, the condition was that he had Old Man Ao by his side, but Chu Chi did not want to tell such words to Zhang Yuechen.

"Really?" Zhang Yuechen looked at Chu Chi suspiciously. She did not quite believe him, but he understood what was saying.

"Of course. Who do you think I am?" Chu Chi was secretly pleased with Zhang Yuechen's words, "However, I injured my body last night and need to rest for two days. Furthermore, my Five Element Puppet is still in your body, so I need to borrow it first to help you."

"Five elemental golems?" Zhang Yuechen was troubled by the new term that came out of Chu Chi's mouth, one after another.

"A little prop I use in my work." Chu Chi said, "Originally, I was lodging in a black cat's body, who would have known that there was a problem yesterday and you ran into it."

"Then how do we take it out?" Although Zhang Yuechen did not know what the so-called Five Element Puppet was, at the moment, her body did not have any sort of strange feeling, and she was also unable to determine if what Chu Chi said was true or false.

"I have to find a suitable lodging first." The Five Element Puppet had always been inside the black cat's body, and never had any problems with it. Who knew that it would lose control yesterday, and mysteriously ran into Zhang Yuechen's body.

The only explanation was that Zhang Yuechen's body was more attractive to the Five Element Puppets than the black cat.

If he had the Five Element Puppet, dealing with the demons in Zhang Yuechen's body or by his side would be easy.

However, to be honest, taking Zhang Yuechen along as a container for the Five Elements Puppets and bringing him around to be a Demon Hunter Remover wasn't too bad.

Thinking of this, Chu Chi couldn't help but laugh.

"Then I'll leave you my cell phone number. Contact me after you recover from your injuries in two days." Zhang Yuechen realized that it was hard for him to have a good impression of Chu Chi, was this person normal? Why is it always a nervous laugh?

"Which eye of yours saw that I have a cell phone?" Hearing that Zhang Yuechen wanted to drive him away, Chu Chi anxiously patted her body, "Furthermore, you will definitely have a wandering soul disease recently, I need to follow by your side and understand the source of the demons, knowing yourself and your enemy, then you can be easily dealt with."

"You want to stay with me?" Zhang Yuechen couldn't help but find it difficult to accept. This morning, Zhou Shen had told him about her floating Cang Bay in the river.

Ever since her mother had passed away in an accident a few months ago, her stepfather had always been busy with his work, and never returned home again. Other than giving her a fixed amount of time to live on, he had allowed her to fend for herself. I even heard that my stepfather bought a house somewhere else and went to live there.

"Of course, since I've already promised to help you, I'll take full responsibility for it." Chu Chi nodded resolutely. If he did not use force now, then there would be no end to free food and drinks.

"Treat me …" Catching the demons for me, how much do you want to charge? " Zhang Yuechen asked.

"Money..." What's the point of suddenly raising the money? " Chu Chi rapped the table with his hand, his mind quickly calculating, just now he only wanted to eat and drink for free, he had really not thought about the issue of how he would charge for the food afterwards, "I'm a foreigner, helping others make people happy, doing good deeds is my duty, furthermore money is like dirt, don't think about me as such, okay?"

"It's better to decide in advance." Zhang Yuechen didn't think that there was anyone in this world who didn't like money. Moreover, when Chu Chi mentioned money, his eyes couldn't help but shine.

"How much can you pay?" Chu Chi coughed twice, he raised his teacup and drank, and asked probingly.

"Not yet. I have saved all my pocket money. It should be around 20,000 to 30,000 yuan." Zhang Yuechen said.

"Since you have such sincerity …" Once I've cured you, just give me half of it. " When Chu Chi heard the amount, he almost spurted out the tea that was close to his mouth. Twenty to thirty thousand, this is also called pocket money, Old Man Ao had at most given him twenty yuan at a time, and even took ten yuan to buy cigarettes!

Chu Chi waited for Zhang Yuechen to sit down and haggle, but Zhang Yuechen only laughed faintly, and did not say a word. This made Chu Chi feel depressed, he thought to himself that this lion that had opened its mouth just now had definitely opened it up a little. Zhang Yuechen's pocket money was definitely more than 20,000 to 30,000, it was obvious that she did not care about this small amount of money.

"Sigh, he's too young and lacks experience." Chu Chi patted his head, but it was not easy to change what he said, so he could only sigh.

Before leaving, Chu Chi ordered a few more seafood and meat dishes for the waiter to pack. Zhang Yuechen did not say anything, the two of them walked out of the restaurant and Chu Chi asked Zhang Yuechen if she could find anything nearby.

Zhang Yuechen didn't understand Chu Chi's intention and brought him to a nearby park. This kind of park was very common in the city. It wasn't very big, but it had a few big trees and some simple fitness equipment. If the old people and children spent their time inside the park, it could be called a park.

There were less people in this park, so Chu Chi found an empty area with no one around, and poured out all the meat and vegetables he had wrapped up. They were scattered all over the place, causing the lawn to become a mess.

"Are you going to degrade the grain like that?" Zhang Yuechen was furious.

"Let's go, don't disturb our meal!" Chu Chi grabbed Zhang Yuechen and ran off without saying a word.

After the two ran for a while, Zhang Yuechen saw a group of pitch black crows fly towards the place where Chu Chi threw the food. After they landed, they swept through the food like a tornado.

In a moment, the crows, having eaten their fill, were back in the air, flying away.

"These guys finally don't need to dig in the garbage today." Chu Chi looked at the crows and said happily.

"You raised it?" Zhang Yuechen could not help but be curious. She remembered that when they were near Zhou Shen's home, there was always a group of crows crows crowing at the side. She wondered if they were the same group as the crows that came to eat, but it looked to be true. Furthermore, crows were very intelligent and could be tamed, but they could still be tamed in such a large group.

"More or less." Chu Chi gave an ambiguous answer, and asked again, "Where are we going next?"

"I'll go home and get my wallet." Zhang Yuechen said, "I will give you a room at a hotel near my house."

"I can't open it." Chu Chi said, "I don't have an ID."

"Then how did you come back to life? "Never stayed in the dorms or took a taxi?" Zhang Yuechen was speechless.

"I'm a minor …" Chu Chi said helplessly.

"I thought you were an undocumented black man." Zhang Yuechen said, "Then take my ID card."

"There's no need to go through all this trouble. I'll go to your house. " Chu Chi said with a grin, "When boys and girls run to the hotel, they will definitely be talked about. "I don't care, you're a big girl, it's not good for your reputation to go bad."

"It's even worse to go to my house!" Zhang Yuechen looked at Chu Chi with contempt. He was young, what was he pretending to be?

"That's not the point. I have to follow you. How am I supposed to look at you in the hotel?" "Also, I need to go to your house to have a look. Maybe the source of the strange things that happened to you is at home." Saying this, Chu Chi saw a newsstand on the side of the road, "Give me two dollars."

Zhang Yuechen took out a one hundred dollar bill and handed it over to him. She had just found a familiar waiter in the dining hall to take first.

Chu Chi took the note and ran to the newsstand to buy a city map, folded it up and stuffed it into his pocket.

"Are you going to school today?" Chu Chi asked Zhang Yuechen.

"I'm not going. I've already asked the school to temporarily suspend me from school. With my current state, if I want to attack the school, I'll have to go to a mental hospital." Zhang Yuechen said.

"That's for the best." Chu Chi said, "Then let's go home first."

Zhang Yuechen extended her hand out in front of Chu Chi, "What about the rest of the money?"

Chu Chi blinked his eyes, acting like he did not understand what Zhang Yuechen was talking about, "What money?"

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