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C6 Rag Doll

Zhang Yuechen had never seen such a shameless person, she was too lazy to argue with him, and grabbed an empty taxi.

Zhang Yuechen's home was in a villa near the river called the Wang Jiang Residence, it was quite a distance away from the city center, the taxi spent forty yuan, when they arrived at the entrance of the residential complex, Zhang Yuechen informed Chu Chi that she only had a hundred yuan on him, either he would give it to him, or the two of them would not get off the car.

Chu Chi had wanted to stay in a stalemate with Zhang Yuechen, but seeing that the driver brother's face was filled with ill intent, he could only reluctantly pay the taxi fare. When he got off the car, he glared at Zhang Yuechen hatefully, as he completely forgot that it was his money.

A few security guards saw Chu Chi getting off the carriage and immediately walked over vigilantly. As people of the villa, they knew who he was, but as soon as Chu Chi wore it, he looked like he had just come from the countryside. He didn't look like a good person either.

Zhang Yuechen talked with the security guard for a while before she was finally unable to take him down.

The two of them entered the villa area. Even though they had already known from the scale of the restaurants and huge amounts of pocket money that Zhang Yuechen had a lot of money, seeing the buildings in the villa area with their own eyes gave Chu Chi a new understanding of the place.

In the city, the rarer the buildings, the more expensive the price was per square meter. In the villa area that Zhang Yuechen lived in, with just a glance, he could not see a single house. There were many plants here, and many expensive imported cars parked by the side of the road.

Chu Chi could not help but exclaim how good it was to have money. His gaze landed on a young married woman who was hugging a pet cat.

It was already late autumn, and the leaves of the wutong were falling all over the ground, but this young woman was still dressed very arrogantly, with a large patch of white on her chest. She was extremely seductive, and the pet cat used that as a soft pillow.

"Tsk tsk, what heaven-defying luck." Chu Chi's eyes lit up.

Zhang Yuechen saw that Chu Chi was staring at the sexy young lady and could not even move, both of his eyes were staring straight ahead, his eyeballs were about to fall out, and he mercilessly stepped on her toes.

Chu Chi cried out in pain. The young woman did not even glance at him as she entered a villa that was surrounded by a cage of iron.

Chu Chi looked around and noted down the markers.

Zhang Yuechen did not care about Chu Chi, and walked for a few more minutes, until she arrived at her own house. She pressed her password to enter, and Chu Chi limped behind as he muttered his dissatisfaction towards Zhang Yuechen.

Entering the metal door, there was a three-storey villa with white walls and green tiles. The style was very traditional.

There were all sorts of expensive plants growing in the garden. Chu Chi recognized a few of them, but he did not know much about them. However, from the way it was growing, it seemed like it had been taken care of for a long time. It was a natural and barbaric growth, and in order to compete for sunlight and nutrients, it looked weirdly shaped.

One of them, a thumb sized reddish bean tree, was worth at least tens of thousands. It was strangled by a vine a few times before dying there.

"Are you the only one in your family?" Can you tell me about your family? " Chu Chi entered the living room to ask Zhang Yuechen, and coincidentally saw a shrine in the living room with a black and white photo of a woman. The woman looked very young, just in her early thirties, looking somewhat similar to Zhang Yuechen.

There was a snack wrapper and instant noodles on the tea table in the living room. Red wine and white wine bottles were scattered all over the place. There was also a messy bed on the sofa. The TV was still on.

There was a strange smell in the air that he hadn't felt in a long time. The green plants and goldfish in the goldfish tank were not as lucky as they were outside. They were all dead.

Needless to say, Zhang Yuechen had been alone for a long time.

Chu Chi thought that it was really pitiful to be alone in such a big house and when his mother had passed away. However, thinking back to how he had never seen his parents before and had just been abandoned by his master, he was now in a similar situation.

"Does my family situation have anything to do with treating my strange illness?" Zhang Yuechen asked expressionlessly, as she stuffed the boxes of medicine into her pockets. Chu Chi's eyes were sharp and she recognized the words on it. It was a sleeping, antidepressant medicine.

"Maybe, maybe not." Chu Chi did not dare to be sure either, but he could tell that Zhang Yuechen was disgusted by what he said about her parents, so if she continued to ask, he would definitely not be able to get anything out of him.

"Then don't mention it." Zhang Yuechen said, "You are not a therapist, and what I have is not a mental illness, so don't try to find a reason for my family's problems."

"That makes sense." Chu Chi nodded and sat on the sofa.

The leather sofa was very comfortable to sit on. He sat there for a while before putting his feet on the coffee table. His eyes moved around the living room.

"All life is gone and the air of death is heavy. What a dangerous place." he thought.

After Zhang Yuechen was done packing, she went upstairs to take a bath and then left Chu Chi downstairs.

Chu Chi was not interested in televisions, he randomly pressed the remote control for a few times, then stood up and looked around the living room. There were some porcelain and bronze artifacts, most of them fake, but there were a few that were genuine antiques.

Compared to expensive flowers and herbs, Chu Chi's ability to discern ancient items was much better, because this was one of the lessons that must be learnt in Monster Hunter.

Generally speaking, ancient items were easily able to affect people. There was a saying that said ancient items could communicate with spirits, especially ancient items that had a lot of contact with humans.

But looking at the current few antique objects, they were still not enough to affect Zhang Yuechen. In other words, the cause of Zhang Yuechen's wandering soul disease was not on these items.

Chu Chi walked towards the hallway on the opposite side of the living room. There were paintings hanging on the walls and the doors were all closed. He had to give up, thinking that he didn't have to hurry. There was still time.

He walked back to the living room and thought about what would happen next. He had always been following Old Man Ao and would do whatever he was told to do.

After Zhang Yuechen finished showering and wearing her nightgown, she came down the stairs. Her body was releasing the fragrance of shower gel and her hair had already been blown dry.

"Did you find anything wrong?" Zhang Yuechen saw Chu Chi walking around the living room and seemed to be thinking.

"Not yet." Chu Chi answered, "Actually I want to see your other ancient items, but I think they are all hidden in the safe and won't come in contact with."

"Then don't think about it." Zhang Yuechen said. She knew that there was no need for her to completely understand Chu Chi's words.

"So next, I can only do what I can." Chu Chi said, "Does your family have a doll?"

"That's something for a little girl to play with. I'm about to graduate from high school." Zhang Yuechen shook her head, indicating that she did not.

In fact, she had never had a doll since she was young.

"It's fine if you don't want the cotton cloth, but at the same time, you have to take the needle and thread. They must be red and black in color." Chu Chi emphasized.

Zhang Yuechen nodded and went upstairs to look for something.

Chu Chi waited for her to go up the stairs and walked into the courtyard outside the door. He found a wooden stick and dug in the damp area with a few bright red worms. He couldn't find anything to pack for a while, so he brought it back to the living room along with the black mud.

"What are you doing?" Zhang Yuechen found some needle and thread as well as some cotton, and saw that Chu Chi was playing with a ball of black mud.

"There are earthworms inside." Chu Chi took a few pieces of toilet paper and placed it on the tea table, and then placed the black mud on top. He took the piece of cotton cloth and started cutting it with the Blood Extraction Bronze Knife that he had brought with him.

Zhang Yuechen saw that his expression had changed from the 'hehe' from before to 'hehe' one of seriousness. She did not look like he was playing around.

Chu Chi cut the cotton cloth into several pieces, then took one of the pieces and spread it out. He placed the black mud with the earthworms inside, then curled it and started to sew it.

"Earthworms are also called land dragons and mountain craters. There are even places that call them song girls. Wins, scales, feathers, and Archaeopterygium belong to the same genus as humans. It has three complete souls but does not have seven, so it is extremely easy to control. Furthermore, it has one special characteristic, which is that the Fate Soul is extremely strong and can be scattered. Chu Chi said to Zhang Yuechen as he sewed.

"You're using it to make a spell?" Zhang Yuechen tried to blend into the world of Chu Chi. At the same time, she noticed that there were traces of sweat on Chu Chi's forehead. Although it was warm at home, it was not hot.

"Spells?" Chu Chi looked up and smiled at Zhang Yuechen: "Yes, technique. Outsiders like you don't understand, that's what everyone calls it. "

Zhang Yuechen scoffed, "Amazing, you sure became cocky."

"Done." Chu Chi made the cloth doll and placed it on the table. The cloth doll's shape was simple, it was shaped like a deformed animal, with four limbs and skull, softly lying down. The sewn lines were crooked and looked bad, but to put it bluntly, it could only be described as extremely ugly.

"What are you going to do with it?" Zhang Yuechen really couldn't understand what this thing was used for.

"You'll know when night comes." Chu Chi said mysteriously, placing the cloth puppet to the side, he took out the map of the city and placed it in front of Zhang Yuechen, "Since you still have some time, come and help me mark out the place where there is delicious food."

"You only know how to eat. Are you a glutton?" Zhang Yuechen rolled her eyes at Chu Chi.

"Of course not." Chu Chi said seriously, "I'm trying to heal my injuries."

"Who would believe that?" Zhang Yuechen said.

Chu Chi immediately shushed her, and said with his head lowered, "Don't talk about this random word, they came by the wind. If you say it, it will chase up to you, and look, there's a guy by the window with his tongue hanging out, he already heard the wind, and was looking at you, don't you feel a chill …"

"If you want to find the Gourmet Street, then slowly search for it yourself." Zhang Yuechen's hoarse voice made Zhang Yuechen feel extremely uncomfortable. She angrily threw a tablet computer to Chu Chi, pushed him away, and sat on the sofa to watch TV.

However, after Zhang Yuechen ignored him, she started to feel bored and took her laptop to the Gourmet Street. He had never come into contact with such modern, high-tech gadgets before, but she knew how to play games online at an internet cafe. After rummaging around for a while, she realized that it was similar to playing computer games. After finding the Plants vs. Zombies game, she had completely forgotten about finding the gourmet street and happily played with it.

Soon enough, night came as Chu Chi shouted for Zhang Yuechen to cook. Zhang Yuechen had no other choice and since she did not know how to cook, she called for Pi Shengke's pizza for him. Originally, Zhang Yuechen didn't have the slightest bit of appetite, so she was really unable to endure him eating a small piece of meat with her broken mouth.

After finishing dinner, Chu Chi played the game for another two to three hours. At around 10 pm, Zhang Yuechen had already curled up on the sofa and fallen asleep.

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