Uncanny Stories of Devil Hunting/C8 Blood Sacrificial Puppet
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Uncanny Stories of Devil Hunting/C8 Blood Sacrificial Puppet
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C8 Blood Sacrificial Puppet

"Then what is the truth?" Zhang Yuechen knew that Chu Chi was about to show off again.

"The timing isn't right, the character isn't right, so I won't go into detail, however, even if you put it this way, I don't think anyone would go into detail about the problem. Think about it, Du Hui is a powerful general that can fight two armies at the same time, and he would be tripped by an old man using a grass rope?" Chu Chi said.

"Who would compare themselves to this?" Zhang Yuechen said.

The truth lies in the nuances. If it's true, you'll find another world. " Chu Chi shook his head and said, "Actually, there really is such a rope. Not to mention capturing a general, there is even a possibility of us capturing a dragon.

"Keep bragging." Zhang Yuechen rolled her eyes at him.

"Don't believe it, it's getting smaller. It's called the Immortal Trapping Rope …" Chu Chi pointed to the red rope at the white cat's feet.

"Even immortals can be tied up, are you still trying to be petty?" Zhang Yuechen laughed.

"Be serious! "I'm serious." Chu Chi was embarrassed by her mocking gaze.

"Alright, alright. Then tell it to the big boss." Zhang Yuechen held back her laughter.

"Big deal, it's called Dragon Confining Chain." Chu Chi coughed and said.

Zhang Yuechen blinked, and looked straight at Chu Chi, "Let me ask you a question, between the dragon and the immortal, who is stronger? When I saw Journey to the West, I think the dragon kings of the Four Seas were inferior to immortals. "

"How would I know? I've never seen it before." Chu Chi said.

"However, you are quite amazing. You can use a rope to trap a live cat." Zhang Yuechen said.

"I've just told you about the story of the tidying up of the grass for a reason. It is said that there is a plant called the Scarlet Blood Grass. It is thousands of feet long, and when it is used as a rope, it contains a tremendous amount of power. Anyone who is tied up by it will lose their minds and be slaughtered at will. " Chu Chi said, "The red thread I used, only had a shape but no spirit, it could only be used slightly to deal with cats."

"Now that we have caught the cat, can we take away that puppet in my body?" Zhang Yuechen said.

"Not yet." Chu Chi shook his head.

"We can't wait anymore. When the security detects us, we will all be locked up." Zhang Yuechen said anxiously.

"There's no other way." Chu Chi said, "The white cat is also known as the White Tiger, it has the White Tiger's Blood Qi, if it was grown up in the wilderness, it would eat raw meat and blood. It would be very ferocious and fierce, it would dominate a region, but even the wolf and bear would not dare to fight it. But look at it right now, it's so useless, it can't even attract the attention of the Five Element Puppets. "

"We can't use it even if we find it. It would be a waste of time …" Zhang Yuechen could not help but be discouraged.

"Don't be impatient, I haven't finished speaking." Chu Chi said, "white cat s are stronger than other cats, I will do some quick training to force the wildness out of its bones."

The two ears of the white cat shook, and it silently curled up its body.

It was already midnight, and the two were tired. Zhang Yuechen never mentioned that she wanted to go back to her room to sleep, as she laid quietly on the sofa. In these past few days, she had always been sleeping alone in the living room, and had developed a habit of doing so.

"You can go back to your room, I'll lie in the living room. Don't worry, with me here, there won't be any wandering souls." Chu Chi told her.

"I'm used to sleeping in the living room. I've been sleeping here for months." Zhang Yuechen said, "My family has a guest room, you can go sleep on the bed." Although she said that, she hoped that Chu Chi would not leave.

"I'll book a bed. Let's sleep on the sofa." Chu Chi yawned, dragged a sofa beside him, and slept with his legs crossed.

Zhang Yuechen looked at him, but did not say anything and closed her eyes.

Neither of them said to turn off the lights. Although it was a cold light, it was still a comfort to each other.

As the quarter-hour passed, Chu Chi still did not fall asleep even after hearing the sound. He was deeply afraid of sleeping, and it was something that was deeply ingrained in him.

But when he woke up, the nightmare would become a blur. No matter how hard he thought about it, he could not remember it at all.

For a long time, his impressions of sleep had been terrifying, but they could not be told.

Chu Chi really hoped that people did not have to sleep, but it was impossible, when he was tired, he needed to sleep as well.

He finally couldn't hold on any longer. He couldn't lift his head anymore, and his nightmares came as planned.

The Real Estate Management Center of the Wang Jiang Estate protected all of them.

The autumn and winter sun shone through the windows, causing people to feel an inexplicable chill.

Wang Binn, the leader of the security guards, did not sleep at all throughout the night. Last night, he went to the small district to stir up trouble for the thieves, and after that, the security guards under his command searched for most of the night but did not find any trace of the thieves.

This situation had never happened since the construction of the residential complex.

The surveillance footage in the small sector kept going back and forth. Other than a camera that could barely catch the back of the suspect, there was no trace of the suspect in any of the other cameras.

The suspect must have been very familiar with the location of the cameras in the small sector, or else he wouldn't have avoided them so skillfully.

However, he knew that there were two suspects, because he had accidentally discovered the thief the night before and chased after him. As a result, he was attacked by the crow. Unfortunately, with the crow's appearance, he was unable to continue chasing.

His face was still red and swollen from being slapped by those damned crows.

Thinking about the crow, Wang Binn turned the surveillance footage to the side and finally came to an answer. The reason these cameras did not catch the suspect was because there was a black object blocking the image. Perhaps this black object was those damned crows!

As Wang Binn thought of this, he unconsciously felt a huge pressure, and faintly felt that this matter was not that simple.

"Brother Wang, we've searched again and found this thing." A young security guard came in with an item in his hand. Wang Binn was famous for his bad temper, he couldn't help but hurt others when he was in a bad mood.

Wang Binn didn't participate in the patrolling initially, but who knew that the other patrolling security guards didn't run into any thieves last night.

Therefore, the other security guards didn't dare to delay any further and increased their patrolling. They spent the entire night searching for the thief.

Since the residential complex was so big, it would be like searching for a needle in a haystack if one wanted to hide by himself. Moreover, many of the houses in the villa were bought by people, but no one lived in them.

The other security guards did not dare to come here to cause trouble, so they found a young security guard who just joined the party to report to Wang Binn.

The young security guard placed a small cloth doll on the table. The cloth doll was covered with something black, and its appearance was also very strange.

"What crappy thing is it that it stinks so much?" Wang Binn took a deep breath and smelled a strange smell.

"I'm not too sure either. It looks a little suspicious, so I brought it back for you to see." "There's blood on it. It must be human blood."

"Human blood?" Wang Binn frowned, he did not care about the stench, and picked up the cloth doll that the young security guard had placed on the table.

Who knew that just as they met, a sharp pain came from the tip of his finger, causing him to quickly withdraw his hand.

"Brother Wang, are you alright?" The young security guard saw that Wang Binn's face had suddenly turned white, he did not know what had happened, and his heart skipped a beat.

Wang Binn clenched his teeth and asked, "Where did you find it?"

"Right where you found the suspect. "The suspect probably dropped it in a hurry." The young security guard said.

"Mm, you can leave now." Wang Binn said.

Seeing that Wang Binn was not angry at him, the young security guard heaved a sigh of relief, nodded his head and turned to leave.

When the young security guard left, Wang Binn looked at his finger and saw a red mark that looked like it had been burned through a cigarette. He paused for a moment, then took out a file from the drawer.

Wang Jiajia received the call. Although it was a call from an unfamiliar person and there was no record of it, she knew it was from Wang Binn and her boss was unwilling to let it ring for a while.

"It's urgent. We'll meet in the same place in an hour." Wang Binn ended his speech and hung up.

Wang Jiajia didn't even say a word as she fiercely bit her lips and drove her Maserati to the underground parking lot.

The place they agreed upon was an old coffee shop beside the business school. After Wang Jiajia parked her car in the school, she slowly walked over. It was still morning when she walked into the café. There was almost no one in the shop, so she checked her watch. There were still two minutes until the appointed time.

Although she hated more and more, she did not dare to disobey his words because he was a god of death and could do anything.

Wang Binn had always been very punctual. He was punctual to the point that he did not arrive a minute earlier, nor would he be late by a minute.

But today, Wang Binn was already waiting in the café.

"What matter is so urgent that we have to meet at the same place?" Wang Jiajia walked over, took off his sunglasses and placed them on the table.

"What happened at your house last night? Has anyone come looking for you? " Wang Binn asked. He liked to hear people's answers more than to answer them.

"Nope." Wang Jiajia was a little baffled.

"Are you sure?" Wang Binn asked.

"I was alone last night." "After that, Xiao Guai suddenly grabbed me twice, and I ran over to get a vaccine. After that, I didn't want to go back home, so I went to the Beauty Pavilion to do spa."

"Will you die if you get scratched by a cat? you have to go for an injection and you have to be crazy. " Wang Binn said angrily.

"Are you crazy? You came to me so early in the morning to scold me!" Wang Jiajia became angry, "If you don't say anything, I will leave first. Today, my husband is returning home, and he still needs to go to pick up the plane."

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