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C9 Ke's Family

"Whoa, he really did enter a movie?" Wang Binn laughed coldly, "Don't forget who you are exactly."

"Didn't we already discuss this?" Wang Jiajia glanced at her surroundings, lowering her voice, afraid that others would hear, "Why are you suddenly changing your mind, do you want to end this, fine, I will go back and pack up, and continue my miserable life with you, okay?"

"Don't be impatient." Wang Binn lit a cigarette, placed the yellow folder on the table, and said, "Open it yourself."

Wang Jiajia opened the folder suspiciously, and immediately covered her nose, "What's this, a dead mouse?"

Wang Binn did not reply, he could only open the archives and peek inside. Upon discovering that it was a cloth doll, he felt that it was even weirder.

"Take it out with your hands." Wang Binn said with an almost commanding tone.

Wang Jiajia reached her hand in and touched the cloth doll.

"Blood Sacrifice Puppet …" Wang Jiajia looked at Wang Binn with a pale face.

"It should have been left by someone outside your house last night." Wang Binn said.

"Who is it?" Wang Jiajia said anxiously, "Brother Bin, our matter has been discovered?"

"You're afraid now?" Wang Binn coldly sized her up, "Right now, the enemy is in the dark, and I'm in the light. I don't know which road they are on, but knowing the technique to sacrifice blood is definitely not simple. "If I didn't accidentally break it yesterday, maybe I would have already made a move on you."

Wang Jiajia was at a loss of what to do, "Then what should I do, should I go abroad to hide?"

"Can you hide past the first year and win fifteen years?" Wang Binn secretly cursed this foolish woman, "Since someone has come looking for us, we shall take care of him."

"Say, could it be that that damn ghost found out about the matter between you and me and found someone to deal with us?" Wang Jiajia said.

"That is a possibility. But with so many enemies, we can't guarantee that it will be anyone else. Anyway, the plan has to continue, don't mess around. " Wang Binn said, "Go back and shut your doors and windows a little tighter. Having Xiao Guai accompany you, Master said that it can see danger clearly, and can avoid disasters. "

"Xiao Guai?" Wang Jiajia seemed to have thought of something, "Last night, Xiao Guai went out to chase after him, so I don't know if she went home yet."

"Hurry back and take a look." Wang Binn was furious. Only he knew what Xiao Guai meant to Wang Jiajia.

After an entire night of nightmare, Chu Chi opened his eyes, as if he had returned from hell to the mortal world. Every time he woke up, he would have to look around for a while before he could recall where he was.

The negative emotions of the nightmare trip still eroded him, but the world of light gave him endless warmth. If he could, he wished he would never have to sleep.

Not far away, Zhang Yuechen had long since woken up. She kept looking at Chu Chi, revealing a small gap in the curtains. The morning sunlight shone in, shining on Chu Chi's face, allowing him to clearly see every single strand of hair on his face.

She had been attracted by the uneasiness and fear between his brows, which was something that could not be seen while Chu Chi was still awake.

"F * ck, why are you staring at me? Are you trying to woo my beauty?" Chu Chi intentionally pulled at his clothes when he saw Zhang Yuechen's gaze.

Zhang Yuechen scolded, "You sleep like a dead pig, I want to know, if I, the wandering soul ran out in the middle of the night, how would you know?"

"Don't worry, everything is under my control." Chu Chi raised his eyebrows and touched the white cat on the tea table.

He thought that since the Five Element Puppet was in Zhang Yuechen's body, no matter where the demon that was affecting her was, it would not act rashly.

The white cat's eyes were wide open, it had not slept for the whole night, but seeing Chu Chi coming over, it looked like it hated him, and didn't dare to retaliate.

"One day is in the morning." Chu Chi was satisfied with the tame look of the white cat, and picked it up, "Let's go, let's take it to train."

"Chu Chi, why are you carrying it out like this? Aren't you afraid of being caught?!" Zhang Yuechen also did not plan to ask Chu Chi where she had taken it, or what she had done with it, because she would definitely not be able to get an answer out of it.

"I forgot about that." Chu Chi patted his head, and whispered a few words into the white cat's ears.

The white cat raised its head and yawned, scratching its face.

Chu Chi crooked his mouth, and continued babbling beside the white cat's ears.

Zhang Yuechen watched in bafflement, thinking that it was such a waste of talent that Chu Chi did not become an actor.

After speaking to the white cat in all seriousness, Chu Chi removed the red rope on its four legs, leaving only the one on its neck. Then, he said to Zhang Yuechen, "I have already discussed this with it, it will think of a way to go out and meet up with me at the designated location."

"Are you for real?" Zhang Yuechen's face was filled with disbelief.

Chu Chi did not reply, he opened the door, and the white cat ran out first, sprinting past the iron fences and running out.

Just then, a luxurious car drove over and stopped outside Zhang Yuechen's home's metal door. A refined looking man with glasses pushed open the door and walked over to open the door himself.

"It's over, Han Yuan is back." Zhang Yuechen dragged Chu Chi into the room.

"Who is it?" Chu Chi asked.

"My stepfather." Zhang Yuechen said, "Hurry up and find a place to hide, don't let him see."

"Why did a new stepfather appear?" Chu Chi muttered.

"Stop nagging, hurry up." Zhang Yuechen said anxiously.

"No, I have an appointment with the white cat to meet outside, you have to hurry." Chu Chi said.

He still had a few more words of advice to say, but Zhang Yuechen dragged him all the way to the guest room on the first floor and shut the door.

Han Yuan entered the living room. Zhang Yuechen was already sitting on the sofa, pretending to watch television.

Zhang Yuechen stood up and nodded her head.

"Teacher Zhang told me that you haven't been in good health lately, so you applied for a break from school with him." Han Yuan went straight to the point.

"Yes." Zhang Yuechen answered simply.

Han Yuan sat on the sofa at the side, hesitating about what to say.

"Do you have something to tell me?" Zhang Yuechen asked.

"Yeah, I came specially this time to tell you something." Han Yuan said, "Your mother has died three months ago, there are a lot of matters that need to be explained to others. I want to split up the property, take out your share, temporarily hand it over to a special financial institution, and collect the monthly allowance. When you finish college, you'll have all the money at your disposal. "

"Are you trying to break off our relationship?" Zhang Yuechen listened quietly and suddenly laughed.

"Yuechen, I've actually been thinking about this recently." Han Yuan said, "Although the two of us are father and daughter in name, we are actually not related in any way. "After all, you've grown up …"

"I know what you mean." Zhang Yuechen sneered.

Han Yuan frowned, he did not know how to continue the conversation.

Chu Chi hid in his room and stuck his ear close to the door, listening to the conversation between Zhang Yuechen and. It sounded a bit ambiguous.

"Aren't you afraid of being killed by me?" Zhang Yuechen snorted, "Fine, as long as you break off the relationship between me and you and I, after all, after my mother died, I lived alone for so long, yet you didn't even say a word."

"Yuechen, it's not like that …" Han Yuan's voice was a little low.

"Alright, I'll agree to all of these things you've said." Zhang Yuechen said, "I won't make things difficult for you."

"Yes." Take care of yourself. " Han Yuan said, "If you need me to take care of you, I will arrange for you to do so."

"No need, I can take care of myself." Zhang Yuechen said.

"That's good." Han Yuan forced a smile, "If there's anything, contact me in time."

Zhang Yuechen did not make a sound.

Han Yuan sighed lightly, he turned and walked out, and after a while, the sound of a car starting up could be heard outside.

Chu Chi stuck his head out from the guest room and looked around. Taking a deep breath, he walked to Zhang Yuechen's side, "Let's go, quickly go and reunite with the white cat."

"Go, I don't want to go." Zhang Yuechen shook her head expressionlessly.

"Let's go, don't be so listless." Chu Chi pulled on Zhang Yuechen, "How can you heal this wandering soul of yours if the white cat is lost later on?"

"Just let me die!" Zhang Yuechen flung Chu Chi away, and tears were already flowing down her face. "Anyway, I've been wanting to die for a long time now."

Chu Chi said: "What are you talking about at such a young age? Living in such a big house, there was still an endless amount of money. To be honest, I even want to marry you and have a soft life. "

"You can go." Zhang Yuechen let her tears fall, and no matter how Chu Chi made fun of her, "If I don't leave, I will be the one to die! As you can see, I am the only member of a large family left, and those who are related to me will all die! "

"Death?" "What era is this? How can you believe such bullshit?" Chu Chi sized Zhang Yuechen up and could not help but turn to look at the black and white photo on the wall.

"If you won't leave, then I'll leave!" Zhang Yuechen flew into a rage and ran for the door.

"Don't, this is your home. I'll go, I'll go …" Chu Chi hurriedly stopped him and left Zhang Yuechen's house with her tail between her legs. She turned to look at Zhang Yuechen and said reluctantly, "Whitey's long term meal ticket was gone just like that, sigh … It's not my style to give up so quickly. It's not over yet. "

Wang Jiajia returned to his residence and searched around the villa but couldn't find Xiao Guai.

Xiao Guai had always been a good girl, never running around while being carried by her. Whenever Li Zhi wasn't at home, Xiao Guai would always sleep in the same bed as her.

Other than these two places, Wang Jiajia really had no idea where she should go.

When it was nine or ten o'clock, Wang Jiajia was tired and did not want to continue looking. Looking at the time, when Li Zhi returned home, she decided to go to the airport to pick him up.

Just as she drove out of the villa, Wang Binn stopped her.

Wang Jiajia rolled down the window of the car, and was so scared that she looked around, afraid that people would see, after seeing that there was no one around, he glared at Wang Binn and said, "If they saw us, we'll be screwed!"

It was because they were worried about this that they didn't get Wang Binn to enter the villa to help them find the cat. On the surface, the two of them were owners and security who didn't know each other, and belonged to two different worlds.

Wang Binn coldly swept a glance at her, "Where are you going?"

"Didn't I tell you that Li Zhi returned home?" Wang Jiajia said as she prepared to leave.

"I've never seen you act so aggressively in the past. Let's find Xiao Guai first." Wang Binn said.

"Isn't it just a cat? If it's gone, then it's gone." Wang Jiajia didn't know why Wang Binn was paying so much attention. Even if it could avoid disaster, he couldn't just waste one day on it.

"Have you forgotten about the blood sacrifice golem?" Wang Binn saw that Wang Jiajia did not care about her attitude, and clenched her fists, wishing she could punch the foolish woman in the face.

"I called my bodyguard. We'll go to the airport together later. It'll be fine in broad daylight." Wang Jiajia didn't want to continue talking with Wang Binn, so she saw someone in the distance. She stepped on the gas pedal and drove.

Wang Binn frowned, and cursed: "Damn it, at that time, don't come beg me!"

He carefully thought about it, and felt that there seemed to be some changes on Wang Jiajia's face, which made him feel that it wasn't good.

No matter what, he had to find Xiao Guai quickly.

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