Undying Memories/C2 The man
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Undying Memories/C2 The man
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C2 The man

I slowly opened my eyes, it was still dim at first but also brightened later. The whole area was bright because of the white ceiling and white walls, the smell of the surroundings was familiar to me. I am in the hospital.

"She's awake!" I heard Finley shout and I closed my eyes again.

"Quinn, are you okay?" I looked up again and looked at my mom, she was crying while dad was behind her. I couldn't speak, so I just nodded at that question. I looked at every person in the room, some of my aunts and cousins were there.

"How many days I've been unconscious?" I weakly question them.

"Two days." Aunt Dian answered quickly. I nodded again and turned my gaze to the door, a man was standing there.

The man wearing a black leather jacket and was also reading a black book. His hair was beautiful and even though he wasn't looking at me, I knew his eyes were a bit narrow, it was sharp and his skin is very white. I knew we weren’t relatives because I couldn’t recognize his face.

My mom and dad are talking to the doctor now. My cousins are also telling stories but I don't understand anything, because my attention is focused on the man standing there. For no apparent reason, my heartbeat quickened when he suddenly looked at me and grinned, I saw his gray eyes.

"Who's that guy?" Even with weakness, I raised my hand to point to the man.

"Who? There's no one there, stop Quinn. Don't scare me." I felt Jade's squeeze, I shook again and blinked softly.

"Look at him, he's looking at us." I persevere and face them. I saw the fear on their faces from what I said, I don't know why they can't see this man, but I'm not mistaken, a man is standing there.

"Auntie, Quinn said there's a man at the door." Finley shuddered, as she pulled on the hem of the jacket my mom was wearing.

"You're just tired Quinn, we'll go home later," mom said and kissed me on the forehead.

"But it's true, there's a man–where is he?" Where did the man standing there earlier go? Did he leave right away?

"You're just really tired." My older cousin Denis scolded. I looked again at my cousins. Finley and Jade are sitting next to me, my older cousin Denis and Lynda were standing. Mom and dad went out for a while. My aunts were sitting not far away.

"What happened to you?" Lynda angrily asks. What happened that day?

"The girl," I stared at them in confusion.

"That nice hotel." Even though I vaguely remember that beautiful hotel, I’m not mistaken and it wasn’t just a dream. "Before there was a man, now a woman and a nice hotel. Your brain has changed Quinn." Finley was still teasing.

"I'm not kidding. I saw the nice hotel." I almost begged them to listen to me, but they just laughed at me.

"What's so good about that hotel? You've already seen that the place is ugly, haven't you? It's too old, did you have a good dream when you were unconscious?" Jade asked while they were still laughing.

"No, I was also surprised. But it's really beautiful, my vision is blurry but that hotel looks high class and rich." I have a long explanation for them. I know that happened, I can’t go wrong with what I saw. "Tell us when you're okay," said Denis.

"We'll be back to Manila later, we've arranged your belongings. If nothing happened bad to you, we would still be here in Baguio for a long time." There was still regret in the tone of Finley's speech before she stood up.

"It's the woman's fault, if she hadn't surprised me with her scary make-up I wouldn't have fallen." If only I wasn't really surprised at her face. I'm not scared but I'm quick to get surprised.

But what could that woman’s trip and do that make-up to make you think she was a ghost?

"Who's the woman? There's no one else there, let's just go. Are you crazy girl?" Denis still raised his eyebrows, I stared and folded my arms. I just lay there watching them laughing. Maybe intending to prank me, the only problem is I fell. After I gained strength I sat down.

My aunt and other cousins left first to eat and leaving Finley lying on the sofa while focusing on her cellphone. Her newly purchased wireless earphone is still attached to her ear. I borrowed Denis's laptop so that I could do something.

I focused on watching their vlog on YouTube but since I already knew the events, I read in the comment section. Many say that the place is creepy, even some of those who commented said that they also came from that area and felt strange. They just told a story I didn't feel anything else in that place, but only being tired.

While reading the comments, something caught my attention. "Are you okay now?" I'm poorly wet here. I adjusted my seat and lifted my knees to bring the laptop closer to me. I even visited its channel. His channel icon is pure black. I even swallowed because of the dryness of my throat, my heart was also beating fast while staring at its name. I’m not quick to get scared actually, but I feel differently about it, especially when I read its name.

'Mirg repaer' but when read backward it turns out to be, 'Grim reaper.'

"Boom!" I almost threw away the laptop I was holding in shock, due to the sudden appearance of Denis.

"Why are you so serious?" He asked and immediately sit down next to me.

"Look at this, it's weird, why would he ask if I'm okay. That's his name, Grim reaper when turned upside down." I handed him a laptop to show that comment.

"Where? There's nothing written here?" He frowned and handed the laptop back to me.

"Yes, it–where is it?" He can't delete that comment that easily. So weird.

"I told you to rest first," he said as he immediately took the laptop, I snatched it but he also quickly hid it.

"Promise, what I'm saying is true." I want him to believe me but he had no answer other than a nod.

"We'll go back to the hotel and sleep there." I just gasped at what he said. I looked dully at him and he's now approaching Finley. Why does no one believe me? What I am saying is true.

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