Undying Memories/C3 I saw him again
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Undying Memories/C3 I saw him again
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C3 I saw him again

I stared out the glass window. My eyes widened and I stared at it intently, the man was out there and even waved at me.

I looked at my cousin Denis and Finley, but they were both busy looking at the laptop, I wanted to shout and tell them that I saw the man again. I turned my look at the man again, he was still smiling at me.

I stood up and walked closer to the mirror, I even applied my two palms to see him even more. I saw him looking at his black notebook and looked to the right.

I also looked there and saw a patient running, it was bloody but I couldn’t see much, because of the number of people. They quickly passed us but someone stopped in front of that man.

This woman was wearing a blue t-shirt and black shorts, I also saw blood on her hands. The man in the black leather jacket was talking to her and opened his notebook, he said something to the woman but I couldn't understand, because I was inside.

I swallowed again because of the dryness of my throat and also my fast heartbeat, the first time the lady faced where I was standing, my hair stood up quickly. I saw her deep eyes and dry lips, which were still black.

My hands trembled as I removed it from the glass and looked down at its bloody stomach. Couldn’t this woman be the girl who was rushed earlier? But why do I see her? Why was she talking to that man?

My knees trembled backward as my eyes focused on the two of them. Maybe I'm just tired of what I'm seeing or maybe there's a movie shooting here? But no. I don’t believe in ghosts, I know ghosts aren’t real.

"Quinn," I screamed after Finley grabbed me by my shoulder, I looked at her, while she covering her ears. I quickly looked outside but they were both gone.

"Quinn, what's wrong with you?" Finley asks, but I did not pay attention, I immediately went to the door and went out. I even looked to the right and left but I did not see them.

"What are you doing? Come in." My older cousin Denis pulled me hard, I even pushed him then walk. I kept walking even though Denis was about to drag me back to my room, I kept looking for something I couldn't understand. I don’t know what I feel right now.

"What is it, Quinn?! What's wrong with you?" I looked into his eyes, even though my vision was blurred from crying, I could see the confusion in it.

"That man I'm talking about, I saw him again. He's just here." I tried to pull him away but he wouldn't let me get away, he grabbed me by both arms and faced him.

"You listen." His grip tightened on my arm and he looked straight at me.

"You're just tired, okay? There are a lot of men in this hospital. Come back inside, because we'll be leaving later as well." I closed my eyes and wipe my tears. I nodded as I opened my eyes.

"Let's go," he said and helped me walk back. I could still see Finley standing in the doorway as she was afraid of my attitude. But I'm not wrong with what I saw, something really weird happened today.

Something strange happened to me after that accident. It’s my body, I know myself, I’m not crazy. I knew something was wrong, I knew something was weird. I’m not scared, but I’m confused.

I wanted to talk to that man, I felt he was the only one who could answer these questions of mine. But who is he and what does he have to do with what is happening to me?

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