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C4 Help me

It was afternoon when I got out of the hospital and we went straight to the hotel. Because I'm fine now, we can travel back to Manila again, maybe tomorrow afternoon.

"Are you sure you're not going to Burnham park today?" Mom asked while combing her hair.

"Yes mom, I just wanted to be here and rest," I replied and looked out the window.

Could it possible that my third eye opened? But I don't believe in such things, maybe I'm just too upset so I'm just thinking about something not real.

"Mom, do you believe in ghosts? In the third eye?" I asked and turned my gaze to my mom who had stopped combing her hair.

"They said it's true, why did you ask?" Mom even sat up to face me.

"Nothing." I walked over to her and sat down next to her.

"Because they're terrified of ghosts." She laughed after I said it.

"Why are they afraid of something they haven't seen before?" I have more questions here. I felt his hand caress my hair.

"Not everything we see is not true and not everything we see is true," she said from her gentle voice. I nodded and hugged her.

"I'm sorry," I promised as I immersed myself in her. I knew she was worried too much.

I am an only child, they even said that I am also a miracle baby. When I was born I didn't cry or breathe, the doctors revived me several times but they didn't. Just a few hours later even the doctors were shocked when I cried.

My mom is not allowed to give birth, they have tried a few times before but it always doesn't work. I don't know what kind of miracle happened to me, but I'm still thankful because so far I'm fine – except for the weird feelings I have.

"Are you ready, Auntie?" I looked up when Jade suddenly entered.

"All right, mom, I'll be in Finley's room." I stood up after kissing her cheek.

She still wanted to join me here but I wanted them to enjoy it, I have just ruined this reunion because of my negligence.

"Finley," I called her and she immediately turned around. I even ran closer to her.

"I'm staying here in your room." I immediately pulled the key from her hand.

"Are you sure? That room is scary." Suddenly I stopped at what she was saying, I slowly opened the door and looked at her.

"There's some strange sound when I'm alone, sometimes I ask them, but they don't seem to. That's why sometimes I don't want to be left alone." Finley said weakly, before when she said this, I was not nervous but now, my whole body is getting cold fast and my heart is beating faster.

"I know you're not scared, but she or he cries all the time and seems to be asking for help." I even swallowed just to not show my nervousness.

"Maybe someone is just watching in the other room, is there my laptop?" I changed the way we talked. I don't want to scare myself because I know that ghosts are not real, they are just part of the imagination and developed by the brain that is thought to be real.

"Of course, I didn't give it back to you." It even scratched her ear so hard and smiled that you thought there was teasing.

"All right, I'll be here." After I said this I immediately went inside. I saw the laptop, I sat down after holding the laptop and opened it.

I only see pictures of them and even pictures of us when we were in the Dominican hotel. I took each shot one by one. The surroundings were very old and there was nothing new. What I saw entered my mind again, it was impossible that it was not true. I know, I saw this place is beautiful and not so old.

As I stared at each photo I was blinded by a liquid that suddenly dripped from my forehead down to my eyes, I immediately wiped it and rubbed it on the back of my dress. I was back to typing when I noticed the red color on my hand. I feel nervous again as my hand trembles looking at it.

I swallowed first before turning my gaze to what I was wiping. Blood, this is blood.

Once again I was able to close a series of drops of it, from above. I ran my palm over my forehead as I put the laptop aside.

My palm is full of blood. My eyes trembled as I looked up, even my muscles were restless due to the strange feeling caused by the nervousness.

"H-help..." I immediately backed away to the end of the bed and covered my mouth, I didn't care if it was full of blood.

"H-help me..." With each word, blood dripped from her mouth.

My heart was beating fast while my brain was still in turmoil. This woman is floating straight up, she is wearing green and white. Her body was full of blood and her face had veins that seemed to be turning black as well. She was crying but blood was dripping from her eyes. I can’t think straight of what I see. It’s not true.

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