Unexpected Fate/C1 Moving Out
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Unexpected Fate/C1 Moving Out
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C1 Moving Out

Moving Out


"Five more minutes, mom." She's been calling me about ten times. I'm not done packing all my things yet.

I'm moving out today because college is quivering. I was given a scholarship from a prestigious university in town. Well, I kinda didn't expect that I got one. But mom said that I deserved it. Moreover, I graduated in senior high with some flying colors.

The school has dormitories for students just like what I saw in movies. Well, it's a school for elite people, after all.

I was wonder-struck when the door opened. "Mom!... don't you know how to knock? Geez, you scared me to death."

I place the last batch of my pajamas inside my traveling bag.

"Oh, sorry 'bout that. Well, as you can see," she pointed her wristwatch, "time is running, you shouldn't be late on your first day inside Chanter University," she said.

"I'm not that intrigued at all. Because I hundred pretty sure that I'll be missing you all, guys." I said and zipped my bag. Done.

"Oh, don't mind us, we'll be alright. Just enjoy your college days, sweety."

"Wow, easy for you to say, mom. Homesick isn't easy."

My mother moved near me. She grabbed my hand and squeeze it gently. "You're a brave and tough lady. I know you'll get used to it. Besides, Reina is with you."

"But Reina and I, haven't the same course. We have different schedules."

"C'mon, sweety. You're not a kid anymore. Don't be too dramatic. I hate it," my mom said.

I chuckled. "But honestly, I will miss you mom, your dishes preferably."

"Funny young lady." She pinched my cheeks.

"Mom…" I moved my face away from her. I massage my cheeks. Damn, it hurts.

"Oh, how I loved your fluffy cheeks," she said. "But I imply, you should lessen some fats, sweety. Too much belly fats were too pretty annoying by some handsome jerks."

Yeah, I got fluffy cheeks because I'm a chubby pretty girl and it's because of her and her homemade dishes. "Like duh, mom, I'm not entering college for me to have a boyfriend."

"Seriously? You haven't introduced one since then, I think this time was the perfect one," she said and sneered.

"What? Aren't it's supposed to be academic first before boys?"

Why should I get a boyfriend if I haven't graduated college yet?

Mom stood up. "I'm just assessing you, sweety. Of course, it should be school first before boys but if ever, I'm allowing you already to have one. As long as, you'll make it as your motivation and set some limits. You're not getting younger, anyway. So, you have to try."

"Mom, I don't have plans. If I wished to have one, I should have done it earlier. I have so many dreams and having a boyfriend isn't one of them."

My mother laughed. "You sure you don't like to have or experience having a boyfriend?"

I rolled my eyes. "No. Not this time." I tugged my traveling bag. "Let's go."

Mom's still laughing until we're on downstairs and dad was busy reading some newspaper on the sofa. "Rudolf, kindly give some pieces of advice to our daughter about having an incredible boyfriend as how you got me way back then," mom said and sat beside dad.

"Mom…" I warned.

She's still laughing. "I told you, I don't have plans yet. What if I got pregnant and didn't finish college?"

"Oh, you and your silly thoughts, sweety. You will not get pregnant not unless you give your v-card. Having a boyfriend doesn't mean you must get pregnant. It's just that, it can inspire you," mom said.

"Inspiration? Or distraction? Stop this boyfriend thingy mom. I'm not going to have one not until I graduated or have a great job, perhaps."

"Girls, girls, girls, stop it," dad said. "Loida, don't force our baby—"

I interrupt him. "Excuse me, Dad. I'm not a baby anymore."

"Oh, my bad. Sorry 'bout that. Hon, don't force our lady," he emphasizes the word lady, "to have a boyfriend. She must focus on her studies—"

"Precisely. That's what I'm saying, dad," I cut in.

"Alright, alright. I surrender. Just study well but don't study hard, sweety, okay?" mom said in defeat. Laugh my ass out.

I nodded.

"You ready?" dad asked.


He put down the newspaper above the table. "So, shall we?" he said as he stood up.

I smiled and nodded.

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