Unexpected Fate/C2 Chanter University
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Unexpected Fate/C2 Chanter University
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C2 Chanter University

Chanter University

MOM AND DAD decided to drop me off at Chanter University. Two days from now, it will already be the first day of the first semester. I hope I'll get along with my co-students. I didn't take the college entrance exam because I was immediately selected by the administrator as part of their scholarship program.

Mom and Dad don't have a high source of income, and that scholarship was a big help for us, financially. We just have a simple life. Planting some grains and crops, pasturing cows and goats. We're a typical below-average family in our village.

Getting into college wasn't an easy one, particularly it needs lots of savings and money to start with. That scholarship was not enough for me to get a living during my college times. I had to apply for a job to sustain and have a better living. Possibly, I should apply as a waitress at a fine dining restaurant near the school. As much as possible, I don't want to rely on my financial stuff to my parents.

I want to be a working student. My father doesn't like my idea but, in the end, after a long-sugarcoated word, he agreed.

"Let's pick Reina too, dad," I said as I buckled up. Reina was my first cousin on the mother's side. She will take up BS Psychology and I take up Business Administration.

Reina and I graduated with flying colors. Both of us got a scholarship and were given the privilege to enter the prestigious and international school in town, miles away from home.

"Girls, always remember what we've told you, okay?" mom said as we get off the truck.

We both nodded. I kissed mom on her cheeks and waved to dad. "Bye, you guys feed my nana on time okay?" I'm referring to my cat. I wish I could bring an animal here, but it is stated on the student handbook, no pets are allowed.

They both smiled and nodded. I waved one more time as dad drive the truck away from us. I will miss both of them.

But I have Reina with me. So, I guess, I won't get bored or homesick, after all.

"You know what, Brent doesn't want me to get in here," Reina started. She was implying to his damn of a shit boyfriend.

"For what reason?"

"He said that there are lots of handsome and rich men here. That he was frightened that I might look for a new one."

"Geez, he was so fortunate that he has you, if I'm at your place, I'll break up with him. Like who the hell is he, to bridle you, he fooled you twice. So... you should leave him and look for a new one."

"But I love him."

"Don't be a martyr. There's a lot of good men there. Don't get stuck with that dimwit."

Reina heaved a deep sigh. "He promised me that he will never do it again."

"Promises are meant to be broken. You see, he cheated on you not once but twice. I'm just giving you one hell of a knock. Speculate wisely, gal."

Reina didn't answer.

We climbed upstairs as we enter the girl's dormitory. The old lady at the entrance lends us our keys. She has lists, anyway. There were three types of dorms in C.U. For scholars, for regular students—the one who pays their tuition, and the international students. For us, we're in the lowest. Because we're only the lucky people who were selected by the administration.

We stopped at room 28. The dorm has four floors and consists of ten rooms on each floor. Chanter University doesn't have too many students correlated to other universities. As stated in the handbook, they only have 1050 students at the moment. 50 international students and 1000 local students.

Is it good enough if I consider what mom said about having a boyfriend? We can do a boy hunting and rating after we drop off our items of luggage. Just kidding.

I put the key on the keyhole and twirled the doorknob. "Woah, the room was pretty cool," Reina yelled in surprise.

"Is this your first time seeing a room like this?" I asked and rolled my eyes.

"Shut up!" she said, seems irritated.

"Chill, I'm just trying to lighten the mood."

She just rolled her eyes. Mimicking me.

"Wait, I'll stay here," I said, standing beside the left corner.

"Whatever," She replied and moved to the other side of the room.

I chuckled.

There were two beds inside, two tables, two cabinets of course. Where are we gonna eat? Well, the school has a cafeteria. I know it because I've read the whole student handbook the other day.

I toss myself on the bed. "Hmmm…" it was kinda relaxing. The bed was so soft. My back loves it.

"I'll just take a nap. I'll organize my kinds of stuff when I woke up," I said and grabbed some pillow and let myself be drenched in darkness.

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