Unexpected Huge Fortune/C10 Is This Considered a Kidnapping
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Unexpected Huge Fortune/C10 Is This Considered a Kidnapping
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C10 Is This Considered a Kidnapping

Tang Fei had always disliked slapping people's faces and pretending to be fat. When he was in school, he had always hated those who didn't have the ability. In the end, he was the one who was at a disadvantage. He owed a lot of money and even used the best things to show off. It was like using the best things and you became rich. In the end, you had money and no money, but didn't you still have to return to reality?

However, my audition for the goddess of the City Star was not bad. The Tengfei Film and Television Company was not doing well in the industry. They were close to closing down, so it was not impossible for them to organize an event to boost their popularity. However, based on Shangguan Chenloong's usual style, Could it be that this Champion Goddess still had to choose according to his own preferences? If she created another spokesperson of the demonic aura, It'll be hard for this company to survive.

But now that the power was in Shangguan Chenloong's hands, there was nothing he could do. If he wanted to see if his father could handle the small amount of money, he could give it a try. He had been in school for so many years, and he had never been short of money. It was his father who transferred the money to his own account, so Tang Fei felt that his father could have some money in his hands. But the problem was that the company owed hundreds of millions of yuan. How was he going to pay it back? Tang Fei was not sure. Besides, Tang Fei had just returned. What was going on here? He did not know at all. Also, like what Shangguan Chenloong said, how to manage the company? He was just a noob in the entertainment industry. He didn't know anything and had to start from the beginning. The martial arts and medical skills he had learned were probably useless in the entertainment industry other than being a fighting star.

Shangguan Chenloong saw that Tang Fei did not speak for a long time and suddenly thought of what Tang Fei had said. He asked, "Fei, you just said that there are three fiancée in the family. And a future mother-in-law. What's going on?"

Tang Fei thought to himself, "You don't care about me at all. You are just afraid that I will go back to the company. Why are you suddenly concerned about me? Is there a conspiracy?

However, Tang Fei still told Shangguan Chenloong everything that had happened. He had to invite his uncle to attend his wedding. After all, he was his only family apart from his father.

When Shangguan Chenloong heard that, he was a little surprised and in disbelief. He said to Tang Fei, "Fei, you are going to be lucky. But what you said doesn't make sense. These women are in your house. If they don't have any income, it will be enough for you to drink. You didn't consider letting them go to their own jobs. "Are you only providing a temporary residence?"

Tang Fei said, "I've thought about it too, but I gave up on it. Because they came here to join you, and my dad agreed to it, "Tang Fei said. He wants me to take responsibility for it. No matter what, these people will be my family in the future. No matter who the three sisters choose, they will be my wife. The other two will be my sister-in-law, my sister-in-law, and my mother-in-law. Right now, the three of them are my fiancée and my future mother-in-law. Who do you think you want me to raise? Who do you want me to find a job? "

Shangguan Chenloong said, "You can't say that. No one is obligated to raise a person for nothing. Since they came to find you, it only means that the baby still exists. However, this doesn't mean that you have to support the four of them. As long as you don't want to, they have to find their own jobs."

Although what Shangguan Chenloong said was not unreasonable, Tang Fei could not do it. Just like what his father said, since you want to choose one of the three to be your wife, you have to take responsibility no matter what. Besides, it didn't seem like his family couldn't take the blame. They couldn't even support these few people.

Since the company's problem could not be solved for the time being, he could not earn money here. It was pointless for Tang Fei to go back to the company, so Tang Fei chatted with Shangguan Chenloong briefly at the company. He didn't want to waste his time in a meaningless place. If he had the time, he might as well take a few missions from Wolf.

Going back to the company now wouldn't work. Then he could only go back to Wolf. To be honest, Tang Fei didn't know what Wolf was doing here. It was just like the bounty hunter in the movie. He gave you a mission. If you completed it, you could get a high reward from him.

Of course, these missions were very dangerous. Tang Fei had received two missions at school, both of which were to hunt down fugitives. Tang Fei had crossed the border during his summer vacation. He received a mission from Wolf, asking him to go to the border of China and Myanmar to hunt down a fugitive. The fugitive still had weapons on him. Later, Tang Fei successfully caught the fugitive under the joint operation of the local police and the domestic police. Tang Fei had never figured out anything like chasing a fugitive. Wasn't it all about the police? What did they want him to do?

However, after the mission was completed, Tang Fei received tens of thousands of yuan as a reward. This gave Tang Fei a sense of accomplishment. Later on, he didn't think why Wolf wanted him to go after the fugitives. This amount of money was attractive enough.

Tang Fei left the company and walked to the bus stop. There was a car parked in front of him. Tang Fei did not know what car it was. It was a long car anyway. A longer version of the Caddy? Tang Fei wondered. But why did this car park in front of him for no reason? It almost blocked the entire bus station. Aren't you afraid of being fined? Rich people are pisses. Although Tang Fei didn't know much about cars, he knew that this car was worth a lot of money.

At this time, two people got out of the car and said to Tang Fei, "You are Tang Fei, right?"

Tang Fei was first stunned and looked at the two people. These two people were both wearing well-ironed suit shirts and sunglasses. It was obvious that they were not good people. Tang Fei's heart skipped a beat. He thought that it couldn't be the fugitive he caught last year. His subordinates were looking for trouble with him, right? Although Tang Fei was not afraid of these two people, just this kind of trash. He wasn't afraid of ten Tang Fei, but it was better to avoid unnecessary trouble. Tang Fei calmed himself down and smiled. "I am not. Did you guys recognize the wrong person?"

Who knew that those two people would not give up? They said to Tang Fei, "Young Master, don't joke around. From the moment you came out of the martial arts school, we already knew your whereabouts. We are not bad people. We are people from Madam Tang and Shangguan Hong's family. Please come with us, Young Master. Madam Shangguan has something to talk to you about."

What? Madam Tang and Shangguan Hong? Wasn't this talking about her mother? What the heck? What's going on? Mom has been dead for 20 years and she actually has something to talk to me about? Who would believe him if he said it out loud? These people must be lying. They must have tricked themselves. Once they go, it's very likely that they won't even be able to protect their lives.

Tang Fei said, "I say, I don't know you. Besides, my mom has been dead for 20 years. Who do you think she is looking for me for? Does she want me to go down there to look for her? "

The two men took off their sunglasses and said with a bitter face, "Master, why don't you believe me? There's nothing we can do about it. We can only force you!"

Tang Fei smiled and said, "With just you two, you don't have to look at yourself. Come on, I'll let you do it first!"

The two of them said, "I know you're from a martial arts school. We can't beat you, but..."

At this moment, a girl walked past Tang Fei and patted him on the shoulder. "Isn't this Tang Fei? When did you come back?"

Tang Fei thought someone was calling him. When he turned around, he saw the girl spray something at him. Tang Fei felt dizzy and didn't know anything.

The two of them pushed Tang Fei into the car. There was no one at the bus stop. Otherwise, the scene would scare the people who were waiting for the bus.

The girl got into the car with the two of them. The car went on a long journey. When they drove to the suburbs, no one noticed a person lying in the car. No one cared if the car had kidnapped a person. Because the car looked very conspicuous, ordinary people would spit on it. There were too many people who hated rich people nowadays, and this kind of car would be blacklisted in the eyes of ordinary people. Who would look directly at it?

At this time, Tang Fei had already woken up in the car. Tang Fei was proficient in medicine and also practiced martial arts. He could quickly remove most poisonous substances. It could be said that he was immune to all poisons. However, Tang Fei had never thought that someone would use such despicable means to plot against him.

"What are you guys doing? Stop the car now. Is this considered a kidnapping?" Tang Fei shouted hysterically in the car.

The girl who had sprayed Tang Fei with an unknown spray wrapped her arms around him. She smiled and said, "Young master, you are going to become a billionaire soon. Do you believe me? You are really stubborn. You will not get on the car no matter what. Otherwise, can we treat you like this? Since we are here, we should settle down. Do you think we are like people to you? If so, If we were, wouldn't we have attacked earlier? "

Tang Fei slapped the girl's hand away and said angrily, "Get lost. Where did you come from? If you didn't knock me out in such a despicable way, how could I be here?"

After saying that, Tang Fei thought about it. What the girl said was not unreasonable. Were these people really not here to harm him? However, he didn't believe the words of those two people. They were very capable, and they couldn't defeat them. He couldn't ask them to move, so he could only use this method.

They were only billionaires? What the hell was this? He was just a poor kid who had just graduated. How could he become a billionaire? At this time, Tang Fei also thought about it. If he were to hurt these people on impulse, Or in a fight that caused the car to go out of control and rush into the crowd or fall into the ditch, you can't help being responsible for it. A light prisoner, a heavy one might accidentally lose his life and end up with these people. This was definitely not worth it.

Since these people keep calling me young master and also say that it is Shangguan Hong consortium's butler association, then it might be true because he heard his father say that it was true. My own mother is a beauty, and she's also a triphie star in movies, songs, and music. Although she's not very famous in the country, she's been working with Hollywood actors overseas. Even her father didn't know how much money she had. Now it seemed like... Could it be that these people were telling the truth?

However, he was in a sorry state right now. Not only had he been plotted against, but he had also been ambushed. This is a kidnapping, isn't it?

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