Unexpected Huge Fortune/C11 A Fortune from the Heavens
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Unexpected Huge Fortune/C11 A Fortune from the Heavens
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C11 A Fortune from the Heavens

The girl said to Tang Fei, "Don't demonize girls, okay? If you take the initiative, you'll become a demon? Then I dare say you'll meet more and more demons in the future. "Because you are about to become rich, there will be countless girls chasing after you!"

Tang Fei smiled and said, "You are one of them, aren't you? But I am not rich. I am just a poor kid who just graduated. I haven't bought any lottery tickets recently. Where did this money come from? "

The girl looked at Tang Fei with a silly smile. She felt that Tang Fei was really silly and cute. "Since we have made it clear that your mother's butler will come, then this money naturally belongs to your mother. Do we still need to win the lottery? Perhaps he doesn't even know what a consortium is. So the girl didn't answer Tang Fei's question directly. She only told him that when the time came, he would know. Anyway, she wouldn't hurt him.

Tang Fei didn't believe what the girl said at all. If she wouldn't hurt him, I wouldn't have done anything to myself. Tang Fei didn't think that the girl wouldn't be like this. They couldn't invite Tang Fei at all. They could not use weapons openly in public, which would cause unnecessary trouble. Therefore, these people had no choice but to do this.

The car drove into a big villa in the suburbs. This villa was much bigger than the one in his house. The big courtyard had walls. This was definitely an independent villa in the suburbs. It was not a villa at all. It could only be described as a villa.

When they arrived at the main entrance of the villa, the car stopped. The girl smiled and said to Tang Fei, "Get out of the car, my young master."

Tang Fei said to the girl, "Don't call me young master. Why does it sound so awkward?"

A few people got out of the car. The two people who had just gotten out of the car and asked Tang Fei to come out stood at the door. Only the girl led Tang Fei and kept walking.

Tang Fei followed behind the girl, his heart trembling with fear. He did not know where this girl would take him. However, there was a subtle change in Tang Fei's heart. That was, Tang Fei, who had previously been hostile to the girl, suddenly felt that this girl was not that annoying. Tang Fei even felt that this girl was somewhat friendly. He could not understand why she felt this way.

The girl had brought Tang Fei to a meeting.

The meeting room was very big. It was almost dozens of square meters. There were chairs all around. There was a person sitting on the chair in the middle. This person was an old man, about sixty or seventy years old. He had a head full of white hair, but it seemed that he was in a good mental state.

At this time, the girl who had been bringing Tang Fei walked in front of the old man and said, "Grandpa, it took me a lot of effort to bring him here. He doesn't believe me no matter how I tell him. He's really a piece of wood!"

The old man laughed and said, "This isn't a movie. It's normal that he doesn't believe me. But some things are so unpredictable. He has to believe it even if he doesn't. But you did well. Didn't you invite him here?"

The two of them seemed to have gotten Tang Fei to the side. At this time, Tang Fei was a twenty feet tall monk. He could not figure out what was going on. It was strange. Just now, there was a girl who did not know where she came from. Now, there was an old man. What was he going to sing?

The old man looked at Tang Fei and smiled. He waved at him, indicating for him to go over.

Tang Fei pointed at himself. The old man nodded. There was no one else here. There was only the old man and the girl who brought him here. So Tang Fei did not have any concerns. Even if these two had any ulterior motives, he would not be able to deal with an old man and a little girl. All he needed to do was to guard against a sneak attack.

Therefore, Tang Fei, who was confident in his martial arts skills, did not fear this old man. He walked over.

The old man smiled at Tang Fei and said, "Child, you are Tang Fei, right? Do you know who I am?"

Tang Fei thought to himself, "Aren't you joking? How would I know who you are?" Tang Fei shook his head.

The old man smiled and said, "I guess you don't know either." Tang Fei almost fainted. Wasn't this nonsense?

"I know. You know your mother is a star. However, do you know that your mother is actually American? Before meeting your father, She has always been American, and is also a very famous American celebrity. She had collaborated with many big Hollywood stars, and after she met your father, Your mom went from America to China, and after she married your dad, She gave up American citizenship and took root on the mainland. So your mother is an admirable person with ambition. "

Tang Fei was stunned for a moment and asked, "I really don't know about this, but you know my mother so well. Who are you to her?"

The old man said, "I thought you would ask that. I am your mother's father, your grandfather!"

Grandfather? Tang Fei almost fainted again. These two days were like a dream. First, a bunch of women called him fiancé, and now a grandfather suddenly popped out. What was all this about? For a moment, Tang Fei could not believe it.

The old man who called himself Grandpa Tang Fei smiled and said, "I knew you did not believe what I said. But we don't have to hide it now. It doesn't matter if you believe me or not. We came here specifically for a large amount of inheritance your mother left behind. We wanted to tell you when we grew up and graduated from college. In addition to the money she made on the mainland, your mother also had a lot of money left in America. But this is all within the range of your inheritance. Do you want to hear how much money you can inherit? "

Tang Fei could not believe it, even though the girl had already told him in the car. I'm going to be rich soon, and there'll be a lot of girls chasing me. But Tang Fei would never have thought that the money he got would come from his mother's inheritance. Tang Fei had heard that celebrities were very rich. They made millions of dollars. His mother not only made money on the mainland, but also in America.

Tang Fei calmed himself down and said to the old man, "Tell me, I am mentally prepared."

Who knew that the old man looked at the girl and the girl smiled and said, "Let me tell you. Your mother has two mansions on the continent. One is where you live now, and the other is here. These two mansions are worth about 100 million yuan. In addition, your mother has a trust insurance in the continent. The beneficiary is you and a hundred million dollars. In the end, your mother left about a hundred million dollars in America. How much do you think it is? "

Tang Fei almost fainted when he heard that. Who would have thought that his inheritance would be measured in 100 million dollars?

There were still many poor people in this country. It was already an unreachable dream for some people to become millionaires. Who would have thought that he would suddenly become a billionaire? Not counting the billionaires, the amount was already close to one billion. To ordinary people, this was an astronomical figure!

The girl held Tang Fei and said with a smile, "What's wrong? Are you so happy to hear this news? "That's not it. If you accept the challenge, it will be even more explosive!"

What? And? Tang Fei could not believe it. His mother was so rich. Why would she give up America and come to the mainland to marry her father?

Tang Fei looked at the girl and said, "What? And... I can't take it anymore. Don't tell me it's like that movie where I spend a few billion and inherit a few billion? "

The girl smiled and said, "You really know how to think. Your mother doesn't have tens of billions, but she still has billions. In addition to what I just told you, your mom still has 3 billion at a big trust consortium. According to your mother's will, this inheritance should be enough for you to support yourself and your family. So you can take this money and go home and choose someone to be your wife and live as a billionaire for the rest of your life. As for the financial group's money, They will unconditionally donate it to charity and repay the society. But if you are willing to accept the challenge, Let your mother know that you have the ability to become someone richer than her, the consortium's 3 billion. It's yours too!

Although it is not like the movie where you can inherit 10 billion if you succeed in accepting the challenge, 3 billion is enough to drive people crazy. I didn't expect my mother to be so rich. No wonder everyone wanted to be a star now. It turned out that the money of a star could really be used to set up units of tens of millions or even hundreds of millions!

However, after obtaining nearly one billion as a calming pill, these three billion did not seem to be as "scared" of Tang Fei. Instead, it made Tang Fei appear even more calm.

Tang Fei calmed his mind and said, "I guess this three billion is not that easy to get. There must be some restrictions, right?"

The girl smiled and said, "You're really smart. Of course, you won't get these three billion so easily. Your mother told you in her will. If you choose to challenge the inheritance of three billion, your previous inheritance will be the cost of your future investment. Then you can earn another 1 billion in a year and you will have all the money you need. A total of 5 billion! "

Five billion! Tang Fei almost fainted again. Just thinking about it made him very excited, not to mention that he would have it all.

Three billion in the group, the cost of his mother's inheritance was one billion. Adding on the one billion he earned, it was exactly five billion. However, this 1 billion... It was different from spending money. Earning 1 billion was much more difficult than spending 1 billion. Fortunately, Mom gave her 1 billion start-up funds. It would be even harder to start from scratch.

Although Tang Fei really wanted to challenge this "money-making dungeon," he was meticulous. To be safe, Tang Fei asked, "If there is a cost of one billion, Let me earn another 1 billion, I am confident. However, there is no absolute certainty in everything. What if the challenge fails? Or if I don't earn more than 1 billion and only tens of millions... What will the result be? "

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