Unexpected Huge Fortune/C12 Accept the Challenge
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Unexpected Huge Fortune/C12 Accept the Challenge
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C12 Accept the Challenge

The girl smiled and said to Tang Fei, "You are indeed a very smart person. Even if you use one billion to earn another one billion, it won't be too difficult. What's more, you are a very cautious person. You know that there is no absolute success or absolute defeat. This is much better than those blind arrogant people. As for your mother, she didn't want her son to live too hard. Although if you fail, of course you will lose your four billion yuan inheritance. But in this year, in the last remaining assets, 10% for your year's hard work, but there's a rule here, That 10% is what you earn in this year. If it's less than 1 billion, the money you earn in this year's hard work. The remaining 4 billion and the remaining 90% are yours. It's all trust consortium. Because in these 20 years, the trust consortium can't help you manage your mother's money for nothing, right? If it falls into the hands of others, Then I don't know who the money belongs to."

This explanation made sense to Tang Fei. Since it was a trust organization, If it wasn't a charity, then it had to be profitable. So it was understandable that these people wanted management fees. No wonder there are so many trust organizations now. It's because those old people or heirs who have no heirs will give the trust a huge management fee after inheriting the property. Then they would be allowed to continue managing the money. It seemed like he could open a so-called trust organization as well. Just like managing money, he would let the customers keep the money with him. He could use this money to do other things, and the profits would be distributed to the investors in the form of financial gains. However, this kind of project required a strong backing. If his capital chain was broken, he would become illegally funded. This kind of thing was common on the news.

Tang Fei nodded to agree with the girl, but the girl continued, "Oh, I see. I forgot to tell you. Your mother said in her will, no matter whether you accept the final challenge or not. You have to get the Tengfei Film and Television Company back, because the Tengfei Film and Television Company is your mother's hope for you. It's also her heart and blood. You have to learn how to run this company. As for the current manager, Shangguan Chenloong, You can give him a sum of money to let him go. "

"Why is this girl talking so hard? You should have told her about it just now. Tang Fei scratched his head. He knew it wasn't easy to inherit such a huge fortune, even though his mother had given him nearly a billion yuan as an investment fund. Now, the Tengfei Film and Television Company owed him two to three hundred million yuan just for external debts. He wanted to get the company back. Nearly half of the money was gone, and the remaining five hundred million yuan was gone. If one were to say that they would earn one billion yuan in less than five hundred million in a year, It was not an easy thing to do, and any investment now was not 100% profitable. There were also countless losses.

However, since it was her mother's long-cherished wish to take back the Tengfei Film and Television Company, she had to help her accomplish it. Furthermore, the company that originally belonged to him had to be handled by his uncle. No matter what, Tang Fei felt aggrieved. Now that he had a sum of money in his hands, he could help the company pay off its debts. Why not take the company back along the way?

However, Tang Fei still had some hesitation. He said to the girl, "This... Shangguan Chenloong is my uncle after all. It's not good to take the company back so directly, right? Will it destroy the relationship between relatives?"

At this time, the old man who had been silent all this time coughed twice and said, "Child, you are too kind. There are too many things to worry about. This is not beneficial to your career. I will tell you a secret. Shangguan Chenloong is just your nominal uncle. In fact, the two of you are not related by blood."

Tang Fei was stunned by what the old man said. Tang Fei looked at the old man and said, "Ah?"

The old man was not surprised to see Tang Fei so shocked. It was as if he had predicted it. "Haha, look at your surprise. I knew you would look like this. In my life, I have had three wives. Your mother, Shangguan Hong, was born with my first wife. She is your grandmother, but she is a person. She died not long after giving birth to your mother. So I found another one. I thought it would be too long. Who would have thought that this second lady, who was married to me for less than eight months... This is obviously not right. In a fit of anger, I brought Shangguan Chenloong to do a paternity test. Sure enough, Shangguan Chenloong is not my biological child. As soon as I got angry, I divorced my second wife. Who would have thought that she wouldn't divorce? That's why I was so angry. I took your mother to America. In America, I found another one. She spent decades with me. She only passed away two years ago. She's my granddaughter, the two of you. So today I asked her to bring you here to talk about this. By the way, I also want you to know that you have a sister who came back from America. She came back especially for you, and she could have stayed in America to develop. But when you're done, she's going back to America. Whether she's going to stay here will depend on her choice. "

When Tang Fei heard that, he let out a long sigh and said, "So Grandpa still has this love history. I always thought that in this world, apart from my dad and uncle, I don't have any other family. Who knows that my uncle is not my family? But I still have a grandfather and a sister!"

The girl looked at Tang Fei and said with a raise of her pretty face, "Humph, this brother of yours is really good. A sister came to find you. It's fine if you don't recognize her, but you still call her a demon. You deserve to have no family for the rest of your life! "

The old man coughed and held his chin. He said, "Xiao Min, you can't say that about him. If he doesn't have family, what am I?"

Tang Fei felt a little dizzy. His grandfather was the girl's grandfather. He could not think of any other name other than calling her sister. It turned out that his sister was called Little Min. In that case, this little sister's surname should also be Shangguan.

The girl called Xiao Min stuck out her tongue at the old man and said to Tang Fei, "It's all because of you. Grandpa told me again."

Damn, this is a bit too unreasonable. Tang Fei smiled bitterly and said, "Little sister, didn't I just not know? If I had known the whole story earlier, I wouldn't have misunderstood you. I just heard grandpa call you Little Min. Are you Shangguan Min?"

The girl smiled and said, "More or less. My name is Shangguan Min'er, the one I told you about. There is one more word. Right. Let's not talk about anything else first. You haven't answered us yet. Do you want to leave with one billion, or do you want to challenge this huge inheritance of five billion? Let me tell you first. If you leave with one billion, you are a stable billionaire. It is enough to live a rich life for a lifetime, but if you want to challenge this enormous inheritance of five billion, It's very likely that you won't have any money left, just like you said, In this world, there is no business that is absolutely 100% profitable. You might even lose this one billion yuan! "

The old man laughed and said," Little Min! Although I've never seen Tang Fei before, I'm sure this kid won't be scared so easily. I think he'll challenge the five billion yuan inheritance. After all, if he doesn't want it, the three billion yuan will be given to someone else for free. "

Tang Fei smiled at his grandfather and said, "Although grandfather did not meet me, he did not expect to know me so well. That's right, I don't need you to tell me. I will also challenge the five billion yuan inheritance. After all, it was all my mother's life's work. I wouldn't give that money to someone else. That's my money. Why should I give it to others? No one in this world will think that money is too much. "

Shangguan Min'er was happy and said, "Hey, Grandfather is right, but... You have to think it through. If you fail, Then you probably won't have a penny left to pay your debts. Perhaps you will end up getting a little bit of remuneration. In the end, you will give most of the money back to others. "

The situation that this girl was talking about was, of course, Tang Fei and Shangguan Chenloong were not good at doing business. They had caused the company to be full of foreign debts. Now, it was only a declaration of bankruptcy. There was another situation where the money he earned was not even 1 billion, and he could only get 10% of the remuneration. The rest of the money and all of the inheritance would be given to the consortium.

Tang Fei looked at Shangguan Min'er and said, "Do you have no confidence in me? Don't worry, I will definitely take back what originally belonged to me. Besides, "Isn't there still you!"

Shangguan Min'er was stunned and asked," Ah? Me? What does it have to do with me?"

Tang Fei said, "You don't understand. Although these inheritance were left by my mother, But my mother is also from the Shangguan family, right? My mother is from the Shangguan family, even though I'm the grandson of the Shangguan family, I can be considered a member of the Shangguan family, and these inheritances are all from the Shangguan family. Including the Tengfei Film and Television Company, why should an outsider called Shangguan Chenloong occupy the company? I don't know what my mother was thinking at that time. She will let him manage the company. "

At this time, the old man also stood up and said excitedly," Fei is right. Although you are my grandson, you are also a part of the Shangguan family. Shangguan Chenloong has nothing to do with our family. We should not let that kid dominate the company. When your mother gave the company to him, there was nothing we could do. Min's parents had their own businesses in America, and they couldn't leave. He was the only one on the mainland, and he was doing well on the mainland. He started an advertising company, and he had business with your mother. Although your mother later found out that Shangguan Chenloong had this relationship with her, she thought that he was really her brother. It was your mother's fault for being confused. She was seriously ill and had handed over the entire company to him. That's why she told us about her illness. We were relieved to see that their contract stated that you would have to return the company to you after you grew up and graduated. When your mother found out the truth of the whole thing, She was already sick and had no time to look for someone else. We can only take the wrong path and leave the company to him. "

"So that's what happened. It seemed that Shangguan Chenloong knew that his grandfather was far away in America. It was not convenient for his mother to contact them, so he deliberately hid the fact that he was not his grandfather's biological son and tricked the company into his hands. This time, Tang Fei was even more determined to return to the company.

Tang Fei pulled Shangguan Min'er up and said, "Come, let's sign a guarantee to challenge the five billion yuan inheritance. After we take the money, we will immediately go to Shangguan Chenloong to get it back."

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