Unexpected Huge Fortune/C13 The Ten Commandments of Gold-panning
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Unexpected Huge Fortune/C13 The Ten Commandments of Gold-panning
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C13 The Ten Commandments of Gold-panning

It wasn't Tang Fei's fault that he was in such a hurry to get back to the company, because he had been in Tang Fei's heart since he was young. After his mother left, his uncle was the only family other than his father. How could he know that there was a grandfather in Zhong Yang? Tang Fei might be a lone star in Zhong Yang. His grandparents died before he even met them. Tang Fei's grandparents' family was only a single child for a few generations, and his father was the only one. His parents only had one child. His family had always been a single child. Although Tang Fei's father really wanted to spread the influence of the old Tang family, But he hadn't expected his wife to leave so early.

It was normal for a young man to marry another man after his wife died. However, Tang Fei's father did not look for him for some reason. Tang Fei remembered that he had met his father for a limited amount of time, and he felt that his father was quite lonely. So he asked his father why he didn't look for another one. At that time, Tang Fei's father's answer was that finding a stepmother might not be as good to Tang Fei as finding a biological mother. Moreover, he had been out on missions all year round. He had another son, and he didn't want to implicate others.

Therefore, in Tang Fei's opinion, other than his father, he did not want to implicate others. This uncle, Shangguan Chenloong, is his only family member. Furthermore, he was his closest family member. When Tang Fei's mother left, it was his grandfather who took care of the aftermath. After that, he rushed back to America. Even if he still had a grandfather, he was still far away on the other side of the ocean. Who would have an uncle that was closer? As for why Tang Fei's father didn't tell Tang Fei that Shangguan Chenloong wasn't his grandfather's biological son, Tang Fei's grandfather's answer was that his grandfather hadn't met his father. Secondly, Tang Fei's father hoped that Tang Fei would have a happy childhood. His mother had already left. If he found out that he had a non-biological uncle who cheated his family's company, One day, he would get the company back. This made Tang Fei feel an invisible pressure in his heart. It also contained hatred. It allowed the child to look at the world with hatred as he grew up. It would definitely cause a certain degree of distortion in the child's mind. So Tang Fei's father suggested not to tell Tang Fei about Shangguan Chenloong first. When Tang Fei grew up, he naturally had a way to get back to the company. If he didn't, it meant that he didn't have the ability. It was better to lose the company to Shangguan Chenloong than to lose it all to Tang Fei.

Although Tang Fei's grandfather had agreed, Tang Fei's grandfather said that Shangguan Chenloong was the one who lost the company first. It might not be Tang Fei. Sure enough, he agreed with what he said at that time. What's more, the company was tricked by Shangguan Chenloong to hide that he was not the son of the Shangguan family. Furthermore, it was a lie to his mother, who had been seriously ill at the time. Of course, Tang Fei hated it so much that his teeth itched. He wished that he could immediately make this fake uncle lose all his money and even lose his reputation. Therefore, Tang Fei wanted to take back the company immediately. It made sense. No one would tolerate a person using unscrupulous means to extract their own financial resources, not to mention that it was not a small amount of money. Even the company's debt was as high as one to two hundred million. How much had Shangguan Chenloong been greedy for? No one knew how much Shangguan Chenloong was greedy for. Looking at his young female secretary carrying her, he knew that he did not lack money at all. At least, he did not lack money. As for whether the company lived or died, Who cares? Look at Shang Yufei like that. She was a money-grubber. Tang Fei's judgement on this point was firm. When he heard what Shangguan Chenloong had done, he even wanted to kill him. Not only was he a fake uncle, he had also lied to his mother. Who could let it go just like that?

At this time, it was Shangguan Min'er who stood up and said, "Wait for a while. You only received the news that you are about to inherit this one billion yuan and have the possibility of inheriting more than five billion yuan. May I ask if this money is yours now?"

Tang Fei was stunned for a moment, then he smiled and said, "What I did not say was that we should sign the challenge agreement first and then go to Shangguan Chenloong to get back the company?"

Shangguan Min'er was speechless and said, "Do you think you can finish it with a stroke of your hand just because you inherited this money? Since you accepted the challenge, Then of course you need to know the rules here. You don't do what you want. Everything has its own set of rules. Your challenge mission is also the same. Of course, these rules are set by your mother. If you violate any of them, So you should first understand what rules your mother has set for you. Think about whether or not you should accept this challenge? "

Well, Tang Fei didn't know whether to laugh or cry. It seemed it wasn't easy to get a fortune. It was fine to accept the challenge. It's a challenge, and there's a whole bunch of rules, and since my mom's so rich, Wouldn't it be over if she gave it to him directly? Why did it take so much effort?

However, Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, donated all of his assets for free. Not a single cent was left for his children. And according to some online rumors, Bill Gates had his own excuse. He said that if the children were stronger than him, they would make money on their own. They might even make more money than he did, but if the kids weren't as good as him, If we leave them with all that wealth, it's like killing them, and they squander. They would not be motivated, they would be content to enjoy themselves. In the end, they would lose all their assets, and it would be better for them to contribute the money to society. Although he did not know whether this rumor was true or not, he did not know whether it was true or not. But it's a famous quote. Compared to Bill Gates, his mother was still very kind. Although his mother was not as rich as Bill Gates, she had four billion yuan. It's money that ordinary people in the country can't earn in a few lifetimes, so maybe Mom wants to see if her children have the courage and the ability to guard their property. If she just wants to enjoy herself, she can just take a billion and leave. It would be enough for her to live for a lifetime or even several generations. But the remaining three billion was given to someone else for free. That was why his mother's move was really high.

However, since things had already developed to this point, Tang Fei especially hated Shangguan Chenloong to the point of gritting his teeth. He must have asked for money to get back to the company, but he knew it. He knew that 1 billion was not enough to get back to the company. Other than paying a few hundred million in debt, the company would be able to operate at that time. There will be all kinds of mess to clean up, and there will definitely be a need for money everywhere. If Shangguan Chenloong was replaced by a legal person, he would definitely be furious. He was looking for trouble for Shangguan Chenloong, so it was just a billion yuan. He had to accept the challenge.

So when Shangguan Min'er asked Tang Fei, Tang Fei said to Shangguan Min'er without hesitation, "Tell me, I also want to know what rules my mother has set for me."

Shangguan Min'er smiled and said, "Sure. This brother of mine is really brave to challenge. Alright then, I will read this" Ten Commandments of Gold-Panning Mission "to you."

Tang Fei's face was full of surprise. From the name, one could tell that there were a total of ten rules. Fortunately, his mother did not act like an abbot and took out an entire book of temple rules for him to obey. He was already thankful to the heavens and the earth.

Shangguan Min'er pretended to cough and said, "The first rule. Don't forget your first heart. You feel like you are rich. So you turn a deaf ear to your parents' promise and cancel your arranged baby kiss. If you violate this rule, all the inheritance will be considered as giving up automatically. The second rule is that once you accept the challenge, you will lose everything. We have to get back the rights to the Tengfei Film and Television Company. This is our mother's only business in the continent. I hope that you will be able to make a name for yourself. Third, you must not use any illegal means to gain profits. Once you violated the law, you would be punished by the law. All the inheritance will be forfeited, and there will be no restrictions on legal sanctions. The fourth rule is that you can only use the first 1 billion you inherit as the start-up funds for your challenge mission. The following 3 billion is the reward for the success of the challenge and has nothing to do with your challenge mission. The fifth rule. Don't ask for help or secretly bribe your grandfather and anyone around him to achieve certain goals. The sixth rule prohibits the purchase of insurance when the challenge is initiated. Challenging the initiation of the inheritance can only be transferred in the name of investment or management of a company. Article 7 prohibits the organization of any evil forces. Short term loans for profit are strictly prohibited, even if they are not sued, they are not allowed. Once discovered, the challenge would be declared a failure. The eighth rule forbade the use of large amounts of inheritance to do things that had nothing to do with the challenge mission. For example, to please a girl and buy her a luxury car or a house. The ninth rule forbade squandering. Prohibition of squandering to activate the estate, the consortium will monitor the origin and whereabouts of each sum of money. For example, the 8th act is considered squandering; the 10th, regardless of whether you accept challenges or not, will be considered squandering. If you join Wolf's organization, you will be considered to have given up all your money. "However, they will donate it to the country."

After listening to the ten commandments of this challenge mission, he felt that There are only two central thoughts. One is that I can't waste it. One of them had to marry one of Ms Tang's three sisters. No matter how much money you have, these two cannot be changed.

There was still the last one. This did not need to be written in the rules. Tang Fei also knew that if he was like his father, who had missions outside all year round, he did not know when he would lose his life. If he wanted this money, it would be meaningless. He might as well donate it to the country. So if he accepted the challenge, he would have to say goodbye to Wolf.

However, Tang Fei could feel that both Wolf and his father wished that they could go to the battlefield like their father. Moreover, they had sufficient conditions. If they did not go, they would lose a promising seedling.

There was no reason for Tang Fei not to inherit the inheritance of a few billion yuan. Therefore, the thought of going to Wolf's side to take a look was immediately suppressed.

Moreover, he had gone to find Wolf because of the problem of survival. Now that he no longer needed to worry about survival, he naturally did not need to go to Wolf's place to ask for a mission. It would be better to challenge this big mission of billions.

Tang Fei smiled at Shangguan Min'er and said, "That's all. Is that all?"

Shangguan Min'er was stunned and asked, "What? Don't you think it's not enough? Come, come, let me add a few more for you!"

Tang Fei quickly held Shangguan Min'er's hand and said, "No, no, no. I don't think it's too little. I'm just asking. Where are we going? Who are we looking for to sign this agreement?"

Shangguan Min'er laughed and said, "It's been so long and you still can't tell? Grandpa and I are your mother's biggest family's stewards!"

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