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C14 I'm Rich

Tang Fei couldn't believe that he had a mother with billions of fortune. It was unbelievable enough. It was like a dream. Even now, Tang Fei still couldn't believe it. The result was even more unexpected. His grandfather was the boss of a big consortium. People said that a consortium was equivalent to monopolizing a local economy. They controlled tens of billions of assets. He had just graduated from a poor kid. In a flash, he had become a rich second generation or even a rich third generation!

Looking at Tang Fei who opened his mouth wide like he wanted to eat people, Shangguan Min'er smiled and said, "What's wrong? Are you scared like this? That's too scary. In fact, grandpa is only a small shareholder of a private consortium in the United States. Now, his total assets were only close to 10 billion. As for the shares in his company, it was definitely more than that. Now that he has retired to the second-tier, the shareholders have changed to my father. "

Tang Fei believed this. He had read about this on the Internet before. It was said that the richest financial groups in the United States had hundreds of billions or even tens of billions of dollars in their hands. Who would have thought that a small shareholder of a private consortiums would have tens of billions of dollars in wealth? It seems that Grandpa's shares in the company will be even more. Moreover, he made money every year.

Tang Fei smiled at Shangguan Min'er and said, "So, if we sign the challenge agreement here, we can inherit my one billion yuan inheritance as the start-up capital of my investment."

Shangguan Min'er smiled and said, "You can also say that. As long as you sign here, I will give you a VIP card with 100 million USD in it. You know, America's estate taxes are very high. If you convert it to USD, it's less than 150 million dollars, and this 150 million dollars has tax deductions. The rest is what you get. "

"So that's what happened. Although I said that I inherited a billion USD inheritance, I still need to pay taxes. It seems that the money is not all mine. But it's better than nothing. At least, I could get close to 700 million. If Shangguan Chenloong really lost the company, it would be ridiculous. Not only 100 million yuan, but also a few hundred million yuan. I don't have much left, how can I earn another 1 billion yuan? That would be a problem.

Although Tang Fei really wanted to take this one hundred million and leave, he still had three billion left. In other words, five hundred million dollars would become someone else's. In order to prevent his family from suffering greater losses, Tang Fei decided to take the risk. No matter what, he had to give it a try. In any case, he had already enjoyed the treatment of a person who had a billion yuan of wealth. So even if he failed, he could at most open a small shop with some money. If he earned it, he would have billions of yuan. He was really rich. Although this amount of money was incomparable to those people on the National Rich Leaderboard, 5 billion RMB was only around 800 million USD in USD. With some taxes, it would be good to have 6 or 7 billion USD left. But the rich all started with 10 billion USD. Of course, it couldn't be compared with them. However, it was enough for him to spend several lifetimes.

Tang Fei looked at Shangguan Min'er and said, "Alright. Even if there is only 100 million USD left, I will accept this challenge. Who asked me to be Mom's only son? I don't want her hard-earned money to be given to others for nothing! Paying some taxes is the law of America. It can't be helped, but if someone takes away a few hundred million dollars for nothing, "That's my incompetence!"

Shangguan Min'er snapped her fingers and said," Okay. This brother of mine is really good. Then I will challenge the agreement for you and the challenge guarantee for your mother's will. As long as you sign this one hundred million dollar card, We're going back home from the United States this time. It's all for your sake. But we still have to take the plane back. It's too much trouble. We didn't prepare any cash for you. It's better to use a card. "

Tang Fei smiled and said, "Anyway, it's all money. What's the difference between a card and cash? Do you really want me to go to the house and look at the stacks of money? That's probably for the sake of making a movie. Besides, it's not safe to take so much money out. It's easy to get people to think about you, Lou Fu. "

Shangguan Min'er also laughed when she heard that. She then took out a few stacks of paper. These stacks of paper were Shangguan Hong's inheritance agreement. There was also a 1 billion mission challenge letter and insurance certificate. There were a total of 3 agreements, and they were all in Han and Ying languages. So it looked a little thick.

Under Shangguan Min'er's guidance, Tang Fei signed the places he should sign and wrote the date. He also took a video with his grandfather and Shangguan Min'er to prove that this agreement was signed by Tang Fei himself and was valid.

In the end, Tang Fei signed all the places that should be signed. Shangguan Min'er really took out a gold bank card with a gold border. This was the famous VIP card in the world.

Then Shangguan Min'er said to Tang Fei, "Congratulations, Mr. Tang. You have inherited the inheritance left behind by your mother, a total of 100 million USD. This is a 100 million USD bank card. Keep it well and don't lose it."

Tang Fei excitedly took the card with a hundred million dollars. He would never have dreamed that he would one day become a billionaire.

Shangguan Min'er smiled and asked Tang Fei, "How is it? How does it feel to get a hundred million USD all of a sudden?"

A hundred million dollars! This was a wealth that many people would not even dare to imagine for several lifetimes. She actually had a hundred million dollars just like that. This was all thanks to his mother. If not for the fact that she could earn so much money at such a young age, He had worked so hard to earn so much money. Shangguan Chenloong had offered him a price of three thousand yuan just now. He dared to ask if there was a deputy manager who still had three thousand yuan? Even the department manager had more than this number, right? To think that he, Shangguan Chenloong, could say it out loud. This time, he got one hundred million dollars. In RMB, it was close to seven hundred million. This money could help him get back to the company. As for how to run the company, Shangguan Chenloong did not need to care about it. He could stay wherever he wanted.

Tang Fei took the card and said with trembling hands, "Thank you, my mother. If it were not for her, I would have had this money in an instant. I would never have dreamed of it. By the way, does my dad know about this?"

Shangguan Min'er said, "This, I don't think he knows yet. When your mother passed away, your father came back to take a look. After that, it was Grandpa who cooked for your mother. As for exactly what Grandpa did, how much money he has at home, and even how much your mother has, your father doesn't even know."

Tang Fei was stunned and asked, "Ah, so Dad only knows that Mom is a celebrity and has the Tengfei Film and Television Company. He doesn't know anything about Mom?"

At this time, Tang Fei's grandfather said, "Yes, your dad's feelings for your mom. Until now, I don't know what kind of state they are in. They don't love each other, right? That's just to scare people. If they don't love each other, then... Your mom won't give up American citizenship for your dad and go back to China. But if they really did love each other, your dad wouldn't have mentioned anything about your mom in America. Nor did he ask. I'm also very puzzled about this. Perhaps it's like in some television dramas. "Your mother loves your father deeply, but he doesn't necessarily have your mother in his heart."

Tang Fei said, "No matter what, I have to tell dad and my family about this. This is a lot of wealth. Although I have to use it to earn more money, this money is mine now. For our family, this is a big deal."

At this time, Shangguan Min'er smiled at the side and said, "That's not necessarily true. If you only take 1 billion and leave, you will have 1 billion now. However, you are accepting a challenge mission now. Didn't you see what your mother wrote in your mission challenge guarantee letter? Each of your expenses is supervised by the consortium. By the way, I forgot to tell you that your mission challenge has been in effect from now on. So, I will act as the consortium's property supervisor and your assistant. I will assist and supervise you throughout the entire process. "You can call me Assistant Shangguan!"

Assistant Shangguan? Alright, Tang Fei thought. This girl is not simple. I didn't expect her to be so young. She actually became a financial supervisor of a small shareholder of a private financial group. This is equivalent to the director of the domestic finance department. It seems like my sister is not born from my parents. She really has some skill. What is even more precious is that... She actually gave up on developing in America for the money and came to China with her grandfather. It was really admirable.

Tang Fei said to Shangguan Min'er, "So you are now my grandfather's financial supervisor. No wonder. Don't worry about this. I know even if you don't tell me. Of course I can't spend money randomly. I just told this good news to Dad and my family. This isn't too much, right?"

Shangguan Min'er smiled and said, "Not too much, not too much. I know you still have a bunch of family members waiting for you. It has been some time since you came out in the morning. It's good that you can tell them about this when you get back. I really didn't know your three fiancée knew you suddenly inherited a billion yuan inheritance. Do you think they'll all want to marry you? And offer yourself?"

Tang Fei laughed. "Haha," he said. Who knows, but even if they want to die, I can't take it now, Wolf told me so many times. I must not lose my virginity before my twenty-fourth birthday, or else my martial arts would be wasted. I might even have to go berserk. I am afraid that although I have hundreds of millions of wealth in the second half of my life, I am still alive to see it. "Spend your life! Spend your life!"

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