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C15 I'm Rich

These two days were like a dream to Tang Fei. When he just graduated and returned home, two girls called him fiancé. The woman he met on the train was also one of his fiancée, and he had three fiancée. This was already enough to make people feel as if they had lost their minds. Who would have thought that this wasn't the end? Even if he lived in a big house worth tens of millions, he and his three fiancée would have a place to live. But he was still a poor kid who had just graduated. He didn't even have a job. How could he feed his three fiancée and his future mother-in-law?

While he was worrying about his livelihood, there seemed to be a fixed number in the dark. Tang Fei never dreamed that he would inherit a huge fortune, a hundred million USD! This time, Tang Fei did not need to worry about his livelihood anymore. What he needed to think about was how to complete the challenge and earn another one billion in a year!

No matter what, it was a big deal for him to inherit such a huge fortune. He would definitely tell his father and the women at home. Just like what Shangguan Min'er said, he really did not know how these women would react if they knew that he had inherited a hundred million dollars.

Tang Fei almost forgot that he had a grandfather who came back from America for his own sake. This was also a big deal. He had to let his grandfather stay at home for two days and let his family know that he did not have family. He also had his grandfather and a younger sister who did not have a father and a mother but had an ancestor.

Before Tang Fei could say anything, his grandfather said to Tang Fei, "I heard from your father that you grew up. Practicing martial arts with a master called Wolf, he also knows the art of medicine, right?"

Tang Fei nodded and said, "Yes. I have always followed him to practice martial arts, but medical skills are only an additional elective course. Wolf took me to high school to study, and then we separated. However, I still often called him to greet him. After all, he is my mentor. He has helped me raise him. "

Grandpa nodded and said, "Yes. He knows how to repay kindness. My grandson is a person who values friendship and loyalty. If you have the chance, take me to see that Wolf. Although I didn't meet him, But I always felt as if I were destined to be with him. If his martial arts and medical skills are very high, then even though he is old now, But the bones should still be strong."

Tang Fei said, "Grandpa, not only do you know how to do business, but you also know martial arts. You are right. Wolf is in his seventies, but he can go up the mountain and go down the sea. He looks much better than normal young people. "

Grandpa smiled and said, "Of course."

After some "chit-chat," Tang Fei finally had the chance to tell his grandpa, "Grandpa, since you and Min'er came all the way from America back to China, you have to come and stay at home for two days no matter what. There are still a few people at home now. They are my fiancée and future mother-in-law. I plan to let them know you and Min'er."

Shangguan Min'er laughed and said," Do I need you to say that? Grandpa wanted to see your fiancée a long time ago. If you did not say it, grandfather would have chosen to reason with you. Fortunately, you are smart and did not let grandfather seize the opportunity!"

Tang Fei heard this. This was a good relationship. It seemed that there was no harm in having many feelings for each other. It was their good fortune that grandpa could see them. No matter what, grandpa's status was considered a rich man in the country. He was probably a billionaire with nearly 10 billion USD. They would never be able to see him in their entire lives.

Grandfather said to Shangguan Min'er, "Let's go. Since the matters here have been settled, let's go. Let's go to my grandchild's house right now. His three fiancée are all as beautiful as flowers."

Shangguan Min'er smiled at Tang Fei and said, "Let's go. I will drive. You just need to show us the way. Let's go to your house and take a look. Right. Your house has four women now, and you, can Grandpa and I still stay there? "

Tang Fei was a little embarrassed by Shangguan Min'er's question and said, "Sister, don't laugh at me. Although I have three fiancée now, the youngest of the three sisters. I met her on the train back home. At that time, we didn't know each other. There was a little misunderstanding. So it's more than enough for you to live there. "

Shangguan Min'er smiled and said," Haha. So that's how it is. She already has you in her heart. That's why she left after knowing that you are her fiancé. Because you guys already had a misunderstanding. It'll be awkward if she stays in your house again, that's why she left. But listen to me, when she finds out that you've inherited a hundred million dollars, She will lower her head."

Although Shangguan Min'er and Tang Fei's analysis of Xu Ziting's departure was basically the same, making Xu Ziting lower her head was probably not a problem that could be solved with money. But who knew that when facing a billionaire, no one would be able to stand it. Many girls would take the initiative to throw in money.

Tang Fei finally left this mysterious mansion with his grandfather and Shangguan Min'er. Shangguan Min'er asked Tang Fei and his grandfather to wait in the hall while she went to get the car herself.

After a while, Shangguan Min'er drove a Mercedes-Benz. It looked like it was a big G. As expected of the rich. The market price of this car was around three million yuan. Although there were a lot of cars worth millions in the city, there were still many poor people. Not everyone could afford a car worth a few million yuan.

After getting into the car with her grandfather, Shangguan Min'er used the excuse that she needed Tang Fei to lead the way. She asked Tang Fei to sit in the passenger seat next to her. Her grandfather did not say anything, so she had to obey her orders. Tang Fei didn't dare to offend this little girl now. Although he had inherited a hundred million USD inheritance, this hundred million USD might not all be his. And if she offended this girl, she could simply accuse her future expenses. This challenge would be lost.

To be honest, Tang Fei had not returned home for a long time. Yesterday, when he returned home, he had asked his father to send him the location and navigation. However, Tang Fei's residential area was also very easy to find. It was a villa area on the north side of the Fourth Loop. The entire village had been transformed into a villa.

In fact, Tang Fei had to rely on the navigation as well as his own vague memories to find it.

Tang Fei did not know why Shangguan Min'er insisted that he sit beside her. They could not develop into a couple or anything like that. Although they were not born from the same parents, they had a common ancestor. This meant that they were close relatives and could be considered as siblings of the same ancestor.

It was very awkward to use the navigation system to guide people, but it couldn't be helped. Tang Fei was rich now, but the only person he didn't dare to offend was this girl.

Shangguan Min'er drove well. About an hour later, she entered the villa village outside the North Fourth Loop. The entire village was a villa. There were no ordinary houses. This could be considered a scenery.

After a whole day, Tang Fei finally returned home and brought two people back. One was his grandfather and the other was his sister.

After getting out of the car, Tang Fei opened the door and welcomed the two into the house. At this time, Ms Tang was mopping the floor in the house. Seeing Tang Fei come back, he hurriedly found shoes for Tang Fei. As the saying goes, when an old mother-in-law looks at her husband, the more she sees him, the happier she becomes. Ever since the Ju family came from their hometown in the north to temporarily stay at Tang Fei's house, Ms Tang had long recognized Tang Fei as her husband.

In Ms Tang's heart, after Tang Fei was a hero, Tang Fei's father saved her husband's life. Although her husband could not escape the fate of a short life, he died before he was 50 years old. Without Tang Fei's father, his husband might have died 20 years ago. It was even more impossible to have any offspring with him. Therefore, Ms Tang was grateful to Tang Fei's father from the bottom of her heart. The two families had already arranged for a baby to be kissed. Ms Tang did not care about anything else right now. It was the most important thing to ask Tang Fei to marry his daughter quickly within this year. It would be a good thing to have a son-in-law. So, she didn't care if Tang Fei went out or came back. Ms Tang was very attentive to Tang Fei.

Tang Fei looked very embarrassed. After all, she came to seek help from her father, not a maid. Tang Fei quickly said to Ms Tang, "Ms Tang, leave it. I can do it myself."

Just now, he only saw Tang Fei come in. When he put the mop aside, he found two people following behind Tang Fei. One old and one young. This young girl was a girl and she was pretty. She was not any worse than her three daughters, so Ms Tang immediately became alert.

However, this was Tang Fei's home after all. Ms Tang only said to Tang Fei, "Aiya, Fei, I'm sorry. I only saw you come in. So there are two people behind you. They are...?"

Tang Fei also took the slippers for his grandfather and Shangguan Min'er. His grandfather and Shangguan Min'er also entered the house. Tang Fei said to Ms Tang, "Ms Tang, I brought them home today to see you. I also wanted to announce two things to you. The first thing I did was that I didn't only have my father in this world. Well, I still have a grandfather. And a sister of the same ancestor. "And they came all the way back to China for me from America."

At this time, Xu Ziying and Xu Ziting also came out. It turned out that they were both in the kitchen. Mom took them to work and said that even though they came to your fiancé's house, However, he couldn't point everything out to others. He had to help Tang Fei do some housework for the next two days. In two days, they would have to go out to find a job like Xu Ziting. After all, they were not married yet. It was just that Tang Fei's fiancée wasn't even his girlfriend. Why should he support them?

Xu Ziying and Xu Ziping felt that what their mother said made sense, so their mother dragged the floor in the hall. They were in the kitchen preparing dinner. They felt that Tang Fei had already gone out for a day and should be back. When the two girls heard some movement in the house, they knew that Tang Fei had come back.

However, as soon as they came out of the kitchen, they saw that Tang Fei was not the only one who came back. There was an old man and a young man, and the little one was a very pretty girl, and the two of them, like their mother, ran over and asked, with a look of surprise on their faces: "Mr Tang, who are they?"

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