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C16 I'm Rich

Well, it seems like no matter if it's Ms Tang, Xu Ziying and Xu Ziping were very hostile to this girl. This was not their fault. Ms Tang's three daughters. With only one son-in-law, he did not have enough. If an outsider came to stir up trouble at this time, wouldn't it be more and more chaotic? As for Xu Ziying and Xu Ziping? The two of them must be thinking. Where did this little girl come from? She also wants to snatch Mr Tang from us. Don't you know that we have a baby engagement? But if one looked closely, Shangguan Min'er did not care about her appearance and figure. Although Xu Ziying and Xu Ziping could be said to be top beauties, However, compared to Shangguan Min'er, she lacked a feeling that made men feel like they were attracted to their souls. Because Xu Ziying and Xu Ziping were twins, the two sisters looked like the innocent and lovely feeling of the little sister next door. As for Xu Ziting, although she looked very similar to them, She was one of the triplets, but Xu Ziting didn't spend much time with her parents. On the other hand, it was Grandfather and Granny who brought her up, so Xu Ziting was very independent for a long time. Xu Ziting's dressing tended to be that kind of passionate and unrestrained girl, but she did not know if it was because she did not have nutrition by her grandparents' side, but she did not know if it was because she did not have nutrition by her grandparents' side. Xu Ziting's figure was not even comparable to these two older sisters. The entire airport. Even a passionate and unrestrained appearance would not be able to move a man. A woman's figure was the first factor that attracted a man, and the second was her face. All the men on the streets were staring at the girl's breasts. They looked at how big she was, and then they looked at her face.

Therefore, the three sisters each had their own unique characteristics. Eldest Sister Xu Ziying was gentle and lovely, pure and innocent. Second Sister Xu Ziping was just and proper. She had the temperament of a young lady from a big family. Third Sister Xu Ziting was passionate and unrestrained, but she had a bit of a carefree personality.

But looking at Shangguan Min'er's appearance, she had that kind of elegant temperament. There was both experience and gentleness, and there was no need to be picky about her figure. When Shangguan Min'er hugged Tang Fei in the car, her breasts were already sticking to Tang Fei. It made Tang Fei feel like he had been electrocuted. This was the first time Tang Fei had met a girl in a place like this. That was why Tang Fei called Shangguan Min'er a little demoness. She was so good at seducing people. It was enough to see that Tang Fei had no defense against Shangguan Min'er's attack. Luckily, Shangguan Min'er was Tang Fei's close sister. Otherwise, if Shangguan Min'er attacked Tang Fei, Tang Fei would have easily taken over the camp that he had been guarding for nearly twenty four years. Tang Fei could even resist Xu Ziying's intimate contact. But to Shangguan Min'er, he really did not have the strength to fight back.

Tang Fei saw that the situation suddenly froze, so he said to Xu Ziying and Xu Ziping, "Look at all of you. Why are you all as nervous as your mother? I just said, These two, one is my grandfather. One is his granddaughter, the sister of my Tongzu. Although we are not born by the same parents, her grandfather is my grandfather. We have the same grandfather, so we are close relatives. We can't be lovers. Do you understand now? "

No matter what explanation was given, it was not as effective as Tang Fei and Shangguan Min'er saying that they could not be a couple. It was the same as giving the mother and daughter a peace of mind at the same time. This girl would not become a couple with me, nor would she marry me. The people I will marry in the future will still be chosen among the few of you. Do you understand?

Ms Tang was the most reasonable person. When she heard Tang Fei's words, she immediately beamed with joy and said, "Aiya, look at you guys. What are you guys doing at the door? Quickly go in and say that we will enter the house. Which one? Ziying, Ziping. You guys go to the kitchen and add two more dishes and then order some rice."

Since the mother said that, Xu Ziying and Xu Ziping watched Shangguan Min'er walk to the kitchen. These two people probably felt ashamed when they saw Shangguan Min'er. He went into the kitchen without a word. Actually, Xu Ziying and Xu Ziping were different from Shangguan Min'er other than their figures. The other things were not much different. It would depend on what kind of girl a man liked. If he liked someone who was pure, he would choose Xu Ziying. If he liked young ladies, he would choose Xu Ziping. As for those who liked sexy girls, of course he would choose Shangguan Min'er.

The two girls went into the kitchen. Shangguan Min'er smiled and asked Tang Fei, "Haha, Yang. These are the two fiancée you mentioned. They seem to like you very much. Seeing me make them nervous. "

Tang Fei also laughed and said, "Haha, aren't you too outstanding? You are like a fairy. Anyone who sees you will like you. Of course, other girls will be jealous of you."

Shangguan Min'er said, "Haha, you really know how to talk. I will also go to the kitchen to take a look and have a heart-to-heart chat with them."

This girl really dared to do something unexpected. The two of them were clearly hostile to you, yet you still went to have a heart-to-heart talk. However, since Shangguan Min'er said that she wanted to go, Tang Fei and Tang Fei's grandfather did not stop her. Because it was better to talk about this matter, so that everyone would not be on tenterhooks.

Once Shangguan Min'er left, Tang Fei's grandfather stared at Ms Tang for a long time. Then he coughed twice and asked, "You are... Tang Xiaojuann?"

Ms Tang was stunned and asked Tang Fei's grandfather, "Old man, you, how do you know my name?"

As a junior, Tang Fei had never asked Ms Tang's name. Who knew that his grandfather would know Ms Tang's name the moment they met? This was nothing. Although Ms Tang was his senior, she was still a junior in front of his grandfather.

Tang Fei's grandfather smiled and said, "Haha. When I was young, I went to the Tang family's Valley Village. At that time, I was just released not long ago. Later, your family moved to the county town. It wasn't far from our place. After a period of time, you were born. I even went to your family to celebrate. Later, most of the young laborers in the Jiugu Village of the Tang family came out. Tang Fei's father was also a soldier from that village until now. Unexpectedly, decades had passed in the blink of an eye. "Now I see that you still have the shadow of a young girl who was born in the past."

Ms Tang, who was called Tang Xiaojuann, smiled and said, "It turns out that you and I have such a relationship. I really did not expect it!"

Tang Fei's grandfather nodded and said that the world was unpredictable. In the blink of an eye, decades had passed. Now that his grandsons' children had grown up, it was really time to grow old.

Ms Tang - Tang Xiaojuann suddenly thought of something and said to Tang Fei, "Hey, Fei, didn't you say that you came back today to announce two things to us? One thing is that you have a grandfather and a younger sister who came all the way from America to return to China for your matter. What about the other thing?"

So Tang Xiaojuann was not confused. Tang Fei thought that Ms Tang was too busy chatting with her maternal grandfather and had already forgotten what he said. Tang Fei said to Tang Xiaojuann, "Ms Tang, this is a big matter. Let's wait for them to come out and I will announce it to you when everyone is here. In short, this is a huge matter."

Tang Xiaojuann saw that Tang Fei spoke about the matter in such a mysterious manner, so she did not continue to pursue the matter. She started to chat with Tang Fei's grandfather. During the conversation, Tang Fei knew that his grandfather was called Shangguan Zhenhua. The names of Zhenhua establishing a country were very popular in that era when the country was devastated.

This time, Tang Fei found out the names of almost all the relatives around him. His father was called Tang Jun. Mama called Shangguan Hong and grandpa called Shangguan Zhenhua. Ms Tang was actually called Tang Xiaojuann, and the rest were things that she knew. It was this uncle. He should be considered a fake. He did not know what his surname was. In Tang Fei's mind, Shangguan Chenloong didn't deserve to have the Shangguan surname.

The kitchen door opened. The fragrance of the food assailed their nostrils. Shangguan Min'er, Xu Ziying and Xu Ziping in the kitchen carried a dish each. They seemed to be in a very good mood. It seemed that these three girls had turned the friendship into jade. It was the first time they met. Although there was some misunderstanding at the beginning, once this misunderstanding was resolved, they became good friends.

The three girls ran back and forth two or three times before they finished the dishes. It could be imagined how sumptuous the food at the table was today. It was not like when Tang Fei was at school. He only needed to take a bite to eat. It was fine as long as he wasn't hungry.

This time, everyone in the house was gathered. Tang Xiaojuann could not help but say to Tang Fei again, "Fei, ah. This time, we are all here. What do you want to announce to us? Can you tell us now? You don't know me, Ms Tang. If there is something I don't know, I don't know what it is. 'It will take a night and a night to sleep.'

Tang Fei stood up with a smile and said, "Ms Tang, look at what you said. How can I let you sleep all night long? Now I will announce one very important thing to everyone, and that is... I am rich now. Grandpa and Min'er came this time. They want me to inherit the 100 million USD that Mom made in America when she was alive, which is almost 700 to 800 million RMB! This is actually deducting the remaining money from America's inheritance tax! "

As soon as Tang Fei finished speaking, other than Shangguan Zhenhua and Shangguan Min'er, Tang Xiaojuann's mother and daughter were so shocked that their mouths were as big as a hippopotamus that wanted to eat people. They didn't believe that this was true at all.

Xu Ziying did not believe it even more. She said to Tang Fei, "Mr Tang, what did you say? "You actually inherited Auntie Shangguan's seven or eight hundred million yuan inheritance. Auntie Shangguan is actually so rich! Just now, when Shangguan Min'er was in the kitchen with us, she did not mention anything about this matter! Is what you said true? "

In fact, Tang Fei already knew that a few people would not believe this matter, but he did not have any solid evidence to convince them. Tang Fei took out a card and said," This card now has 100 million USD. If you don't believe me, I can use my phone to read the balance for you to broaden your horizons! "

Tang Fei took out his phone and pasted the card on it. There was a reaction in the phone immediately. The balance in the card in reality. The women were even more surprised. Xu Ziying even felt dizzy after counting to zero. When she repeatedly confirmed that the money here was indeed 100 million, In front of her was the dollar logo, Xu Ziying actually directly sat down in her seat. She said, "Oh my god, I never thought that I would see so much zero money in my entire life. This has opened my eyes!"

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