Unexpected Huge Fortune/C17 Old General Come out
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Unexpected Huge Fortune/C17 Old General Come out
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C17 Old General Come out

The current Xu Ziying and Xu Ziping were just as surprised as when Shangguan Min'er brought Tang Fei to the mysterious mansion and heard Shangguan Min'er and Shangguan Zhenhua talk about this matter. It was just as unbelievable. They were even more excited than Tang Fei. The two girls only knew that Tang Fei was an excellent boy. Their mother was a big star when she was alive. They lived in a mansion and graduated from a martial arts school. She was a person who had a good family background and was well-versed in both civil and military skills. To Xu Ziying and Xu Ziping, such a person was actually a very good person. This was because her parents had foresight. They had booked this baby in advance. What was even more rare was that Tang Fei had always admitted to this baby. Unlike other dolls, his mother had given birth to three sisters at the same time. So perhaps even Tang Xiaojuann was not sure who the boss was. It was just that they were lining up to say that Xu Ziying was the boss. Xu Ziping was the second brother and Xu Ziting was the youngest. But at that time, she was in a state of panic. She had given birth to three in a row. She was already so tired that she was about to collapse. She was in a semi-conscious state. Who knew who was the boss? That was why Tang Xiaojuann and the father of the children suggested that Tang Fei decide who he should be with.

The three sisters did not have any objections to this decision. However, when they saw that Tang Fei was not only well-versed in both civil and martial arts, he was also from a well-off family. Now that he had inherited the inheritance of a few hundred million yuan, he had become a billionaire. According to this trend, the girls chasing after Tang Fei would form a large group. Now, in order to marry into the Wealthy Class, those girls wanted to marry into the Wealthy Class. They could entice and throw themselves into their arms. That was nothing more than a normal thing.

Therefore, the two girls had their own plans. They were even planning to chase after Tang Fei. After all, Tang Fei was a billionaire now. If his husband was a billionaire, then he would be the legendary young mistress of a wealthy family.

Seeing Xu Ziying's incoherent exclamation, Tang Xiaojuann glared at Xu Ziying and said, "What the hell? I have never seen so much money before. I was so scared that I almost had a heart attack."

Tang Fei laughed and said, "Ms Tang, I haven't finished yet. Actually, I only said half of it. This 100 million USD inheritance is only a part. If..."

Then, Tang Fei told them everything that happened at Grandpa Shangguan Zhenhua's place. When these three women heard it, they opened their mouths wide like they had a stroke and actually did not move.

Xu Ziying sighed and said, "Oh my god. Three billion! How many lifetimes does this take? Mr Tang, don't you think you can safely take away a few hundred million? "If you fail the challenge, all this money will go to waste."

Tang Fei coughed and said, "Of course... I have thought about it. But you want 3 billion? That is the money my mother worked hard to earn when she was alive. How could she give it to someone else? If I only take a few billion to enjoy myself, I won't do anything. I don't want to be that kind of person. Since Mom gave me this chance and let me go to a great battle, "Why do I have to hide at home and just give away a few hundred million yuan for free?"

Tang Xiaojuann gave a thumbs up when she heard Tang Fei's explanation. "Fei, you did the right thing. In fact, your mother also hoped that you could support this family, or even more successfully than she did. If you only took a small amount of money to covet comfort, it would be no different from those wastrels. Sooner or later, you would lose all the money, so... Ms Tang supports you! "

Originally, she thought that these three women would be like Xu Ziying, advocating Tang Fei to spend his whole life with some money. But he didn't expect to have a strong supporter all of a sudden. When Xu Ziping saw that her mother did not stand by her sister's side, she wanted to add insult to injury for Xu Ziying. She said to Xu Ziying, "Sister, you are too petty. Although this 100 million USD is enough to live for several lifetimes, you take some money and you don't want to do anything. This is what poor people think. Mr Tang is a person with great ideals. Perhaps he could become one of the top tycoons in the Forbes list in the future. Mr Tang, don't you think so? "

Tang Fei smiled. He thought to himself that Xu Ziping seemed quiet and quiet. In fact, she had a lot of tricks up her sleeve. Every time Xu Ziying had a loophole, she would have a lot of tricks up her sleeve. Xu Ziping immediately got up to add fuel to the fire. From another perspective, Xu Ziping was a person. She was more scheming. It seemed like there was no need to choose. Although Xu Ziying took the initiative to lean on her, But that was human nature. Compared to the noisy Xu Ziting and Xu Ziping who was too scheming, it was human nature. Xu Ziying might still be a perfect girl now, but Tang Fei's impression of Xu Ziying had increased. Xu Ziying's position in Tang Fei's heart now was very high. It was the first.

This family meal lasted for a very long time. From the time Tang Fei brought Shangguan Zhenhua and Shangguan Min'er back, they ate for a few hours. It was only at night when everyone was a little sleepy that they realized it was already midnight.

Tang Fei told Shangguan Min'er that since he had money now, it was time to ask Shangguan Chenloong to return to the company. Furthermore, returning to the company and running it was one of his mother's missions in the letter of challenge. It was also one of the guarantees. If he could not get the company back, the challenge would be considered a failure.

Shangguan Zhenhua said, "If he dares not give you the company, I will go to the company with Xiao Min tomorrow. If I did not come late that year, this Shangguan Chenloong would not have gotten the rights to run the company."

Tang Fei smiled and said to Shangguan Zhenhua, "Grandpa, do you hate Shangguan Chenloong so much?"

Shangguan Zhenhua heard him and pounded his chest. "Hate? That is light. Her mother lied to me first to marry me with someone else's child. Now she lied to A Hong's company. If you weren't young, I wouldn't have had that company back then. Can I let him get the company? Now that you have grown up, you should take back what belongs to you. I will also completely end this useless father and son relationship with Shangguan Chenloong. "

"It seems like Grandpa already hated Shangguan Chenloong's mother who lied to him in the past. No wonder. Which man could accept that he liked being a father? Who would have thought that after Shangguan Chenloong grew up many years later, he would lie to his mother again? This time, his maternal grandfather would definitely quit. It seemed like his maternal grandfather would return this time. Not only for his own sake, he also wanted to draw a clear line between himself and Shangguan Chenloong.

It was very late at night. When it was close to midnight, the people at home finally rested separately. The next morning, early in the morning, Tang Xiaojuann prepared a big table full of breakfast. There was no need to talk about Tang Xiaojuann's cooking skills. Six people's breakfast was prepared by themselves early in the morning. Even Shangguan Zhenhua was full of praise for Tang Xiaojuann's breakfast.

After breakfast, Tang Fei, Shangguan Min'er, and Grandpa Shangguan Zhenhua drove the car together and once again charged towards the Tengfei Film and Television Company in a grandiose manner.

With the experience of navigation and finding a company, this time it was no trouble at all. The few of them arrived at the company. The company was still the same receptionist from last time. When the receptionist saw Tang Fei, he immediately stood up and bowed to Tang Fei. She smiled and said, "Manager Tang, are you here to take over? We heard from the boss yesterday. You're the deputy manager of the company. Congratulations!

Tang Fei thought to himself, "I will go to your deputy manager. Your deputy manager will pay three thousand yuan. I will pay two times more than this.

Although Tang Fei was very unhappy, the front desk was innocent. She didn't know anything. She just worked. Tang Fei didn't get mad at the receptionist. Instead, he nodded. "Yes, I'm here for work. And I brought two big clients to the company on the first day of work, so I won't look at my office first. Take us directly to the chairman's office. "

The receptionist didn't know what was going on, but the two of them didn't seem like ordinary people. It was very likely that Manager Tang, who had just taken over, had the ability to bring big clients to the company.

However, the girl at the front desk seemed to be very cautious. She still called Shangguan Chenloong and said that Manager Tang had come to work. Moreover, he brought a big client to the company on the first day of work and said that he wanted to bring him directly to your office.

Shangguan Chenloong was naturally happy when he heard that. Who wouldn't take this opportunity to earn money? Shangguan Chenloong asked the receptionist to bring them directly to his office to discuss business. How could Shangguan Chenloong have thought of this? These people are the real Shangguan family. Even though Tang Fei only had half of the Shangguan family's bloodline, he still had a different surname. Better than you who don't touch anything.

Under the lead of the receptionist, they arrived at Shangguan Chenloong's office. This was the second time Tang Fei had come here. The receptionist knocked on the door and Shangguan Chenloong asked who it was. The receptionist said it was Manager Tang and his client. Shangguan Chenloong told them to come in. The door was not locked.

The receptionist told Tang Fei, "You guys go in. I still have to go back to the front desk."

Tang Fei nodded and said, "Okay, you go ahead. I will bring my clients to talk to the boss."

The front desk was very obedient. He turned around and left. When the front desk was far away, Tang Fei, Shangguan Zhenhua, and Shangguan Min'er entered Shangguan Chenloong's office together.

Shangguan Chenloong was smoking in his chair in the office. It was very limited. However, there was a girl behind him. This girl was not Shang Yufei, but she was about the same age as Shang Yufei. Tang Fei thought to himself, "What the heck, this guy really has good luck with women. He just brought Shang Yufei yesterday, and today he changed again?

Shangguan Chenloong turned around. At that time, he was so scared that his face turned green. He stood up from his chair and ran to Shangguan Zhenhua. "Dad, why are you here?"

Shangguan Zhenhua did not appreciate it. He stomped the ground with his walking stick and said, "Don't call me dad. I told you the last time I came here. We are not father and son. I came here today to tell you to return the things of others to them. Sooner or later, you will have to return them."

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