Unexpected Huge Fortune/C18 They Would Harm Themselves in the End
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Unexpected Huge Fortune/C18 They Would Harm Themselves in the End
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C18 They Would Harm Themselves in the End

When Shangguan Chenloong saw the situation today, he was sure that the old man was going to stand up for Tang Fei. Tang Fei and Shangguan Zhenhua knew each other, but he didn't know who this little girl was. However, Shangguan Chenloong had been living like this for so long. In fact, he felt wronged. She was the first one to have a child with someone else. He wanted to marry Shangguan Zhenhua again and try to get away with it. She wanted Shangguan Zhenhua to be the father of this child. Which man had found out? Moreover, this was a lie. He did not tell the other party beforehand that he was pregnant.

Shangguan Chenloong was actually quite miserable. He had never seen his father since he was born. When he was not even a year old, his father left for America because his mother lied to him. He had been gone for more than 20 years. Later on, Shangguan Chenloong's mother never married again. She brought Shangguan Chenloong to live a life of exile. Finally, she landed in a small restaurant. The owner of the restaurant was also a woman, so it was not easy for Shangguan Chenloong's mother to take care of a child. She stayed in the restaurant and started working as a handyman. At that time, it was only four or five hundred yuan per month. Fortunately, it was provided for food and accommodation.

More than 20 years ago, four to five hundred yuan a month was not a low salary. Shangguan Chenloong's mother was also very grateful to this female boss. She had worked in this small restaurant for more than ten years. Shangguan Chenloong and his mother gradually grew up in this restaurant. They had reached the age where they should go to school.

At this time, the female boss had a daughter in her family. She was also a single mother. These two women seemed to have found a good friend, so they did not get married or have children. They only raised their children independently, and the two children went to school together every day. They went to school together. It was just that single parents had a lot of problems and even their children were implicated. These two children were always mocked by their classmates as illegitimate children, and they didn't even have a father.

Shangguan Chenloong asked his mother after school, who was his father? Why couldn't he find him now? Why didn't he tell him his father's name?

When Shangguan Chenloong's mother saw that Shangguan Chenloong was still young and had just started primary school, she tried to fool Shangguan Chenloong by telling him that you didn't have a father. Your father was making money in America. Don't listen to their nonsense.

Shangguan Chenloong was very easy to coax when he was a child. Shangguan Chenloong's mother persuaded Shangguan Chenloong with just a few words. Later, when people said he was a bastard, he really refuted them. He said he had a father who made money in America. He was richer than your father. As for the girl who was bullied, Shangguan Chenloong hit those who scolded her. Shangguan Chenloong had developed the habit of fighting since he was young. He just couldn't bully his sister and himself. No one could do that. That little girl was three or four years older than Shangguan Chenloong.

However, children also grew up. Later on, Shangguan Chenloong also found out. His mother lied to him because if his father made money in America, If he was rich, then why did he and his mother have to suffer so much? He couldn't even buy a new dress for several years. Therefore, Shangguan Chenloong kept asking what was going on with his mother.

It was only then that Shangguan Chenloong's mother told him about the things that Shangguan Chenloong had been hiding in his heart for many years. It turned out that his mother and his boyfriend loved each other very much. There was no way he could tell what his boyfriend's condition was. He was also a man of good looks. Originally, both of them were going to get their certificates, but the boy suddenly died in a car accident. This made Shangguan Chenloong's mother's heart ache. A man who had been together for many years and was about to enter the wedding hall suddenly left just like that. It made a young girl's heart break.

But people could not come back to life. The family of the boy advised Shangguan Chenloong's mother to find another one. After all, she was still young. However, two months had passed. Shangguan Chenloong's mother found out that she hadn't had her period for two months. This made Shangguan Chenloong's mother at a loss. She had to secretly check herself and found out that she was two months pregnant!

This was a pleasant surprise to Shangguan Chenloong's mother. It was also a bolt out of the blue. Because Shangguan Chenloong's mother loved her boyfriend so much, she couldn't hold anyone else in her heart. When she found out that she was pregnant, the child must have been a dead boyfriend. Therefore, Shangguan Chenloong's mother made a bold decision. She wanted to give birth to the child!

It was said that the child was a bolt out of the blue. It was also because once the child was born, the expenses would be huge. Normally, two people could not support a child, and the elderly had to take care of it. How could he take care of the child by himself? This was a difficult problem.

However, Shangguan Chenloong's mother thought she had a way. She went to her boyfriend's house and told his parents that she was pregnant. The child belonged to the boy.

However, the family did not believe it at all. They thought that Shangguan Chenloong's mother had an affair with someone. Now that she was pregnant, she put a pot of sh * t on her son's head.

Shangguan Chenloong's mother felt wronged and went home to tell her parents. However, her parents persuaded Shangguan Chenloong's mother to abort the child because even if the child was born, it would still be fine. Even if the child was born with a strong family background, they would not admit it. Prove it to be a descendant of their family, and they don't have to raise it. Because they were grandparents, they had no obligation to raise their grandsons and granddaughters.

But the young and stubborn woman did not listen to her parents' advice and still decided to give birth. She thought that this was the crystallization of her relationship with her boyfriend and was her future spiritual sustenance.

Shangguan Chenloong's grandparents told Shangguan Chenloong's mother directly, "If you dare to give birth to the child, we will cut off the relationship between father and daughter. If grandfather and grandmother do not take care of it, why should we take care of this child? Since you want to raise it, raise it yourself!"

At that time, Shangguan Chenloong's mother could still work, so she saw that her father and mother were determined not to accept this child. I went out looking for a job. However, Shangguan Chenloong's mother was already pregnant. She could not even pass the physical examination if she went to work in a proper company. Many companies didn't want a pregnant woman because they would give birth soon after work. It's going to cause a lot of damage to the company.

Shangguan Chenloong's mother had been looking for work for a few days, but there was nothing she could do. She had almost spent all the money in her pocket. When she passed by an intersection that day, she was shocked by a car that passed by her. Then, she fell to the ground. In the 1990s, although there were already a lot of cars, But private cars are still rare, and most of them are owned by the leaders or officials of state-owned enterprises. Only a few people who have gone into the sea can afford private cars. It was very decent for ordinary people to have a 28 "bicycle.

At that time, private cars were very rare, so no one thought of blackmailing people. When there was a collision between cars and people, most drivers would come back to see the injured, so the drivers would come back to see if the person on the ground was injured.

The moment the driver came down, Shangguan Chenloong's mother saw a tall and handsome man. He had the face of a mature and handsome man. He was wearing a suit and tie. It was obvious that he was the kind of successful person everyone used to talk about. At that time, many people were still unfamiliar with this word. Successful people lived only in a few coastal areas, and most of the inland people lived a routine life. Very few people open private businesses, and those with ten thousand dollars in savings are called the Ten Thousand Yuan Households. At that time, they were equivalent to rich people now. However, the person in front of him immediately stunned Shangguan Chenloong's mother.

The man who got off the car was polite and asked Shangguan Chenloong's mother how she was and whether she was hurt. Shangguan Chenloong's mother suddenly had a plan. She quickly nodded. Actually, she wanted him to give her some money. This was probably the first time she had touched porcelain.

This time, the man was a little nervous. Men and women should not be intimate. It was not convenient for him to support this girl when she was injured. What should I do? Should I call an ambulance? The man told Shangguan Chenloong's mother to take her to the hospital. At this moment, Shangguan Chenloong's mother thought of blackmailing him. She changed her mind to trying to attach herself to this man. She believed that this man must be either rich or noble. Otherwise, there wouldn't be a car. How many people had their own car these days? Even if they were to drive for their leaders, their annual benefits and income would be good. Right now, he urgently needed a man to help him overcome this crisis. In the future, when the child is born, it will require a lot of money.

Therefore, Shangguan Chenloong's mother tacitly agreed. At that time, people were very conservative. Pregnant before marriage was already news. Although Shangguan Chenloong's mother was already pregnant, But she wasn't stupid enough to let herself be carried on the back of a car. It was probably going to make people think the woman was too casual. However, Shangguan Chenloong's mother really told the man driving the car. She also said that my ankle was hurting badly now. It was better not to wait for the ambulance. Let's go to the hospital.

When the driver heard that the injured person's ankle was hurting badly, he had to go to the hospital first. Could it be that his ankle was broken? It was said that if the pain lasted longer, it would hurt people to death.

Therefore, the driver did not care about that. He carried Shangguan Chenloong's mother and stuffed her into the back seat. He hurriedly drove to the hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital for a check-up, it was all the man who ran after them. The money was also paid by him. After all, it was a loss for him to bump into someone. Later, when all the checkups were done, the doctor told the man that the injured person either had a fracture or had sprained his leg when he was frightened. After resting for a few days and applying some medicine for injuries caused by a fall, he would be fine.

The man driving the car heaved a sigh of relief. He told Shangguan Chenloong's mother to take her home. However, Shangguan Chenloong's mother said that she did not have a home and that her family was out of town. She came here to work and find a job. She hadn't found a suitable job for several days. She usually slept on the cement pipe by the road. Who knew that her foot was injured today? He had wasted a few more days, and he had spent most of his money in his pocket. He still didn't know when his feet would recover.

When Shangguan Chenloong's mother said that, the driver had no idea what to do, but no matter what, he couldn't send someone back to the cement pipe.

After a while, the driver said, "How about this? Why don't you stay at my place for a few days? You have to trust me. I still have a place to stay at my place. When your foot recovers, just do it for me. I happen to be hiring people here these few days."

Shangguan Chenloong's mother was really looking forward to it when she heard that. She could not trust this man. Shangguan Chenloong's mother was worried that she could not rely on him. When she recovered, she could still work for him. It was exactly what she wanted, so Shangguan Chenloong's mother said shyly, "I think... you don't look like a bad person. How can I not believe you? Besides, I don't have anywhere else to go. I can't leave now. I can't stay in the cement pipe."

The driver sighed and said," Alright, I'll help you to the end. Come with me. I'll take you to my house. "

After that, the driver took Shangguan Chenloong's mother away from the hospital. In the car, Shangguan Chenloong's mother asked for the driver's name. She found out his name was Shangguan Zhenhua. He had a company with a few friends in the city. This was the process of Shangguan Zhenhua and Shangguan Chenloong's mother getting to know each other. Although Shangguan Chenloong's mother had a good plan, Things that she wanted to hide could not be hidden. After a long time, There would always be a time when a layer of window paper would be punctured.

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