Unexpected Huge Fortune/C19 The Hateful People Have Their Own Weaknesses
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Unexpected Huge Fortune/C19 The Hateful People Have Their Own Weaknesses
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C19 The Hateful People Have Their Own Weaknesses

Shangguan Chenloong's mother followed Shangguan Zhenhua back home. There was only a nanny in the house to take care of Shangguan Zhenhua's children. Shangguan Zhenhua's daughter was Shangguan Hong, Tang Fei's mother. At that time, Tang Fei's mother was not even a year old. Tang Fei's mother was even more pitiful. He had lost his mother before he was a year old. Tang Fei thought to himself that he was just like his mother. Both of them had lost their mother when they were very young, but their mother was even worse. At least he had seen his mother before, but she had lost her mother before she was a year old. So what if she had never seen her mother before?

Fortunately, the wife his grandfather found in America was good to his mother, but no matter how good his stepmother was, Not as good as my mother, either. This was an irreconcilable matter. In China, there were many biological mothers who abandoned her, but her stepmother still kept thinking about her biological mother in her heart.

Besides, Shangguan Chenloong's mother stayed in Shangguan Zhenhua's house. She didn't need to do anything by herself. With the nanny taking care of her, she became greedy for the life of a rich family. Although her boyfriend's house was not bad, it wasn't to this extent. Shangguan Zhenhua even had a small car, and he even started his own company. This condition was several times better than her boyfriend's house.

However, Shangguan Chenloong's mother still could not bear to part with the child. She was even more determined to marry into Shangguan Zhenhua's family, give birth to the child of her boyfriend, raise the child without anyone knowing, and then divorce to take away some money from Shangguan Chenloong.

Once a person had greed, they would lose themselves. It was at this time that Shangguan Chenloong's mother had lost herself. She was infatuated with Shangguan Chenloong's rich life, but she was also unwilling to forget the love she had for her boyfriend for Shangguan Zhenhua. This gave her the wrong thoughts.

Therefore, when Shangguan Chenloong's mother was in Shangguan Zhenhua's house, not only was she not worried about what Shangguan Zhenhua would do to her, but she was also afraid that Shangguan Zhenhua would do something to her. Fortunately, Shangguan Zhenhua had already promised her that he would be his secretary. They would get along with each other day and night. There would be a chance for Shangguan Zhenhua to fall in love with her.

Shangguan Zhenhua was indeed looking for a secretary. At that time, the secretary was just like an assistant. At that time, there were very few companies and people were unfamiliar with the word secretary. However, many of the leaders and wealthy businessmen of big companies made mistakes when they were with the secretary. The two of them became physical contact. So many bosses simply kept their secretaries as their lovers. At that time, secretaries were like lovers and gradually became popular. It was just that many girls who didn't know what was going on with their secretaries didn't know about this job.

In fact, Shangguan Zhenhua had a deep relationship with his former wife. In addition, he was busy with his career. There's no time to think about personal issues. Even kids need a nanny. He didn't have time to talk to anyone. Therefore, Shangguan Chenloong's mother had been in Shangguan Zhenhua's house for the past few days. Shangguan Zhenhua rarely went home. Even when he came back occasionally to visit Shangguan Chenloong's mother, he seemed very gentlemanly. There was no trace of crooked thoughts at all. On one hand, Shangguan Chenloong's mother admired Shangguan Zhenhua's character. On the other hand, she was worried that Shangguan Zhenhua might not be interested in her.

A few days later, Shangguan Chenloong's mother had recovered from her injury. According to the agreement, Shangguan Chenloong's mother would go to Shangguan Zhenhua's company to be his secretary.

Since she was the boss's secretary, she couldn't dress too casually. When Shangguan Zhenhua brought Shangguan Chenloong's mother to the mall to choose a few sets of professional clothing, he found an image designer to design an image. He was surprised to find that Shangguan Chenloong's mother seemed like a completely different person. She had transformed from a rural girl from a remote area into a beauty in the city. Furthermore, Shangguan Chenloong's mother had a good image as well. In addition, after dressing up, she was simply a top quality woman. At this time, Shangguan Chenloong's mother had truly attracted Shangguan Zhenhua's attention.

When Shangguan Zhenhua brought Shangguan Chenloong's mother to the company, everyone in the company was amazed. Where did the boss find such a natural beauty? For a moment, Shangguan Zhenhua felt that he had a lot of face.

From this moment on, Shangguan Chenloong's mother officially started working for Shangguan Zhenhua. But just as he said before, The boss and the secretary had been together all day long, and both of them were single men and women. It was inevitable that the gun would go off. Shangguan Zhenhua had eaten and drunk too much with the local leaders at noon one day. Shangguan Chenloong's mother brought Shangguan Zhenhua back to the company. Shangguan Zhenhua probably hadn't touched a woman in a long time. He pressed Shangguan Chenloong's mother down on the sofa in the office.

Of course, Shangguan Chenloong's mother had been waiting for this day for a long time. How could she resist? It was just a half-hearted act. Shangguan Zhenhua was not completely unconscious. He knew what he had done to the girl. That was why Shangguan Zhenhua told Shangguan Chenloong's mother that he would take responsibility and how much money you wanted.

Who knew that Shangguan Chenloong's mother did not want money at all. She told Shangguan Zhenhua directly, "In your eyes, I am a greedy woman. I don't want money, "Shangguan Zhenhua said. I just want to stay by your side for the rest of my life. Let's get married!"

It was not too much for Shangguan Chenloong's mother to make such a request. After all, girls cared about their innocence at that time. Most girls still had to give their first time to their husbands when they got married. Unlike now, leaving their first child for their husbands was already a good thing. Shangguan Zhenhua told Shangguan Chenloong's mother that he was a second wife and had a daughter. He was afraid that she would dislike him. In fact, Shangguan Zhenhua had liked Shangguan Chenloong's mother for a long time. So after drinking some wine today, he couldn't control his thoughts about her.

When Shangguan Chenloong's mother heard that, she still disliked him? This was something that she had dreamed of for a long time, so she immediately told Shangguan Zhenhua why she would dislike him. He was so successful, so many girls admired him. What was wrong with having a daughter? She was also a girl, and in the future, she would treat her as her own.

It was nonsense to say that Shangguan Zhenhua didn't like Shangguan Chenloong's mother back then. Who would not be moved by such a stunning girl? That was why Shangguan Zhenhua also had the heart to marry Shangguan Chenloong's mother, which was why he deliberately created such a scene after drinking. He didn't expect Shangguan Chenloong's mother to say that she wanted to marry him. This was exactly what Shangguan Zhenhua wanted, so the two of them hit it off. Shangguan Zhenhua immediately agreed to the marriage.

Although Shangguan Zhenhua was getting married for the second time, he did not neglect Shangguan Chenloong's mother at all. He held a high-class wedding. At that time, even the local news and television reporters and local leaders came to congratulate him. Shangguan Chenloong's mother had never seen such a grand wedding.

After the wedding, Shangguan Zhenhua and his new wife were very loving. They pampered their new wife almost like pets. However, a few months passed in the blink of an eye. Shangguan Chenloong's mother's belly was getting bigger and bigger. She was going to give birth soon. It was said that she was pregnant in October, but he had only been married to this woman for more than half a year. This woman seemed to be about to give birth, and it seemed a little abnormal. At this time, Shangguan Zhenhua felt that something was not right. But it was not to the point of suspecting his new wife.

Half a month later, Shangguan Chenloong's mother was born. After giving birth to a boy, Shangguan Zhenhua named the boy Shangguan Chenloong. Because his first child was a girl, Shangguan Chenloong was born. Shangguan Zhenhua was still very happy, even though modern people didn't have a throne to inherit. But they had to inherit their family property and have a son. Finally, someone could inherit the family business.

But after half a year, Shangguan Zhenhua felt that this child was not like him. Moreover, he did not look like that at all. This made Shangguan Zhenhua feel that something was wrong again. He secretly kept his eyes on the child and collected some things from the child. Then, he went to the hospital and secretly appraised the child.

It was convenient for rich people to go anywhere, and it was also related to the hospital. The results came out very quickly. Shangguan Chenloong Sure enough, it wasn't Shangguan Zhenhua's biological son, but the child of that woman and someone else.

This made Shangguan Zhenhua furious. After all, he was a well-known reformist and open-minded entrepreneur. The first batch of successful people actually ended up like a father. Who could accept this?

When Shangguan Zhenhua returned home, he immediately asked Shangguan Chenloong's mother what was going on. Shangguan Chenloong's mother refused to admit it. At that time, her thoughts were still very old. She did not know that the medical science at that time could appraise a child. She thought that if she wanted to know if it was her own child, she would have to drip blood to identify the child.

So when she saw the so-called paternity appraisal, Shangguan Chenloong's mother did not recognize this thing at all. This made Shangguan Zhenhua very angry. He thought that she was making trouble for no reason. At that time, she asked for a divorce, but Shangguan Chenloong's mother firmly refused to divorce. She claimed that she was right. It didn't matter if Shangguan Zhenhua asked for a doctor or a lawyer to tell this woman. At that time, Shangguan Chenloong's mother thought that no matter who Shangguan Zhenhua brought to her house, they were all on his side. Of course, she would speak up for Shangguan Zhenhua.

In the end, Shangguan Zhenhua had no choice. On one hand, he got a lawyer to sue Shangguan Chenloong's mother for a divorce. On the other hand, he brought his daughter Shangguan Hong away from the mainland and went to America. Because Shangguan Chenloong's mother was in the wrong, she hid that she was pregnant and got married. On the other hand, Shangguan Zhenhua found someone and brought all the assets of the mainland to America.

The woman was still waiting at home for Shangguan Zhenhua to give her a sum of money to get a divorce. In the end, it was the staff of the bank who came. The staff told Shangguan Chenloong's mother that Shangguan Zhenhua had left the country. Before he left, he sold all his fixed assets to the bank. She and the child had to move out of the house immediately.

Shangguan Chenloong's mother never thought that Shangguan Zhenhua would do this to her. She quickly called Shangguan Zhenhua but found that his phone was switched off. He had gone to America to change his contact information. Shangguan Zhenhua did not want her to find him.

That was not the end. After she was kicked out of the house, the lawyer also found Shangguan Chenloong's mother. He said that she was suspected of cheating and cheating Shangguan Zhenhua when they got married. Now, she had been entrusted by the client, Shangguan Zhenhua, to find a court to dissolve their marriage. She hoped that she would not disturb Shangguan Zhenhua's future life and be safe.

Shangguan Zhenhua's mother finally paid a heavy price for her greed because Shangguan Zhenhua had married her in a very grand manner. The whole place knew about this wedding, but this woman had a child with another man first. Now that the matter had been exposed, Only then did Shangguan Zhenhua go to America. That was why Shangguan Chenloong's mother had a bad reputation back then. She was often looked down upon in the local area. As a result, she had no choice but to leave with Shangguan Chenloong, who had just turned one year old. They went to the small city to make a living.

Every time Shangguan Chenloong asked her mother, she would not tell Shangguan Chenloong the truth. Later, Shangguan Chenloong saw a picture of his mother in a magazine. This magazine reported a big event that shocked the business world. It was the reforms and openness entrepreneur, Shangguan Zhenhua, who was cheated of his marriage. His new wife was pregnant with someone else's child. She even forced Shangguan Zhenhua to take money to get a divorce. In the end, Shangguan Zhenhua was forced to travel across the ocean. He went to America.

Shangguan Chenloong knew the truth. He hated his mother even more. He threw the magazine in front of his mother and said, "You are too selfish!

Shangguan Chenloong's background was actually quite pitiful. No matter how one looked at it, he had made the wrong decision because of his mother. He had become a victim along with his mother. After all, children had no right to choose their parents. Only parents had the right to choose whether or not they wanted this child. Therefore, it was said that poor people must have some detestable things. This hateful person also had something pitiful. Only by experiencing extraordinary things would one become crazy and abnormal.

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