Unexpected Huge Fortune/C20 Those Who Are Not Accepted
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Unexpected Huge Fortune/C20 Those Who Are Not Accepted
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C20 Those Who Are Not Accepted

Shangguan Chenloong felt wronged as well. He said to Shangguan Zhenhua, "Dad, In my heart, you've always been my father. My mom didn't tell you she was pregnant and insisted on giving birth to me. Actually, it was her selfishness. She passed away a few years ago. In the end, she refused to tell me that man's name. I don't even know my last name. I'm also her sacrifice! "

In fact, what Shangguan Chenloong said was right. Shangguan Chenloong's mother insisted on giving birth to the child to satisfy her longing for her boyfriend. However, she did not want to do so at all. There would be a child who lacked fatherly love following her in the future.

It was not easy for a single mother to be accepted by others with a boy, let alone in that era. Divorce was rare, even now. Many men could not accept a woman with a son. So this child will always suffer with him. Shangguan Chenloong's mother did not think about it. She just wanted to give birth to the child. That was why Shangguan Chenloong's mother was a very stubborn and selfish woman. She had paid the price for what she had done. Shangguan Chenloong rarely saw his mother when he was an adult because of that story. It had almost become a disgrace to Shangguan Chenloong. He never thought his mother would be so terrible. He was clearly in the wrong when he cheated on his mother. He was still dreaming about the Spring and Autumn Festival. He had asked her to take a sum of money before he was willing to divorce her. He was really good at daydreaming.

Shangguan Zhenhua heard that Shangguan Chenloong's mother was already dead. However, he did not show any sympathy at all. Instead, he smiled and said, "Hehe, everyone says that the heavens are fair. When your mother was alive, she did all kinds of bad things and cheated on her marriage and wealth. I didn't expect that she would end well. I really didn't expect that."

Tang Fei said to Shangguan Zhenhua from the side, "Sigh, the world is unpredictable. I often heard people say that good people do not live long and that disasters will last for thousands of years."

Shangguan Zhenhua turned to Shangguan Chenloong and said, "Since you are innocent, you should behave yourself and be a good person. But not only did you not learn well, you also learned to lie like your mother. You cheated Xiao Hong Company's management rights and secretly turned the company's legal person into yourself. Are these things done by people?"

Shangguan Chenloong was silent for a long time in the face of Shangguan Zhenhua's questioning. Because he could not admit these things. These were all ironclad facts.

However, Shangguan Chenloong did not give up. "Dad," he said. It's not what you think. The reason why I didn't tell my sister that I wasn't your biological son was because of you. It's because I'm your child in my eyes, and I don't even know who that person is. My mother is so selfish, I can rely on her. It's still the Shangguan family. Besides, I changed the legal person to myself. It is true that the company is facing a crisis. In order to continue the company's business, I went to the bank to apply for a loan. The bank told me that it's not impossible to apply for a loan, or that the legal person himself has to come forward. Either the legal person gives the client a commission. But think about it, my sister is already dead. She can't show herself or give me a commission. Then I can only change the legal person to myself, and only then can I continue to apply to the bank for a loan. And it is precisely because of this loan that I am able to continue to apply for loans from the bank. The company has been running for so many years, and if we don't have the loan, I'm afraid that the company would have applied for bankruptcy long ago. "

"It's fine if Shangguan Chenloong didn't say that. Once he said that, he would have already applied for bankruptcy. Tang Fei shouldn't have said anything at this moment. Because both of them were his elders, they didn't have the right to speak. However, Tang Fei didn't dare to interrupt Shangguan Zhenhua's words. Shangguan Chenloong's words were different. This uncle was obviously a fake. How could there be any hierarchy between them?

Tang Fei snorted and said, "Stop talking nonsense. I saw that you applied for the 200 million yuan loan. Is it to fill up your private pockets? Drink this good tea and smoke this good cigarette. Young and beautiful female secretaries, one after another. You don't look like you lack money. "It's the company that let you poke a hole in 200 million."

Shangguan Chenloong had also been in the business circle and the entertainment circle for so many years. How could he be scolded by Tang Fei, who was just a novice? Therefore, Shangguan Chenloong immediately started to refute. He said, "Tang Fei, don't spout nonsense. Even if I'm not your uncle, you don't have the right to talk to me like that. Besides, Shang Yufei is the only secretary I have. This is my daughter Shangguan Qingqing. I will have to trouble you to find out the truth and talk to me like this in the future. Today is just you two. Forget it. Otherwise, I will sue you for slander! "

This girl was Shangguan Chenloong's daughter? This Tang Fei did not expect that Tang Fei could see that she was very close to Shangguan Chenloong. He thought that in just a day when he saw Shang Yufei, this guy had changed again. The company was now full of debts. How could he do that? One secretary to the left spent money after another.

The young and pretty girl came over and said to Tang Fei, "You are Tang Fei? I just heard my father say yesterday, don't put all the shit on my father. I am her daughter, Shangguan Qingqing. You can also go to my house to check. We are living the life of an ordinary family now. There is no such thing as being rich and powerful. I hope you are responsible for what you said! "

Shangguan Min'er had to say something when she saw the girl talk back to Tang Fei. They were all of the same generation, so there was no need to be so particular about them. Shangguan Min'er smiled and said to Shangguan Qingqing, "Yo, This girl seems to be very professional. She wants us to check your house. We are too lazy to go. Today we came to help Tang Fei get back the management rights of the company. This company belongs to someone else. Even if your father turned the legal person into himself for the company. Now that the company's rightful owner is here, you still have to return the company, right? Furthermore, it was clearly written in the company handover agreement at that time. "After Tang Fei graduated from university, he will hand over the company to Tang Fei to manage."

Shangguan Qingqing didn't know where this girl came from, but she didn't know that she was the real descendant of the Shangguan family, and her parents were Shangguan Zhenhua's real flesh and blood. She was also Shangguan Zhenhua's granddaughter.

At this time, Shangguan Chenloong came over to look at Shangguan Min'er and asked, "Little girl, who... are you?"

Shangguan Min'er said, "Who am I? Let me tell you, I am the true descendant of the Shangguan family. I am his granddaughter, Shangguan Min'er. You don't even know who your surname is, and you are still fighting with us for the property of the Shangguan family. Isn't that a little funny?"

Tang Fei snorted and said, "Who said that? You said you don't even know your own surname? This is so funny! Besides, I don't agree with what you said last time. I also found relevant legal materials when I went back. Even if the company has debts, legal people can still change. If you want to return the company, you can help me from the side. How can there be so many reasons? Right now Shangguan Min'er wants to fully support me running the company. I don't need you anymore. Hurry up and change the legal person of the company. The company's debt has nothing to do with you. As for whether you have any private funds in the company's loan, We won't ask any further. "

This time Shangguan Chenloong smiled helplessly and said to Shangguan Zhenhua, "I can see it. Today, your Shangguan family came to ask for the assets. In that case, You won't accept me no matter what. What else can I say? If you don't keep me here, you will have to keep me here. "Don't worry, I will bring Tang Fei to change the transfer procedures."

Shangguan Min'er said, "No need. When I came, I already called the people over there. They will bring the contract over now. You just need to sign it."

He did not expect this family to be so ruthless. Shangguan Chenloong faked a smile and said, "Consider yourselves ruthless."

The rest of the time, they were very embarrassed in the house because they had come this far. This meant that Shangguan Chenloong and Shangguan Qingqing's relationship with the real Shangguan family had been broken, and there was no way to fix it. Therefore, there was no point for Shangguan Chenloong to stay in Tengfei Film and Television Company anymore. Shangguan Qingqing sat beside Shangguan Chenloong. She whispered, "Dad, are we leaving? Where are we going in the future?"

Shangguan Chenloong patted Shangguan Qingqing's shoulder and said, "Silly child. Dad is no worse than others. Can he not feed you?"

What was strange was the conversation between the father and daughter. But whether it was Shangguan Zhenhua or Shangguan Min'er, It was even more impossible for Tang Fei to do so. Shangguan Chenloong took over the company's management rights and secretly changed the legal person. He had no good feelings for this fake uncle. How could he have any sympathy for Shangguan Chenloong? He wished he could get out of the company immediately. As the saying goes, love the house and the crow. Hate can also be said to hate. At this time, Tang Fei not only hated Shangguan Chenloong, but also hated him. Even Shangguan Qingqing, whom they had met for the first time, did not have a good expression on her face.

After a while, the people from the industry and the tax department arrived at the company. It was easy to do things with money. Usually, they had to look at their faces when they ran to the industry and tax department. Now that they had personally come to settle it, it was called money that could make ghosts grind.

Not long after, the company's legal person contract had been signed. The company that originally belonged to Tang Fei had finally been taken back. It had also completed the challenge task that his first mother had given him.

After signing the contract, the business and tax people had just left. Shangguan Chenloong also planned to leave with Shangguan Qingqing. After all, this company was now Tang Fei's. He had said that he would give Tang Fei 3000 yuan as the deputy manager, but now he was nothing.

Tang Fei also put on an act in front of Shangguan Chenloong and said to Shangguan Chenloong, "Uncle, why don't you stay in the company? There are many things I need to ask you about in the company. How about I give you 5,000 yuan a month?"

Obviously, Tang Fei wanted to slap Shangguan Chenloong's face. Didn't you say you would give me three thousand yuan to be your assistant manager? I will give you 5,000 yuan. This is two thousand more than what you gave me. It's not low, is it?

Shangguan Chenloong laughed and said, "Ouch! I didn't expect you to call me uncle at this time. I'm really touched. I don't even know my surname. What right do I have to be your uncle? Besides, don't you have a good sister to help you? You don't need my help. Five thousand yuan. This treatment is really not low, but thank you. No matter how much I, Shangguan Chenloong, develop, I will not fall to the level of a staff member. I hope the company does not collapse under your hands. Qingqing, "Let's go. Don't be an eyesore in other people's territory."

After saying that, Shangguan Chenloong took Shangguan Qingqing and left the Tengfei Film and Television Company. From this moment on, the Tengfei Film and Television Company had officially changed owners, changing from Shangguan Chenloong to Tang Fei.

Tang Fei was also a new official. He immediately called the Human Resources Department and told them that the company had changed owners. He asked all the middle-level managers to have a meeting in the meeting room tomorrow. The manager of the Human Resources Department did not understand what was going on at the beginning. Tang Fei said that he would explain everything to everyone during the meeting. You just need to inform them to come over for a meeting.

Putting down the phone, for the first time in Tang Fei's life, he felt that being the boss was really good. No wonder everyone wanted to be an official and had the right to be in charge. They were not on the same level!

Shangguan Min'er patted Tang Fei's shoulder from behind and said, "It's okay. You look like a boss. Keep it up. Tomorrow, I hope you can subdue these middle-level managers. I'm afraid there are many close confidants of Shangguan Chenloong here. I wonder if they will cause trouble for you. "

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