Unexpected Huge Fortune/C3 Enemies Meet on a Narrow Road
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Unexpected Huge Fortune/C3 Enemies Meet on a Narrow Road
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C3 Enemies Meet on a Narrow Road

"You don't think so? You've known since you were young that you have a fiancé, or a descendant of a hero. He's so outstanding and has seen so many pictures of him. I've long since decided that this person was my husband, right? I just don't know if he chose me or not, because there are still two sisters who are my competitors. What, seeing me today? But you're embarrassed? "

What? They had known since they were young that they had a fiancé, so why didn't anyone tell me that I had a fiancée? This wasn't fair! Besides, they have seen my pictures before. Don't tell me they have pictures of me when I was naked when I was young?

Tang Fei's face turned red as he thought about it. He didn't dare to look directly at the three people in front of him. He thought that he might not have any secrets in front of these three women. Wasn't this a very awkward thing?

Seeing the children suddenly looking at each other, no one said anything. As an elder, Aunt Xu could be said to be extremely anxious. She was the mother of three daughters. A boy's future mother-in-law. As the saying goes, the more a mother-in-law sees a husband, the happier she becomes. Ms Tang had long regarded Tang Fei as her son-in-law, so from primary school until now. Ms Tang had been praising her future son-in-law in front of her three daughters. At the same time, she was disciplining her three daughters. Before Tang Fei decided who to choose, none of them could do anything out of line. Otherwise, they would be expelled from the family.

But now, these children were just standing there. No one said a word. What the hell is this!

Ms Tang looked at the children and asked, "What are you guys doing? Why are you guys not talking? Are you all stupid?"

Just when the few of them were staring at each other in a deadlock, the door was suddenly knocked.

Ms Tang heard the knock on the door as if she had been granted amnesty. She ran to the door and opened it. The person at the door was none other than Xu Ziting, the crazy woman Tang Fei met on the train, the tigress who scolded people all the time!

Sure enough, when Tang Fei and Xu Ziting saw each other, they were already stunned. Although Tang Fei had prepared himself mentally, he did not expect this person to be one of his fiancée. Tang Fei had experienced her urethritis and kidney deficiency before.

Ms Tang did not seem to know that Tang Fei and Xu Ziting had seen each other on the train and that some unpleasant things had happened. The two of them even cursed each other for not being able to marry anyone. She said to Xu Ziting, "Tingting, ah. I knew you'd be back as soon as I heard the door. You can't learn from them. "Come and greet Fei. He is the fiancé that you and your two sisters dream of meeting!"

"It is really a narrow road between enemies. I have been thinking about it day and night. How could he be the person I dream about? In Xu Ziting's opinion, Tang Fei's appearance was indeed not bad. He was almost as handsome as in the photo. Those who did not know would think that he was a contracted actor from a company. Although he wasn't particularly tall, Moreover, she had known since she was young that Tang Fei was a martial artist. He also knew about TCM and also graduated from university. It could be said that he was a master of both martial arts and martial arts.

However, he was such an outstanding person. He had offended him because of his temper, and he had even scolded him. Wasn't he lifting a stone and smashing his own feet?

Why did Xu Ziting know so much? Of course, it was because Ms Tang and her husband had flattered Tang Fei for more than ten years in front of their three daughters. They said that Tang Fei's mother was the former boss of the film company. Tang Fei's mother was the famous Three Apes star of the film song in China at that time. She did not know how much money she had. Tang Fei himself was a master of both civil and military skills, and he had such a family background and such a person. It was a blessing in life to marry him.

However, such an outstanding person was actually offended by his bad temper. This way, his impression of Tang Fei would definitely be greatly reduced. Marrying him would definitely be impossible, and it might even affect his two older sisters.

Therefore, Xu Ziting decided to make the first move. Even if she lost, she could not lose face. Losing was not scary. It would be stupid to lose face to her grandmother.

After a few seconds of thinking, Xu Ziting said loudly, "What? Mom, you are not mistaken. He is the person we think of day and night?"

Xu Ziting's question confused Ms Tang. She did not know what to do and asked. Yes, didn't I tell you? This is Tang Fei's home. Isn't the man you've been waiting for all these years?"

Who would have thought that Xu Ziting curled her lips in contempt and said, "Humph, there are all kinds of birds in the woods. There is a dirty leather bag under the delicate coat. Mother. If my fiancé is this guy, even if my dad beat me to death, I will not marry him!"

As soon as these words came out, Tang Fei was angered. No one dared to offend Tang Fei, whether he was in martial arts school or university. No one dared to talk to him like this in B City or Z City.

Tang Fei snorted and said, "Humph, that's exactly what I wanted to say. If my fiancée was you, I wouldn't marry her even if my dad broke my legs. Although I'm not a rich kid, I don't lack women in B City or Z City."

The people in the room did not expect that the two of them would start to talk at each other the moment they met. This made Ms Tang, who did not know what was going on, even more confused.

Xu Ziting even snorted and said, "Mom, See, this is what you call a good son-in-law. We have been keeping our bodies as jade for so many years, but he has already opened the sky outside. This kind of person, who wants it, who wants it? In any case, I am annoyed. I will go to the city to rent a house. I can't live with him. I have my skills. Why should I let him raise it? Goodbye! "

As she spoke, Xu Ziting really pulled her suitcase out of the house. The moment she stepped out of the door, Tang Fei smiled and said, "Your ability is to join my goddess, right? Let me tell you, the main board of my goddess is my mother's original film company. Now my uncle is running it on his behalf. With your figure, You want to participate in my goddesserts? If you can't even pass the auditions, you'll have to be eliminated. "I won't say good things to my uncle for you!"

Even though Tang Fei had said it to this extent, Xu Ziting still left and did not leave any words behind. Ms Tang did not expect it to be like this at all. She asked Tang Fei what exactly was going on.

Before Tang Fei could say anything, one of the other two girls said to Ms Tang, "Mom, Ting just sent us a message saying she met a bastard on the train. She deliberately messed with her and made her do the wrong thing. But we all know Little Ting's character. I guess what she said was a little different. We never thought that the bastard she was talking about was actually Tang Fei. It's not like she has never seen a picture of Tang Fei before. Why is she so impulsive? "

Ms Tang came back to her senses and said to Tang Fei, "Sigh. Fei, don't blame Little Ting. That child was spoiled by us. Oh right, I forgot to introduce him to you. The one who walked just now was my youngest daughter, Xu Ziting. The one on the left was my eldest daughter, Xu Ziying. The one on the right was my second brother, Xu Ziping. The three of them are triplets. Their ages are the same as their birthdays. "

Tang Fei smiled and the two girls walked over. They said to Tang Fei, "Hehe, you don't need to introduce them. We have known your name since we were young. It has been almost 20 years. We know that you're talking about making Little Ting angry. She hasn't been with us since she was young. She spent more than 10 years with Grandma before she came back. She was spoiled by Grandma when she was young. She was a bit stubborn, but she wasn't a bad person. I hope you don't remove her from your fiancée just like that. The three of us agreed to have a fair competition. "

This was the boss Ms Tang had just introduced. Xu Ziying did not know if Uncle Xu liked purple very much. These three daughters actually had the word purple in the middle. Looking at the three girls, Although their looks are almost identical, their figures are very different. Among the three girls, the one with the biggest chest was this boss Xu Ziying. She looked like she had an F. The second brother, Xu Ziping, was slightly smaller, but it was still okay. The youngest one was the Princess of Peace who ran out just now, Xu Ziting. As for her height, Xu Ziying looked a little taller than Tang Fei. Xu Ziping was basically the same as Tang Fei. Xu Ziting was also the shortest among the three sisters.

So if Xu Ziting wanted to participate in my goddess talent show, it would be harder than ascending to the heavens to stand out. It was small and flat. What could she use to conquer the judges?

After Xu Ziying finished speaking, Tang Fei said to Xu Ziying, "Don't worry. In fact, the three of you are all beauties. Xu Ziting and I only had some misunderstanding. Furthermore, she got into the wrong car and argued with me. That was why the car drove and delayed her getting out of the car."

At this time Ms Tang smiled at Tang Fei and said, "Sigh. Don't lower yourself to Little Ting's level. She has always had that temper. When it's sunny and rainy, it's always been spoiled by her grandma. Now that you guys know each other, we can officially move into your house. Fortunately, your house is big enough and there are plenty of rooms. Also, there are two toilets upstairs and downstairs, so we can avoid trouble. Fei, I live upstairs with them. You should still be in your room downstairs. "

Tang Fei said," Of course you can. You can stay anywhere you want. Leave a room for Ziting. I think she will come back. "

Xu Ziying walked in front of Tang Fei and said, "We really did not see wrongly. We knew you would not throw Ziting out for no reason because of a small matter. I will contact her when I have time. My relationship with Ziting is better. I believe I can persuade her to come back."

Tang Fei smiled and said in his heart, he did not know what these three girls were thinking, especially this boss. Wasn't one less competitor? Why did he still want his opponent to come back? Unless they didn't really like him, they would push him back and forth.

But now, all the women had already moved into their own homes, and they still had their father's approval. No matter what, they would have to spend some time together. As for which of the three girls they would choose, To be honest, Up until now, Tang Fei still didn't have any feeling of calling these three girls. It was just that he felt that this boss had a good figure and his words were more pleasant to hear. So if he insisted on choosing one of the three girls, his boss Xu Ziying should be a good choice now. But after all, there was still a year left. He would not make a decision so quickly. As for what would happen in a year's time, Only God knew.

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