Unexpected Huge Fortune/C4 Three Women One Show
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Unexpected Huge Fortune/C4 Three Women One Show
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C4 Three Women One Show

Ms Tang walked over and patted Tang Fei. She said, "Fei, you are a loyal child. I know you are filial. But don't take it to heart. Ziting's child was spoiled by her maternal grandparents since she was young. It was inevitable that she would be a little arrogant and despotic. She liked to be self-centered in everything. But I dare say that her attitude towards you just now was because she already had you in her heart. That's why she did that because she was afraid that she would not be able to stand up to her. "

Tang Fei smiled and said, "I know."

In the face of Ms Tang's words, even though there were ten thousand horses in Tang Fei's heart, he did not know what to do. After all, Ms Tang brought her daughters to seek refuge with her father. It was approved by her father. Furthermore, Ms Tang's family had just experienced a huge change. There were many things that could not be refuted. Xu Ziting was an extremely powerful woman. Her image had long fallen in Tang Fei's heart. It was estimated that she had already been eliminated early. But even so, she would still be his sister-in-law in the future. He lowered his head and didn't look up. Their relationship really wasn't that bad. Otherwise, they would not be able to get along with each other in the future. So for Ms Tang's words, Tang Fei didn't object to Ms Tang's words.

The eldest Xu Ziying had a very good impression of Tang Fei. At this time, she had already decided in her heart that she would not marry anyone other than Tang Fei. As the boss, this young mistress of the Tang family was supposed to be her. But who would have thought that her mother would give birth to three daughters all of a sudden? Her father was even more ridiculous. He even asked her to choose one of the three daughters. Didn't this mean that he had become the daughter-in-law of the Tang family? How could he stand out in the competition between the three of them now? This was the biggest headache for Xu Ziying because she was the boss. If Tang Fei didn't choose her, she would lose her identity which was already a foregone conclusion. Wouldn't that be embarrassing?

Now that Third Sister, who had always been fighting for her position, had left, Second Sister Xu Ziping actually did not have any opinions and would not pose any threat to her. That was why Third Sister was his greatest enemy. But now that she had left, If he didn't get along with Tang Fei, when would he be able to get close to her?

Thinking of this, although it was Xu Ziying's first time seeing Tang Fei, I'm a little embarrassed, but I'm a little emboldened. She walked in front of Tang Fei and said, "Mr Tang. We started preparing the food for you and Ziting in the afternoon. Who would have thought that this girl would leave? But we still have to eat. Besides, you were on the train for an afternoon. You should go back to your room to rest first. We will prepare the food for you. "

Ms Tang, who was at the side, heard this and smiled. "Yo, my eldest daughter entered the role so quickly and started to feel sorry for her husband? That's right, let's go and prepare food for Fei."

Tang Fei was a little confused. Didn't they say that they would start preparing in the afternoon? It was almost night, so what else was there to prepare? They could just eat it.

Xu Ziying smiled and said to Tang Fei, "Are you hungry? "Then let's hurry up. Actually, we prepared half-finished products. We don't know when you guys will come back. We can't just wait and cook first. If you guys come back late, it won't be fresh if it gets cold."

So that's what happened. Tang Fei smiled. It seemed that he was really a little stupid. He didn't even think of this. Tang Fei did not stand on ceremony with these women. He went back to his bedroom. These women, of course, went into the kitchen to cook for Tang Fei.

The advantage of having more women in the house was that they did not have to worry about food anymore. Moreover, they were well-hygienic. Tang Fei returned to his bedroom and saw a brand new bed sheet and blanket. He felt that it was good to have women with him.

It was no wonder Tang Fei thought so. Tang Fei had never had a mother since he was young. He had always been with his father. However, his father often wasn't at home. Tang Fei had been learning medicine and martial arts from Wolf since he was four or five years old. Almost all the people who were close to him in the past 20 years were men.

Later on, when they arrived at the martial arts school, there were eighty to ninety percent of the people in the school who were male students. Occasionally, there would be a few girls who were also female. They spent all their time outside, squatting, squatting, and even sunbathing. How could there be any pretty girls in the martial arts school? Besides, ever since he started practicing martial arts with Wolf, Wolf had asked Tang Fei to keep his virginity. It was only after two years of life that he could be considered to have grown up. Once his virginity was broken before that, he would have to keep his virginity. It would have an effect on one's own cultivation after that, or even on one's mental derangement. Regarding this warning, Tang Fei had always remembered this warning. He was afraid that he would really go berserk one day. That would be bad. He hadn't even started a family yet. It was all thanks to his panic.

So Tang Fei told Xu Ziting that he had never lacked a woman. In fact, it was a lie. Until now, Tang Fei was still a virgin. However, Xu Ziting firmly believed Tang Fei's words. She believed that a man as outstanding as Tang Fei was. It's normal to say that you don't lack women. After all, they live in a mansion over a thousand square meters. In addition to his outstanding appearance and martial arts skills, any girl would be moved by him.

Tang Fei was thinking so randomly on the bed, but he actually fell asleep.

After an unknown amount of time, Tang Fei felt a rush of urination. He hurried to the toilet and pushed the door open. He saw three women sitting on the sofa in the living room. He was so scared that he ran back to his room. Tang Fei was only wearing a pair of underwear now. Luckily, Tang Fei had six or seven people in his dormitory, so he did not have the habit of sleeping naked. Otherwise, it would be so embarrassing to let a few women see him so naked. It would be so embarrassing that he would find a hole to hide in.

Tang Fei casually found a set of clothes in the closet and put them on. Then he went out the door again. He must have been muddle-headed after sleeping. He had forgotten that there were three more women in the house now. He was the only man. He was not as casual as he used to be.

When he reached the toilet, he felt very comfortable. He looked at his phone and found that it was already midnight.

At this time, a girl's voice came from the living room. "Mr Tang, you slept so long. It's already midnight. Why don't we have supper with you?"

Besides urinating, Tang Fei touched his stomach. He was a little hungry. It had been more than ten hours since he got on the car in the afternoon. He was sure he would be hungry.

Tang Fei came to the living room and smiled at the women. "I'm sorry about that. I used to be at home. I forgot there were more women at home. By the way, It's already midnight. Don't tell me you haven't eaten yet?"

Xu Ziying covered her mouth and smiled. She said," How is that possible? When we finished cooking and saw that you were sleeping soundly, Ziping went to knock on the door but you didn't wake up. We didn't have the heart to disturb you and let you sleep for a while. We will eat first. But Mom said that she was afraid that you would be hungry at night, so she prepared some supper for you."

Tang Fei sat down and said, "That's good. We will be a family in the future. Don't make me look like the young master. I am so sorry. I just need to eat some. I am used to dealing with people in school. "

At this time, Ms Tang took out something from the kitchen and said, "It's because you're used to dealing with people in school. At home, I cannot let you deal with them, no matter who you choose. I am your future mother-in-law. The mother-in-law stays at the son-in-law's house. Isn't this mother-in-law a little too weak to let your son-in-law deal with her? "

Not only Ms Tang, but also Xu Ziping was helping to take the things. It seemed that only Xu Ziying was looking at Tang Fei in a daze and not saying anything. Tang Fei was frightened by the look and did not know what was going on. Was it because Xu Ziying had seen her body just now that Xu Ziying had become even more infatuated with her?

Although Tang Fei was not very tall and burly, he was famous for his white hair. Even if he had been in the martial arts school for a few years, Tang Fei's skin was like it was not tanned. It was even whiter than the skin of some girls in the school. For this reason, there were times when the brothers in the dormitory suspected that Tang Fei had cast the wrong child. He should have thrown in the wrong child. Wouldn't that make him a fan of tens of thousands of people?

Xu Ziping helped Ms Tang prepare supper. When she saw Eldest Sister keep staring at Tang Fei, she smiled and said, "Eldest Sister, if you keep staring at Mr Tang like this, you can't do nothing. Besides, don't scare Mr Tang. How can you be so infatuated looking at someone like that?"

After hearing what her sister said, Xu Ziying looked shy and pouted, "You damn girl, I told you to talk nonsense. Watch me tear your mouth apart!"

The two sisters suddenly started to quarrel like this. Ms Tang could not bear to watch anymore and said, "Alright, alright, the two of you should be quiet. What does it look like? Fei is still here. Let him rest and eat something first."

The two girls then stopped fighting. Perhaps because both of them knew that Tang Fei's family was so generous and Tang Fei was indeed so outstanding, they both wanted to take the initiative to attack and take the initiative. They sat on both sides of Tang Fei, one on the left and the other on the right.

Seeing that the two girls finally took the initiative to attack Tang Fei, they also revealed a satisfied smile. Xu Ziying and Xu Ziping, one on the left and one on the right, would occasionally serve food to Tang Fei. Ms Tang served food to Tang Fei from the side, letting Tang Fei really experience what it was like to see people hugging each other on TV.

He did not know if it was intentional or not, but he did not know if it was intentional or not. There were even a few times when Xu Ziying's large chest was pressed against Tang Fei's arm. Tang Fei, who had never had any physical contact with a girl, suddenly felt as if he had been electrocuted. There was a reaction in a certain part of his body.

Tang Fei's face immediately turned red. After eating three bowls of rice, he told the girls that he could not take it anymore. If he ate any more, he would not move. When I'm full, you guys can eat slowly.

Xu Ziying looked at her watch and said, "Mr Tang, you have slept for the whole afternoon. You are not sleepy anymore, are you? I heard that the scenery here is very good at night. Why don't we go out for a walk and digest it. We can also take a look at the beautiful city here."

"I don't know what Xu Ziying is thinking. Although I am not very tired, isn't it because a big man and a girl are crossing the road full of food?

However, Tang Fei thought about the plot of the TV series. When boys and girls fell in love together, they would always go out to press the road when they had nothing to do. Even if there was a car, they wouldn't drive it. It seemed that Xu Ziying was really interested in him. She actually took the initiative to find him to press the road so late at night.

Xu Ziping, who was on the other side, was also unwilling to fall behind. She said to Tang Fei, "That's right, Mr Tang. I also agree with elder sister's opinion. These few days, we came to your house and have a stroll around the house. It's so boring. Take us out for a stroll and take a look at the night scenery."

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