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C6 Agreement

Now, they had no choice but to believe Tang Fei's ability. It seemed like they hadn't seen the calendar when they went out tonight and met a master.

But even so, they still didn't forget to say a few harsh words to Tang Fei. The leader said to Tang Fei, "Good boy, you dare to mess with my business. Which path are you from? I will remember you!"

Tang Fei ignored him and pulled Xu Ziying back. Xu Ziying's body trembled. She did not expect such a perfect person to actually take the initiative to pull her. It simply made Xu Ziying feel that happiness came too quickly.

The few of them saw Tang Fei acting so arrogantly, although they were extremely angry. Just based on Tang Fei's skill just now, they could not do anything about it. If they keep fighting, they'll be crippled, even if they don't die. The big guy in the lead wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. He spat and said, "F * ck! Why didn't I find out that there are such arrogant brats in B City? You two, investigate his background in secret. "Sooner or later, I will become him and ride his horse under me!" The two henchmen nodded their heads repeatedly and said yes.

Tang Fei had dragged Xu Ziying far away. He sighed and said, "Bah, these sons of b * tches. Originally, they were in a good mood today, but they were all ruined by these grandsons. It's too late now. It's not safe to walk on the road. Let's go home."

Xu Ziying saw that Tang Fei suddenly wanted to go back. Wasn't her plan a failure? Those bastards really did not have eyes. They just happened to appear at this time. Otherwise, in a while, she would take Tang Fei to find a place to sing and then live nearby. It was definitely possible.

However, now that such a thing had happened, Tang Fei would definitely not bring Xu Ziying along to continue walking forward. Because it was indeed two or three in the morning. Just now, he felt that it was only a short while, but he did not expect that more than an hour had passed. Really, happy times always pass so quickly.

Going back like this was too shameful. Later, wouldn't he let his younger sister Xu Ziping laugh at him to death? No matter what, He had to spend the night with Tang Fei today. As long as he had the upper hand in that aspect, Furthermore, Xu Ziying saw Tang Fei today. If something really happened between Xu Ziying and Tang Fei, Tang Fei would definitely not be able to make the next choice. He would definitely take responsibility for it. He had just said that Tang Fei was her boyfriend at that kind of occasion. Tang Fei didn't object.

Xu Ziying suddenly hugged Tang Fei and said, "Mr Tang, can't you see what I'm thinking? As a girl's home, I took the initiative to say that you're my boyfriend, and you didn't object. Are we going back today?"

Tang Fei was stunned and asked, "Then, what do you want if we don't go back like this?"

Xu Ziying's face turned red and said," You... you are really a piece of wood. Do you want me to tell you? Didn't Xu Ziping already tell you my plan when she was at home? Actually, that's what I thought. Furthermore, you did not object to me saying that you are my boyfriend. Furthermore, it was also me who volunteered..."

Tang Fei recalled what Xu Ziping said before they left. It turned out that this girl really planned to spend the night with him tonight. This made Tang Fei break out in cold sweat. It would be his twenty-fourth birthday in a week's time. He could not afford to lose his bottom line at this time.

But he could not reject Xu Ziying directly. After all, a girl had said things like this. That was because she already had a very good impression of you. It was only because of your determination to not marry that she could decide to hand herself over to a man.

That was why Tang Fei put his hands on Xu Ziying's shoulders and said, "I know what you are thinking. Ms Tang already told me that you all know that you all have an excellent fiancé in 20 years. Now that you see me in person, do you think that I am very outstanding? But we just met. I don't want to develop our relationship so quickly, not to mention that we have a year's time. And... let me tell you one thing, you're not allowed to tell the two of them. Especially Xu Ziting, do you understand? "

Xu Ziying was a little stunned. She did not know what Tang Fei wanted to tell her. Today was indeed the first day she met Tang Fei. If she took the initiative to have an affair with a man on the first day they met, wouldn't it make this girl seem too casual? Xu Ziying was a little regretful of her plan. Sometimes people often said that if you wanted to be quick, you would not be able to achieve it. It seemed that this was the truth. Could it be that she had become a casual person in Tang Fei's heart? It was not impossible. After all, he had wanted to fall in love with Tang Fei the moment he came up. It was indeed a bit ridiculous.

But at this time, Xu Ziying was still very calm. She asked Tang Fei what was the matter and could not let Ziping and Ziting know.

Tang Fei smiled and said to Xu Ziying, "Because I am still a virgin. My mentor, Old Wolf, has repeatedly warned me not to break my virginity before I turn twenty-four. That way, my martial arts will be wasted. I must wait until my twenty-fourth birthday before I can have a couple."

Xu Ziting was stunned and immediately laughed and said, "So that's how it is. Then you still told Ziting that you do not lack women everywhere. We all thought that what you said was true!"

Tang Fei shook his head and said, "Isn't this to anger her? Who knew that she really believed it. Moreover, not only her, but even you guys also seem to believe it. So in your hearts, your fiancé is such a troublemaker!"

Xu Ziying also felt a little embarrassed and said, "This... this can't be blamed on us. What you said is that you don't lack women anywhere. We thought about it and agreed. You are so outstanding and have such a good family background. Why do you need a girlfriend? Maybe you're getting a girlfriend now. "It was our sudden appearance that messed up your life."

Tang Fei said, "That's why you wanted to give yourself to me so badly that you could take me away."

Tang Fei regretted saying that. After all, it was a sarcastic remark. However, it was too late for him to regret what he said.

Sure enough, Xu Ziying was very excited after hearing Tang Fei's words. She said, "You, what do you mean? Are you saying that I am a woman who casually wants to have sex with a man? Tang Fei, let me tell you. For the sake of you and me, the three sisters have been living together for 20 years. The other sisters already have boyfriends in university. But we can only wait for that so-called fiancé to appear. It's true that you're the man of my life, and that's why you're willing to do anything. If you think that I am a casual person, then you are wrong. I didn't think I was such a woman in your heart. Humph! "

As she spoke, Xu Ziying actually ran away with tears streaming down her face. However, she did not run in the direction of home. Could it be that this girl had been told that her brain had short-circuited? Logically speaking, the few of them should have stayed here for a few days already. It was impossible for them to not even know the direction!

Tang Fei was worried that something would happen to Xu Ziying, so he quietly followed behind. Tang Fei did not want Xu Ziying to meet people like those three scums again. If he met these people without his protection, what would happen to Xu Ziying? That would be unpredictable. If Xu Ziying lost her virginity because of fighting with him, he would not be able to explain to his father and Ms Tang.

Xu Ziying knew that Tang Fei was following her, so she kept accelerating to get rid of Tang Fei. Not to mention Tang Fei's martial arts since he was young, it naturally increased his physical strength. Tang Fei himself, a man, was much stronger than Xu Ziying, this girl. Xu Ziying could not get rid of Tang Fei's following.

Seeing that she could not get rid of Tang Fei no matter what, Xu Ziying decided not to run. She turned back and shouted to Tang Fei, "Why are you following me?"

Tang Fei saw that Xu Ziying did not run anymore and knew that Xu Ziying could not run anymore. That was why he deliberately turned his head around and shouted. Tang Fei shrugged and walked over. He said, "I was afraid that something would happen to you. What would you do if those scumbags appeared again?"

Xu Ziying glared at Tang Fei and said, "Humph, it's none of your business. Anyway, I'm just a random woman in your heart. I don't have a bad relationship with anyone."

Tang Fei sighed and said, "Sigh. Look, you girls are so impulsive. Did I say that? Besides, I didn't mean that. I just wanted to say that you saw me. That's why you wanted to give yourself to me so quickly. "Do you want to give those two sisters an opportunity?"

Xu Ziying glared at Tang Fei again and said," You... Isn't this still what you meant? However, I told you just now. So I don't care what you think. You... can't break the body of a child before you are 24 years old. I won't let you break the rules. Sigh, let's just let fate take its course. There are some things in the book that say that if you want to be quick, you won't be able to achieve it. It seems like that's really the case. Forget it. "Let's go home. I am not afraid that Ziping will laugh at me."

Tang Fei was stunned and asked, "What are you laughing at?"

Xu Ziying hit Tang Fei a few times and said, "Bastard, you are still asking. I have already taken the initiative and yet I have not gotten you. Do you think Ziping will laugh at me? She will think that you do not like me at all in your heart. At that time, she will madly chase after you. Perhaps she is even more terrifying than me."

Tang Fei was surprised. The seemingly quiet Xu Ziping, would she really be like this?

The two of them were in a deadlock for a while. Tang Fei looked at his phone and said to Xu Ziying, "Let's go. If we don't go home soon, it will be bright."

Xu Ziying squatted on the ground and said, "What are you talking about? When I was running just now, you gave me a chase. I don't even have the strength. I can't walk at all now."

Tang Fei said, "What? I saw that you were able to run just now. Now you can't even walk? "It's really troublesome. I'll carry you back. Is that okay?"

Xu Ziying originally thought that Tang Fei would take a taxi back. Who would have thought that he would carry her back? Of course, this was what Xu Ziying wished for. To be able to be carried by someone she loved was better than being carried by any taxi or luxury car.

Xu Ziying smiled and stretched out her hand. Tang Fei shook the map, but he still carried Xu Ziying on his back and walked back.

On the way, Xu Ziying laid on Tang Fei's back and felt very happy. After walking for a while, Xu Ziying said to Tang Fei, "Mr Tang, it will be your twenty-fourth birthday in a few days, right? How about letting me accompany you for your birthday?"

Tang Fei smiled and said, "You want to be alone with me again? I think your mother and Ziping will celebrate my birthday with me that day. We don't have a chance! "

Xu Ziying hit Tang Fei on the back and said, "Are you stupid? It must be at night for your birthday. I said I will give you my birthday party tonight. I will celebrate your birthday alone."

Tang Fei finally understood. It seemed that Xu Ziying's idea of wanting to be the first one to have a relationship with him had not been dispelled. Forget it. Anyway, he felt good about Xu Ziying now. She was so proactive, so why was she hiding? If he really chose Xu Ziying as his wife, it would be much better than Xu Ziting who was so noisy.

So Tang Fei thought for a while and said to Xu Ziying, "Okay. As long as we can come out alone that day, I will only celebrate my birthday with you alone."

Xu Ziying snapped her fingers on Tang Fei's back and said, "Okay, it's a deal. This is our agreement!"

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