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C7 Too Bad

Tang Fei carried Xu Ziying home. It was already dawn when he arrived home. In summer, the B City would light up at around 4 o'clock. The house was already quiet. Although Xu Ziying said that Tang Fei's plan to "break" had failed, At least he had to spend his birthday alone. This meant that he had to spend his birthday with Xu Ziying alone. In a week or so, Tang Fei's twenty-fourth birthday. As long as he succeeded, he would be his first woman. He had the upper hand among the three sisters. This was just like what happened in the TV dramas. Who was the son of the dragon? It could be said that a person who had obtained the Dao would rise up to the heavens like a dog and a dog. Although Tang Fei's family was not a royal family, and there was no throne to be inherited, However, Tang Fei's family still had some assets. There were over a thousand square meters of houses in B City. This house was probably worth tens of millions.

Therefore, Xu Ziying was certain that Tang Fei's family was definitely not an ordinary family. Moreover, Tang Fei's image was not much different from her imagined fiancé. He was just a little short. However, he had a lot of martial arts. Tang Fei had defeated three big men in less than a minute. This was not something an ordinary person could do. Being with him gave him a sense of security. What else does a man like that have to choose? So after this first date, Xu Ziying was even more determined to marry Tang Fei. Even if she fought to the death between the three sisters, she would not hesitate to pay any price.

Tang Fei sent Xu Ziying home. The two of them quietly separated. In particular, they were afraid of waking Xu Ziping up because Xu Ziping and Ms Tang thought that the two of them would not come back at night. At this moment, the rice was probably cooked and they were engaged to be married. It was only a matter of time. Neither of them had expected that the two people who went out together to "admire the night scenery" would actually reward them with nothing. No one would believe it.

When Tang Fei and Xu Ziying returned to the house, their mental states were different. Xu Ziying now had a first taste of the joy and happiness that the two of them brought when they were alone together. Her heart was full of longing for the future. As for Tang Fei... The only thing I'm worried about right now is my last few days before I turn 24. If he broke his virginity as a boy, wouldn't his martial arts be ruined? So Tang Fei went back to his room and racked his brains to think about how he could avoid being alone with these "fiancée" for the next few days. Since the boss, Xu Ziying, who seemed so gentle and quiet, could do such a completely proactive thing, what about the other two?

Although Xu Ziting did not seem to be interested in herself and did not seem to want to compete with the two older sisters, This kind of noisy girl was the most unpredictable because this kind of girl would always think of something. Perhaps one day she would cause an unexpected trouble. As for the other girl, Xu Ziping, although she did not talk much, However, she was able to see through Xu Ziying's thoughts at the first moment, which meant that she was more scheming than Xu Ziying. At that time, Tang Fei would not be able to figure out how to deal with him in the next two days.

For a moment, these girls became Tang Fei's biggest worry. Other than that, another problem arose. In the letter, his father had clearly told Tang Fei to take the responsibility of a man. In other words, Tang Fei had to take care of the mother and daughter in addition to himself. One of them was his future mother-in-law and the other was his future wife. The other two were his sister-in-law and his sister-in-law. Xu Ziting seemed to be the one who did not need to be supported the most. She was proud and wanted to support herself. However, she could not afford to lose this share of money. Tang Fei patted his forehead. He wondered how capable he was to raise four women and himself at the same time. Apart from living here, these four women were the only ones who could live here. However, eating and wearing was a huge expense, especially Xu Ziting. From the looks of it, she did not seem like a person who could hurt him.

Tang Fei thought about it and suddenly thought of his uncle. Tang Fei's mother was called Shangguan Hong and his uncle was called Shangguan Chenloong. In fact, Shangguan Chenloong's family belonged to Tang Fei's mother. It was just that when Shangguan Hong passed away, Tang Fei was still young, and Tang Fei's father wasn't home all year round. Shangguan Chenloong was managing this company on his behalf. Otherwise, why would this company be called Tengfei Film and Television Company? It was because Tang Fei's mother used the same name as his son, Tang Fei, to name the company Tengfei Film and Television Company. However, Tang Fei's mother, Shangguan Hong, was really a woman with a red face and a thin life. She had just run a film company for more than a year, but she suddenly passed away due to a serious illness. At that time, it was Tang Fei's father who had discussed with Shangguan Chenloong to let Shangguan Chenloong manage the film company. However, the shares still belonged to him. In the past few years, Shangguan Chenloong had told Tang Fei's father that the company was losing money. Therefore, they didn't share any profits with Tang Fei and his father because Tang Fei's father didn't know how to operate the company. I didn't ask.

However, things were different now. Tang Fei had returned, and he needed money urgently to support his three fiancée and future mother-in-law. Therefore, Tang Fei had to go to the Tengfei Film and Television Company to take a look. Was the Tengfei Film and Television Company really losing money these years, or was Shangguan Chenloong lying?

After making up his mind, Tang Fei soon fell asleep. After all, he had been in a car for a whole day, and he had received a mild 'shock' when he got home. Although the explanation was very clear, to Tang Fei, He suddenly had three fiancée and a future mother-in-law. These people still wanted to live in his house, and he needed to support four women by himself. This is definitely not a surprise, until now. Up until now, Tang Fei had thought that this was a great test in his life. Many young people who had just graduated could feed themselves. How could they feed four more women?

Tang Fei thought about it and decided to look for his uncle, Shangguan Chenloong. Those celebrities could earn tens of millions just by shooting a movie. It was very profitable.

Early the next morning, Tang Fei woke up. When he was in the martial arts school, he would wake up at dawn. He started to practice martial arts. Even though he had graduated, Tang Fei saw that the women had not woken up yet. He left a note on the coffee table and told them that he had some matters to attend to today. So he wasn't at home.

That was because in addition to his uncle Shangguan Chenloong as the first choice, Tang Fei also had the second choice, Wolf. If the first option didn't work, he could go to Wolf and see if there were any missions. After accepting the mission, he finished it. Wolf would give himself a reward. When he was in the martial arts school, Tang Fei had also received a few missions assigned by Wolf, and all of them had given him a corresponding reward. This was similar to the reward hunters in Western culture who sent you to do dangerous things. You would be rewarded after completing it. That was why Tang Fei thought his father was a mercenary. Typically, bounty hunters would have mercenaries as their strong backing. Money was not the only thing that mattered.

In fact, Tang Fei had never been to the Tengfei Film and Television Company before. However, the information was so advanced that he could find some relevant information about the film company on the Internet. The address was very detailed.

That was why Tang Fei easily found the Tengfei Film and Television Company based on the address he found on the Internet.

The so-called film company was not very big, and the Tengfei Film and Television Company was only in an office building in the Northern Third Ring. Tang Fei originally thought that the entire floor of a film company would belong to them. Who would have thought that this film company only had a door in the southeast corner of an office building with the words "Tengfei Film and Television Company" written on it. This also made people feel that the contrast was a little too big?

Although Tang Fei was puzzled, since it was here, he should go and take a look. After entering the company, The receptionist stood up and asked Tang Fei, "Hello, sir. Who are you looking for?"

The girl at the front desk looked good. Her smile was sweet, which made Tang Fei feel quite comfortable. Tang Fei also smiled and said to the girl, "Beauty, I'm looking for Shangguan Chenloong."

"Ah? Are you looking for our Boss Shangguan? Do you have an appointment? Our Boss Shangguan is very busy, he usually has to make an appointment before reporting. "If you don't have an appointment, I can help you make an appointment." The receptionist still said with a smile.

Tang Fei was surprised. He thought to himself, "This big company has a lot of problems. I have to make an appointment when I see a boss. Do you think I want to see the president of the country?

So Tang Fei did not take what the receptionist said to heart. He said to her, "Tell your boss that I am his nephew. My surname is Tang. He knows who I am. Does his nephew have to make an appointment in advance when he sees his uncle? What kind of rule is this? "

How could the receptionist know that Tang Fei was their boss's nephew? Even though Tang Fei said so, the receptionist was still very cautious. She made a phone call with the receptionist and said, "Boss Shangguan, I have someone here who claims to be your nephew. His surname is Tang. He wants to see you. Do you want to see him?

Then, the receptionist said, "Okay, I got it. Then she hung up.

The girl at the front desk put down the phone and said to Tang Fei, "Please wait a moment. Our Manager Shangguan will be here soon."

Tang Fei thought that Shangguan Chenloong was not bad. He even recognized him as his nephew. Tang Fei had thought that Shangguan Chenloong would ask the receptionist to bring him there, but he did not expect Shangguan Chenloong to come out personally to welcome him.

About ten minutes later, Tang Fei finally saw a fat, big-eared, pig-like man walking towards the front desk. Tang Fei shook his head when he saw this.

Tang Fei thought to himself that his mother was a triple-sided celebrity in the film and music industry twenty years ago. Although she wasn't as famous as an A-list star, she was definitely a beauty. This could be proven by the wedding photo of her parents hanging on the wall of the master bedroom. Her brother was a big and fat man. Was he a greasy uncle who had been pregnant for more than ten months? The difference in their image was too big. Could it be fake?

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