Unexpected Huge Fortune/C8 This Uncle Is Unreliable
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Unexpected Huge Fortune/C8 This Uncle Is Unreliable
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C8 This Uncle Is Unreliable

When Shangguan Chenloong saw Tang Fei with his big belly, he showed great enthusiasm. He walked from the corridor to the front desk and asked in surprise, "Are you Tang Fei?"

Tang Fei smiled and said to Shangguan Chenloong, "Do you still need to pretend? If you are pretending to be Tang Fei, do you need to look at my ID? I brought it with me. "

Shangguan Chenloong hugged Tang Fei and said, "No need. We haven't seen each other for twenty years. Come, come, come, come into my office. Let's reminisce about old times. I don't know where you've been for the past twenty years. Who knew you would suddenly appear in front of me?"

As he spoke, Shangguan Chenloong led Tang Fei inside. Tang Fei walked around the front desk and followed Shangguan Chenloong inside. The front desk knew that Tang Fei was Shangguan Chenloong's nephew, so of course he smiled at him. He didn't know if he had taken a fancy to a rich kid like Tang Fei. But even if she did, The difference between the two of them was too big. One was a rich kid. The other was just the front desk. There was no result. Besides, Tang Fei still had three fiancée waiting for him at home. How could it be his turn? It's not even a small front desk.

Besides, Shangguan Chenloong had brought Tang Fei all the way to his office. He was not the only one in Shangguan Chenloong's office. There was also a girl who was about the same age as Tang Fei. She had a bewitching look on her face. In the eyes of others, this was probably what people called sexy. However, in Tang Fei's eyes, this kind of woman was a demon. She was not elegant at all. She was too flamboyant. She was wearing heavy makeup and looked like a chicken in a nightclub. It was very uncomfortable.

Shangguan Chenloong and Tang Fei had just entered the house when Shangguan Chenloong shouted, "Little Fei, quickly make a pot of good tea. Our company has guests.

When Tang Fei heard Shangguan Chenloong call Little Fei to make tea, he was stunned and asked, "What's wrong? What's her name, Fei?"

Shangguan Chenloong turned back and smiled at Tang Fei. "Yes, she is my secretary. Her name is Shang Yufei. The rain is the rain on rainy days. Fey is the Fey with the word 'Fey' and the word "Fey." Do you think her name is the same as yours? "

So that was the case. After listening to Shangguan Chenloong's explanation, After hearing Shangguan Chenloong's explanation, Tang Fei understood everything. This girl was called Shang Yufei. She was Shangguan Chenloong's secretary. Now, both the government and the workplace had a public secret. That was to say, a secretary was equal to a lover. It seemed like Shangguan Chenloong had taken quite a lot of the company's assets. He had found a secretary with such a demonic aura. He was not even bad at the front desk. Shangguan Chenloong had probably enjoyed these two people long ago.

Even so, this guy still complained to his father every year that the company was losing money every year. There was no dividend at all. He was losing money just like that. Didn't he, Shangguan Chenloong, also have a pretty front desk to support him? Therefore, after seeing Shang Yufei and the receptionist, Tang Fei didn't believe that the Tengfei Film and Television Company was losing money every year.

Furthermore, Shang Yufei made a pot of tea and brought it to Shangguan Chenloong's guest room. Only then did she see Tang Fei's face. Shang Yufei smiled without looking and said, "Aiya, I really didn't expect the VIP brought by the boss to be a handsome man!"

Shangguan Chenloong smiled and said to Shang Yufei, "He is not just a handsome man. He is my nephew, the son of the former president of Tengfei Film and Television Company, Shangguan Hong. This is the true owner of the company."

He did not know what Shangguan Chenloong was up to. Why did he brag about his nephew's family background to his secretary? Did he have to set up a honey trap? Tang Fei thought to himself.

As the saying goes, one doesn't want to hear it. Shangguan Chenloong was running around with his mouth full of trains, and Shang Yufei had heard it all in her heart. This was still the young master of the company. Shang Yufei had long heard that this company was not Shangguan Chenloong's. It was his sister, Shangguan Hong's company. It was just that when Shangguan Hong died in an accident, her son was young. Her husband was a soldier, so he could not do business in the entertainment industry. He gave the company to Shangguan Chenloong to manage on his behalf. Tang Fei should be the legal person in the company. Who knew that Shangguan Chenloong would secretly put the company under his name? Now the heir had come looking for him. Not only did he not feel any danger, but he was also boasting. What kind of brain is this guy? He just picked up a big bargain from his sister. He had secretly stolen his nephew's company. In fact, if Shangguan Chenloong had not spent a lot of money on Shang Yufei these few years, Shang Yufei would have left this bastard grandson long ago. Now that she saw Tang Fei, Shang Yufei's eyes immediately lit up. Although this young man wasn't very tall, But he's pretty good-looking, not to mention he's got a lot of power in his family. She heard that Tang Fei's family had a villa that was over a thousand square meters in size. This villa was already worth tens of millions, not to mention that he hadn't even established a family yet. Who wouldn't want to marry a rich and powerful family? So when Shang Yufei saw Tang Fei, she was already tempted. She even thought that no matter what, she wanted to "cheat" Tang Fei into her hands.

So Shang Yufei tried her best to seduce Tang Fei. She winked at Tang Fei and said, "Yo, no wonder the boss said you are a VIP. So you are the nephew of the boss, Tang Fei. I have heard of your name a long time ago. Come, come, come. Mr Tang, have some tea. "

Shang Yufei's words made Tang Fei confused. Tang Fei thought, Fuck, aren't you my uncle's lover? Then from a certain point of view, you are still my aunt and you are calling me Mr Tang. Should I agree or not?

As a secretary, Shang Yufei could not stay in front of the boss and the guests for too long. Shang Yufei knew this. After exchanging some pleasantries and pouring tea for Tang Fei, she retreated to a corner.

Shangguan Chenloong took the tea and said to Tang Fei, "Try it. This is a good West Lake Longjing well. I usually can't bear to take it out. Today, my nephew came and made an exception."

Tang Fei smiled and said, "In that case, I have to thank uncle. Forget about drinking tea, uncle. Actually, I came here today because I have something to talk to you about. I just graduated from a martial arts school. "

Shangguan Chenloong did not care about Tang Fei's words. He said, "Ah, no delays. We chatted while drinking tea. So you went to a martial arts school these years. I was wondering why I haven't seen you. Your father's phone is always off. I can't contact him. What's wrong? Now that he graduated, do you have any plans for the future?"

Tang Fei saw that Shangguan Chenloong was beating around the bush. He was deliberately trying to change the topic. Since he was here, he must be here for the film company. That was why he said that he was acting as the manager back then. Now, he must return it to its original owner. However, what Tang Fei did not expect was that... When he was investigating the Tengfei Film and Television Company on the Internet, the legal person had already turned into Shangguan Chenloong. It wasn't Shangguan Hong anymore. This made Tang Fei very unhappy, because from a certain point of view, His uncle had changed the legal person in private, which was the same as snatching the company from his own hands. After all, at that time, the legal person in the company was Shangguan Hong. Then he was the legal heir, and in the first order. Now, the legal heir had become Shangguan Chenloong. Then the heir must have changed.

Before Tang Fei could say anything, Shang Yufei, who was standing in the corner, interrupted, "Haha, Is there a need to ask? Everyone knows that the former legal representative of Tengfei Film and Television Company is Shangguan Hong. She is the mother of this handsome man. Now that I have grown up, Of course I want to go back to my own company. Let's see if you can give it back to me as your uncle."

When Shangguan Chenloong heard that, he glared at Shang Yufei and said, "Shut up. I'm talking to my nephew. What's the matter with you? You don't have the right to speak here. Get out."

Logically speaking, Shang Yufei should not have interrupted at this time because one of them was the boss of the company and the other was his nephew. He was the son of the former boss. No matter what, it was not Shang Yufei's turn to point fingers here. So even Shangguan Chenloong did not know why Shang Yufei suddenly appeared out of nowhere. One sentence made him unable to stand up.

In fact, as Shangguan Chenloong's secretary for many years, Shang Yufei naturally saw Shangguan Chenloong's actions. Shangguan Chenloong knew that the company was unable to make ends meet and even used the company's name to make a lot of loans. The amount was over a hundred million yuan. Of course, this money in the end made Shangguan Chenloong full of his own pockets. What was left for Tang Fei was just an empty shell company and a bunch of debts. Shang Yufei was moved after seeing Tang Fei. She wanted to help Tang Fei in secret. But she did not know whether Tang Fei wanted to go back to the company or not, so she suddenly said this sentence. It was just an unintentional mistake, but it had angered Shangguan Chenloong.

Seeing that Shangguan Chenloong was angry, Shang Yufei naturally did not dare to disobey Shangguan Chenloong's order and left the office.

Tang Fei saw that there were no outsiders inside, so he said to Shangguan Chenloong, "Uncle, ah. Actually, what Shang Yufei said wasn't wrong. Since she told my dad that she was running the company on behalf of him, The legal man was supposed to be my mother, and now the legal man suddenly became your name. This makes me very confused! " In fact, Tang Fei was very unhappy about it.

Shangguan Chenloong did want to go back to the company when he saw Tang Fei going straight to the point. He said to Tang Fei earnestly, "Fei, it's not because of your greed as an uncle. It's just that I have other things to say. You don't know that the film industry is in a cold winter right now. Basically, the company is losing money continuously. After your mother left, I had to apply for a loan from the bank to keep the company running. But if the legal person didn't show up, we wouldn't be able to get a loan. That's why I changed the legal person of the company to myself. Actually, it's not enough to make ends meet. If I didn't force myself to stay here, the whole company would have collapsed a long time ago. You just graduated. Do you know how the entertainment industry operates? If you want to return to the company, I won't stop you. But now, the company has a lot of debts, and you're new here. "Have you considered how to convince the public?"

Tang Fei was stunned. These questions were really asked. Because he had never thought of this question. This was also a thorny problem. Shangguan Chenloong had been running the company for so many years, so he must have raised many of his trusted aides. If he took over the company rashly, in the event that the people of different levels of the company were dissatisfied with him, Therefore, after listening to Shangguan Chenloong's words, Tang Fei suddenly lost his mind.

But then again, Shangguan Chenloong said this to Tang Fei because he wanted to control the company and make profits for himself. It was definitely not for Tang Fei and the company's good. The people in the current society were unpredictable. Even his own uncle was like this, which made Tang Fei very disappointed. But there was nothing he could do for the time being.

He did not know whether it was because he saw his elder or because he was closer to Shangguan Chenloong, or if he still had a glimmer of hope for Shangguan Chenloong. Tang Fei asked, "Uncle, what do you think we should do? I want to survive too. Besides, I have three fiancée and future mother-in-law to support me now. My expenses are huge."

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