Unexpected Huge Fortune/C9 You're Trying to be Fat
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Unexpected Huge Fortune/C9 You're Trying to be Fat
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C9 You're Trying to be Fat

Shangguan Chenloong was amused by Tang Fei's question. He thought that Tang Fei was still young and had lost his mind because of his words. He had to ask the only senior in front of him. In fact, Tang Fei did not even know why he would suddenly ask such a question. Maybe it was because of this ambiguous blood relationship. After all, apart from his father, No matter what, Shangguan Chenloong was Tang Fei's uncle.

After a moment of complacency, Shangguan Chenloong showed an "experienced" expression. He said to Tang Fei, "Fei, why don't we do it first? If you really want to inherit your mother's company, you can come to the company for a while. At least, the company's matters are big and small, and the people from the various departments. I'll arrange for you to be a deputy manager. You need to familiarize yourself with the company's operations and management. When the time is right, the debt will be paid. Naturally, I will return the company to you, but... "

Seeing Shangguan Chenloong's troubled expression, Tang Fei still could not bear it. After all, he was his uncle. He could not be heartless. If Shangguan Chenloong was really like he said, it was for the company's survival. If he had to change the legal person to maintain the company's operations, Shangguan Chenloong did not seem to have made a big mistake. Therefore, he could not hold Shangguan Chenloong back on this matter.

Tang Fei asked, "What's wrong? What is there to hide from uncle?"

Shangguan Chenloong did not expect Tang Fei to call him uncle at this time. If it was anyone else, they would have already started fighting with him. However, Shangguan Chenloong had been in the media industry for a long time. To put it bluntly, he was half a member of the entertainment industry. He was very experienced in the martial arts world. He would not cry because of a single sentence from Tang Fei. It didn't fit Shangguan Chenloong's style to return the company to Tang Fei.

Therefore, Shangguan Chenloong's heart was touched for a moment. It was replaced by his way of dealing with Tang Fei. Shangguan Chenloong said, "Sigh. These two years, the company has been unable to make ends meet. We have to borrow money from the employees and actors. Right now, actors are all asking for exorbitant prices. Even third-rate and third-rate actors have to pay a very high salary. So now the company is in a difficult period, and you have to come to work. I really can't give you a high salary for the time being, and that would make the company even worse. But the average salary is still fine, so I thought about it. I'll give you a temporary salary of three thousand dollars, plus the company has lunch every day. What do you think? "

Three thousand yuan? Tang Fei could not believe his ears. He really did not expect his uncle to say this. Even the cleaners in the Tengfei Film and Television Company would cost three thousand yuan. What was three thousand yuan for now? If he had a house in his own house, He didn't need to rent another house. Three thousand yuan might be enough for him to survive. But the problem now was that although he had a house in his own house, there were still a few other people in his house. He couldn't let everyone in his family live by pointing at the three thousand yuan, could he?

Tang Fei couldn't accept the salary no matter what, because he should be the chairman of the company now. You changed the legal person on your own. Not to mention, he only gave it to a deputy manager. Three thousand yuan? Wouldn't it make people laugh their teeth out?

Tang Fei smiled and said, "Uncle is really generous. Three thousand yuan is indeed the salary standard for new graduates like us, but now I also need to survive. Other than myself, there are still quite a few people in the family. All of them are pointing at me to support them. Three thousand dollars is really a bit of an awkward situation. Forget it, my uncle is quite sincere. Let's not talk about the salary, I'll go somewhere else to take a look. But I'll definitely come to the company when I have time to learn business and management from you. "

When Shangguan Chenloong saw Tang Fei say so, he knew that this kid was unhappy with him. Shangguan Chenloong sighed and said, "I know you, kid. You don't believe the current situation of the company, do you? How about this? I will take you to the finance room now and see the current state of the company's accounts. I really don't want other people to look at the company's accounts. Giving others a look at these debts is like showing off your family's ugliness. But you are different. You are my nephew. Originally the heir to the company, I can't help but let you see it. Let's go. "If you don't see the score, you'll think that I'm lying to you."

Tang Fei did not expect that Shangguan Chenloong would take the initiative to take him to check the accounts. Could it be that the company's current operating condition was really not satisfactory? No matter what, it was necessary to check the accounts. But no one could guarantee that what Shangguan Chenloong showed him would be fake accounts.

Since Shangguan Chenloong had already said that, he would not give his uncle face if he did not look at them. Furthermore, it seemed like Shangguan Chenloong didn't listen to what Tang Fei just said. Tang Fei had to find an opportunity to talk about it further. However, he didn't know how Shangguan Chenloong would react if he knew that Tang Fei had three fiancée at once. Tang Fei still followed Shangguan Chenloong to the finance room.

As the saying goes, life is full of surprises. Tang Fei was stunned when he walked into the Finance Room because there were two people in the Finance Room. Shangguan Chenloong introduced them. One of them is an accountant, the other is a cashier. Of course, they were both women, and they were both beautiful women.

The accountant's surname was Zhang. Tang Fei was too lazy to ask for his specific name. Although this accountant looked a little old, he was definitely the type of intellectual mature woman who still retained her charm. He was even better maintained than Ms Tang. He was only in his thirties. It was unknown if she was younger in makeup. In fact, this accountant was in his forties or if she was really in her thirties. As for the cashier, She looked like a little girl in her twenties who had just graduated a few years ago, but this cashier looked much purer than Shang Yufei. It made Tang Fei feel like a little sister next door, but Tang Fei felt that this cashier was very young. He might not be any younger than Tang Fei, because he was only in his early twenties.

When Tang Fei came in from the front desk, he saw all kinds of beautiful women. Including the front desk and Shangguan Chenloong's secretary, Shang Yufei. In addition to these two people from the Finance Room, no matter how old they were, However, they were all top-class beauties. They really didn't know if Shangguan Chenloong had given them a chance to press down on their bodies. And according to this trend, This company didn't seem like they couldn't even afford their salaries. There were only these beauties. Which one of them isn't better than an ordinary girl? The image of a female employee is a company's profile, but now that the company is like this, This row wasn't small. What the hell was this Shangguan Chenloong doing? Was he playing the Unbroken Dao with him here? Tang Fei had some doubts.

Shangguan Chenloong gave the order, saying that this is my nephew. After he graduated and returned to the company, he came to investigate. We have to cooperate with him.

When Accountant Zhang and the small cashier heard this, they did not dare to neglect him. Everyone knew that the real chairman of this company was not Shangguan Chenloong. It turned out that the real successor had come.

Tang Fei saw that there didn't seem to be too many books in the finance room. Most of them were books related to finance. He didn't know if Shangguan Chenloong had deliberately kept them beforehand, or if that was the case. However, when Accountant Zhang casually gave Tang Fei a few books from the cabinet, Tang Fei still read them seriously.

However, if he didn't read the books, he wouldn't know. He was shocked when he saw them. This company did not even have any balance of registered capital. The rest were some seriously depreciated fixed assets. The office building was also rented, so it wasn't included in the assets. It was just some equipment, and it wasn't worth much at all. But the debt in the account book was more than two hundred million. It was almost 300 million in debt. In other words, the company's total assets were in debt, and they were long unable to pay off their debts. He did not know how Shangguan Chenloong got a loan of more than 200 million in the bank.

Not only that, in another account book, it clearly recorded the few movies and advertisements that the company had filmed in the past few years. Apart from the scattered advertisements that earned some money, it also clearly recorded that the company had made a few films and advertisements in the past few years. The movies are almost always losing money.

Although there were indeed many films that had lost money now, it was true that there were a lot of films that had lost money. Some people said that it was winter in the film industry, but it was a bit too much to lose a few hundred million dollars at once. Furthermore, even though they knew that they were losing money, they still kept shooting. That was a bit strange.

After looking at it for a while, Tang Fei returned the books to an accountant and said that he had finished reading them.

Shangguan Chenloong did not expect that Tang Fei, a student who graduated from a martial arts school, would actually read the books. The two of them walked out of the finance room. Shangguan Chenloong said to Tang Fei, "Nephew, do you think I'm lying to you? Our company's current situation is on the verge of life and death. If we don't make any money in another half a year, the company will have to apply for bankruptcy."

Tang Fei glared at Shangguan Chenloong and said, "You... Although you are my uncle, I have to tell you. I just saw the company's account and I lost so much money from shooting a movie. Why are you still shooting? Also, now that the company is in this situation, Why are there so many useless things, from the front desk to the secretary? From the accountant to the cashier, every one of them is a beauty. And you're going to do some City Star, my goddess auditions, these all require money. You're up to so many projects, and if you lose money again, Then will the company open again? "

Shangguan Chenloong sighed and said, "Sigh. I told you, you don't know anything about the movie industry or the entertainment industry. These are all necessary expenses. The front desk and secretary you mentioned. Naturally, the image is right. Otherwise, why would it be called a film company? Even the front desk and secretary of an ordinary company. You can't look too bad, can you? As for what you said about my audition for the goddess, that's exactly what I'm going to do with it. We have an image spokesperson. Recently, I've been planning to stop the movie for a while. It's mainly about advertising, and now the movie is really expensive. We can't even afford to hire a third-string celebrity now. I'm just pretending to be fat. I really can't do anything about it. Let's see if this event will be able to give us face. "

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