It was said that after being heavily injured in primal chaos and seeing someone from another dimension being driven away, the injury that had been forcefully suppressed had taken a turn for the worse, leaving him no choice but to reincarnate. After going through 99 reincarnation cycles, he had finally reached the modern era in his last reincarnation cycle!

China year 3748! Inside the main hall of the Kunlun Sect on the back mountain of Kunlun Mountain in China, a trial is currently taking place! What trial? Author: How could I be wrong? When I say judgment is judgment, be careful that I don't give you shoes! The wind howled. "Yes, yes … You are the boss. If you say it's a trial, then it's a trial!"

I, Feng Xiao, am the disciple of the Karakorum's eighty-ninth generation. What? You don't know about the Karakorum, the number one sect in the world of cultivation, with countless experts! Why did you judge me! Because I stole a glance at our sect's most valuable treasure, the《 Heavenly Treasures》. This led to the first scene!

"Guang Xuan, you are guilty!" The long-browed elder of Karakorum under the statue of the Karakorum ancestor scolded loudly. "Devilspawn, you all don't know your wrongs yet, come and guard me!" At this moment, a kind-looking Daoist man walked to the center of the hall and saluted with both hands, "I know you won't forgive Guangxuan, but I still want to plead for Guangxuan, please forgive him!" At this time, several disciples who were on good terms with Guangxuan also stood out and said, "Please forgive me, Sect Leader."

When they passed by the forbidden area at the back of the mountain, the two senior brothers Feng Xiao Ran didn't notice that they broke free and flew towards the forbidden area at the back of the mountain. Everyone was shocked to hear Tianxuan's loud shout: "Evil disciple" chased after him! The Profound Light stopped at the edge of the forbidden area. "Everyone has arrived!" Evil creature, why don't you stop right now? Do you really want to go to the Immortal-Severing Dais!? " Guang Xuan said in a deep voice, "Master, your disciple is unfilial and can no longer show respect to you. Your disciple knows that I have committed a heinous crime and can't implicate any of you. Your disciple has left!" With a howl of the wind, he entered the forbidden grounds of the sect, which was also the legendary place of death. The people who went in had never come out before! No matter how high his cultivation base was, there was only one result, and that was … "Die!"

After reaching the forbidden area, he only felt that he was constantly falling. Yes, he was falling unceasingly. Suddenly, a strange light shone out. The wind whistled as he looked at the light, only to see an egg-sized bead that was continuously spinning! The wind howled as it had a strange feeling. It felt as if the bead was as tight as his own flesh and blood! Thus, he could not help but extend his hand towards the pearl! At the moment when the howling wind touched the bead, there was a loud 'bang' as the bead broke apart! Suddenly, he felt a tearing pain in his head as a huge amount of information filled his mind!

When the wind blew and he woke up, he understood. He understood his mission. He understood everything about himself!

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