Unparalleled Divine Power/C12 You Are Not a Genius at All
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Unparalleled Divine Power/C12 You Are Not a Genius at All
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C12 You Are Not a Genius at All

You're not a genius.

The entire Martial Arts Practice Hall fell into a dead silence.

Qin Xiao really liked such an effect. He raised the corner of his mouth and said with a faint smile: "What, is it very shocking? In terms of talent, I have always been stronger than you. Even if you use some methods, so what? In terms of cultivation, I can suppress you. In terms of cultivation, I won't lose to you. What right do you have to be arrogant in front of me?"

Qin Yu felt so depressed that he wanted to vomit blood. For some reason, he felt that he was no match for Qin Yu.

"No!" Qin Yu roared in his heart. He pointed his sword at Qin Xiao. He smiled hideously. "Qin Xiao, you have successfully infuriated me. I admit it. I have underestimated you. I didn't expect you to break through to the Peak Of The Spiritual Strength Realm as well. In terms of talent, you have the right to say that, but in the Thaumaturgy... You are inferior to me. If you only rely on Thunder Tyrant Sword, it is far from enough to defeat me. Now... Accept my attack. "

As soon as Qin Yu finished his words, a ray of light rushed out from his body. A golden seal the size of a thousand jin boulder flew out and hovered in the air. A mighty aura was emitted from the Mountain Seal. Its pressure was like a huge mountain, causing many people to be unable to breathe.

If the Mountain Seal's power was unleashed to its limit, it could even suppress a huge mountain.

The Mountain Seal was a Thaumaturgy level 2, its power couldn't be underestimated.

Qin Xiao's face was calm as always. Instead of retreating, he advanced and unleashed his Thaumaturgy. "Thaumaturgy level 2? So what?"

Dark clouds roared out from Qin Xiao's body. Wu Yun turned into an ancient Ferocious Beast and lunged at the Mountain Seal. Although Qin Yu's Thaumaturgy and Qin Xiao's Thaumaturgy were both Thaumaturgy level 2, Qin Yu's Mountain Seal didn't have the slightest advantage.

At the same time, Qin Xiao unleashed his Thunder Tyrant Sword skill.

"What? How is this possible? Thaumaturgy level 2! Damn Qin Xiao, how dare you lie to me! " When Qin Yu saw that Qin Xiao's Talented divine Ability was also a Thaumaturgy level 2, his face darkened, and he became flustered and exasperated. However, since Qin Xiao had already charged at him, he could only clench his teeth and face him head-on.

Qin Yu couldn't gain the upper hand in the Talented divine Ability, and neither could he gain the upper hand in terms of cultivation base. In terms of martial skills, he could not compare to Qin Xiao either. Therefore, the outcome of the battle was naturally decided.

Qin Yu's strength was not as good as Qin Xiao's, and his confidence suffered a heavy blow. He no longer had the arrogance he had moments ago. He was struck to the ground by Qin Xiao's sword, and kept spitting out blood. It looked very bad.

Only now did Qin Xiao put away the Talented divine Ability and sheathed his sword. He looked coldly at Qin Yu, who had an extremely ugly expression on his face. He felt very happy in his heart.

Qin Dinghu crushed the chair in his hand. His expression also became very unpleasant. Qin Dingsheng and the others didn't have a good expression on their faces.

Qin Yu, whom they had placed high hopes on, had actually lost?

Qin Xiao had also awakened a Thaumaturgy level 2?

How could this be?

Such an outcome was hard for Qin Dinghu and the others to accept.

"Xiao Er has really given us a big surprise." Qin Dingfei secretly heaved a sigh of relief, feeling gratified.

Qin Yanzi smiled happily. "Yes, father. This result is indeed unbelievable, but Qin Xiao really did it. My worries were wasted. Even I was deceived by him. When the time comes, let's see how I deal with him. "

To many people, this pleasant surprise was truly frightening.

Qin Dingtian 's eyes flickered with a complicated expression. He was very excited. "Xue, it seems like our son is destined to be extraordinary. A Thaumaturgy that can be upgraded? This is truly unheard of. That bizarre vision seemed to... "

Qin Xiao looked around and saw the expressions of everyone, especially the ugly expressions of his big uncle and the others. Qin Xiao felt very comfortable in his heart. This was the effect he wanted.

Don't you all want to see me, Qin Xiao, make a fool of myself?

I, Qin Xiao, am going to slap you all in the face! Things will not develop as you have expected!

Qin Xiao's eyes coldly swept across Qin Tao. Qin Tao, who was already scared silly, was swept by his gaze. His legs trembled, and he actually fell to the ground in fear. Fortunately, not many people paid attention to him at this moment. Otherwise, he would probably be laughed at by everyone.

Finally, Qin Xiao's eyes fell on Qin Yu. Qin Yu's body and mind had been severely injured. He had yet to recover from his shock.

"Qin Yu, don't you think that you are an extraordinary genius? Didn't you want to humiliate me? Didn't you say that you want me to kneel down and beg for mercy?"

" But what about now? "

" In front of me, you are nothing. Who was the one who was humiliated? It was you, Qin Yu. Not me, Qin Xiao. What do you think? Do you feel that this world is full of malicious intent? Do you feel that it is ironic? All of this is what you deserve. You want to humiliate me... But you didn't expect to receive retribution. Do you think you deserve it?"

Puchi -

A mouthful of blood was spat out from Qin Yu's mouth. Qin Dinghu couldn't sit still any longer. He stood up angrily and roared. "Qin Xiao, enough!"

"Enough?" In the face of Qin Dinghu's fury, Qin Xiao showed no signs of fear. He turned around to look at Qin Dinghu and said in a neither servile nor overbearing manner, "Uncle, why didn't you say that when your son humiliated me? If someone insulted someone else... He would suffer the humiliation of others. Could it be that you don't understand this simple logic, big Uncle?"

"How dare you!" Qin Dinghu was furious.

Qin Xiao did not back off at all. His chest was still straight. "I am telling the truth. Why are you so angry? I do not want to say anything about right and wrong. You must do things with the right conscience. Uncle. You are well aware of what you have done to my father and son. Today, I only want to say... I am not that weak and will not be at your mercy. We will definitely get back what we have lost in the future. "

After saying that, Qin Xiao ignored the furious Qin Dinghu and jumped off the martial stage. He walked quickly to Qin Dingtian and said. "Father, let's go."

"Haha, we have a son like him. There's nothing I'm not content with. Xiao Er was right. What we have lost... We will definitely get all of it back in the future. Since you don't care about family, then don't blame me for not caring about our relationship. Let's go, Xiao Er, let's go drink. " Qin Dingtian laughed loudly, and his mood became very happy. Under everyone's gaze, Qin Xiao and Qin Dingtian left in a carefree manner.

Qin Dinghu was so angry that he shattered an armchair with a single palm strike. The entire Qin Family was silent like cicadas in winter.

After returning to his residence, Qin Dingtian took out some wine and drank it with Qin Xiao.

"Haha, this is great! Your big uncle and the others were so angry that their lungs were about to explode. Right now, the entire Qin Family is in chaos. " Qin Dingtian said.

It was indeed chaotic outside. The entire martial arena was about to be overturned, but Qin Xiao and the others couldn't hear it.

Qin Xiao curled his lips and said: "They asked for it, they can't blame me."

Qin Dingtian nodded and said, "Right, Xiao Er. How did you manage to advance three levels within a month? Did the Talented divine Ability really advance to the Thaumaturgy level 2?"

In front of Qin Dingtian , Qin Xiao didn't hide anything from him. He told Qin Dingtian everything that happened yesterday. After listening to what Qin Dingtian said, Qin Dingtian was incomparably shocked. He didn't expect such a thing to happen.

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