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C15 Song Yuyan

chapter 15. Soong Yuyan

Breaking through to the next realm was indeed a very pleasant thing.

In the entire Nanyang City, there were only a dozen or so Rebirth Stage warriors. Now that Qin Xiao had broken through to the Rebirth Stage, and with his level 2 Talented divine Ability, and absolutely powerful. At least, among the early Rebirth Stage warriors... No one should be able to do anything to Qin Xiao. Even if he were to fight with a Mid Rebirth Stage warrior, he would still have the strength to fight.

He was only sixteen years old, but he already had such powerful strength. Even when Qin Dingtian was young, he had never reached such a high level.

It was worth it to exchange ten Origin Stone for a breakthrough.

Qin Xiao was in a good mood. He prepared to return early today, but just as he was about to leave, a beautiful and seductive figure blocked his path.

The person was about twenty years old, but she was as pretty as a fairy. She was charming and moving. Her every move and gesture emitted a strong temptation. If it was a normal boy... He would probably not be able to resist this power. However, Qin Xiao's disposition was extremely tense. Naturally, he would not be affected by this charm.

When he saw this girl, Qin Xiao's expression instantly turned cold, and his eyes flickered with hatred.

"Soong Yuyan, it's you!" Qin Xiao said coldly. His words were filled with killing intent. The charming woman in front of him... She was the woman who framed Qin Xiao last time. This woman was absolutely a demon. It was very difficult to figure out what she was thinking. Her heart was like a snake and a scorpion. She was definitely a vicious woman.

All along, Qin Xiao didn't have a good impression of this woman. She was a very capable woman. She used her beauty to make many men in Nanyang City willing to serve her. She had done a lot of evil things. Furthermore, this woman's talent was extremely high. When she was twenty years old, she broke through to the Rebirth Stage. She was also a great help to Soong Xiongyan.

When Qin Xiao saw this woman, he knew that she had come with ill intentions.

Soong Yuyan smiled charmingly as she walked towards Qin Xiao. "Qin Xiao, she said. It seems like you hate me very much. I have long heard that you have awakened the level 2 Talented divine Ability, and that you are at the annual competition of Qin Family. First place. You even humiliated Qin Yu. I didn't expect you to be so lucky. Even after being crippled by my father, you are still able to awaken the Talented divine Ability miraculously."

"Then you can only blame your father for being useless. He didn't kill me directly." Qin Xiao said coldly.

Soong Yuyan smiled. "It seems that you still want to die."

Qin Xiao looked at Soong Yuyan coldly and said, "What's wrong? You still want to fulfill my wish? I know you are here to deal with me. Kill me? Hehe, let's not talk about whether you dare or not. If you want to kill me, I'm afraid you won't have the ability either."

" I don't have that ability? " Soong Yuyan's willowy eyebrows slightly knitted. Her eyes flashed with a cold light. "I don't understand. Where did your confidence come from? With your level 2 Talented divine Ability? But do you know that there is a huge gap between Spiritual Strength Stage and Rebirth Stage? I have come today. Not for anything else, just to avenge you for molesting me that day."

"I violated you? You really have the nerve to say it out loud?" Qin Xiao was instantly enraged. He was not that angry if she did not mention it. Once she mentioned it, he was so angry that his stomach was filled with anger. "It seems like City Lord Song won't tolerate me anymore. I'm afraid... Your father is also around here, right? If my father comes forward to save me, I'm afraid your father will be able to stop him, right?"

Soong Yuyan didn't say anything, but she admitted it, just like what Qin Xiao had guessed.

How could Soong Xiongyan tolerate Qin Xiao's rise?

However, Soong Xiongyan didn't dare to kill Qin Xiao so easily. Otherwise, Qin Dingtian would surely go crazy.

"So this is your excuse? Are you using the excuse of punishing me to stop others from talking? Since you have such a wishful thinking... If I don't fulfill your wish, wouldn't that be too unreasonable?" Qin Xiao sneered. The anger in his heart had already reached his throat.

Soong Yuyan moved her hand and a sword appeared in her hand. She pointed at Qin Xiao and said, "Cut the crap. Since you have violated me, you will have to receive my punishment. Today, I will see if you have such good luck to be safe and sound. Don't worry. I won't kill you. At most, I will cripple you. "

" Women shouldn't be so vicious. " The sword in Qin Xiao's hand moved. He had unleashed the Thunder Tyrant Sword with all his strength. Currently, Qin Xiao was also a Rebirth Stage warrior. He didn't hold back in his attack, he just attacked with all his strength. A lightning strike. The Sword Force was incomparably domineering and powerful. He attacked her with his sword, and it was filled with a mighty aura. It was like a monstrous wave was pressing down on her.

Everything in the world was also because of this sword.

"Eh? What? He actually reached the Rebirth Stage?! How is this possible? How could he break through to the Rebirth Stage in such a short period of time?" When Qin Xiao attacked, Soong Yuyan was instantly stunned. She was really shocked. Such a situation was something that she had never thought of. Yesterday, Qin Xiao was only a late Spiritual Strength Stage. Why did he become a Rebirth Stage today?

Yesterday, after she and her father received the news about the Qin Family's annual competition, they had a discussion. Only then did they come up with such a plan. Today, she had also made sufficient preparations and arrangements. That was why she came here to kill Qin Xiao. However, she never expected that Qin Xiao had already broken through to the Rebirth Stage. Such speed was too scary.

He had reached the Rebirth Stage at the age of sixteen. No one else in the Nanyang City had reached this level in the past hundred years, right?

"This guy, what kind of monstrous genius is he? Damn it!" Soong Yuyan cursed in her heart. But now was not the time to think about this. Soong Yuyan did not dare to be careless. She attacked with all her strength. After all, Soong Yuyan had broken through to the Rebirth Stage for nearly a year. Her realm had completely stabilized. Furthermore, she had also cultivated a martial skill called the Falling Leaves Sword. It was also a sword technique.

The Thunder Tyrant Sword of the Qin Family was powerful in its overbearing manner. It was as fast as lightning, and in a split second, it could reach the enemy. It was incomparably overbearing.

The Falling Leaves Sword of the City Lord's Mansion was a gentle martial skill. When the sword was thrust out, it was like a colorful fallen leaf. Thousands of sword shadows were sent out, and it was hard to tell whether they were real or fake.

The two sword skills, who was stronger and who was weaker... It was hard to tell. However, in terms of realm, Soong Yuyan had a slight advantage. In terms of martial skills, she had long since cultivated the Falling Leaves Sword to perfection. In terms of power, it was naturally not weaker than Qin Xiao's Thunder Tyrant Sword. Thus, in this exchange of blows, Qin Xiao did not gain any advantage.

After the battle, Soong Yuyan's facial expression changed drastically. She knew that she had no chance of winning today. If the battle continued, it would not do her any good. Naturally, she wanted to retreat.

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