Unparalleled Divine Power/C2 Heavenly Talent!
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Unparalleled Divine Power/C2 Heavenly Talent!
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C2 Heavenly Talent!

Upon seeing Qin Xiao and his son appear in the arena, Qin Dinghu—who was initially quite spirited—wrinkled his eyes, revealing a hint of coldness.

Qin Xiao's third uncle, Qin Dingsheng, said with a voice full of mockery, "Instead of taking care of Qin Xiao, you decided to bring him here? Wanna join the fun or something? Did you forget that our big brother now handles all the family's affairs? You don't need to worry about this anymore. Qin Xiao was injured severely this around, so you should spend more time getting his health back. It would be bad if he got injured again.

Qin Dingsheng had been Qin Dinghu's "lackey" from the very start. Most likely, he was more than just involved in the conspiracy that Qin Xiao in such a state.

In the past, when Qin Dingtian was the patriarch, Qin Dinghu and others would've never dared to say something like this so openly. Now that Qin Dingtian had been ousted from power, they could make as many sarcastic comments as they wished. That was the fickleness this world gave birth to.

"That's right. Qin Xiao had done such an outrageous thing, causing our Qin family to suffer a great loss. Despite his young age, his disposition is so vile. I think it's better to make him stay in his room and reflect on his actions. Otherwise, he will do something that will harm our Qin family again. " The fourth brother of the Qin family, Qin Dinghe, also spoke in a strange tone.

Qin Dingfei couldn't stand it anymore. "Are you all forgetting that we are brothers?! We are a family! Do you have to insult him like that?! Xiao has been a sensible child since he was young. I believe he would never do such a thing. There must be something hidden behind this matter. So, you guys have gone too far this tim—"

But before Qin Dingfei could finish his words, he was interrupted by Qin Dingsheng, "That's where you are wrong! All the evidence point toward him, so how can this be a mistake?!"

"Now that we've finally managed to quell City Lord Soong's anger, are you trying to provoke him again? Make him an enemy of our Qin family? Do you want the City Lord Mansion's soldiers to flood our gates again?! Don't tell me that you will be happy only after seeing our Qin family's blood flow like a river!"

"You are going too far!" Qin Dingfei was furious.

Qin Dingtian said calmly, "Second Brother, you don't have to say anything. As a member of the Qin family, we should be qualified to attend the ceremony, right, Big Brother? Oh, I should call you patriarch now."

Qin Dinghu laughed and said,"Of course, all Qin family members have the right to attend the ceremony. Your Third Brother and Fourth Brother can't help but speak what's on their mind, don't take it to heart. Alright, let the ceremony begin."

Instead of standing in a conspicuous position with his other brothers, Qin Dingtian found a random seat below the platform.

Apart from Qin Dingsheng and his other brothers, other people of the Qin family also took a particular interest in this matter. They were basically adding insult to injury, mocking and ridiculing Qin Dingtian and his son. So, it wasn't strange that those statements made their way into Qin Xiao's ears, but he had to bear with it. With the accusations he had on his head right now, he had no right to refute anything.

If he couldn't awaken a Heavenly Talent today, he would definitely suffer another tribulation full of mockery. Moreover, the possibility of him dying on the spot was more than 90%.

If he could awaken a Heavenly Talent today, then his strength would be the best rebuttal.

'Big Uncle, Third Uncle, and Fourth Uncle, I'll remember your "kindness" toward me. Every one of the Qin family, if you want to see me make a fool of myself, I definitely won't let you down.' Qin Xiao clenched his fists and swore in his heart. This time, he had to succeed.

His only option left was to press forward.

"Qin Xiao, are you alright?" Suddenly, a pleasant voice interrupted Qin Xiao's thoughts. A beautiful girl walked toward Qin Xiao. She looked to be around 16, but she had a certain maturity and steadiness to herself. She was bright and elegant—just like a goddess. Just looking at her would make people feel as comfortable as a spring breeze.

Qin Xiao's mood improved a lot when he saw the newcomer. This was his second uncle, Qin Dingfei's daughter, Qin Yanzi. Her talent was extraordinary, and she was the number one female disciple in the Qin family. She was two months older than Qin Xiao, and this year, she would also participate in the ceremony. If nothing unexpected happened, she should be able to awaken a Heavenly Talent.

Furthermore, she was gorgeous and was publicly acknowledged as the number one beauty of this town. Not to mention outsiders, even some of his brothers in the Qin family admired Qin Yanzi.

Seeing Qin Yanzi walk to Qin Xiao's side made many people cursed in their hearts.

In the Qin family, Qin Yanzi only had a good relationship with Qin Xiao.

Qin Xiao nodded his head. "Yanzi, I'm fine. Thank you for your concern. "

Qin Yanzi patted Qin Xiao's shoulder and said, "I believe you were framed. If I have more power in the future, I will definitely help you clear your grievances and avenge you. So, don't mind their words. In the past, these people were all very respectful toward you, flattered you and doing whatnot. Now, they are all adding insult to injury, wishing they could trample you under their feet. I hate these people's conduct."

"Yanzi, don't be afraid of me. I'm not that weak. " Qin Xiao smiled instead.

Qin Yanzi only nodded in relief when she saw Qin Xiao's smile. But she also sighed helplessly. "That's good, but you and Sixth Uncle were wronged!"

If one didn't have strength, others would trample all over them. To put it bluntly, everything originated from strength.

In just a few short days, Qin Xiao thoroughly understood a few essential rules of this world—a world of coldness, familial love as plain as water, and the law of survival.

He had understood it, so he could now live through it.

"Lee Hu did not awaken a Heavenly Talent, next!"


The ceremony had already begun. The twelve disciples of the Qin family went on stage one by one, but soon, all of them returned dejectedly.

Suddenly, a mighty beast roar was heard from above the altar. It resounded across the entire martial arena, attracting everyone's attention.

Qin Xiao's gaze also fell upon the young man standing on top of the altar. This was his third uncle, Qin Dingsheng's third son, Qin Tao. At this moment, a shadow flew out from his body. It was a ferocious-looking giant beast, emitting an extremely brutal aura. It was so oppressive that some people couldn't even breathe.

Many people looked at it with envy, some even drooling. This was a Heavenly Talent. Only those who could awaken had the qualifications to become powerful. If a person wanted to become a Rebirth Stage expert, they had to awaken a Heavenly Talent.

Those who could not awaken a Heavenly Talent would at most reach the peak of the Spiritual Strength Stage. Even in a small place like Purple Town, the peak Spiritual Strength Stage was nothing.

Qin Tao's face now had a proud smile. Suddenly, he looked at Qin Xiao and gave him a smug smile. The ferocious beast above his body opened its huge mouth and roared. A ferocious roar rolled towards Qin Xiao like the fury of heaven.

This wasn't an ordinary beast roar but a roar filled with Qi. Simply put, for a weakened martial artist, it was a deadly attack.

Qin Xiao was already severely injured. He could smell a dangerous aura coming from afar that could make anyone feel despair, sensing that it could devour them. Qin Tao actually dared to attack him in front of everyone.

Many people were shocked by Qin Tao's action.

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