Unparalleled Divine Power/C4 A Strange Scene!
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Unparalleled Divine Power/C4 A Strange Scene!
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C4 A Strange Scene!

A strange sight.

"Qin Yu"—Qin Xiao stared at Qin Yu—"Isn't it too early to be feeling proud?"

"Early? What, you still want to participate in the ceremony?" Qin Yu smiled.

"Can't I participate?" Qin Xiao retorted.

Many people from the Qin Family laughed out loud.

"Did I hear it wrong? You're still dreaming about awakening your talent? Is that even possible?"

"Definitely not. Your meridians are utterly broken, and your foundation is damaged. If you still go through the baptism, you will die."

"It seems like this fellow has really gone crazy."

"Anyone else would have gone crazy."

Qin Yu turned around and said to the elder hosting the ceremony and said, "Elder, our Nanyang City's number one genius is going to participate in the ceremony. You better attend to His Geniusness properly."

"I will definitely pay him a lot of attention." Elder also smiled.

For the oblivious ones, the last two dialogues were full of sarcasm and irony.

Qin Yanzi grabbed Qin Xiao's arm, a little anxious. "Qin Xiao, are really going to participate in the ceremony? No, you will die."

"You do not have confidence in me?" Qin Xiao smiled and looked at Qin Yanzi.

Qin Yanzi was slightly stunned. She also knew why Qin Xiao had to do this. She also knew that she could not persuade Qin Xiao. Once he decided to do something, no one could stop him. "Then... be careful!"

Qin Xiao nodded and strode onto the altar. Naturally, there was no lack of mockery below, but this didn't affect Qin Xiao's state of mind.

The elder looked at Qin Xiao with a smile that wasn't a smile and said, "Given your body's condition, there is a 90% chance that you will die from the backlash. Are you certain you want to continue?"

"Die? I won't die that easily," Qin Xiao casually replied.

Qin Tao sneered and said, "Elder, our Nanyang City's number one genius insists on seeking death, so who are we to stop him? Moreover, our Qin Family is made of strong martial artists; we don't have space for some trash."

Qin Tao looked at Qin Xiao and said, "What's wrong with you? You still refuse to accept it? With broken meridians and foundation, why do you still dream about awaking a Heavenly Talent?"

Qin Xiao didn't pay any attention to him. Qin Tao was just a tiny figure in this even tinier place. The first person Qin Xiao wanted to deal with was Qin Yu, his old rival.

"I want to see how you will die." Qin Tao sneered, then turned around and smiled at Qin Yu with respect. "Brother Yu, Qin Xiao wants to compete with you? He is ridiculous! If he dies, he will be doing us all a favor."

Qin Yu smiled lightly. "He's just a piece of trash. Turning into a piece of trash from being the number one genius of Nanyang City... It's understandable."

"Brother Yu is right, but he doesn't want to give up. He just has to die." Qin Tao nodded and flattered Qin Yu again. "In the future, under your leadership, our Qin Family will definitely be able to dominate Nanyang City. The younger generation of our family will obey your orders in the future. After all, a talent like yours only appears once every ten years in Nanyang City. I'm afraid that only the daughter of the City Lord, Song Yuyan, can be compared to you."

Qin Yu's lips curled up. "I don't take Song Yuyan seriously at all."

On top of the altar, Qin Xiao sat cross-legged, muttering the sacrificial words to the heavens.

From atop the ancient statue, a light ray shot out and enveloped Qin Xiao. The light ray soared into the sky and connected with the heavens.

The Dao of inheritance was regarded as a gift from the heavens since the ancient times.

Since it was connected with the heavens, naturally, there would be some heavens' will inside. Any ordinary person could've easily withstood the baptism of this ceremony. After all, to communicate with the heavens, one only needed the utmost sincerity and pure heart. If they had any distracting thoughts, it would be seen as provoking the heavens' will, resulting in a heavenly punishment.

There were definitely many people who had died on the sacrificial altar. Some of them were even Qin Family disciples.

Qin Xiao had a sincere and pure heart, and he also had an incomparably firm belief. Ordinarily, it was the ancient statue communicating with the heavens. However, due to an obsession deeply rooted in his bone marrow, Qin Xiao wanted to communicate with the heavens and ask for a Heavenly talent himself.

First, the awakening of a Heavenly Talent had something to do with one's talent. Second, it also had something to do with one's luck. It was said that when someone with a great fortune awakened a Heavenly Talent, abnormal signs would flood the area. There had even been sighting of divine beasts in places like this.

Soon, a mighty force pressed down on Qin Xiao's body and soul. Consequently, Qin Xiao, who was already weak, felt as if his body was shutting down. Right now, it was only willpower keeping him conscious. Terrifyingly, it was his soul that was being pressured by that force. He felt as he was going to explode from inside out. Moreover, the force was getting stronger and stronger.

This was the heavens' will, as well as the heavens' trial for all martial artists.

Soon, Qin Xiao felt as if a mountain was pressing down on his body. His hands couldn't hold on any longer, and his body almost fell to the ground.

"Qin Xiao!"


Qin Yanzi and Qin Dingtian felt their hearts tighten.

They saw that Qin Xiao was still holding on. He could die at any moment. Many disciples of the Qin Family felt pity for him.

Qin Tao smiled once again. "Brother Yu, he can't hold on much longer. If he dies today, then we won't have to fight him."

What surprised everyone was that they clearly felt that Qin Xiao couldn't hold on much longer. However, he managed to hold on for a long time. Only Qin Xiao could experience this kind of pain. If he relaxed even for a second, he would immediately suffer from the backlash and die on the spot.

'No, I must persist!'

'I can't die. I can't die! I can't die!!! If I die, my father will definitely slaughter his way through the City Lord Mansion.' Although his father wasn't afraid of Song Xiongyan with his strength, the City Lord Mansion's experts were as numerous as the clouds. He would surely die if he went there.


'I will definitely live!'

"Look, what's that in the sky?!"

Suddenly, a shout reverberated in the arena. Everyone looked at the distant sky and saw the clouds and winds surging in the sky. The clouds were completely black and looked terrifying. This resembled an end of the world scenario—it was a petrifying ordeal.

"It's so terrifying!"

"How is this possible? According to the rumors, strange occurrences like this only happen when some with a great fortune awake their Heavenly Talent! How is that possible?!"

Qin Dinghu and the others also stood up from their chairs in shock. Their eyes were fixed on the terrifying image in the sky, and their eyes were filled with complicated emotions.

Everyone was scared silly. No one had ever seen such a terrifying scene.

Even the usually calm Qin Dingtian lost his composure. He looked at the bizarre vision with excitement and murmured, "Xue, could it be that our son is someone with a great fortune? Is this a blessing... or a curse?"

In Nanyang City, silhouettes emitting powerful Qi flew up to and stared at the sky in a daze.

Not only the Nanyang City but all the cities nearby were startled as well.

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