Unparalleled Divine Power/C5 The Dead Gods!
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Unparalleled Divine Power/C5 The Dead Gods!
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C5 The Dead Gods!

The Great Desert Kingdom, the depths of the Imperial Palace:

In a magnificent golden hall, a dignified old man wearing a dragon robe sat cross-legged on a throne that had 12 lifelike dragons carved on it.

The old man had white hair but had a youthful appearance. It was hard to tell his age.


The dragon-robed old man opened his eyes. His eyes were like stars, and the moment he opened his eyes, the entire hall was completely lit up. A true monarch's aura descended upon the world, making anyone in audience feel like prostrating.

The old man in the dragon robe looked up and suddenly frowned. Instantly, he moved and disappeared from where he was standing. When he reappeared, he was already 10,000 feet high in the sky. He stood with his hands behind his back. He was like a peerless god in the sky, possessing a supreme aura, capable of looking down on the heavens.

The dragon-robed old man stared blankly at the terrifying phenomenon at the horizon. After what seemed like a long time, he said, "Hmm... This isn't a phenomenon caused by someone with great fortune or something related to divine beasts. Strange, I have never even heard of such a phenomenon before. "

After frowning for a bit, the dragon-robed old man said, "The bizarre vision is obviously here because someone awakened their Heavenly Talent. No matter who this person is, it looks like I have to make some preparations. The person who can trigger this bizarre vision might become the hope of the Great Desert Kingdom. My kingdom is in a precarious position now. My ancestors protected this country for thousands of years. Now that it's in my hands, I can't let the country be destroyed in my hands. The disciple selection of the Great Desert College happens once every ten years; let's start it early this time."

The old man made his decision, and then he sent out a secret decree.

"Brother Yu, this..." Qin Tao was also shocked.

"Shut up!" Qin Yu scolded, scaring Qin Tao so much that he quickly covered his mouth.

Despite the bizarre vision, Qin Xiao, unfortunately, didn't feel anything at all. At this moment, all he felt was that he had entered a wonderful state. A strange force surged into his body, quickly repairing his broken meridians and damaged foundation. Not only had the force healed him, but it had also nourished and strengthened his body.

This feeling was too wonderful. It could not be described with any adjectives. It was as if he had returned to his mother's womb, resting in the amniotic fluid.

"That phenomenon has disappeared...?"

"Why did it disappear so quickly? Furthermore, it didn't descend at all. Haha, I know! This phenomenon didn't appear because of Qin Xiao!"

"I'm afraid it's just a coincidence, or it could be that someone with great fortune has appeared somewhere else."

"Like I said, how could this trash Qin Xiao be someone with great fortune? I heard that our Great Desert Kingdom hasn't produced someone with a great fortune in the last thousand years!"

"Haha, Brother Yu, it seems like we were worrying too much. How can this trash have a great fortune?!"

The moment the unusual phenomenon disappeared, many voices filled with mockery flooded the arena. Even Qin Dinghu and the others couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief. They were afraid that the unusual phenomenon would descend upon Qin Xiao. If that happened, they would be doomed. After all, the Great Desert Kingdom's Imperial Palace would definitely pick up someone with a great fortune. They enjoyed the prospect of becoming the strongest. If his son succeeded, Qin Dingtian would also bask in the glory. Then, Qin Dinghu, who had just become the patriarch, would've to obediently return the position to him.

Fortunately, it was just a false alarm.

"It disappeared." Qin Dingtian was stunned, then shook his head. "Sigh... This may not be a bad thing."

Qin Dinghu looked at Qin Dingtian. When he saw the disappointment on the Qin Dingtian's face, he could not help but sneer. "It is absolutely impossible for you to rely on your son to make a comeback. I will not give you this chance. "

On the altar:

'My meridians have been wholly repaired in such a short period. I feel that they are twice as strong as before. Maybe even stronger. Oh, I've also regained my strength. I even feel like I can break through to the mid-Spiritual Strength Stage at any time. Haha! I didn't expect that I would actually benefit from this misfortune. My meridians and strength are now... much mightier than before. My previous talent was outstanding. But now, it's simply frightening!'



A strange force suddenly exploded in Qin Xiao's mind. A loud and clear voice resounded in his mind.

"The Emperor has fallen in the river of stars, eternal silence! Eternal reincarnation, the righteous path is constantly evolving!"

"My will shall be borne by all of you!"

"Unparalleled Heavenly Talent—The Dead Gods—awaken!"

These voices seemed to have come from ancient times. It was as if he had received a supreme will and was waiting for it to awaken.

Instantly, a stream of faith surged into Qin Xiao's mind. Before long, his Heavenly Talent awakened. It had a domineering name—The Dead Gods, Grade-1.

However, what surprised Qin Xiao the most was that his Heavenly Talent could actually be upgraded. In other words, it could be upgraded from level 1 to Grade-9. Qin Xiao had never heard of a Heavenly Talent that could be upgraded.

Usually, Heavenly Talents would erupt from their owner's body upon awakening, but Qin Xiao's talent partook in no such pantomime.

Briefly, Qin Xiao entertained the idea of displaying his talent to everyone. However, he knew that everyone would just mock him for showing off a Grade-1 talent. Also, the name—The Dead Gods—seemed quite terrifying. So, Qin Xiao decided that he shouldn't expose his Heavenly Talent for the time being.

'How can a talent that could be upgraded be simple?'

Furthermore, when Qin Xiao awakened the Heavenly Talent, his meridian, strength, and foundation recovered. Could it still be simple?

Qin Xiao had always been steady when doing things. It was—without a doubt—something that exceeded common sense. Therefore, Qin Xiao felt that this was not a simple matter. Before he understood everything, he didn't want to reveal it. After all, the city lord and his uncles had their eyes trained on him.

After pondering for a moment, Qin Xiao stood up.

As expected, the moment he stood up, mocking voices were heard.

"Haha, it's over? Where's your Heavenly Talent? Why hasn't it awakened? This is impossible! Qin Xiao, you are the number one genius in Nanyang City. You should at least awaken a Grade-2 talent or something, right?"

"That's right! Stop teasing us! Qin Xiao, hurry up and show us your Heavenly Talent; it will be an eye-opener for us!"

"I say, you guys are too naughty. Perhaps Qin Xiao has awakened a Grade-3 talent and is afraid that it will scare us."

There were quite a few gloating voices. All of this was actually within Qin Xiao's expectations. There was nothing to be angry about. This was because Qin Xiao was now more confident than ever that he could take revenge.

Qin Tao laughed strangely. "You are not dead yet? You sure are tenacious. You a cat or a cockroach? "

"As a loyal dog, won't you know?" Qin Xiao looked at Qin Tao and replied indifferently.

Qin Tao immediately became angry and jumped angrily. "Qin Xiao, how dare you! How dare a piece of trash like you call me a dog? If I don't teach you a lesson today, would I still have my dignity?"

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